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I am looking for more information on Kiziah Brooks Williams Family

Question by MarJacOutlets

I am working on my family heritage. As you will see I have a lot of questions regarding my family.
I have the following info and need to find out more about these family members. Any Documents would be very appreciated. I am especially interested in Birth and death certifcates, marriage license's.
I have most of the James Williams family line, but need more information on his wife POSSIBLY Kiziah Elizabeth Brooks.
I do not really have proof of her name, birth, or death date.
I did see one record online that someone had given her birth date as 1735 and another that says about 1740.?
It is said that Kiziah's Father was Littleton Brooks b. 1720, d.1777 (he was only 15 when Kiziah was born?) I am uncertian if this birth date is correct, but I realize it is possible.
*** I would like to see any proof located that shows James1 wife was named Kiziah/Keziah with her last name shown. If you have this, please, please send me a link or a file.

James and ? Children were.

** 1- Phillip "Buck Spike" WILLIAMS 10 Feb 1753 in 96th Military District, Charleston, South Carolina, and died 12 SEP 1848 in Volga, Johnson County, Kentucky. He married Ann Floating CLOUD. She was born 1754, and died 1840 in Volga, Johnson County, Kentucky.

2- Hardin WILLIAMS born 27 APR 1764 in 96th Military District, Charleston,
South Carolina. He married Jane HART.
3- James WILLIAMS.
4- Jarrett WILLIAMS.
7- Sherrod WILLIAMS.
8- Nancy WILLIAMS.

I would also like more information For Ann married to Philip Buck Spike Williams. I have seen many names for Ann.
Running Water, Floating Cloud/Running fawn. Does anyone know for certain whom Ann's Father was?
She was born 1754, and died 1840 in Volga, Johnson County, Kentucky. I do have pictures of their graves.

Philip and Ann's children are
**1- John Thomas WILLIAMS , Sr. b: 1782 in North Carolina (now Tennessee),died 1885 in Perry County, Kentucky.
Rebecca COMBS born 1795 Married 17 JUL 1809 in Clay County, Kentucky, daughter of Nicholas "Danger Nick" COMBS and Nancy Euphemia GRIGSBY.
2- Robert Sanford WILLIAMS b: 1786 in Claiborne County, Tennessee, and died 1851 in Johnson County, Kentucky. He married Mary HOSKINS. She was born 1790. He married Nancy PICKLESIMER 19 MAR 1848. She was born 1828 in Kentucky.See guion Miller rolls applications for Philip (Shows wife name Amanda Evaline age 61)
3- Joseph WILLIAMS b: 1793 in Tennessee. He married Elizabeth LNU. She was born 1810 in Kentucky. She married Robert HOOD in 1819
4- Hardin "Hardy" WILLIAMS b: 1794 in North Carolina now Tennessee Birth: 27 APR 1764 in 96th Military District, Charleston, South Carolina
See Children of Hardin and Jane Hart in My notes / Doument 1808-1875 Elizabeth P. Simer FloydCoKYMarriages MyFamily.com
5-Lewis WILLIAMS b:1794 in North Carolina or Tennessee, and died 1830 in Ke ntucky. Married Elizabeth "Betsy" HUNT 22 FEB 1818 in Clay County, Kentucky, daughter of Jonathan HUNT and Mollie ROGERS. She was born 1802 in North Carolina
6- Luranna S. WILLIAMS b: AUG 7, 1799 in Tennessee, and died 19 FEB 1885 in Johnson County, Kentucky.
She married Nathan PICKLESIMER 20 FEB 1821 in Floyd County, Kentucky. He was born ABT 1799.
7- George W. WILLIAMS , Sr. b: 1800 in Sullivan County, Tennessee. He married Rebecca BLEVINS, daughter of William BLEVINS and Sarah "Sally" LNU. She was born 1815 in Virginia, and died 16 DEC 1858 in Carter County, Kentucky.
8- Susannah WILLIAMS b: 1800 in Tennessee. She married Jesse FORTNER 20 MAY 1822 in Floyd County, Kentucky. He was born ABT 1800.

Then I have this information from my mothers notes.
Williams Indian Chief Roll # 3 1900 Indian Territory Pg. 78 Township 18 range 25 - I do not know if this is referring to Pleasant Williams - John Wesley Williams - or John Thomas Williams -

Then I found this info as well. John Thomas Williams (Jr or SR?) as Cherokee Chief in Perry Hazard Kentucky. This was found in a court house in Arkansas. I would love to find any documentation on this.

If any one can help add more "documented" facts to this lineage it would be very appreciated.

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on 2010-07-04 01:48:14

MarJacOutlets , from Jenks Oklahoma, has been a Family Tree Circles member since Jul 2010. is researching the following names: ROBINSON, WILLIAMS, BROOKS and 4 other(s).

