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mortality on 'BROTHERS PRIDE' - Lyttelton 1863

Journal by ngairedith

The Brothers' Pride, ship: 1236 tons, Captain: Sproul, sailed from London 25 July 1863 & arrived in Lyttelton December 10 1863
... When the Brothers' Pride, flying the yellow flag, dropped anchor at Lyttelton on December 10th, 1863, the melancholy intelligence of the death of forty-four persons having occurred during the voyage soon reached the shore. The vessel sailed from London with 371 Government immigrants, and experienced a rough passage, but no serious damage was done to the ship. Both vessel and passengers on arrival were placed in quarantine.

Colonist, 8 January 1864 GREAT MORTALITY
- The Lyttelton Times says - "On Tuesday last we briefly noticed the arrival of this vessel at the heads, and although we possessed the information since proved to be too true respecting the amount of sickness on board, for the sake of friends on shore we refrained from published the melancholy intelligence that 44 deaths had occurred during the passage. In our columns will be found a list of the sufferers, as well as the number of births.
We hear that Captain Sproul, on boarding the vessel, was refused the charge of the ship, and the offer of the Pilot to place his boat and crew at the service of the ship to obtain fresh supplies for the sick children was also refused. On Tuesday evening the anchor was raised, and sail made before half a gale of wind blowing from the S.W., and at daylight next morning the vessel was out of sight. She returned yesterday morning when off Camp Bay, and was immediately ordered to hoist the Yellow Jack. This peremptory order of the Health Commissioner not appearing to suit this cavalier officer, in two or three hours the anchor was again up, and with the assistance of the light breeze from N.E., the Brother's Pride, was brought up just astern of the Lancashire Witch. We presume the authorities will not permit their orders to be set at defiance, and the law treated with contempt.

We append the list of Births, Marriage, and Deaths on board the Brother's Pride:-
4 Aug Christina MACKAY, a daughter
- wife of Alexander McKay from Caithness
12 Aug Esther ROBERTS, daughter
- not found on passenger list
3 Sep Jane Elizabeth McLAUGHLAN from Denbigh, a son
- wife of Archibald McLaughlan of Donegal
9 Sep Isabella HELM, a son
- wife of George Helm from Caithness
18 Sep Eliza BARRETT, a son
- wife of Henry Barrett. Eliza & son both died on board
3 Oct Milborough HATHAWAY, a son
- wife of David Hathaway from Gloucestershire
20 Oct H. HAMILTON, a daughter
- not found on passenger list
25 Oct Barbara STOUT, a son
- wife of William Stout from Shetland
11 Nov Hannah TRIGG, twin sons
- wife of Absalom Trigg from Gloucestershire (Hannah & 1 twin died on board)
14 Nov Janet BROWN, a son
- wife of John Brown from Fifeshire (Janet & 4 of her children died on board)

