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Belle BRAIK + the HOTEL CARGEN - Auckland 1924

Journal by ngairedith

ADVERTISEMENT - November 1913
CARGEN HOTEL - Fireproof, Electric light and Lift, Garden Roof, Suites with Private bathrooms etc., central to city; overlooks harbour
* Ordinary - 10s per day (2012 equivalent of $75)
* During Auckland Exhibition period - 11s per day
Suites - according to position and number of rooms required.
For plans and further particulars, apply Thomas Cook and Son

the MANAGERESS (until 1924) was Mrs Belle BRAIK
18 October 1924 - Mrs Belle BRAIK late of the 'Braeburn' Wanganui and of the Hotel Cargen in Auckland is now prepared to receive visitors at the Hotel Braeburn, 16 Lower Symonds Street Auckland.

* Belle had managed the large Private Hotel BRAEBURN in Wanganui, moving to Auckland to manage the HOTEL CARGEN and then in 1924 the Private HOTEL BRAEBURN at 16 Symonds Street, Auckland. Belle had 'learned the trade' from her mother (Rebecca nee RUMBELL) who, as a young widow at age 33, with 7 children, had run a number of hotels in the South Island

* Isabella 'Belle' BOND (1869-1947), was born 3 June 1869, a twin with Mary Ann Bond, 3rd & 4th daughters of George Butler BOND (1835-1876) & Rebecca RUMBELL (1844-1904). Belle married George Divorty BRAIK (1857-1915) on 24 April 1891 at her mother's hotel in Queenstown as his 2nd wife.
- George had first married Harriet Elizabeth DAVYS (1863-1888) in Knox Church Dunedin on 11 Jan 1887, daughter of John Winterscale DAVYS (1826-1909) & Emma WRIGHT (1834-1900). George & Harriet had a daughter, Flora Harriet Braik born 18 April 1888. Harriet died 6 days after giving birth and Flora died 24 March 1891 aged 3 in Lawrence, 'at the home of Mr Frank NICOLL', (just a month before her father remarried). Harriet & Flora are buried together, with other members of the Davys family, in Plot 10, Block 191 at Northern Cemetery, Dunedin
NOTE Francis 'Frank' Nicoll (1840-1925) was the manager of the Hercules No 2 South Gold Mining Company in Lawrence and by 1898 was with the Golden Mascotte Sluicing Company Ltd at Canadian Flat, Upper Taieri. No connection has yet been found to the Braik family. Possibly a friend that they were visiting? ... ALTHOUGH, Frank Nicoll married Henrietta CORMACK & had 10-12 children, At least one of whom, Francis James Nicoll (1865-1899) also graduated from the Edinburgh University of Otago (M.B., C.M.)

* George Braik was born in Gartly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, a son of Adam BRAIK & Margaret GORDON. He arrived in New Zealand about 1883-85 and commenced teaching in Otago. He graduated from the Edinburgh Univeristy of Otago with an M.A. in 1896. He was eventually appointed Inspector of Schools and was made Chief Inspector of the Wanganui Education District without appointments being called for. He died in Wanganui 2 January 1915 aged 58, a week after the surgery he underwent on Christmas Day. A Tribute to Mr Braik

* the 1st son of George & Belle, George Braik (1892-1892), died 7 Sep 1892 at Richmond Grove, Invercargill, Southland aged 6 days, He is buried Plot 46, Block 15 at Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill.

* the 2nd son of George & Belle, Sergeant Lancelot Garrow Braik (1894-1918), served in WWI as Sergeant 25096 with the New Zealand Rifles, 5th Reinforcements to 3rd Battalion, Machine-Gun Section. He died in Wanganui 18 Nov 1918 whilst on active service, from complications of the Flu Pandemic. He is buried at Wanganui Old Cemetery, Heads Road

* the 3rd son of George & Belle, Douglas Gordon Braik (1897-1955), moved to the United States after serving in WWI, and obtained his degree in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania in 1923. He was a member of the T-Square Club, the Philadelphia Chapter of the AIA, and the British Officers Club of Philadelphia. During World War II he served as security officer for the British Maritime Commission in Philadelphia, Boston, and San Pedro, Los Angeles, California. At the time of his death he was employed as chief of the design staff for the Philadelphia Housing Authority. Douglas married Margery Winsome STUART in Philadelphia on 18 July 1924 and had a son, George David Braik (1927-1971). Marjery had been born in Wellington, New Zealand 7 March 1899 to Charles Robert Kirkland STUART (1868-1926), an Accountant, & Mary Ellett PAGE (1869-1942), whose father, Joseph Ellett Page from Cavendish, Suffolk, had once been the Town Clerk of Wellington. She had 1 brother, David Forbes Page (1900-1980) who married Jessie AIKEN (1901-1978) in 1929. Most of this side of the family are buried at Karori
A Biography for Douglas

