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GUNNER marriages Victoria Australia 1856-1942

Journal by tonkin

GUNNER marriages Victoria Australia 1856-1942.

GUNNER (males)

Married: 1856 Sarah Elizabeth JENNINGS.
Twelve issues located.
1. John Samuel, born 1857 Prahran, Victoria.
2. Henry Jabez, born 1862 Prahran, Victoria.
3. Mary Eliza, born 1864 Heidelberg, Victoria.
4. Unnamed male, born 1864 Heidelberg, Victoria.
5. Selina, born 1867 Prahran, Victoria.
6. Fanny, born 1870 Prahran, Victoria.
7. Joseph, born 1872 Prahran, Victoria.
8. Emily Selina, born 1874 Prahran, Victoria.
9. William Amos, born 1876 Prahran, Victoria.
10. Albert Samuel, born 1878 Prahran, Victoria.
11. George Thomas, born 1881 Prahran, Victoria.
12. Albert Ernest Vine, born 1881 Prahran, Victoria.

.... Mary Eliza and unnamed male were twins.
.... George and Albert were twins.

Married: Mary BASTIN 1858.
Six issues located.
1. Louisa Ellen, born 1859 Prahran, Victoria.
2. Charles Henry, born 1861 South Yarra, Victoria.
3. Mary Hannah, born 1864 Melbourne, Victoria.
4. Susan Ann, born 1866 South Yarra, Victoria.
5. Elizabeth, born 1869 South Yarra, Victoria.
6. Emma, born 1872 Melbourne, Victoria.

Married: 1859 Marion MACKIE.
MACKIE also recorded as MACKAY in the birth records.
Eight issues located.
1. Marian Elizabeth, born 1860 Mount Blackwood, Victoria.
2. Agnes, born 1861 Mount Blackwood, Victoria.
3. Edward, born 1863 Mount Blackwood, Victoria.
4. William David, born 1865 Mount Blackwood, Victoria.
5. Edward, born 1867 Mount Blackwood, Victoria.
6. Sarah Elizabeth, born 1870 Mount Blackwood, Victoria.
7. Marion, born 1872 Mount Blackwood, Victoria.
8. Catherine, born 1875 Mount Blackwood, Victoria.

Married: 1865 Margaret CARMICHAEL.
Two issues located.
1. William, born 1868 Sandridge, Victoria.
2. Hannah Elizabeth, born 1870 Sandridge, Victoria.

Charles Henry
Married: 1882 Edith Emilie PARKER.
No issues located.

Henry Jabez
Married: 1885 Alice Florence Bird STRICKLAND.
Nine issues located.
1. Henry Jabez Furn, born 1886 Prahran, Victoria.
2. Alice Florence Ivy, born 1888 Prahran, Victoria.
3. Archie Glen, born 1891 Armadale, Victoria.
4. Percy Hugh Reginald, born 1893 Balwyn, Victoria.
5. Hazel Clair, born 1894 Camberwell, Victoria.
6. Alfred Ernest Glen, born 1896 Camberwell, Victoria.
7. Dorothy Iris, born 1898 Camberwell, Victoria.
8. Donald Hector, born 1900 Camberwell, Victoria.
9. Lillian Ruth, born 1907 Camberwell, Victoria.

Married: 1886 Susan LEWIS.
No issues located.

Married: 1896 Catherine Marcella LISTER.
Four issues located.
1. William Joseph Henry, born 1897 Brighton, Victoria.
2. Adolphus Lister Llew, born 1899 brighton, Victoria.
3. Samuel Lindsay, born 1901 Hawthorn, Victoria.
4. William Henry, born 1903 Hawthorn, Victoria.

William Amos
Married: 1896 Jessie Frances SMITH.
No issues located.

George Thomas
Married: 1912 Matilda Charlotte HUXLEY.
One issue located.
1. Gwenda Mary, born 1919 Hawthorn, Victoria.

William Archibald
Married: 1916 Jessie Frances INGMIRE.
No issues located.

Married: 1920 Frances GODFREY.

Archie Glen
Married: 1922 May Luxton SAUNDERS.

Henry Job Furneaux
Married: 1924 Madge Frances ALEXANDER.

Charles Henry
Married: 1928 Louisa Mary SMITH.

Ernest Walter
Married: 1930 Bertha PUMFREY.

Samuel Lindsay
Married: 1931 Florence Margaret Pearl HARRISON.

George Thomas
Married: 1940 Janet Ferguson FREELAND.

George Leslie
Married: 1942 Gwenneth Margaret RUSSENBERG.

Lloyd George
Married: 1942 Doris Beryl SNOOK.

GUNNER (females)

Married: 1858 James BRUNNING.
One issue located.
1. Eliza, born 1859 Queenstown, Victoria.

Married: 1859 James RULE.
No issues located.

Sarah Elizabeth
Married: 1881 William James VINE.
One issue located.
1. Albert Ernest, born 1881. (Birth registered 1903)

Mary Eliza
Married: 1886 Edwin Alfred MARSHAM.
Two issues located.
1. Edwin Ernest, born 1887 Richmond, Victoria.
2. Elsie Eminie, born 1888 Richmond, Victoria.

Annie Susan
Married: 1887 Eugene Edward BROOKS.
No issues located.

Elizabeth Hannah
Married: 1892 Albert William HUTCHINSON.
Two issues located.
1. Eva Beatrice, born 1893 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Nellie Irene, born 1895 Port Melbourne, Victoria.

Married: 1894 Alfred William WATERHOUSE.
Two issues located.
1. Leonard Alfred, born 1895 Clifton Hill, Victoria.
2. Charles Hartley, born 1899 Prahran, Victoria.

Ellen Louisa
Married: 1896 Arthur LEE.
One issues located.
1. Arthur Henry, born 1897 St Kilda, Victoria.

Emily Louisa
Married: 1896 George Walter ELLIS.
Emily's second given name given as Selena and Selina
in the birth records.

Ten issues located.
1. Keith Ivan, born 1899 Hawthorn, Victoria.
2. Walter Douglas, born 1901 Hawthorn, Victoria.
3. Florence Emily, born 1903 Hawthorn, Victoria.
4. George, born 1905 Hawthorn, Victoria.
5. Thurza Ivy, born 1906 Hawthorn, Victoria.
6. William Henry, born 1908 Hawthorn, Victoria.
7. Kenneth Clive, born 1910 Hawthorn, Victoria.
8. Jean Elizabeth, born 1912 Hawthorn, Victoria.
9. Una Clyde, born 1914 Hawthorn, Victoria.
10. Alma Jessie, born 1917 Hawthorn, Victoria.

Married: 1901 Alfred George SALMON.
Three issues located.
1. Wilfred Stewart, born 1902 Richmond, Victoria.
2. Amy Margaret, born 1904 Surrey Hills, Victoria.
3. Laura Jean, born 1907 Surrey Hills, Victoria.

Hazel Claire
Married: 1923 Alfred Julius Rose MOLLER.

Lillian Ruth
married: 1930 Henry Walter WENBORN.

Mary Frances
married: 1940 Aubrey Ronald CAVILL.

Gwenda Mary
married: 1940 Allen Brocas HARRIS.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the GUNNER lines.

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