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Hotel Licenses Melbourne1856

Journal by janilye

The applications for licenses for the 2nd quarter in 1856 were held over three days the 15th April and the 27 May the district licenses were granted and the city Licenses on the 23 April. These are not all the licenses for the whole of Victoria. In this list I have combined Melbourne City and the surrounding districts.


Abraham, Joseph, Collingwood Hotel, Collingwood. Granted
Allen, J. W. Sandridge Inn, Sandridge. Granted
Amos, J. J. South Yarra Club Hotel, South Yarra. Granted


Balch, W. Australia Fellix-Bourke street. Granted
Banfield, Thomas, Eagle Hotel, Swanston Street. Granted
Barnes,C.W, St. Kilda Family Hotel, St.Kilda.Granted
Barry, D. Butchers' Arms, Elizabeth street. Granted
Barry, J. Harvest Home, Flinders street.Granted
Bartholomew, J. Bull and Mouth, Bourke street.
Bastings,William. Peacock Inn, Northcote.Granted.
Batt, Thos, Commercial Inn, Little Bourke street. Granted
Baxter, Chas. Star and Garter, Robe street, St. Kilda. Granted
Bickerton, Thomas. Australian Hotel, Brighton. Granted.
Bignell,William. Commercial Hotel, Victoria street.
Black, Jas. Andrew's Hotel, Nicholson street. Granted
Bloomfield,J. Merrijig Hotel Elizabeth street. Granted
Bonalface, B.,Manchester Inn, Queen street. Granted
Bourke, J., Western Port Hotel, Queen street. Granted
Bourke, Michael. La Trobe Inn, Western Port. Granted.
Bourke,Patrick. Travellers' Home, Darebin Creek. Granted.
Bourke, Pat. Freemasons' Hotel, Little Collins street. Granted
Bourke, Thos, Royal Arch Hotel, Gore street, Collingwood. Granted
Bowles, Jeremiah. Military Hotel, Prahran. Granted.
Brandt, W. Black Eagle, Lonsdale street. Granted
Broad, Samuel. The Greyhound, St. Kilda. Granted,
Brown, H. D., Corkscrew Hotel, King steet. Granted
Brown, Edward, Chusan Hotel, Sandridge.Granted
Bowen, T.C. Marine Hotel, Brighton.Granted.
Bowman, David. Gipps Land Hotel, Cardinia. Granted.
Burke, Michael Travellers' Home, Darebin Creek. Granted.
Butler, Tobias, Castle Inn, Webb street. Granted
Butterworth. J., Exchange Hotel, Swanston street. Granted
Butterworth, W.H. Golden Cross Hotel,King street. Withdrawn
Boyle, S. Mazeppa Hotel Spring street. Granted
Byng, J. Digby Hotel, Stephen street. Granted