* the 4th child, and only daughter, Elaine Isabel Braik (1901-1943) attended St Mary's College in Wellington, doing very well in Music. She received an annual allowance from the Education Department of ?13 ($30 a week in 2012) which was granted to the children of deceased contributors (her father). She was still unmarried in Nov 1938 when she and her mother Belle visited Auckland (meaning they no longer lived in Auckland), staying at the Hotel St George. Like her mother, Elaine enjoyed playing bridge and they accompanied each other to many social occasions. Elaine died 12 Oct 1943 in Auckland. She had never married

In March 1937 Mrs Belle Braik offered the City Council (for the sum of ?15,000 ($1,450,000 in 2012) a property at the corner of Symonds Street and Grafton Road as a site for an art gallery. The City Council already had an unexpired, 35 year lease on the property (their reply is not known) but today it is the Faculty of Arts Department of Film, Television and Media Studies a teaching department of the Univeristy of Auckland. Of note... this was part of a very large block which the Braeburn Hotel was on. Had she bought the Hotel at some stage?? or just the land next to it??

some of the guests of the HOTEL CARGEN in Auckland
... Mr Arthur HINTON, who will hold the musical examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Music, London, throughout New Zealand this year, arrived in Auckland this morning. Mr HINTON is accompanied by his wife, who is the world-famous pianist, professionally known as Madame
Katharine GOODSON. Madame GOODSON who has lately completed a tour of 50 concerts in the United States, has come to New Zealand with her husband for a complete rest and will not be heard in concert here. Mr and Mrs HINTON and Miss MAYNE, who is travelling with them, are staying at the Hotel Cargen

? Mr James Henry CHESHIRE (1891-1965) transferred his license of the Hotel Cargen to ? Thomas Arthur CLOUDESLEY (1874-1952) on 1 July 1924

? Messrs R. S. ADAMS and E. A. ALLEN from New Castle were there in December

? Mr S. G. ALLEN of Gisborne

? Mr A. J. ANDERTON of Vancouver

? Mr F. ARMSTRONG of Durham, England

? Mr & Mrs G. B. ATKINSON of London

? Surgeon-Commander AVELING who is succeeding Surgeon-Commander PATTERSON of H.M.s Philomel, arrived in Wellington from England by the Ruahine. He was accompanied at the Cargen by his wife and child

? Mr & Mrs BAILEY from Hawera

? Mr C. BAWBY from Brisbane

? Mr & Mrs Duthrie BOWIE of Sydney

? Mr & Mrs E. Morris BLACK who had returned from England

? Mr L. A. BLOK, sailed for Sydney a week later on the Niagra

? M. T. BRATZA of London

? Mr William BROWN from Newcastle, arrived by the Niagara

? Mr H. BUCKLETON, general manager of the BNZ, Wellington, with his wife

? Mr H. C. BUNNY of Greytown

? Mrs A. BURN from Christchurch

? Mr & Mrs E. CAMERON and ? Mr D. CAMERON from Leicester, England, arrived on the Niagara

? Mr D. CARR from Rotorua was there at New Year

? Mr & Mrs T. H. CATO and ? Mr R. CATO from Hastings there around Christmas

? Mr & Mrs L. S. CLARE of Gisborne

? Mr C. CLARKE from Wanganui for Christmas

? Mr & Mrs A. M. COHEN of Sydney

? Mr & Mrs COLLINGWATER from Brisbane

? Mr A. G. COPELAND from Sydney

? Mr F. COTHER, secretary of the Canterbury Jockey Club was there on Boxing Day

? Mr & Mrs Le CREN from Timaru

? Mr & Mrs J. CROPP of Christchurch

? Mr., Mrs & Miss CUDDIE and ? Mr Randal M. MARTIN from London

? Mr & Mrs S. CULLEN from Singapore, arrived on the Niagara

? Mr & Mrs J. DAVIES from Whangarei were there for New Year

? Mr & Mrs C. E. DENNISTON of Melbourne

? Messrs C. J. and H. G. DICKIE from Waverley at Christmas

? Mr W. DOCKER from Sydney

? Mr G. S. ESKDALE of London

? Colonel and Mrs FISHER of Palmerston North

? Mr & Mrs C. FLEMING from Sydney

? Mr A. FORD from Rotorua spent New Year there

? Mr Cecil R. FROST form England

? Mrs & Miss GALLAWAY of Dunedin

? Mr & Mrs D. GARINER from Taumarunui were there at New Year

? Mr A. E. GIBBONS from Hamilton for Christmas

? Mr C. L. GIBBS from Taihape at Christmas time

? Miss GILLET, private secretary to Lady JELLICOE was in town. She left the following week for Australia where she joined Lady JELLICOE to travel with her to England

? Mr E. P. GRAVE from Melbourne

? Mr E. J. GRAVESTOCK of Sydney

? Rev GREENWOOD of Morrinsville

? Mr F. J. GRISAR from Sydney (a couple of times this year)

? Mr A. E. HARDING of Dargaville (he was a regular guest, sometimes with his wife)

