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Hamilton James WILEY, Orange County, New York + Jane Freeman GAUSDEN, Carterton New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

Hamilton James WILEY was born 14 June 1806 in Newburgh, Orange, a city located in Orange County, New York, 60 miles (97 km) north of New York City and 90 miles (140 km) south of Albany, on the Hudson River. It was a village in 1800 and reached city statis in 1865

* Hamilton James Wiley left America to exlore the South Pacific in a whaling boat, the "Montano" and arrived into New Zealand in 1837
* He sailed to Sydney, returned to Otago and arrived back in Wellington in 1842 and settled in the Hutt Valley until 1860.
* He had a common law marriage with Jane Freeman GAUSDEN (1820-1887) and had 3 children
* they married 21 Dec 1849 in Ohariu Valley, Wellington, 2 months before the birth of their 4th child. Jane was born in 1820 in Brighton, Sussex, England. She married Hamilton when she was 29 and he was 43
* they moved to Ohariu just prior to the birth of their 9th child

Hamilton James Wiley died 5 Sep 1879 aged 73 in Carterton and is buried Clareville
Wairarapa Standard, 9 September 1879 DEATH -WILEY, At Carterton, on the 5th inst., Hamilton Wiley, aged 73
* We have to record the death of one of our oldest settlers, Mr Hamilton Wiley. Mr Wiley arrived in the Colony in 1837 in the ship Montano (a whaler), he went to Sydney in the same ship and returned again in the Caroline, Captain Chary, who was murdered by the natives on the island of Mana. He then went to a whaling station in Otago and returned to Wellington in 1842, taking up his residence at the Hutt where he resided eighteen years. He subsequently lived at Ohariu. He came to Carterton about sixteen months ago and died there on the 5th inst. He was interred in the Taratahi cemetery (now Clareville) on the 7th. He leaves a grown up family of seven sons; six of whom reside in the Wairarapa
Jane Freeman Wiley died 23 Aug 1887 aged 66 in Carterton and is buried Clareville
Wairarapa Daily Times, 25 August 1887 The death is recorded of Mrs Wiley, relict of the late Mr Hamilton Wiley, of the Hutt and Ohariu Valley. Mrs Wiley was one of the earliest settlers in the Colony, having arrived at Kaiwarra in 1841 by the ship Gertrude. After living at Wellington, Hutt and Ohariu Valley about eighteen years, Mrs Wiley came to the Wairarapa and settled in Carterton, where she resided till the day of her death, which took place on Tuesday, at the age of sixty-five. Mrs Wiley had a large circle of friends and relatives, among whom she will be greatly missed. The funeral will take place on Saturday afternoon next at the Carterton cemetery

Hamilton & Jane had 11 children around the Hutt Valley
* 1843 - 1845 John Freeman Wiley
- born 27 Nov 1843 in Hutt Valley
- John died 3 Sep 1845 aged 22 months as a result of drowning
- buried Faith cemetery, Hutt Valley

* 1845 - 1917 Hamilton James Wiley
- born 18 Nov 1845 in Lower Hutt
- he had a relationship with Charlotte Jane FAWCETT (1843-1875)
*Charlotte was born in Wakefield, Nelson. She moved to Wellington when about 8.
*She first married Joseph Geary (1844-1868), a blacksmith, in 1866, in Sydney St, Wellington. On 28 July 1865 Charlotte gave birth to a son, William George Geary. Charlotte and Joseph's 2nd son Joseph, was born 23 June 1867. Joseph was a Private in the Wellington Rangers and on the night of 20 Aug 1868, Joseph died (shot through the head) during an engagement with the Maori Tribes in Hawera in which quite a number of soldiers were killed including Major Von Tempsky.
*Charlotte and Joseph's 3rd son, Hamilton, was born 27 Oct 1868, two months after Joseph's death.
*Charlotte next married Elijah Mordin (1847-1926), a Bookmaker on 12 May 1870. Their son, John Elijah Mordin, was born 16 Feb 1871. The marriage was not a happy one and Elijah left Charlotte taking their son John with him.
*Charlotte Mordin applied for a married Women's Protection Order against her husband Elijah Mordin. Plaintiff told a moving tale of her husbands conduct which may be summed up in this: that he is drunken abroad and cruel at home an altogether has led a most wretched life. The application was granted.
*Charlotte then had an affair with Hamilton James Wiley and gave birth to a son, David James Wiley, on 4 March 1875 at Wainuiomata.
*Charlotte died 6 March 1875 due to complications with the birth of David James who died on March 11 aged seven days. She is buried at Karori
Hamilton next married Elizabeth Kathleen VEENMAN (1864-1935) and had 14 children in Wairarapa
- they moved to Utah America
Hamilton died 5 Dec 1917 aged 72 in Utah, killed by a train at a level crossing and is buried in Logan, Cache, Utah
Auckland Star, 21 January 1918 The death is reported from Logan, Utah USA., of Mr Hamilton James Wiley, at one time a well-known resident in the Wairarapa. Mr Wiley was born in the Wellington province, but for the last ten years has been a resident of Logan, Utah, USA. He was run over by an engine on Saturday, December 15 and injured