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by buckspike on 2010-11-09 12:27:00

I am a descendent of James Williams and his wife through Phillip Williams,Robert Williams, Jefferson Brooks Williams, Nancy Jane Williams (my great-grandmother). I have a lot of information to share on the above individuals and their families. I have nothing on Keziah Brooks Williams. Indeed I didn't know her name until your query. Phillip was good friends with a Brooks family in Sullivan Co,Tenn. and I figured his grandson (my great great grandfather) was given the middle name Brooks because of this association. Please tell me where and how you found the Keziah entry etc and I'll gladly share what I know of the Williams family.
Rod Rhoads

by buckspike on 2010-11-09 12:31:05

I am a descendent of James Williams and his wife through Phillip Williams,Robert Williams, Jefferson Brooks Williams, Nancy Jane Williams (my great-grandmother). I have a lot of information to share on the above individuals and their families. I have nothing on Keziah Brooks Williams. Indeed I didn't know her name until your query. Phillip was good friends with a Brooks family in Sullivan Co,Tenn. and I figured his grandson (my great great grandfather) was given the middle name Brooks because of this association. Please tell me where and how you found the Keziah entry etc and I'll gladly share what I know of the Williams family.
Rod Rhoads

by MarJacOutlets on 2010-11-09 23:04:43

Hi Rod,
I know you from MF.Com. I have been very impressed with some of your findings you have posted.
I am going to send you an email from MF. Please check there.
I am not sure of any of my information and I am being told I am incorrect on Keziah so I think it 's best not to post it here.

by johnncook on 2011-07-30 11:25:49

I am a 4th great grandson James Williams, a brother of Philip Williams. In " Sam Williams:Printer's Devil ", on page 202, it is said that a brother in law of James Williams had the last name Brooks, and that he was with him during the Revolution. James Williams did marry a Keziah Wilson. Other than that, I don't know of any other connection; except what has been floating over the internet.

by MarJacOutlets on 2011-07-30 15:46:30

John I don't have any proof for Kiziah that married James1.This is why I posted
I have seen this several times on the internet and I have emailed each person that mentions this and asked them where they got their info.
The only two that replied both had the same answer. They got it off Ancestry.com ... One did not remember where on A.Com but thought it was documentation.
The other took it from a family tree. I do not use anything in my lineage that just comes from someone else's tree other than just trying to find the documentation.
I know that James2 was married to Keziah Wilson,I want the proof..
Do we now have 2 james, Grandson and Grandftr, both married to a Kiziah?
Rod I do have a question for you.
I have posted this on MF.C.
We have documentation showing that the wife of Philip, Ann gives her Indian name as Floating Cloud.
This name of Floating Cloud is from the newspaper interview for Moses and Josephine Wms, saying her name was FLoating Cloud.
Here we have a relative saying that her name was Floating Cloud.
The other sources for the name Floating Cloud as being wife of James1 are from books mentioned years later.
Which would be best to use as a source for this name?

I saw where you say it's Running Water. Can you please send me a copy fo the page you found this on?
I think you got this name from a book about full blood indians.

No more muffled hoofbeats does show that James1 - wooed and won the heart of an Indian maiden, then names her as Floating Cloud. Then in the book No more muffled hoof beats, it also says that Philips fathers wife was Floating Cloud.

Again from Sam's book Printers Devil, Thanks to John (:..
"James Williams had a brother in law,last name Brooks"
Was this referring to James1 or James2? Brook could be the step father of Keziah Wilson.?? Just a question..

I have been wondering if there were records for the people that lived at the forts. When James1 was killed he told Philip to "go to the fort and take care of your mother". This tells me she was still alive at the time of his death and was living in the fort. Do we know the name of this fort? I guess James1 could have been married at least twice. This would explain Philip,Garrett and Sookie being born before the supposed marriage date for James1 and Kiziah Brooks in 1755.
I also realize they did not have to be married to have these children.
Since I am new, and Clydene tried to help me get started last year doing the research, she suggest that I have 3 documentions as proof before it's accepted.
Do we use books as true documetation?
Does anyone know of any of the Wms bibles that we might be able to view from James2 or one of his brothers?
Being such a religious family I would have thought that there would have been tons of Bibles to research. Maybe they have all been throw away due to conditions of the Bibles or lack of interest in the family.
Were there any wedding bonds during the time of James1, Philip or even James2?

Ok still new and trying to learn here..lol
Thanks for any help getting me pointed in the right direction.

by MarJacOutlets on 2011-07-30 15:54:52

Sorry John, I did forget to tell you some of the site that I got the name Kiziah from. The Keebler Family tree shows Kiziah was married to James Wms. (Kiziah was born in 1735) Father LITTLETON BROOKS AND MARY? d. 19 Aug 1840, Hawkins, Tennessee, USA Ireson FamilyHistory Genealogy) It is suggested that Kiziah's Father - Littleton Brooks b. 1720, d.1777 (he was only 15 when Kiziah was born? Possible..lol
Doing reseach on Littleton, I could not find anything that names this daughter Kiziah. It is going to take a lot more digging to find if there really is any connection here.