Camron, John. Balmoral Hotel, Prahran. Granted.
Cantwell, Richard, Glenmore Family Hotel, Spencer street. Granted
Carchan, Thomas, Ayrshire Hotel, Chetwynd street. Granted
Carpenter, H. G. North Star Inn, Howard street. Granted
Carter, Benjamin. Prahran Inn, Prahran. Granted.
Cartwright, William W. Union Hotel, Prahran.Granted
Corcoran, Jeremiah. Dove Hotel, Richmond. No appearance.
Censick, Paul. Boundary Inn, Flemington. Granted.
Coates, C. E., Royal Hotel, Flemington road. Granted
Cooper, R. A., Treasury Hotel, Queen-street. Granted
Corbin, James. Bee Hive. Hawthorne. Granted.
Chadwick, Thomas. Broadmeadows Hotel, Broadmeadows. Granted.
Chambers, James. New Bridge Hotel, Prahran. Granted.
Cameron, Hugh. Victoria Hotel, Prahran. Granted.
Chamberlain, Benjamin. Mount Erica Hotel, Prahran. Granted.
Chinhall, J., La Trobe -Inn. Fitzroy street. With a caution that the house
was to be kept in better order for the future.
Clancy, T., Duke of Wellington Hotel, Flinders street. Granted
Clark, B. D., Union Hotel, Bourke-street. Granted
Clarke, Maryann, Waterman's Arms, Little Collins-street,Granted
Clarke, John. Stanley Arms, Footscray. Granted.
Cleary, Win., Noah's Ark Hotel, Victoria street. Granted
Clifford, H. Railway Refreshment Rooms, Flinders-street. Granted
Clift, Edward. Prince of Wales Hotel, Prahran.Granted
Clinton, Jas., White Hart Inn, Little Bourke street. Granted
Clinton, William. Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick. Granted.
Colls, S., Clarendon Hotel, Collins-street. Granted
Connell, James. Bridge Inn, Hawthorne. Granted,
Connell, John. Hawthorne Hotel, Hawthorne. Granted.
Connolly, P., Carlow Hotel, Little Bourke street. Granted
Connor, David. Bunyip Inn, Bunyip, Western Port. Granted.
Conron, John. Governor Hotham HotelHawthorne. Granted.
Cosgrave, J., FitzRoy Arms, King-street. Granted
Coverlid, John. Gipsy Village, Church steet, Richmond. Granted.
Cox, G,, Lightning Hotel. Bourke street. Granted
Crosbie, Wm, Albert Hotel, Stephen-street. Granted
Cronin, D., Black Boy Hotel, Little Collins street. Granted
Crowie, Thomas, Victoria Hotel, Little Bourke-street. Granted
Crook, Thos., Birmingham Hotel, Smith street. Granted
Crowley, J., Royal Exchange, Gertrude street. Granted
Cumings, J. W., Royal Highlander Hotel, Flinders street. Granted


Davidson, S.J, Royal Hotel, Victoria street. Granted
Davis, T. Sarsfield Inn, Little Bourke street. Granted
Davies, J. New Imperial Hotel, Elizabeth Street. Granted
Delaney, Dennis. Royal Hotel, Nunawading. Granted.
De Moulder, J. B. Sandridge Coffee House, Sandridge. Granted
Devine. John. Belmount, near Darebin Creek. Granted.
Dick, J. Builders' Arms, Gertrude street. Granted
Dickins, W. Mount Gambier Hotel, Palmer street. Granted
Disher. W.J. Tattersalls Hotel, Lonsdale street. Granted
Dolan, P. Olive Branch, Little Collins street Granted
Donovan, C. Travellers' Home, Swanston Street. Granted
Dowling, R. Farmers' Arms, Little Collins street. Granted
Downing, R. Newmarket Hotel, Bourke street. Granted
Doyle, A. Ship Hotel, Sandridge. Granted
Drewery.B. Olive Branch Hotel, LaTrobe street. Granted
Dunbar, George. Dandenong Hotel, Dandenong. Postponed to Friday to investigate
a charge of misconduct against the occupier.
Dunnon, W. Builders' Arms, Cardigan street. Granted
Dwyer, Matthew. Yarra Hotel, Richmond.Granted.


Edmonds. E. Carlton Inn Restaurant, Pelham street. Granted
Edwards, William. Frankston Hotel, Snapper Point. Granted.
Ellis, J. European Hotel, Fitzroy street. Granted
Embden, Chas. Spread Eagle, Richmond. Granted.
Empson, W. Duke of York, Collins street. Collins