? Mr & Mrs Francis HEWITT of Glenburn, accompanied by:
? Miss ABRAHAM of Palmerston North

? Mr & Mrs G. HORSLEY of Christchurch

? Mr & Mrs T. Guthrie HOWIE of Sydney, arrived on the Niagara

? Mr W. J. JEFFRIES from Palmerston North

? Mr & Mrs JENKINS from Gisborne

? Mr & Mrs Sefton JONES from London

? Captain & Mrs J. LAMOND of London

? Dr & Mrs LAWRENSON from Matamata there on Boxing Day

? Mr Walter LEITCH from Brunnerton

? Mr LEEPER from London

? Mr & Mrs T. LEWIS from Sydney

? Mr C. B. LOCKYER of Taumarunui

? Mr & Mrs LOUISSON from England

? Mr C. D. LUCKIER of Taumarunui for New Year

? Mr F. LUND of Rotorua who arrived at Auckland by the Ulimaroa from Sydney

? Mr A. W. MASSINGHAM of Wellington

? Major & Mrs A. MATTHEWS

? Mr H. MAXWELL of Wellington

? Mr E. McFARLANE from Christchurch

? Mr W. McGRUER of Hamilton was accompanied by his wife and daughter

? Mr C. H. MILLAR from Christchurch

? Messrs A. A. and J. MOFFATT from Longreach, England

? Mr & Mrs de MONTALK from Wellington

? Mr & Mrs T. MOORE from Sydney, there for Christmas

? Mr & Mrs G. MORGAN of Wellington

? Mr J. D. MORRIS from Christchurch around Christmas

? Mr & Mrs A. C. MOYSEY from Boston, arrived on the Niagara

? Mr D. MULCAHY from Melbourne

? Mr F. H. NEEDHAM from Sydney

? Captain NICOLSON from London

? Mr O'MEARA from Gisborne, at Christmas

? Mr B. L. OSBORNE of Gisborne, at Christmas

? Mr E. L. OSBORNE from Wellington for Christmas

? Mr Talbot PATRICK from Chicago

? Mr & Mrs T. Hawley PENNINGTON from Liverpool

? Mr B. RALTON from San Francisco

? Mr C. RAYBOULD of London

? Mr A. REAY from Harrowgate, England

? Mr REAY of Sydney

? Mr C. P. ROBERTS of Sydney

? Mr & Mrs R. N. and ? Miss ROXBY of England

? Miss SALEK, a member of the well-known Wanganui family was living there in 1924. She was mugged on her way home from the library one night.

? Mr & Mrs T. SANDERS from Australia

? Mr F. D. SARGENT from Christchurch

? Mr C. A. SEYMOUR from Christchurch

? Mr & Mrs D. A. SHOOBRIDGE from Tasmania, arrived on the Niagara

? Mr & Mrs SHORT from Adelaide

? Mr I. L. SIMPSON of Hastings

? Mr J. T. V. SMITH of Sydney

? Mr F. T. SMYTHE from Sydney

? Hon C. E. STATHAM, Speaker of the House of Representatives, accompanied by his wife and daughter

? Mr L. D. STEVENS of Christchurch

? Messrs A. G. & H. C. TAYLOR from Sydney

? Mr & Mrs N. TAYLOR from Napier for Christmas

? Mr & Mrs J. H. TENDRUDDOCKE from England

? Mr D. TERRY of Napier

? Mr H. and Miss TUXFORD from Australia

? Mr J. S. TWITCHIN of Sydney

? Mr TYE from Victoria

? Mr & Mrs F. VANNENAN of Rotorua

? Captain J. WALKER from England (he was there again from Sydney at Christmas)

? Hon Dr & Mrs F. E. WALL of Sydney

? Mr J. A. WARREN-KING from Wellington

? Mr W. WATSON from Wellington, chairman of directors, Bank of New Zealand

? Mr & Mrs WEBSTER from Sydney

? Mr E. WEIR from Sydney

? Mr & Mrs J. WHITE from Taumarunui were there for New Year

? Mr Cyrus M. WILLIAMS of Christchurch, one of the two engineers appointed to inquire into the collapse of the Western Wharf

? Mr C. WORSTENCROFT of Stockport, England (later that year from Rotorua)

? Mr R. YEOMAN from Sydney

? Mr & Mrs D. YOVANOCITCH, accompanied by ? Miss TEGLER of London

c1910-1919 corner Short St & Eden Crescent
Looking north east showing the Hotel Cargen on right (later the Transtasman Hotel) on Eden Crescent with Short Street running down to Anzac Avenue (left)
from the 'Sir George Grey Special Collections', Auckland Libraries

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by moog25 on 2013-08-28 20:11:18

Belle Braik was my great grandmother, my father was the only son of her son Douglas. I learned some facts about her from your entry that were previously unknown to me, most importantly her family details. How wonderful to discover my great great grandparents! Thank you!

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