I am currently only using this info as a source for doing my own research.

by Dawn2012 on 2012-01-26 17:29:10

I am decended from Philip & Ann 'Floating Cloud' Williams. I have been researching my Williams family line since the early 1990's and this is the first time I have heard of many of these sources! Would anyone be willing to share where to find these sources at?! I met a cousin online once, who sent me a picture of Philip and Floating Cloud's grave stones, but unfortunately, my computer crashed and I lost the photo. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me & any photos you can share! Thanks in advance for all of your help.

Jessica Long

by MarJacOutlets on 2012-01-27 20:15:51

HI Jessica, I am also a desendant from Philip and Ann. I do have athe pictures of their graves, the new stones and the old stones.
I will be more than glad to share these with you.
Please tell me your lineage. I may have other pictures you might like as well.
If you descend from John and Rebecca I was given a copy of their marriage record that I can also send.
please email me at [email protected]
I have so many questions from John up that I am hoping that I can get some of the questions answered.
Have a very blessed weekend.
Mary Vivian

by Dawn2012 on 2012-01-28 15:54:41

Hi Mary, my lineage is as follows:
1. Phillip Williams + Floating Cloud
2. Robert S. Williams (son) + Mary Hoskins
3. Jefferson B. Williams (son) + Mary Ann Griffith
4. Namon Harrison Williams (son) + Mollie Ann Danner
5. Eugene Victor Williams (son) + Mary Lee Harris
6. Luvina Ruth Williams (daughter) + Henry Lee Long
7. Robert Eugene Long (son) + Dorothy Darlene Corder
8. Jessica Long (daughter)

I am looking for information on my direct lineage, but I am always interested in information about the family even if they are distantly related as many of my 3rd, 4th, 5th cousins, etc are asking me to do genealogical research for them as well. Hopefully, we can help each other in our research.
You have a very blessed weekend as well.
Jessica Long

by MarJacOutlets on 2012-01-30 14:18:35

Hi Jessica, I am a member of the Sherrod Williams family on Family.com
I am going to request that they invite you to the site.You will not believe the amount of records they have on file, as well as pictures.
I will need an email addy for them to send you the invitation.
They do not bombard you with a lot of emails but you will get access to all the records they have. You will get just a couple of emails each month.
Dna records, photos,newspaper articles, court records, Books about the Wms. military records, and stories passed down through the family. There are other family members that came from the Robert S. lineage.
I can send you some of the articles I have but there are more for your downline hat I don't have saved to my files.
All the cousins are great people and are more than willing to help.
No one will do all the reseach for you but they will give you ideas on where to find specific information that they have already located.
At this time the site is pretty slow with what is going on in the research but it will pick up in the next few months with more cousins adding new information.
You will need to send me your email addy. My email addy I have for my genealogy is mvivian @ mail. com
Please let me know if you would like to do this.
Your new cousin

by Dawn2012 on 2012-02-02 17:42:34

Hi Mary,
Thank you for all of your help! My email for genealogy is [email protected] It is a great thing when you can find a site where others will share their knowledge and it has good records, photos, etc. I love working on my genealogy and it's nice to meet new cousins. I'm very glad to meet you and I thank you again for your help.


by MarJacOutlets on 2012-02-04 07:03:20

Sorry it's been a busy week. I am creating the email to attach pictures to for you now.
Please let me know if you get the email.
You are more than welcome.

by rjmangrum on 2012-08-07 18:44:08

Hello Everyone,

My line is James I, James II, Phillip & Sarah who married John Delk. I too have been searching for the "Indian" ancestor. Anything new you found out & woulkd like to share I would truly appreciate it.

Thank you,
Crabtree, Oregon

by MarJacOutlets on 2012-08-08 16:02:22

Hi Jean, We have a family website that is free to all relatives. It is hosted on Myfamily.com.
Membership is free but you will need an invitation from the "family". They will send you a password. We have hundreds of files on the website.
If you are interested I will need an email addy for them to send you the invitation.
You will also be assiged a password. One request is that you are able to post your lineage so they can be sure you are in the right Williams family.
My line goes like this.
James Wms1 to ?
Their son Phillip "Buck Spike" WILLIAMS - Married Ann
Philip and Ann's son John Thomas WILLIAMS , Sr married Rebecca Combs
John T.s son Pleasant D. WILLIAMS married Prudence Southwood
Pleasant's son John Wesley Williams married Louisa Cope
John W. son James Eliot Williams.married Mary Alcy Dabbs
James's dauther Miranda Iantha Angeline married John H. Bolton - These were my grand parents.
Please let me know if you are interested in viewing the files on the MyFamily.com website. There are guion rolls, census, pictures, indian rolls, and tons of other information in the family files.
I have pictures of the stones for Philip and Ann.
You have closer cousins already on the website.
Please email me at [email protected] This is my email account I use for genealogy.
Mary Vivian