Finnerty, James. Dublin Inn, Little Brighton. Granted.
Fleming, James. Elsternwick Hotel, Elsternwick. Granted.
Forbes, George Whittlesea Inn, Upper Plenty. Granted.
Farrell, R., South Melbourne Hotel, South Melbourne. Granted
Fahy, T. Terminus Hotel. Elizabeth street. Granted
Farner, Jas. Britannia Hotel, Swanston street. Granted
Fitzgerald, M., Hibernian Hotel, Little Lonsdale street. Granted
Feehan, B. City Arms Hotel, Elizabeth street. Granted
Feehan, M. Friend in Hand Hotel, Little Collins street. Granted
Filmore, E. J. Royal Mail Hotel, Swanston street. Granted
Fitzgerald, J Empire Hotel, Errol street. Granted
Fisher, W. Rochester Castle Hotel, Johnston street. Granted
Finlay, W. Council Club Hotel, Lonsdale street. Granted
Fitzgerald, M. Hare and Hounds Hotel, Grey street. St. Kilda. Granted
Flamer W. Old White Hart Inn, Bourke street. Granted
Forman, P. Elephant and Castle Hotel, Little Bourke street. Granted
Fraser, A. Frazer's Family Hotel, William street. Granted
Frencham, J. Original Scottish Hotel, Bourke street. Granted


Gallagher, M., Rose of Australia Hotel, King street. Granted
Gallagher, Robert. Carriers' Arms, Windsor.Granted.
Garton, J. Pier Hotel, Sandridge. Granted
Geraghty, Patrick. Richmond Hotel, Richmond. Granted,
Gibson, Joseph. Oakleigh Hotel, Oakleigh. Granted.
Gildea, John. The Young Queen, Pascoe vale. Refused.
Gillespie, James. Village Belle, Prahran. Granted.
Glasgow, T., Bird in Hand Hotel, Flinders lane. Granted
Glover, James. Royal Hotel, Richmond. Granted.
Glynn, Edward. Harp of Erin, Boroondara.Granted.
Graham, Samuel. Gardiner's Creek Hotel. Gardiner's Creek road. Granted.
Gregory. E.H. Hall of Commerce Restaurant. Granted
Griffiths, Thomas. Wattle-Tree Inn, Prahran. Granted.


Haidhans, Alfred. Prince Albert Hotel,Brighton. Granted.
Halfpenny, Daniel. Phillips Town Hotel,Phillips Town. Granted.
Halliday, Wm., George Hotel, Victoria street. Granted
Hallett, G., Freemasons' Hotel, Smith street.Granted
Hamilton, D., Cross Keys Hotel, Lonsdale street.Granted
Harrison, D.J. Punt Inn, Saltwater River. Granted.
Harris, E.L. Admiral Napier Hotel, Richmond. Granted.
Harding, William. Kingston Hotel, Richmond.Granted
Haslitt, Ellen. National Hotel, Moonee Ponds. Granted.
Hastie, W., Tankerville Arms, Nicholson street. Granted
Hauger, Samuel Spencer. Sir Robert Nickle Hotel, Hawthorne. Granted.
Hawkins, W. J., Queen's Arms, Swanston street. Granted
Hayward, G., Supreme Court Hotel, Russell street, Granted
Heaton, John. White Horse Inn, Richmond. Granted.
Hayes, Dennis. Shannon Hotel, Northcote. Granted.
Heath, H., Buck's Head Hotel, Condell street. Granted
Heir, 0. E., Star Inn, Swanston-street. Granted
Henry, W., Blue Bell Hotel, Little Collins street. Granted
Heffernan, M., Governor Bourke Hotel Little Lonsdale street. Granted
Heffernan, Rody, Melbourne Tavern, Lonsdale street. Granted
Heffernan, William. River Plenty Inn, Upper Plenty. Granted.
Henessy, Michael Paul. Victoria Hotel. Broadmeadows. Granted.
Henessy, Michael. Squatters' Rest. Dandenong. Granted
Hickey, Ellen, Limerick Castle Hotel, Elizabeth street. Granted
Hinds, W. Ulster Family Hotel, Little Collins street.Granted
Hill, R. G. Great Britain Hotel, Flinders street. Granted
Hockin, W., Commercial Hotel, Elizabeth Street. Granted
Holland, J. Globe Inn, Swanston street. Granted
Holmes, John. Epping Hotel, Epping. Granted
Hoole, William. Bridge Inn, Flemington. Granted.
House, G. W. Parade Hotel, Richmond road. Granted
Hunter, W. Tam o' Shanter Hotel, Lothian street. Granted
Hyde, Geo., Labor in Vain Hotel, Brunswick street. Granted
Howe, John. Royal Hotel, Richmond. Granted. Granted
Hutchinson, W. National Hotel, Bourke street. In this application the Bench said the reason of the postponement on the annual day was the objection to the connection which existed between
the pastry cooks shop next door and the Athenaeum Assembly rooms behind
License granted on condition of both these connections being cut off.


