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Henry Joseph Budin who arrived from Belgium early 1800s

Journal by alexaustralia

researching Henry Joseph Budin married Mary Ryan around Goulburn area early 1800s - daughter margaret agnes budin later murray married herbert murray

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on 2009-09-29 02:31:26

alexaustralia , from sydney australia, has been a Family Tree Circles member since Sep 2009. is researching the following names: MCPHIE, , DAVIE and 17 other(s).

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by allycat on 2009-09-29 05:37:30

They were married in 1883 at Goulburn. You can purchase their marriage certificate securely online at [url=http://www.bdm.nsw.gov.au/cgi-bin/IndexSearch?form=IndexingSearch&cgiurl=%2Fcgi-bin%2FIndex%2FIndexingMarriage.cgi&event=marriages&sname=budin&gname=henry&fname=ryan&mname=mary&frange=1788&trange=1958&place=&x=0&y=0&SessionID=18072036[/url]

His Death Cert should give more clues like stating how long in Colony etc. and parents names if you are lucky.

Births 1788 to 1908
Marriages 1788 to 1958
Deaths 1788 to 1978.

The National Archives of Australia site has a digitised record for what looks to be possibly a son of Henry & Mary, namely Henry J. Budin born 1892 Randwick NSW.


by alexaustralia on 2009-09-29 23:49:41

Allycat - Editor - thanks for the update I am going through my records and do have some birth records for Henry J. Budin and true they lived in Randwick during that time. I hope to meet up with someone on here that has also researched so lets see what happens. regards Alex

by allycat on 2009-09-30 04:28:32


This looks interesting ... [url=http://srwww.records.nsw.gov.au/indexes/quicksearch.aspx[/url] If you type in BUDIN in the keyname field, you will see a page of results, click on 'Index to the Mittagong Farm Home for Boys'

Henry BUDIN born 12 Feb 1896, when he was aged 16 years he was apprenticed out on 4 Feb 1908.

You should be able to purchase a copy of the image/reel containing this data.

Hmmm, the plot thickens NSW Police Gazette for 1894 has this entry:-

"...Deserting Wives and Families, Service, &c.
Paddington - A warrant has been issued by the Paddington Bench for the arrest of Henry Budin, charged with unlawfully deserting his wife, Mary Budin, of Albion-street, Waverley. He is 50 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high, medium build, fair complexion, dark hair turning gray, clean shaved except moustache, deep depression in one temple; dressed in dark serge coat, light trousers and vest, and brown hard hat. A brickmaker, at one time employed at Moree. Supposed to have gone to Wyalong. ..."

What do you make of this? Could this be about your ancestors?


Also GeneaNet has nearly 2,000 search results for BUDIN.

GenCircles has 59 search results for BUDIN.

BUDIN Family Genealogy Forum

Belgium Genealogy Forum

The Ryerson Index has 34 death notices for BUDIN.

by allycat on 2009-09-30 04:43:01

Historical Australian Newspapers from 1803 to 1954 has 1,149 articles with the phrase 'Budin' mentioned.

GenesReunited has 2 matches for 'Henry Budin' born 1850 Belgium.

Australian Cemeteries Index has one memorial inscription for Budin.

by sandraross on 2010-01-04 00:35:42

I realised recently that even though I have full genealogical records for my paternal family I knew little of my grandmother side so I began searching. My maternal grandmother's maiden name was given as Ethel grace budin born 1896. I found this record and went to her mother named as Mary nee Ryan. However when I looked at her birth certificate no father was named. I thought this was interesting as the police gazette says henry was at large so i assume he did not contribute to the conception of Ethel. I remember that she spoke of a brother and sister but never went into any detail. she tool me to visit an old lady named ruby once in Sydney ans when i asked she said she was her sister. My nan did not know her birth date and only found out 6 years after she was eligible for a pension when driven by poverty to research her details.They were not named on her birth certificate. I wonder where ethel came from .

by alexaustralia on 2010-03-05 22:10:07

Hi Sandra I have been looking through some of the old records I have collected over the years and came across the following that may assist you;
Henry Joseph Budin (b. 1836 ) married 02/06/1883 in Goulburn to Mary Catherine Ryan (b. 25/7/1864)
They had the following Children;
Margaret Agnes (my line of the family)
David P
Ethel G (b.1897) born at Waverley Sydney 30/4/1897
Mary Violet

As for Ruby I am still looking for a record for her - could it have been Mary Violent the youngest child you visited with ?
In your information you say you researched Mary Ryan and did not find her father. I have a lot of information on Mary's family of Ryans who came from the Goulburn area. This line of the family includes the Toohey's with various spellings.
This line of the family came from Ireland.
I hope this information helps you with your research.

regards Alex

by lynnbuckley on 2011-07-25 21:36:01

There is 2 Ruby Budins, Ruby Jane Exton who married Henry Budin
'Henry Joseph and Mary Chathrine's son'in 1915 at Newtown NSW
[BDM of NSW No1638/1915]and they had a daughter Ruby C.
I am the grand-daughter of Francis John Budin that somehow
was recorded as Robert John in BDM ,He was born in Randwick
on the 10 Jan 1895 and died in Young 15 Apr 1961
yours Lynn

by alexaustralia on 2011-08-01 16:50:50

Hi Lynn - thanks for your update - I am currently away on a trip o/seas and have limited Internet. I am sure your update will clear up some researches problems with your confirmation that Francis was recorded as Robert. Also your clarification regarding there being two Ruby Budins. Would you know of anymore info that Henry Joseph Budin came from Vise in Belgium ? Should you wish to email me feel free to write to my email [email protected] regards Alex

by secrets on 2011-10-03 18:26:17

Mary Budin is also my grandmother.My mother Kathleen Ryan's Birth certificate is the same as Ethel's. It shows Mary Budin (nee Ryan) as mother and father unknown.It appears she may have had a number of children out of wedlock after Henry deserted her.