by justnate2011 on 2013-03-19 11:33:32

hello everyone im a descendant of buck spike i have most of the williams lineage to 1715 with the birth of John williams. my line goes
justin nathaniel (me)m cassandra christine true
(frm m2)Leo Anthony m1 kimberly marie stocker m2 denise lynn phillips
howard payne m1 melvie mandy burchett m2 geneva baldwin
albert m ninievah stapleton
sanford jefferson m loucina reed
lucas p. m elizabeth picklesimer
robert sanford m mary polly running water hoskins
phillip (buck spike) m1 ann floating cloud vest(3/4 cherokee) m2 gerner taylor
james m kiziah elizabeth brooks
john m ann patillo
i will be happy to share all that i have with anyone.

by justnate2011 on 2013-03-19 12:05:35

my email addy is [email protected]

by MarJacOutlets on 2013-03-30 07:46:25

Hi Nate,
I would say we are certainly from the same tree.
I do have some questions since I have been told that some of the info you have given is not correct.
Where did you get the name for Philips 1st wife Ann?? There was another Philip Williams that married an Ann Vest but this man was a German not our Philip.
I as also told that the census show that our Philip Wms and the German Philip married to Ann Vest were not in the same areas at the same time.
Ann Vest had a NAI mother an her Father was French. This makes her 1/2 NAI.
The Indian name Floating Cloud has been linked as being the wife to James1, the father of Philip.
No proof that I have seen but it seems that most of the info on the internet does link the name of Floating Cloud with James1 and not Philip.
James1 had to have been married once before he "Wooed and won the heart of a Cherokee princess" as mentioned in the book " No More Muffled Hoof Beats"
The book does mention that Philip and "sookie" were present at this time.
It does not give her name, or the names for mother of Philip and Sookie.
I don't know where or when the name "Floating Cloud" became associated with James1 or Philip.
I do have the pictures for the tombstones for Philip and Ann Wms.
We have all "assumed" that this Ann Wms, is the wife of Philip that is buried next to him.
If anyone has "PROOF" that the wife of Philip was the NAI named "Floating Cloud" I would love to have this.
So far everyone I have spoken with only stays that they got this info off Ancetry.com.. That by all means does not mean it is correct. Much of the info on that website is wrong when it comes to our family.
As one of our family members told me.. We really need to make sure the info the linage is proven, before posting it on the internet as being the gospel.
Something I did not do in the beginning .. ):
The name I have been trying to do research on was Kiziah Elizabeth Brooks. It has "only been suggested" that this Kiziah was the wife of James1.. We really need to find this info out then see if her NAI name was Floating Cloud.
I have been trying to locate this Kiziah Brooks by doing research on her Father Littleton Brooks. I have found several different children but no one named Kiziah or Elizabeth.It is very possible I just missed this or I still have yet to find her.
If you go back up on this page and read John Cook's notes he states ""I am a 4th great grandson James Williams, a brother of Philip Williams. In " Sam Williams:Printer's Devil ", on page 202, it is said that a brother in law of James Williams had the last name Brooks, and that he was with him during the Revolution. James Williams did marry a Keziah Wilson. Other than that, I don't know of any other connection; except what has been floating over the internet.""
It has been proven that James2 did marry a Keziah Wilson. I have to wonder if someone had James1 and James2 mixed up when they posted on the internet that James1 was married to a Keziah..
However I can not for the life of me figure out how they could come up with the name Keziah Elizabeth Brooks or that her father was Littleton Brooks when there is proof of teh James2 wife Keziah..
We know the Wms and the Brooks were neighbors according to the census( I was told) and that one of Philips brothers was named Jefferson Brooks Williams.
It would no have been uncommon for a child to be named after a brother in law, or even a friend during that time. We just need to prove these connections other than "I got it off Ancestry.com" lol
If you have any documents, then please share.
My computer crashed and I lost all my research so I need to start all over again.
Hope you have a very blessed Easter.

by weswill on 2013-07-25 21:24:35

I just came across this thread today, and I hope it is still active. I am a Williams but do not know much about my ancestry. About all I have to go on is a four page document that my grandfather, who died nine years ago, gave to me about 15 years ago. It looks to be printed using an old style dot matrix printer, and it's indented which makes me think someone was using some kind of genealogy software. Since my grandfather was not computer savvy, I am assuming someone in his family gave it in the 1990's. I do not know if it is accurate. It has about 300+ names and dates on it. According to it I may be related to Phillips Williams through
Phillips Williams (Anne) 1753-1848
Robert S Williams 1788 - 1851
Jefferson Brooks Williams 1814 - about 1897
Hugh Huston Williams 1848 - 1920
Merritt Estill Williams 1876 - 1958
William Kohler Williams 1916 - 2004

I saw earlier in this post that there may already be resources online that may be available to the public that could confirm any of this information. I would be willing to share this document if anyone might find it useful. I could probably scan it, but I don't know if that would convert it text or just to an image. Could someone tell me how to find the Williams ancestry information mentioned above?