Irving, Thomas. Mulgrave Arms, Mulgrave. Granted.


Jelf, T. Ship Inn, Flinders lane. Granted
Jenkins, H. Jenkins's Hotel, Swanston street. Granted
Jenkins, Hy. Cheltenham Hotel, Cheltenham. Granted.
Jones, C. Colonial Bank Hotel, Little Collins street. Granted
Jordan, J. Rainbow Hotel, Swanston street. Granted
Johnston, W. Clarence Hotel, Collins street. Granted
Jones, E. B. Black Bull Hotel, Bourke street. Granted
Jones, J. Yarra Family Hotel, Flinders street. Granted
Jones, Robert. Junction Inn, Footscray.Granted.


Kenny, U.A. Caledonian Hotel, Prahran. Postponed.
Kelly, William. Black Horse, Prahran.Granted.
Kelly, P. Galway Family Hotel, Flinders lane. Granted
Keddie, R. Rob Roy Hotel, Flinders lane. Granted
Keeley, M. Australasian Family Hotel, Spring-street.Granted
Kennedy, J. Lalla Rookh Hotel, Queensberry street. Granted
Kennedy, T. Black Prince Hotel, Curzon Street. Granted
Keppel, M. Old Governor Bourke Hotel, Spring street. Granted
Keys, Robert. Little Brighton Hotel, Little Brighton. Granted.
King, A.P. Crown Hotel, Prahran. Refused.


Laffan, J. King's Arms Hotel, Madeline street. Granted
Lamtle, Robert. Wellington Hotel, Richmond. Granted.
Lane, T. Foundry Hotel, King street. Granted
Lang. W., Turf Hotel, Swanston street. Granted
Lauders, Sarah. Fletcher's Hotel, Hawthorne. Granted.
Lawlor James. Royal Oak, Queen street. Granted
Lefoe. Levi. Canada Hotel, Madeline street. Granted
Leitchford, R., Seven Stars Hotel, Madeline street. Granted
Letchford, C,, Crown and Anchor Hotel, Charles street. Granted
Lewis, W. jun. Bridge Inn, Flinders lane. Granted
Lewis, William. Darebin Hotel, Darebin Creek.Granted.
Libby, G. Royal Hotel, St. Kilda. Granted
Liddy, J. Adam and Eve, Little Collins street. Granted
Light, William F. Gardiner's Hotel, Gardiner.Granted.
Louchet, H. Central City Hotel, Collins street. Granted
Loughnan, C, London Hotel, Market square. Granted
Lowe, S. Shakespeare Hotel, Collins street Granted
Lowe, T. Bush Inn, Elizabeth-street. Granted
Lusher, E., Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick street. Granted
Lynch, Jno. Golden Age Hotel, La Trobe street. Granted