by sandraross on 2011-12-29 19:17:02

This becomes more bizarre the more I hear. My grandmother (Ethel) never spoke of her family. She never acknowledged brothers or sisters even though it seems they were all born close together, I have heard talk of the Toohey connection but am not clear where they fitted in to the puzzle. My nan took me to Sydney as a child and we went from dept to dept to investigate her date of birth, (this was in the 1950s)I recall that she would not allow my mother to come with us and there was a bit of a row, I now think she may have been ashamed of her illegite status. She married Gordon Hardy in her teens and moved to Inverell. She had 6 children and I do recall my eldest aunty (Mary Jemima Doreen Hardy) did talk of cousins. My mothers name was Kathleen so maybe after your mother (Ethels sister, Her sister was Mary (after Mary Ryan) other children were Noel, edward, Warner, Robin(Female). Of course I was a child and they seemed to have another level of communication beyond the children who were taught not to listen. i am only telling my perceptions but usually in families people know something of the wier family connections. iwas the eldest grandchild and there were lots of secrets. it seems strang that a woman in those times would have so many children out of wedlock unless she was with a more steady man and in that case why not name him.......somewhere?

by SianFisher on 2012-01-20 08:21:53

Hello, My name is Sian and i am sandra Ross' daughter (Ethel's Great Grand daughter)and I thought id mention ive found a Mary C Ryan born 1900 in inverell and died 1913. I wonder which Mary it is... also, I wonder how my great grandmother was ever conceived as who we thought was her father was in jail when she was conceived. Ive seen (and now cant find grrr) a record thats listed as being held by Inverell Council that lists my great grandmother (Ethel) as being the result of a union between Mary Ryan and "Blackfella Buddin" spelt as typed. Ive not been able to find the record. Ive now contacted the local aboriginal lands council for some help. Is anyone aware of anything mildly aboriginal in our line or any mention anywhere of a blackfella buddin??? As Henry Budin was from belgium, this cannot be him mistakenly listed. Its a guess, but the names seem so very close that maybe mary thought she'd get away with a one letter change to live happily ever after with the childrens father without social stigma ??? The buddens up here are spelt with an e rather than an i (even though i remember the record distinctly written with an 'i') and on one of the 2 listed records of Ethels marriage to edward hardy in glen innes, Ethel is listed as Ethel G Budden (spelt this way) BDM 3724/1916. Nanna Hardys (Ethel) birth record lists her surname as 'Budin' BDM 17673/1897. I also found the birth register of Robert F Budin BDM 6801/1895. Im stumped but cannot shake the Aboriginal question as my grandmother (Kathleen) once suggested that I was aboriginal but shut down when i responded like a princess asking 'who doesnt know who their parents were'....I was young, I wont forgive myself my own stupidity anytime soon for not pushing the point further. So I ask, does anyone have any ideas on this line of questioning? Thanks

my email is [email protected] if anyone would like to contact me directly :-)

by SianFisher on 2012-01-20 19:36:19

....and overnight Ive also recalled that my grandfather (Terence married to Kathleen [honey])tried to tell me I was Aboriginal and Honey (Kathleen) had the 'wool pulled over her my eyes" but I wouldnt listen to him.

by secrets on 2012-01-24 18:43:41

Have a look at secrets latest listing and see if it relates to your family??

by SianFisher on 2012-02-25 22:13:49

Hello Secrets,

I received an email from someone (I think you_ and Ive mistakenly deleted it prior to replying. If this was you would you mind emailing me directly again so that I may reply.

Thankyou, Sian (my email is: [email protected])

by Paddee on 2012-10-12 00:59:14

Hello, all you may be relations out there.
Robert j budin (son of Henry and Mary) is my grandfather. I do have the Address where they lived in Randwick. It is on my grandfathers enlistment papers. The house is still there.

by secrets on 2013-03-15 22:41:55

My grandmother is Mary Budin (nee Ryan).
My mother was Kathleen born in Paddington Hospital in Sydney
in the year l902.Any information would be most appreciated as I have been researching her family for many years.

by valariejameson on 2014-04-15 06:54:18

henry j budin and ruby jane exton are my paternal grandparents

by secrets on 2014-08-13 20:30:28

Henry J Budin was my mothers brother.I dont know much about him as the family seems to have been split up and i never got to meet him as far as i can remember as i was only five when my mother died.Do you have any photos of Kathleen and Henry or other family photos?I still dont have a photo of my mother Kathleen as all was destroyed.

by familybudin on 2015-01-09 17:04:47

I have a photo of Henry and Mary. Your grandparents.

by YoungGarry on 2016-12-06 05:02:06

can someone email more information? [email protected] and the photo of Henry Budin (from Belguim) and Mary Ryan would be great. I am Garry Budin, Francis John Budins grandson .. he was born 10.1.1895 as Robert Francis Budin but apparently had changed his name (or his parents did) by WWI as all his army documents are in the name of Francis John Budin. His birth certicate names Henry Budin as his father.. even though he was born in 1895 and according to some links Henry had gone missing in 1894 (thought to be in Wyalong). Some links suggest Henry Budin was married in New Zealand before coming to Australia (and had 3 or so children there)and indeed there appears to be no record of his divorce there, though he declares himself as a bachelor when he married Mary. Does anyone have birth certificates or more information about Mary Ryan and Henry Budin (from Belguim)?

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