Thanks for your help,

Wes Williams

P.S. I do not know anything about researching family history.

by Detsie on 2013-10-21 18:09:38

Hi All, I am also trying to find information on my lineage. Apparently I am also related to both James1 and James2.

Has anyone found confirmation that James1 wife Kiziah Elizabeth Brooks was actually the Cherokee Princess Floating Cloud? I see in some other posts that there are questions about James2 brother Philip's wife Ann may have actually been Floating Cloud.

Then I have seen that James2 wife is Keziah Wilson 1763-1834. There was some information that her parents were Samuel Wilson 1750-1814 and someone by the last name of BROOKS 1740-1774. If this was the case, her father would have been 13 and her mother 23 years old...

I am wondering if anyone can confirm the lineage that I have found?

My great grandmother was Alta Rogers 1889-1969 m: Christ Thompson 1879-1914
Alta's Mother was Margret C. Williams 1851-1910 m: William Rogers 1846-1905
Margret's Father was William J. Williams 1818-1885 m: Elizabeth Ann Stubblefield 1821-1895
William's Father was Philip E. Williams 1794-1842 m: Catherine Miller 1792-1842
Philip's Father was James2 Williams 1763-1851 m: Keziah Wilson 1763-1834
James' Father was James1 Williams 1730-1785 m: Kiziah Elizabeth Brooks 1735-1785

I am truly hoping I am on the right track with Alta's family because NO ONE in the family was able to tell me who her parents were until I found a distant cousin just recently that said her maiden name was Rogers.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

by pjbentz on 2014-01-21 15:45:45

I am related to this line from John Williams 1782 married to Rebecca Combs 1795
Their son James Williams married to Lucinda Abner
Their son Enoch Williams married to Elisha Bishop
them my grandmother Maggie Williams married to Henry Gross
then my dad William Gross

My line ended up in Booneville Ky where my father was born

I am very interested in finding out about the Williams line from James Williams 1730. Like many of you, I am stuck at James and the Floating Cloud name. Please share with me if you find anything farther back. Was James Williams born in South Carolina as the internet states?
thanks Paula Gross- Bentz

by Hort1 on 2014-02-13 22:11:51

I am a Williams Decendent,my line could possibly be thru Philip...most of what I read on this site agreed with what I have already, or very close...however, I have Philip's father being a trader with the Indians, hauling goods in to a post around Augusta, Ga.. His name was John Williams m.to Floating Cloud, N.A. source rev. War overmountain army..also,Philip Williams was in the same army, also, some other wms. Dan. Members... after the Rev. War, Philip moved his family to Ky, until he was recalled to service at Point PLEASANT, W.Va., where he was captured by the British Forces, and turned over to the Indians..no tribe is given, but he was believed to have been taken NORTH, towards the Great Lakes...a few years later a treaty was negotiated that included release of prisoners...when Philip returned, he brought an I Indian Squaw with him... she was later named as Running Fawn ??? My big problem is::::: I can't connect my g-g-grandad SAMUEL WILLIAMS b.1823 Tenn. m. ROSANNAH BRIANT b.1825 S.C....1850 UNION CO. Ga. B-)#502....to George W. Williams, son or grandson of Philip Williams..is my story right or wrong ????
[email protected]

by sgagnon85 on 2014-05-03 00:36:18

Hi guys...i am so excited i have found this..i have been searching high and low for family history to my williams side of the family...my dad and grandma have all passed away and I never knew anyone else to help me with any of this. I would LOVE to see photos of my williams side...Here is how i am related...and pretty much this is all the info i got but would love to share..

Ora Williams ( my grandma) Her parents were John Williams and Sally Madden ( my great grandparents) Johns parents were Allen Williams and Casey Couch (ggx2) Allen Williams parents were John H WIlliams and Mary Polly Eversol (ggx3) John H Williams parents were Hardin Hardy Williams and Sara Campbell (ggx5) Hardin Hardy Williams parents were Phillip Buck Spike and Ann Floating cloud (ggx6) and last but not least on what i have is Phillip Buck Spikes parents were James Williams and his mom is just listed as being Cherokee. Can someone please help me? I have been searching high and low since I lost my dad and would love nothing more than to find atleast a photo as iv never seen any williams beside my grandma and a few of her brothers and one sister. Thanks so much it's greately appreciated! If you would like my email is [email protected]