Macdonald, Alex. Wardy Yallock Hotel, Windy Yallock. Granted.
Macnamara, William. Pilgrim Inn, Plenty road. Granted
Maher, James. Footscray Punt Hotel, Footscray. Granted.
Mallett. D. Botanical Hotel, Domain road. Granted
Manallock,Thomas. Cornish Arms, Brunswick, Granted.
McCarthy, T. Kerry Hotel, King street. Granted
M'Clellan, T. Belvidere Hotel, Victoria rarade. Granted
M'Donald, A. Northcote Arms, Northcote, Granted
McDonogh. W. Mercantile Hotel, Flinders street. Refused
McDougall, Charles. Upper Plenty Hotel, Upper Plenty road. Granted
McGirr, W. P., Railway Refreshment Rooms, Sandridge. Granted
M'Gregor, J. Rose, Thistle, and Shamrock Hotel, Elizabeth-street. Granted
M'Gregor, A. Buck's Head, Little Lonsdale street. Granted
McIntosh, D. British Hotel, Queen street. Granted
M'Kee, J. M., Duke- of Kent Hotel, Latrobe street. Granted
M'Keown, Patrick. Armagh Hotel, Moorabbin.Granted.
M'Kinnon, E., Robert Burns Hotel, Lonsdale street. Granted
McKnight, George. Plough Inn, Plenty road.Granted.
M'Lean, J. Scotch Thistle Hotel, Northcote. Granted
Manuel, H. W., Misletoe Hotel, Mackenzie street. Granted
M'Micking, Robert. Grange Hotel, Prahran. Granted.
Meaney, Daniel. Boroondara Family Hotel,Hawthorne. Granted.
Menzies, A. Menzies' Hotel, La Trobe street. Granted
Merritt, James. Prince Albert Hotel, Prahran.Granted.
Michel, F. Beehive Hotel, Blackwood street. Granted
Midgely, J. Liverpool Arms, Brunswick street. Granted
Moore, T.J. Bay View Hotel, St. Kilda. Granted.
Moore, William. the Welcome Home Hotel,Prahran. Refused.
Moreland, William. Bridge Inn, Richmond Bridge. Granted.
Mornane, P. Clare Castle Hotel, Stephen street. Granted
Morris, T. Lincoln Inn, Cardigan street. Granted
Morrow, Thomas. Morrow's Hotel, Prahran. Granted.
Muir, M. Mac's Hotel, Franklyn street. Granted
Mulcahoy, James. Kangaroo Inn, Eumemmerring. Granted.
Mullins, John. Park Hotel, Oakleigh. Granted.
Murphy, M. Royal Oak, Swanston street. Granted
Murray, M. Railway Hotel, Sandridge. Granted
Murray, J. New Constitution Hotel, North Melbourne. Granted
Murray, J. J. Southern Cross Hotel, Bourke street. Granted
Murray, Edward. Rose and Crown, Flemington. Granted.
Murray, Matthew. Prince Albert Hotel, Flemington. Granted.
Murphy, Richard. Vine Hotel, Richmond. Refused.
Murphy, Patrick. Fitzpatrick Hotel, Richmond. Granted
Myers, William. Sarah Sands Hotel, Brunswick. Granted.


Nealor, J. Railway Hotel, Swanston street. Granted
Neck, W. Cornwall Arms, Bourke street. Granted
Newstead, R. Parkside Hotel, Flemington road. Granted
Neylan, P. Farmers' Arms, Swanston street. Granted
Nicholson, B, Tattersalls Hotel Withdrawn
Nolan, J. North Melbourne Hotel, Howard street. Granted
North, J. Mechanics' Arms, Little Collins street.Granted
Nottley, William. Toorak Hotel, Toorak. Granted. The Bench remarked on the high charges made at this hotel!
Nunn, Thomas. Olympic Hotel, Lonsdale street. Granted


Oakley, C, Temple Court Hotel, Queen street. Granted
O'Callaghan, 0., Woolpack Inn, Queen Street.Granted
O'connell, D. Horse and Jockey Hotel, Little Bourke street. Granted
O'Connor, John. Picnic Hotel, Gypsy Village. Granted.
O'Halloran, D., Royal Railway Hotel, Elizabeth street. Granted
Oliver, William. Windsor Hotel, Windsor.Granted.
Ollis, O, Apollo Inn, Flinders lane. Granted
O'Reilly, D., Sportsman's Arms, Little Bourke street.Granted
Orkney, J., Sir Charles Hotham Hotel,Flinders street. Granted
O'Shanassy, Patrick. Kew Hotel, Kew. Granted.
O'Shea, Michael. Grand Junction Hotel,Windsor. Granted.
O'sullivan. J.v.Telegraph Hotel, Little Bourke street. Granted


