i am trying to find my grandfather davide aitken campbell from west wallsend n.s.w. He served in ww1 and i wonder if there would be a west wallsend organisation that my have photographs of soldiers who served overseas :: FamilyTreeCircles.com Genealogy
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i am trying to find my grandfather davide aitken campbell from west wallsend n.s.w. He served in ww1 and i wonder if there would be a west wallsend organisation that my have photographs of soldiers who served overseas

Question by jacoby

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on 2012-04-11 08:32:10

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by janilye on 2012-04-11 11:38:50

They may not have a photograph at Wallsend. He joined the 36th Heavy Artillery Brigade commonly known as the Seige Brigade in Melbourne. He was living in Albert Park with his wife Alice Constance when he first joined then on embarkation his home address was 211 Punt Road. He embarked from Melbourne on the HMAT Orsova
on the 17 July 1915.
By December 1915 he was sent back to England and admitted to the Reading War Hospital with trench feet. He rejoined the 36th in France in August 1916. He served till 4 months after the war ended. Sometime later on he and his wife moved to North Bondi Sydney.
His father was living in Brown St West Wallsend.
I could not find any photographs in his war service records. I think your best bet would be to search through records of the 36th Heavy Artillery Group. They fought on the Western Front.
David Atkin Campbell Service Number 178. Contact the RSL and ask them if there is/was a 36th Returned Soldiers group and if so where would their memorabilia be housed. If it's in Melbourne, which is a possability because that brigade was formed in Melbourne, I'll go and have a look for you.

by janilye on 2012-04-11 11:54:03

The Big Guns
The 36th is mentioned in this article.

by janilye on 2012-04-11 12:38:38

Service Records may be accessed through the National Archives of Australia; Series number B2455
Campbell David Aitken : SERN 178 : POB West Wallsend NSW : POE Melbourne VIC : NOK W Campbell Alice Constance.
Alice Constance Campbell declared as his wife and next of kin was born Alice Constance Goldberg-Jacoby.
I'm assuming this was his first wife because later correspondence in 1937 to Base Records from his wife is signed M.Campbell

by jacoby on 2012-04-14 08:40:22

Thanks so much for this information. I would like to know what year his 2nd. marriage took place and if it took place in west wallsend n.s.w. and if he had any children from that marriage. Can you help me.

Thanks in anticipation

by janilye on 2012-04-14 08:53:49

I have no idea. I didn't go past his military records. Give me a minute and I'll have a look.

by janilye on 2012-04-14 09:03:28

He married Mary J Turner in West Wallsend in 1923.

I have no idea what happened to Alice.
When he went into hospital with trench feet the army wrote to his father in Wallsend and to Alice informing them. The letter to Alice with the postal address of 211 Punt Rd., was returned ''Not at this address.' Perhaps they were not legally married. Nevertheless she remained on the list as next of kin for the duration of the war.

by jacoby on 2012-04-14 09:12:06

Thanks Janilye - you are a legend.

by janilye on 2012-04-14 09:37:22

That registration just says David Campbell of West Wallsend I don't know if there was more than one David Campbell at the time. I don't see another David marriage to a M up to 1938, but to be absolutely certain it would be advisable to cross reference with his Death certificate which would give the name of his spouse.
He had a brother called James and a sister Annie who lived in Hamilton

by janilye on 2012-04-14 10:08:09

Pays to look further. I was too hasty. That is not your David Aitken Campbell's marriage. That is David Campbell a miner of Wallsend. I've checked Electoral Rolls.
I have to find another marriage to an M could be Melbourne. He has always used the second forename of Aitken so I will check the other states and get back to you.

by janilye on 2012-04-14 10:19:37

Here's his first marriage in Victoria. Transcription error with the name Aitken no wonder I couldn't find it.
Australia Marriage Index, 1788-1950
about David Atein Campbell Name: David Atein Campbell
Spouse Name: Constance Alice Goldberg-jacoby
Marriage Place: Victoria
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Year: 1914
Registration number: 8461

by janilye on 2012-04-14 10:59:55

by jacoby on 2012-04-15 04:08:06

Thanks Janilye.
Constance Goldberg Jacoby is my husband's paternal grandmother. He was very close to her. His father, Colin David Campbell, was an only child and served in AIF and was a Rat of Tobruk. Connie mentioned years ago about her 1st husband David Campbell and I think their marriage caused a bit of disharmony (Connie had 3 sisters that apparently were not too keen on David). However, we would love to know about him as there were no photographs of their marriage or of him (there was a lock of hair and apparently he was a redhead). Connie later married Claude Wildish and it was a very happy marriage.
Alice Constance Goldberg Jacoby will be my next try at a family line .I don't know much about her father Albert Goldberg Jacoby but I have a feeling he came from Prussia. The double barrel name makes it a little difficult. I think he may have been Jewish and on a certificate I think that h wife Eleanor or Ellen McHenry may have actually been Eleanor McInery. It is a fascinating business finding out about the past but finding my ownw was so simple when compared to the Campbell/G. Thanks againoldberg-Jacoby clan

by janilye on 2012-04-15 19:51:39

I just want to clear up a couple of points;
I don't think he had a brother called James and a sister Annie who lived in Hamilton; I think they belonged to the other David (the miner)who married Mary Jane Turner. Need to look further into it.