by hcolvin on 2014-07-23 00:48:03

Hi, I have been tracing my ancestors, it can be quit confusing. I am descended from Philip Buck Spike Williams thru my grandmother Julia Colvin. Her parents were John Elliot Blanton and Sarah Alice Williams. Sarah's parents were Lucas P. Williams and Elizabeth Picklesimer. Lucas's parents were Robert S. Williams and Polly Running Water (a Cherokee). Robert's parents were Philip Buck Spike Williams and Ann Running Fawn (a Cherokee). Philip's parents were James Williams and Floating Cloud (a Cherokee). James Williams live, most likely, with his Cherokee wife in the Cherokee town of Chota in what is now Tennessee. Philip serve in the Virginia militia and was at Valley Forge with Washington. His regiment was sent to Carolina's and he was in the battle of Kings Mountain. The Cherokee names I listed are just English approximations of the name since many did not have an exact translation.

Hort1, the account you have about how Philip and Running Fawn met doesn't seen possible. There is no record of Philip being in Kentucky until 1810. His and Running Fawn's children were born before they left North Carolina/Tennessee. Second, the Battle of Point Pleasant occurred in October 1774 between the Virginia Militia and Shawnee. 9 days after the battle, the Shawnee sign a peace treaty know as the Treaty of Camp Charlotte. There is no record of Philip being in the Battle of Point Pleasant. Also, in the battle report, there is no mention of any of the Virginia Militia being captured. Besides, if your account is correct that would mean that Philip and Running Fawn didn't have children until 7 years after they were married, which wouldn't make sense.

by ewill1 on 2014-08-13 18:45:58

This is amazing, I've been looking into this for a while. My name is Eric Williams, my line is:

Eric Williams (me) b. 1989 - Tacoma, WA
Eric Williams & Kim Brewer
Alfred Williams & Peggy Walters
Alfred Williams & Harriet Smith
Benjamin Williams & Tina Mae Smith
Henry Williams & Rebecca Simpson
William Williams & Elizabeth Stubblefield
Phillip Williams & Catherine (Baker?)
James Williams & the mysterious Keziah
James Williams & ?

by Kellyinga on 2014-10-24 17:44:08

Does anyone have an update about
Kiziah Elizabeth Brooks-James Williams1 ?

I'm related to Hardin Williams.


by abakerowen on 2014-12-28 21:33:38

Phillip Williams was my fifth great grandfather. There seems to be a lot of questions on this line. I found a few places that show that he was married to Ann Floating Cloud Vest... but I have heard from a few people who say that is not correct. I would love to discuss this line with any other of my 'Williams' cousins!
You can email me directly at [email protected]

by MarJacOutlets on 2015-11-19 06:34:06

Will I am back.. I was trying to find out more information on my Wms family and ran across these post. Sorry I had not checked it in a very long time.
Earliest known Williams in America is James, then Ambrose 1725, then follows Philip "aka Buckspike" 1756, Jarrett, Mark, Hardin, James
I see we all have about the same questions and no one really has any proof of Philip's wife Ann and the wife of James1 that I have seen. Many say Philip's wife was Ann Vest, ID: I0353
Name: Ann Running Water 1
Sex: F
ALIA: Running /Water/
Birth: 1754 in Ill.
Death: 1840 in Volga, Johnson Co. Ky
Note: was a Huron, Ottawa or possible Pottawatomie Indian.
(NOTE: NOT Ann VEST or Ann Vest 'Running Fawn' as some think. This Vest & Philip Williams married in 1808 Surry Co SC. )
Ann Floating Cloud/ Running Fawn? had one son with Philip BuckSpike Williams.. WOW what happened to the rest of the children..
Has Children James Williams
Has No Children Thomas S. Williams
Has No Children Mary Williams b: 1781 in N C
Has Children John Thomas Williams , Sr. b: 1782 in N C
Has Children Robert Sanford Williams b: 1788 in SULLIVAN CO N C
Has Children Hardy Williams b: 1796 in N C
Has Children David S. Williams b: 27 FEB 1798
Has No Children Lurana Williams b: 1799
Has Children George W. Williams , Sr. b: 1800 in SULLIVAN CO N C
Has No Children Susannah Williams b: 1802
We have documentation showing that the wife of Philip, Ann gives her Indian name as Floating Cloud. This name of Floating Cloud is from the newspaper interview for Moses and Josephine Wms, saying her name was Floating Cloud. Here we have a relative saying that her name was Floating Cloud as the wife of Philip. The other sources for the name Floating Cloud as being wife of James1 are from books mentioned years later. (Sorry my computer crashed and I lost my list of books that mention the Wms.) Which would be best to use as a source for this name?