Packham, Samuel. Frankston Hotel, Frankston. Granted.
Pachley, George. Lemon Tree Inn, Richmond. No appearance. Granted
Painter, Ezekiah. Myall Hotel, Prahran.Granted.
Parsons, George. Brighton Hotel, Brighton Granted.
Parsons, T.G. Brighton Hotel, Brighton. No appearance. Granted.
Passfield, J. Sydney Hotel, William street. Granted
Paterson, J. Glasgow Arms, Elizabeth street. Granted
Payne, J. Red Lion Hotel, Lonsdale street. Granted
Pearce, E. British Queen Hotel, Nicholson street. Granted
Pemberton, T. IL, Ship Inn, Sandridge. Granted
Perrin, William. Greyhound Inn, Richmond. Granted.
Plummer, Edward Sheldrake. Preston Arms, Preston, Plenty road. Granted.
Poole, F. Drewery's Family Hotel, Gertrude street. Granted
Powell, William H. Railway Hotel, Footscray. No appearance.
Poynton, George. Oxford and Cambridge Hotel,Richmond. Granted.
Prevot, E. J. Queensberry Hotel, Madeline street. Granted
Price, John. Edinburgh Castle, Brunswick. Granted
Price, T. Crystal Palace Hotel, Little Bourke street. Granted
Purnell, Thos. Plough Inn, Bourke street. Granted
Punch, R. Leinster Anns, Lonsdale street. Granted


Rees, F. Pembroke Family Hotel, St. Kilda. Granted
Rennie, Robert. Tookarook Inn, Tookarook, near Arthur's Seat. Granted.
Rennison, Thomas. Lord Raglan, Richmond.Granted.
Reynolds, W. Queen's Head, Queen street. Granted
Richards, Thomas. Star and Garter, Richmond. Granted.
Rigby, W. H. British Hotel, St. Kilda. Granted
Ring. P. Old Ship Inn, Russell street. Granted
Robinson, Thomas. Hawksburn Hotel, Prahran No appearance. No notice affixed to the door.
Rose, William. Devonshire Arms Hotel, Brighton. Granted.
Rourke, Hugh. Bushy Creek Hotel, Bushy Creek. Granted.
Ryan, A. Britannia Inn, Queen street.Granted
Ryan, Michael. Windsor Castle, Windsor. Granted.
Ryan, T. Lamb Inn, Elizabeth-street. Granted
Ryan, W. Carriers' Arms, Elizabeth street. Granted
Ryan, W., Rising Sun Hotel, Little Bourke street. Granted


Salisbury, R. B. Cavan Hotel, Queensberry street.
Scuffam, Charles. Red Lion, Hawthorne. Granted.
Scott, E. Port Phillip Club Hotel, Flinders street. Granted
Scott, John. East Brighton Hotel, Brighton.Granted
Scott, Percival. Cremorne Gardens, Richmond. Granted.
Shehan, T. Bouverie Hotel, Bouverie street. Granted
Shelton, H. Paddington Hotel, Little Collins street. Granted
Short, H. Australian Hotel, Bourke street. Granted
Sinclair, Hugh. Bridge Inn, Plenty road, Granted.
Slattery. J. Lightning Hotel, North Melbourne. Granted conditionally on improve ments
being completed on the 1st July.
Smart, A. Golden Fleece Hotel, Little Bourke street. Granted
Smith, George. Mount View Hotel, Gardiner.Granted.
Smith, James. Rose, Thistle, and Shamrock, Plenty road. Granted.
Spiers F.W. Royal Hotel, Bourke street. Granted. The premises only to extend to
the division wall between the Concert room and the theatre. ( see note 1)
Stanway, William. Red Lion, Hawthorne Granted.
Stephen, J. Great Western Hotel, Queen street. Granted
Stephens, William. Swan Hotel, Richmond. Granted. The landlord cautioned as to his conduct,
several complaints having been made. Applicant also directed to clean his house out,
and keep himself sober.
Sterck, C, FitzRoy Hotel Napier street. Granted
Stevens, Thomas. Railway Hotel, Windham. Granted.
Stone, Thomas P. Bush Inn, Prahran. Granted.
Sullivan, W. Harp of Erin Hotel, King street. Granted
Sutcliffe, R. Governor Arthur Hotel, Little Bourke street. Granted