28 Sep by the Captain, James SHELHERD, second mate, to Jane McWILLIAM

5 Aug Joseph BAILEY, 2¾ years
- son of Samuel & Ann Bailey from Gloucestershire
26 Aug William H. SCRIMSHAW, 16 months
- son of Henry & Eliza Scrimshaw from Nottinghamshire
28 Aug S. M. THOMAS, 9 months
- son of Matthew & Charlotte Thomas from Gloucestershire
3 Sep Margaret McMILLAN, 4 years
- daughter of John & Catherine McMillan from Lanark
3 Sep William POWELL, 6 years
- son of Joseph & Mary Powell from Hertfordshire
4 Sep Elizabeth 'Ida' POWELL, infant
- daughter of Richard & Elizabeth Powell from Gloucestershire. Father also died
4 Sep Isaac SKELTON aged 33
- single, farm labourer from Nottinghamshire
8 Sep Clara WEBB, 12 months
- daughter of William & Mary Webb from Gloucestershire
11 Sep Mary COLE, 8 years
- daughter of Charles & Elizabeth Cole from Gloucestershire
20 Sep John ROSSER, married, 24 years
- from Gloucestershire, husband of Sophia, father of infant Charles
29 Sep Richard POWELL, 24 years
- from Gloucestershire. Husband of Elizabeth. Infant daughter who also died
2 Oct Sarah Ann GRUNDY, 17 years
- single, travelled with parents John & Sarah Ann and 8 siblings?
6 Oct Sophia ROSSER, widow, 22 years
- wife of John who died 2 weeks prior. They left an infant son Charles Rosser
25 Oct Ann 'Fanny' BROOKS, 44 years
- wife of William Brooks from Cheshire. Left 2 daughters
29 Oct Elizabeth 'Eliza' BARRATT, 29 years
- wife of Henry Barratt from Suffolk. Left 4 year old George Barratt
2 Nov John COLLETT, 8½ years
- son of John & Susan Collet from Worcestershire. 2 siblings also died that month
5 Nov Jessie HELM, 3½ years
- daughter? of George & Isabella Helm from Caithness
5 Nov Samuel HAWKINS, 8 months
- son of George & Alice Hawkins from Gloucestershire
5 Nov James Edward BIRCH, 11 months
- son of John & Martha Birch
6 Nov 6 weeks infant BARRATT
- son of Henry & Elizabeth Barratt from Suffolk. His mother died the month prior
8 Nov Edith NORBURY, 4 years
- daughter of Peter & Mary Norbury from Lancashire
11 Nov Andrew McMILLAN, 13 months
- son of John & Catherine McMillan from Lanark, His sister died 2 months prior
14 Nov Mary Ellen BRASSINGTON, 22 months
- daughter of William & Ellen Brassington from Nottinghamshire
14 Nov Agnes BROWN, 2½ years
- daughter of John & Janet Brown from Fifeshire. 5 of their family of 7 died of fever
15 Nov Andrew CROSBIE, 8 years
- son of Andrew & Agnes Crosbie from Dunfries. His father died 2 weeks later
16 Nov Robert BROWN, 7 years
- son of John & Janet Brown from Fifeshire. 5 of their family of 7 died of fever
17 Nov Emma CARTER, 5 years
- daughter of Willaim & Nanny Carter from Cornwall
17 Nov Frances EATON, 28 years
- single, from Worcestershire. Travelling with 3 possible siblings
21 Nov John JOHNSTONE, 15 months
- son of James & Mary Johnston from Roxburgh
21 Nov Henry VOYCE, 23 months
- son of James & Sarah Voyce from Gloucestershire
22 Nov Janet BROWN, 29 years
- daughter of John & Janet Brown from Fifeshire. 5 of their family of 7 died of fever
22 Nov David BROWN, son of Janet, 5 years
- son of John & Janet Brown from Fifeshire. 5 of their family of 7 died of fever
23 Nov George BARRETT, 15 months
- son of Henry & Elizabeth Barrett from Suffolk. His mother died a month prior
24 Nov infant son of Janet BROWN, 2 weeks
- son of John & Janet Brown from Fifeshire. 5 of their family of 7 died of fever
26 Nov Thomas COLLETT, 2¾ years (twin)
- son of John & Susan Collet from Worcestershire. 2 siblings also died that month
27 Nov Hannah TRIGG, 28 years
- wife of Absalom Trigg. Gave birth to twins 16 days prior
29 Nov Edward COLLETT, 2¾ years (twin)
- son of John & Susan Collet from Worcestershire. 2 siblings also died that month
2 Dec Andrew CROSBIE, 46 years
- from Dumfries, husband of Agnes. A son died the previous month
3 Dec Margaret STOUT, 35 years
- single, travelled with 4 other Stout family members
4 Dec Charlotte WILLIAMS, 40 years
- wife of Henry Williams from Gloucestershire. Left 5 children
6 Dec 25 day old TRIGG
- a twin son, born on board to Absalom & Hannah Trigg from Gloucestershire
6 Dec Benjamin NICHOLLS, approx. 6 months
- son of Henry & Elizabeth Nicholls from Cornwall
9 Dec infant COLE
- son of Charles & Elizabeth Cole from Gloucestershire

By later advices we see the ship has been placed in Quarantine


taken from Lyttelton 1750-1875

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