Kiziah, / Keziah, Elizabeth Brooks was born about 1735 at Sullivan, Virginia.[1]
Keziah was the daughter of Littleton Brooks, a French fur trader and his Cherokee wife. Searching the Littleton Brooks records I have not found any daughter named Keziah/Kiziah myself. One record on Ancestry shows Keziah Williams died on 16 November 1785 at Surry, North Carolina, born about 1735.
Sam Williams The Devil's Apprentice, says Philip, Sookie were there when James "Wooed and won the heart of the Indian Maiden. This would mean that James1 was married before.
Then in the book No more muffled hoofbeats, it also says that Philips father's wife was Floating Cloud.
Now for even more confusion.. James Williams Born 1730 in Hanover, Virginia, USA Son of Sherrod Williams. Also found James 1 born Somerset, England/ Wales.
This has to be the Grandson of James1, but they have the approximate birthdate for James1, and here they have him married to "Husband of Kiziah Elizabeth (Brooks) Williams NOT Kiziah Wilson"
On Ancestry we have one family that has James1 being married M:#1 Ann Pattillo and #2 Kiziah Elizabeth Brooks M:1755

What this all boils down to is there is a lot of bad information out there and I don't know anymore now than I did when I started 4 yrs ago. lol

by MarJacOutlets on 2015-11-19 06:53:04

Sorry forgot some important information. We do have photos of Philip Buckspike original headstone.. Next to him is Ann Williams.
Name: Philip "Buckspike" Williams1
Sex: M
Birth: 1756 in 96 Dist S C
Death: DEC 1848 in Volga, Johnson Co. Ky
Was an Indian Spy during the Rev war. His mother was an Indian supposed daughter of a Cherokee high chief. Her father a supposed French fur trader. Floating Cloud was her name. per; Rod Rhodes
Rev pension papers & Guion roll Cherokee papers tell his story.
Philip lived in following places.
Claborne co Tn. 1808
Clay co. Ky 1809
Floyd co Ky 1819
again Claborne co Tn.
Perry co Ky
Johnson co KY where he died & is buried at Volga, Ky.
ID: I0364
Name: Floating Cloud 1
Sex: F
Note: Supposed half-french & half-Indian. ( I see this same exact info for Ann wife of Philip)
Marriage 1 James (?) Williams l b: 1730 in N C ? RHODE ISLAND? IRELAND ??
Has Children Jarrett Williams b: ABT 1750 in Brunswick Co., NC
Has No Children Sookie Williams b: ABT 1755
Has No Children William Williams b: ABT 1756
Has Children Philip "Buckspike" Williams b: 1756 in 96 Dist S C
Has No Children John Wesley Williams b: ABT 1760
Has No Children Mark Williams b: ABT 1761
Has Children James Williams, ll b: MAY 1763 in 96 Dist S C
Has No Children Nancy Williams b: 1765 in 96 District SC
Has Children Hardin Williams b: APR 1767 in 96 DIST SC
Has Children Sherrod (??) Williams, Sr. b: 20 APR 1776 in N C.

by pkretsinger on 2015-12-31 16:09:03

I am directly descended from Hardin Williams via Pleasant Hart - Lemuel - Pleasant Hardin - Pleasant Harding - Ethel Rita (my mother).
I have been following this journal for some time. Let me offer the following.


It was the custom to pass family names on. So, in support of Pleasant Hart as Jane's father, and Keziah Elizabeth Brooks as Hardin's mother, i offer the following observations.

Daughter - “Elizabeth”

Son - “Pleasant Hart” married Sarah Drumgoole

child: “Jane” Rose Williams
child: “Elizabeth” Nancy Williams

Daughter - Mary "Polly" William's 1st husband was Dennis Hopkins. Among their children we have

child: "Hardin Williams" Hopkins
child: "Pleasant Hart" Hopkins
child: Nancy "Keziah" Hopkins

Daughter - “Jane” Williams married Arthur Long

child: "Elizabeth" Long
child: "Hardin" Long
child: "Keziah" Long

Daughter - “Keziah” Williams married Urias P. Martin

child: "Elizabeth" W. Martin
child: William "Hardin" Martin
child: Urias "Pleasant" Martin
child: Rachel "Jane" Martin

Daughter - Priscilla Williams married John Frogge

child: "Pleasant" W. Frogge
child: "Jane" M. Frogge
child: "Elizabeth" L. Frogge

Daughter - Sarah "Sally" Williams married Arthur L. Frogge

child: "Jane" H. Frogge

Daughter - Nancy "Patsy" Williams married Benjamin Hampton Eaves

child: Louisa "Jane" Eaves
child: Francis "Keziah" Eaves

Daughter - Martha "Patsy" Williams married William Columbus Eaves

child: Lucinda "Jane" Eaves

Another observation, on Philip’s side of the family, as others have pointed out :

Jefferson “Brooks” Williams, b. 1813
son of:
Robert Sanford Williams, b. 1788 + Mary “Running Water” Hoskins
son of:
Philip “Buckspike” Williams b. 1753 + Ann Floating Cloud
son of:
James Williams b. 1730 + Keziah Elizabeth Brooks

These observations are not definitive but suggestive.