Tatchell, T., St. John's Hotel, Queen street. Granted
Terry, Thomas. Racecourse Hotel. Granted.
Thomas, M., City Hotel, Madeline street. Granted
Threlkeld, AV. Saracen's Head Hotel, Bourke street. Granted
Tilke, W., Tilke's City Hotel, Bourke-street. Granted
Tobin, M.Devonshire Arms, FitzRoy street. Granted
Toohey, P. Kilkenny Inn, L?nsdale street. Granted
Trainer, Patrick. White Horse Inn, Nunawading. Granted.


Vallance, W. Caledonian Hotel, Jeffcott street. Granted
Vinson, James. Royal George, Prahran. Granted.


Wilder, G. Golden City Hotel, Cecil-street. Wallace, R., Prince Albert Hotel, Little Argyle-street.
Walters, J. Marine Family Hotel, Sand ridge.
Warley, G. Argus Hotel. Collins-street.
Watson. J. Albion Hotel, Bourke street.
Wedel, Ch. Criterion Hotel, Collins-street.
Webber, James. Royal Hotel, Richmond (Sheedy's). Granted.
Whitby, Woodcock Hotel, Darebin Creek. Granted.
White, James. Burwood Hotel, Hawthorne. This application was opposed on the ground of the misconduct of the landlord.The misconduct alleged was of a grievous character, and there was also stated to be a charge of felony against him, but which it was alleged had been abandoned. Refused.
Whitehead, Ed., Crown iHotel, Queen street.
Whiteman, William. Prahran Hotel, Prahran. Postponed.
Wicks, R., Waterloo Hotel, Little Collins street. Granted
Williams, C, Williams's hotel and Dining Rooms, Elizabeth street. Granted
Wills. H. C, Odd Fellows' Hotel, Little Lonsdale street.
Wilson, R., Metropolitan Hotel, William street.
Wilson, R., Carlton Club Hotel, Gertrude street.
Wilson, Robert. Doncaster Castle, Doncaster. Granted.
Wilson, Samuel. Flemington Hotel, Flemington. Granted.
Wolfe, H. Travellers' Rest Hotel, Collingwood. Granted
Wood, J. W. Swan Hotel, Gertrude street. Granted
Wood, J. Wood's Hotel, Brunswick street. Granted
Wood, Jacob, Shepherds' Arms, Smith street. Granted
Wood. T.F. Yarra Club Hotel. Granted.
Woodward, G. Leicester hotel, Leicester street. Granted
Worley, Jessie. Plough and Harrow, Brighton.Granted.
H.Wyse Golden Cross, King street, (see note2 below) Granted


Yeend, H., Derwent Hotel, Lonsdale-street. The following were postponed.

Note 1. Felix Spiers license application was granted on the 23 April. Luckily a month before this hearing before His Honour Judge Pohlman at the County Court, on the 20 May 1856.