* 1847 - 1903 Charles Richard Wiley
- born 15 Oct 1847 in Hutt Valley
- he married Priscilla FAWCETT (1853-1926) in 1871, a sister of his brother's partner, Charlotte Jane Gawcett
- they had 3 children
Charles next married Alice Lillian MOORE
- he died 24 Aug 1903 aged 55 and buried Hawera

* 1850 - 1918 William Martin Wiley
- born 26 Feb 1850 in the Hutt
- he married Damaris Owen WAKELIN (1854-) in 1878
- they had 8 children (some in Woodville)
William died 15 Nov 1918 aged 68 in Kawhia, Waikato (at the time of the flu pandemic) and buried St George Cemetery, Waipataki

* 1852 - 1921 Luther Gausden (Gordon) Wiley
- born 17 Jan 1852 in the Hutt
- he married Clara FAWCETT (1855-1924), sister of his 2 brothers' wives, 11 Nov 1873
- they had 12 children
Luther died 22 Aug 1921 aged 69 in Kawhia
Clara died 18 Jan 1924 and buried Auckland

* 1854 - 1927 David Thomas Wiley
- born 20 June 1854 in Lower Hutt
- he married Margaret COLLINS (1860-1936)
- they had 13 children, some in Hastwell which is 36km north of Masterton. Some in Carterton and others in Taranaki
David died 18 Jan 1927 aged 72 in New Plymouth and is buried Te Henui

* 1856 - 1871 Cornelius John Wiley
- born 19 Aug 1856 in Lower Hutt
- he died 13 Nov 1871 aged 14 and is buried Ohariu cemetery

* 1858 - 1863 Amelia Jennette Wiley
- born 16 Sep 1858 in the Hutt Valley
- she was accidently shot 28 April 1863 at the age of 4 when her brothers were cleaning their rifles
- buried Faith Cemetery, Hutt Valley

* 1860 - 1919 Albert Alonzo Wiley
- born 5 Nov 1860 in Ohariu Valley, Wellington
- he married Ann Christine JOHNSON
- they had children in the Wairarapa & Manawatu
Albert died 10 Sep 1919 aged 58

* 1863 - 1957 Robert Maxwell Wiley
- born 21 March 1863 in Ohariu Valley
- he married Caroline Nilsdotter NILSSON (1867-1943) in 1889 in Carterton
- they had 10 (known) children
At some stage Robert and Caroline (not known how many children also went, moved to Canada with the Mormon Faith
* 9 Feb 1886 became an Elder of the Church
* 26 May 1920 emigrated to Utah
* 4 July 1920 Patriarchal Blessing by Joseph Erribell
* 9 Feb 1921 he was Endowed at the Logan Temple and Sealed to Spouse
* 23 Aug 1931 he was made a High Priest by Apostle Lyman
Caroline died in 1943 and Robert remarried to Elizabeth BROWN 18 months later, he was then aged 81 and Elizabeth was 71
Robert died 13 Nov 1957 aged 94 in Cardston Hospital, Canada