Lafayette, CO

by pkretsinger on 2015-12-31 16:13:53

Sorry, some of the quotes got mishandled in the entry above.


by MarJacOutlets on 2016-01-02 14:58:45

Hi Phil. Thanks for the info. Do you have any documentation on this part of the lineage? Birth, death, or marriage documents? All info I have which was sent to me by other relatives says James1 was married.. M:#1 Ann Pattillo? #2 Kiziah Elizabeth Brooks. In one of the books online (don't remember if this was in No More Muffled Hoofbeats, or Sam Williams The Devils Apprentice." the author made the note that Philip and Sookie, were with James1 when he wowed and wooed the heart of an indian maiden. This Indian maiden was Kiziah. If Philip and Sookie was with James1 then this means their step mother was not the true Mother of at least Philip and Sookie, and had some of the children after their marriage to James1.. Was Ann Patillo NAI? I guess it is even possible that James1 was married more than these two times. I would love to have the birth date for Sookie.
My computer crashes 3 yrs ago and I lost all the info I had from Sherwood Williams family, when they were on MyFamily.com. I lost all the birthdates for the Children.. This site is now closed and I only have email contact info for 2 of the members. So far they have not replied back to my emails. I signed up for Ancestry.com a few months ago, but see there is a lot of misakes on this Williams family. I am not trusting anything I read there.
Any info is truly appreciated.

by pkretsinger on 2016-01-04 15:52:04

Hi Mary,
I have never heard of Sookie or that story you relate. As far as who mothered who, I refer to "Sam Williams : Printer's Devil" story about the death of James(1) where he and Philip were returning to the fort and were attacked. James told Philip to return to the fort to warn them and to defend his MOTHER. I conclude Philip's mother was the mother of all his siblings and she was alive in the early 1780's. Some dispute the year of death. He is known to have signed documents in 1776 & 1777.

As to documentation, I have a lot of material from Hardin on. A have put together an 11 page PDF with petitions, bible entries, etc. I also have copies of land sales before he and family moved to Kentucky. As the timeline moves closer to current times, data is more available.

If you would like for me to copy you on some of my data, then email me at

[email protected]


by SwanKeller on 2017-07-01 11:19:26

Aloha Cousins

My Williams Line is as follows:

G. Grandmother- Mattie Williams Swan Johnson
Born 1907 Arkansas
Died 1997 Arkansaw

Married 1st

William Webster Swan
B. 1882 Navesink NJ
* note (his parents were Webster Swan + Francis Williams)

Gg grandfather: Charles L Williams
*(He married Mattie Nelson- I know this from other sources)

P.130(?) ggg grandfather: James (A? I can't quite make it out) Williams

gggg grandfather Col. John Wilson Williams

Ggggg grandfather James Williams born May 2 1763 + Died 1851

This brief genealogy passed on to me from my aunt and is hand written by my great grandmother Mattie.

It is confusing as on the left side of the page are the names given above until my 5th great grandfather James Williams which is in the center with arrows pointing to the left and write this is what follows:
"Your same ancestor as S. H. Wm.'s
hurried Old Pioneer Cemetery- Washington. Ark. Headstone erected in '30's by DAR Hope Chapter.
On the right side of the page is:

Samuel Williams Wells p.117(?)
Martha Williams Wells
Col. Samuel Hardin Williams (SHW)
Hardin Williams p. 19
Ending with James Williams. pp. 208-210(?)

It says that James Williams was a ships carpenter from Wells who disembarked at Charlestown South Carolina. He had 11 son's and 2 daughters.

That's it. Aside from my great grandmother Mattie Williams Swan Johnson and Martha Williams Wells no other women are mentioned.

Reading what others have posted it seems great grandma may not have had all the facts, as it sounds like James 1 was from Virginia? I don't know and I am very perplexed. This hand written note was dated December 1979. There are page numbers referenced, but I have no idea to what!

Does anyone know who the wives of my grandfather's are? Or how Samuel Williams Wells come into the picture?

Do we definitely have native ancestry in the Williams Line?

I'm so very curious!

Thank you, I hope to hear from you soon!

Also, I have uploaded a DNA test to gedmatch I would be willing to share if anyone wants to compare.

by weswill on 2018-10-10 01:03:34

I see several references about the grave stones for Phillip and Ann Williams. and there are pictures of the same on ancestry.com. . I was hoping to find the location of Phillip Williams grave. I have seen on the internet that it is in Volga Ky, the “old Indian Cemetery” on “Mt Misery”. But do you know if anyone knows exactly where that is? Or has directions to it ? I looked on google maps, but Volga KY looks like an intersection somewhere out in the country. So I am not sure how to locate the cemetery even if I went to Volga. Does anyone here have any idea how to locate the cemetery?


wes williams

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