Note: 2 H.Wyse Golden Cross, King street; Mr. Frank Stephen supported the application
Mr. Inspector Cooke opposed the application on the ground of the general bad character of the applicant.
The charges against him were that he formerly kept a sly-grog shop, and was now
conducting a public house -the Golden Cross King street- in the name of Mr Bowern the former
landlord of the hotel.
Mr. Inspector Smith (detective force stated that he knew Wyse to be the keeper of a sly-grog shop in New South Wales. His character was very bad. He stated this from the information which had come to
his knowledge as a police officer and from personal knowlege of him
Mr. Bowern formerly landlord of the Golden Cross, was called.
Mr Stephen advised the witness not to give evidence, as his statements might tend to eliminate himself, but Mr Bowern stated that he had no reluctance to tell the truth and eventually entered the box.
Mr. Bowern then stated that he was formerly landlord of the Golden Cross Hotel,
but in consequence of the house being condemned he took the Marine Hotel, St Kilda
and sold the license of the Golden Cross to Mr Whitehead. He believed that Wyse
lent Whitehead the purchase money (?70) He owned no stock in the hotel, but from observation
believed it to be properly managed He could not say whose property was in the house. If he had not believed
Wyse to be a respectable person he should not have allowed his name to be left over the door.
Cross-examined: He did not appear to obtain the magistrates consent to a transfer of the license.
He sold it openly, and obtained another license for another house. His name was over the door
up to the annual licensing day.

Mr Frank Stephen produced testimonials of Wyse's good character from Beechworth, signed by Mr Cameron, M L C, and several magistrates and other persons; also from several of the wine and spirit merchants of the city, and numerous others from other places.

The Bench granted the application.

a case of my magistrates trump your coppers.

Lithograph by Clarence Woodhouse 1852-1931, below, shows The Pier Hotel at Frankston owned by Mark Young with Young's Baths in the background. The Colonial Bank of Australasia is to the right of the image. A coach and horses careers down the street in front of the hotel, watched by five men on horses. The bay is visible behind the hotel, with a steamer and yachts on a calm sea.
It isn't dated, but it is 1888, well after the licenses above were granted.

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on 2012-02-01 07:32:55

janilye - 7th generation, Convict stock. Born in New South Wales now living in Victoria, carrying, with pride 'The Birthstain'.

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by janilye on 2012-02-03 02:02:47

Many of the publicans recorded on this list you will find recounted here on within the many journals of local historian itellya

Many, many of the hotels listed above are still doing business

by tonkin on 2012-02-03 02:34:54

One can see a lot of history through the bottom of a Pot, but one needs to do a pub crawl to learn these things.

If pub walls could talk ...

by janilye on 2012-02-03 05:47:33

I hope they don't talk about me tonkin.
There has got to be more pubs than what's up there. What about Port Melbourne it was called Sandridge and there is only 1 hotel up there, What about the Exchange that opened in 1850. And South Melbourne (Emerald Hill) and Williamstown.
Wouldn't they have been under Melbourne Districts? what would they have come under? itellya?
I went on a pub crawl for a hen's night, there were 10 of us, back in 1980, in Brunswick St., and there were 23 pubs in that Street, Yes! I remember them all. Not all were old pubs but a lot of them were.
Any clues anyone?

by janilye on 2012-02-03 06:07:36

I found this in RootsWeb Publican Index of 19th Century Victoria
It's not specific to 1856 but a good guide to publicans in general

by janilye on 2012-02-03 06:10:08

actually it's a lot better than my amateur attempt

by tonkin on 2012-02-03 06:24:54

Intersting what you say about the old pubs Janilye.

Sandridge was a busy place in the early years and there must have been more than one watering hole. I had a family member with a pub there somewhere around 1890 I think, but I don't think the name of the pub was mentioned in the Will. Will have to find the Will and follow up.

by janilye on 2012-02-03 06:31:56

Have you ever walked the Sandridge rail track along by the Yarra which goes from the City down to the bay.

by tonkin on 2012-02-03 06:36:17

Not all of it.

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