* 1866 - 1866 Naomi Wiley
- Naomi was born still in Ohariu 1 March 1866

Hamilton J. Wiley, charge with the above offence, was fined 5s

Thursday 18 January 1865
Hamilton J. Wiley was again brought up, charged with lying drunk in the public streets. Fined 20s., in default committed for 48 hours

EVENING POST 11 November 1875
THIS DAY (before J.C. Crawford, Esq., R.M.)
A cross-action for assault between two old men, name Charles Clapham and Hamilton James Wiley created a good deal of amusement. It was complicated by the fact that both parties, and all their witnesses but one, were deaf. Mr Buckley appeared for Wiley.
According to Clapham's account, he was collecting his cows, which had strayed on Wiley's land, when the latter rushed at him, seized him by the throat, smacked his face to that extent that it was all the colours of the rainbow, and finally kicked him behind.
On this, witness said that if Wiley did that any more he should really be quite angry with him, and picked up a stick to defend himself, but he never struck Wiley with it; oh no, not he; he knew himself better
Wiley's story differed from that of his foe in a most remarkable manner. His view of the affair was that when Clapham was driving away the cows, he (witness) told him not to take away cattle without giving him notice. On this Clapham hit him on the head with a crooked stick, and afterwards fetched a big club (produced in Court) and struck him on the back with it. On this he did take Clapham by the collar and clap his ears for him.
Mrs Wiley, who was as deaf as her husband and his enemy, corroborated his statement and flourished the club about in a very striking manner, to illustrate Clapham's iniquities.
On being asked if he had any question to put, the defendant Clapham replied, "It's all false, villainous false!"
An independent witness was called. On his being sworn, the crier (who hitherto had been acting as an interpreter, and had become exceedingly hoarse under the vocal exertion required) asked him if he were deaf too, but the witness indignantly responded, "No!" in a stentorian voice, which frightened the whole Court into fits. He entirely confirmed the Wiley's tale. His worship dismissed the charge against Wiley and fined Clapham 10s and costs, with the alternative of 48 hours imprisonment, remarking that probably there would be fewer rows in that neighbourhood if the people were not so singularly dear and therefore apt to mistake one another's words.

NZ TRUTH 3 August 1907 (son)
Ham Wiley, of Carterton, departed for Logan City, Utah, three months ago, after embracing the Mormon faith. Ham took his family with him, which is a matter that may not bear complete investigation, for, however pleasant polygamy may be, from the point of view of the man, there are some girls who have a natural objection to sharing their husband's affections with another hussy. It must be confessed, however, that Ham's daughter Lizzie doesn't look forward to the future with anything like dread, judging by a letter written by her to a Dalefield resident. The steamer trip appears to have been excellent. The party was accompanied by six elders and four more elders, and a native sister came aboard at Samoa. At Honolulu another contingent joined the steamer, when the Mormon party totalled twelve elders and eleven saints. The letter didn't mention the division of the sexes, unless the saints are girls, but the assumption is that the elders were sinners. Lizzie finds Logan City quite a nice place, and hopes the Lord will gather in her Dalefield friend to Zion

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by ngairedith on 2016-04-06 08:51:55

was sent this private message earlier - to go with the above post I presume?
doesn't make a lot of sense to me and seems to contradict some of what is in above journal (but it has been edited from time to time). It is also possible I have another similar posting to which this refers ?? I would be interested to hear from anyone if they know of Hamilton having a relationship with a princess (or any other info they would like added, or edited, from above)
Will add the msg here in case someone researching will get something from it

Subject: Wiley's
To: ngairedith
From: fosterk
Date: 2016-04-06 00:24:22
hamilton never had a common law marriage with any Maori. Te Raupraha gave the American whalers captured slaves to protect hi own tribal women. The partner of Hamilton may have been a princess but definitely not the chief's daughter. With the linkage to Thomas Weston and other records from the Hutt it is unlikely Hamilton spent a lot of time on Kapiti. He spent all the time when whaling was closed on the Third River in the Hutt. During the whaling season he was most likely on the supply ship backwards and forwards to Sydney hence the contact with Thomas Weston who later witnessed his will

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