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DOUGALL + McINNES + TARBET, Renfrew Scotland to Geelong Australia to Kaikoura New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

Mary Dougall married John McInnes in Renfrew, Scotland about 1823.

They had a daughter Catherine McInnes who emigrated to Australia, married Christopher Clemett in Geelong, had 3 children then moved to New Zealand in about early 1860s and had another 4 children in Kaikoura.

One of the sons they named Arthur TARBET Clemett.
I was fasinated in how they got the name Tarbet and much research has revealed an interesting possibility.

In 1822 a Hellen Dougall married a Robert Tarbet in Renfrew, Scotland.
Can you help?
Was Hellen Dougall a sister of the above Mary Dougall
(they married a year apart so the ages seem right) and perhaps Mary's daughter used her uncles name Tarbet when she named her son ???

More data to help you:
Catherine McInnes husband Christopher was born in High Bickington in 1821. He married Mary Simmons in Roxborough, England. They had a son Thomas in Devon in 1848. By 1852 they were in Geelong, Victoria, Australia where they had William Henry Clemett in 1852.
Mary died that year but unknown at this time if it was due to childbirth. She was 25.

The following year Christopher married the above Catherine McInnes in Geelong. Not known when Catherine arrived in Geelong or whether she emigrated with anyone else.

Their children were:
John McInnes Clemett 1854 Geelong - died 1930 Kaikoura, New Zealand
- he married Elizabth Harmon

Alexander McDougal Clemett 1856 Geelong - died ?

Christopher Clemett 1858 Australia - died ?

Sarah Morella Clemett born 1864 in Kaikoura - died ?

Catherine Clemett 1867 Kaikoura - died ?
- she married Walter Roberts. They had a son that they also gave the name Tarbet to, Arthur Tarbet Roberts 1892 - died in 1919 in Sling Camp during the war

Fanny Clemett 1869 Kaikoura - died 1948

Arthur Tarbet Clemett 1871 Kaikoura - died 1944

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by ngairedith Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2009-07-13 12:39:59


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by weemac on 2011-04-27 10:21:55

My 3X great grandparents were Robert Tarbet/ Helen Dougall. A "John McInnes" witnessed the birth registration of several of their children in Glasgow between 1835-1840. I have not been able to find a connection between Helen and Mary so far.
However, I also have several postcards from a John McInnes to my great grandmother addressing her as his cousin. These cards were sent in 1909 and 1910 and show that he was married, had a son born around May/June 1908 and lived in Kaikoura. Could he be a descendent of the catherine McInnes who married Christopher Clemment?

by ngairedith on 2011-07-05 18:12:48

on 5 July 2011 Anne asked:
... In doing my Tarbet tree, I came across postcards sent in 1909 from John McInnes in Kaikoura, who addresses himself as Cousin, to my great great grandmother, Bessie Tarbet.She would have been Helens daughter in law.
I tend to think, also, that the link is Mary and Helen Dougall. Have you had any success connecting these 2 women since you posted your question? Also, John McInnes speaks of Lilace, who I assume to be his wife, but can find no proof of that. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

If you can help with this family please leave a comment below

by weemac on 2011-09-21 16:07:35

My Great Grandmother was Betsy/Bessie Tarbet(B1865). Helen(B ??? about 1800??) was her Grandmother not her mother-in-law. Bessie's mother-in-law was Catherine Tarbet (B1836). I've not managed to get a connection between Mary and Helen. I have got a copy of Mary's Death Certificate but it lists her parents as "unknown". Mary died in Ballarat on 3/3/1856. You're welcome to a copy if you've not already got one. The postcards I have also refer to Lilace who, I also, assumed was his wife but again have not found any proof so far.
I think that Robert and Hellen died in America some time between 1849 and 1860.

by weemac on 2011-11-23 14:24:28

When Robert Tarbet, son of Robert Tarbet and Helen Dougall, married Margaret Hamilton in Australia in 1853 the marriage certificate was witnessed by Catherine Clemett (nee McInnes) daughter of John Mcinnes and Mary Dougall. This would make Robert, the younger, and Catherine cousins.

by koasati on 2014-04-10 14:25:16

Ngairedith, thank you for posting this information about the connections between the
Dougall, McInnes, and Tarbet families.

Weemac, is your date of 1853 (Australia) for the marriage of Robert Tarbet and Margaret Hamilton correct? I have that they had 3 children before 1853 (Robert M. Tarbet, Hugh Hamilton Tarbet, and John Hamilton Tarbet) and before they arrived in Australia, where my gg-grandmother Margaret Tarbet (married Jacob Head) was born in 1855. The US census records for Robert M. Tarbet show him to be born around 1845 in Scotland. I was also interested in your comment about the possibility of the elder Robert Tarbet and Helen coming to the US before they died in the 1850-1860 time frame. I haven't found any records to that occurring but it could be possible. Robert and Margaret appeared to move several times after coming to the US and in 1860, were in Johnson County, Iowa. Robert (1824-1888) is buried in Harvey County, Kansas, while Margaret (1828-1914) is buried in Greene County, Missouri.

by weemac on 2014-04-27 04:46:48

Hi Koasati, Robert Tarbet and Margaret Hamilton got married on the 3rd November 1853 in Australia. Pre Australia I have the following children, Robert Tarbet (born Scotland 1845) Hugh H Tarbet (born Scotland 1847) Alexander Tarbet (born Scotland?? 1849/50 Died Australia 1855) John H Tarbet (born Ohio 18th June 1851) Arthur James Tarbet (Born ??? 1853 died Australia 1854 aged 9 months). Their next child was Margaret Born Ballarat Victoria Australia 1855 who you know about. I now have records regarding Robert/Helen being in the US and possibly dying there. I have a copy of Robert/Margaret's marriage in Australia and various other documents that might be helpful/of interest to you. If you would like to leave me an e-mail address I will contact you directly with further information. I do not use this site very often but fortunately your posting was picked up by my cousin who let me know. Weemac

by nellb on 2014-09-03 01:17:14

Hi don't know if I'm too far behind the times here but the John McInnes mentioned above was my great, great, great grandfather and his sister Catherine plus other family members travelled to Australia the ship Success. Their mother died in Australia and is mentioned on the family grave stone back in Eaglesham churchyard Scotland. John married Mary flynn in Australia and then came to Kaikoura. To work for George fyffe. They were the first family in Kaikoura . His sister Catherine also came from from Australia to Kaikoura with her husband.

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