Also Constance divorced him in 1927.
The Argus,Tuesday 19 July 1927
Alice Constance Campbell, of Glenferrie road,Malvern, petitioned for divorce from David Atkin Campbell, of Nedlands, near Perth (W.A.), advertising agent, on the grounds of misconduct. The Parties were married in 1915. There is one child of the marriage. A decree nisi was granted, with costs.
This below may be his marriage in Western Australia but of course without the certificate there is no way of knowing lots of David A Campbells around. If it is he seems to have had a penchant for hyphenated surnames.
Registration number 21
The best of luck with your research 'jacoby'

by janilye on 2012-04-15 20:24:58

by jacoby on 2013-05-14 02:46:15

Hi Janilye
I have not contacted you since this time last year regarding David Aitken Campbell. I have sighted another journal with query re the same gentleman. There was an offer of photographs, 2nd. marriage certificate etc. Are you able to access these documents for me or the information contained therein ?
Thank you in anticipation


by janilye on 2013-05-14 12:27:36

No Jacoby, Sorry, disappointing, when I went over them I discovered they belonged to David (the Miner)1898-1967 who married Mary Jane Turner in West Wallsend on the 25th April 1923.
His father was John Lyle Campbell 1856-1929 and his mother was Mary Lambourne 1857-1939. So you can discount him.
Your David, son of James Campbell 1865-1932 and Elizabeth Bainbridge, died in 1968 death registered in Hamilton.
His brother James born 1890 also death registered in Hamilton in 1954.

by asheppard on 2013-05-15 00:32:58

by julianjacoby on 2014-10-22 05:53:44

Hi jacoby!

Constance Jacoby was my grandfathers second cousin, which I guess means that your husband and I are fourth cousins. Albert Goldberg Jacobys (I'm not even sure why he called himself Goldberg, because it's not a family name) parents were Karl Tadeus (Karol Tadeusz in Polish) Jacoby 1826-1896 and Marie Wagner 1831-1876. Maries uncle was the famous composer Richard Wagner.
Karls parents (my great x3 grandparents) were Stanislaw Jacoby 1796-1847 and Julia Reichman b. 1805.

Please write here if you want to know more! I'd really like to know more about the living Campbells as well.


by jacoby on 2014-12-29 04:34:30

Hi Julian
There are many questions I have regarding Karl Albert Goldberg Jacoby. I am mystified as to where the Goldberg came from (it exists on Constance's Birth Certificate and her Marriage and Divorce Certificates). On my initial investigation into the Jacoby line of the family, I encountered some difficulty as Carl had been married previously (I believe in Australia). He married Eleanor Margaret McHenry (daughter of Patrick McHenry and Eleanore McLean) in 1889 in Sydney NSW. Eleanore was Constance's mother
The marriage took place in a Wesleyan/Methodist Church in Sydney
My initial enquiry is whether Carl was a Protestant born in Germany of Polish parents. There was talk some years ago regarding a Jewish background. Prussia was also mentioned. Of course this was all only heresy. Can you help me with these queries ?

Constance had 1 child only, Colin. She had 5 grandchildren. 4 of them are still living.

You probably know more about the family than I do. That's rather exciting about the connection with Richard Wagner and I wonder if Constance knew about that.

by Pandic on 2016-07-11 14:13:24

Long time since this was up so maybe will not get attention. Long story short. My father returned from Germany to the USA in 1928. Immigration document asked for closest living relative in Europe and he said his brother, Karl Tadeus, was living in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. This is the first time we have heard about a Karl Tadeus in the family so the library in Gelsenkirchen is looking into this for me. If Karl is, in fact, a brother of Gottlieb Tadeus he was probably born in Farienen, East Prussia, which is now Poland. Hope this does not screw up anything.

by jacoby on 2016-09-09 09:22:39

Hello Pandic
Thank you for your response to my query. As you can see I had a response from Julian Jacoby. There is a problem with the name Goldberg, in that recorded on marriage certificates Carl's name is recorded as Carl Albert Goldberg-Jacoby or Goldvert-Jacoby. Who knows this far down the track, just what was going on in his life or, how literate the people were who were recording things. You will note that I spell the Karl with a C which is as it was on the marriage cert. However, if you receive any help from the Gelsenkirchen Library, I would be most interested. Sometimes there is a difficulty in tracking family when the first son has the same name as the father etc. etc.
Wonder if we are talking about the same family line..However, nice thought to be even vaguely related to Richard Wagner.


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