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Surname Connections to the Irish Counties

Below is a list of surnames which have either historic or numeric importance to the counties of Ireland. Of numeric importance include the top surnames from Matheson's birth index study of the 1890 census, with the number of 1890 births cited following the name (in parentheses). The list is not comprehensive and there are many variant spellings of names which are not included. In many cases a root name may appear both with and without the O', Mac, or Mc prefix, for example Connor and O'Connor normally indicates the same surname. Although not always the case, names beginning with O', Mac, Mc, De, Le, and others, may usually indicate a name of historical significance. In addition to indigenous Irish surnames (significantly those beginning with O') the list below also contains names of origin outside of Ireland, including Scottish, Welsh, English, Norse, Norman and Flemish, among others origins.


County Antrim

Aiken, Bell (90), Bissett, Boyd (81), Brown (82), Burns, Campbell (96), Craig, DeBurgo, DeCourcy, DeLacy, Diamond, Donnelan, Dunluce, Ferguson, Dugan, Earle, Graham (64), Greene, Hall, Hamill, Hamilton (50), Hession, Hoctor, Johnston (126), Kerr (60), Law, Lacy, Lynch, Magee, MacAlister, MacClean, MacCleary, MacCracken, MacCully, MacCurdy, MacDonagall, MacDonnell, MacDougal, MacGee, MacGuigan, MacIntee, MacKeon, MacKinley, MacLaughlin, MacNally, MacNeill, MacNellis, MacQuillan, Martin (61), Maxwell, Miller (86), Moore (96), Murboly, O'Criodan, O'Eric, O'Flynn, O'Furry, O'Hamill, O'Hannon, O'Hara, O'Hood, O'Kane, O'Keevan, O'Kernaghan, O'Lavery, O'Lynn, O'Mulholland, O'Neill (98), O'Quinn, O'Shiel, Quillan, Reid (63), Riordan, Robinson (89), Scott (66), Smith (134), Stewart (126), Thompson (101), Toome, Wallace, Welsh, Williamson, Wilson (119).


County Armagh

Callan, Campbell (42), Cowell, Daly, Donnelly (28), Heir, Hughes (47), Johnston (25), Keady, Kelly (25), Lappin, Lundy, MacAlinden, MacBarron, MacCann (29), MacCone, MacCourt, MacEntee, MacEvoy, MacGivern, MacNally, MacPartlan, MacVeagh, Moyry, Murphy (50), O'Branagan, O'Callan, O'Cloonan, O'Colgan, O'Donnegan, O'Duvany, O'Garvey, O'Hanlon, O'Hanratty, O'Hare (37), O'Heavy, O'Heir, O'Heron, O'Keelaghan, O'Keiran, O'Kernaghan, O'Langan, O'Larkin, O'Loughran, O'Marron, O'Mulcreevy, O'Neill, O'Neilland, O'Neylan, O'Rogan, O'Tierney, Price, Quinn (26), Shannon, Small, Smith (31), Thompson (23), Watson (28), Wilson (45).


County Carlow

Brennan (24), Butler, Byrne (33), Carew, Cheevers, Cooke, Doyle (32), Eustace, Fitzgerald, Fortune, Kavanagh (14), Kelly (15), Kinsella, Leighlan, Lombard, MacMurrough, McDonald (15), Mullins, Murphy (41), Neill (27), Nolan (28), O'Bolger, O'Cahill, O'Cavanaugh, O'Doyle, O'Esmond, O'Flynn, O'Gahan, O'Gorman, O'Kelly, O'Kinsellagh, O'Murphy, O'Nolan, O'Ryan, O'Shea, O'Toole, Ryan (10), Strongbow, Tallon, Wall, Whelan (12).


County Cavan

Brady (85), Clarke (30), Curry, Dolan (18), Donohoe (17), Fagan, Farrelly (29), Fitzpatrick (19), Fitzsimmon, Fleming, Flood, Gaffney, Galligan (20), Hull, Keene, Lloyd, Lynch (51), MacAtilla, MacBrady, MacCabe (36), MacDonald, MacEnteggart, MacGafney, MacGargen, MacGauran, MacGavan, MacGovern (18), MacGowan, MacGranan, MacGraw, MacHugh, MacIlduff, MacKiernan, MacNulty, MacSharry, MacTiernan, MacTully, Maguire (26), Martin (15), Masterson, McMahon (15), O'Brady, O'Brogan, O'Carolan, O'Clery, O'Conaghty, O'Coyle, O'Curry, O'Daly, O'Dolan, O'Donohoe, O'Drum, O'Farrelly, O'Gibney, O'Mulleady, O'Mulligan, O'Mulmoher, O'Murray, O'Reilly, O'Sheridan, Plunkett, Reilly (137), Riley, Sheridan (26), Smith (108).


County Clare

Boland, Brady, Bryant, Burke, Clancy (21), Clohessy, Cotter, Cullen, Cusack, DeClare, Deegan, Devin, Dillon, Ennis, Ferguson, Fitzpatrick, Gallery, Griffin (27), Griffith, Harte, Henchy, Keane (33), Kelly (38), Kilroy, Kincora, Kitson, Lynch (22), MacBrodin, MacBrody, MacCanny, MacCarrigy, MacClancy, MacClune, MacConsidine, MacCurtin, MacDonnell, MacEncroe, MacEnright, MacGillereagh, MacGorman, MacGrath, MacInerney (39), MacKeane, MacLysaght, MacMahon (74), MacNamara (61), MacNestor, MacSheedy, MacSweeney, Minogue, Moloney (61), Mullens, Mulqueen, Murphy (29), O'Aherne, O'Boland, O'Brady, O'Brien (47), O'Breen, O'Callaghan, O'Carmody, O'Clohessy, O'Connell, O'Conor, O'Conran, O'Considine, O'Creagh, O'Cullenan, O'Culligan, O'Curran, O'Curry, O'Daly, O'Davoran, O'Day, O'Dea, O'Deegan, O'Dermody, O'Donnell, O'Dorman, O'Drinan, O'Durack, O'Felan, O'Flahavan, O'Flattery, O'Flynn, O'Galvin, O'Geary, O'Gorman, O'Grady, O'Griffey, O'Grotty, O'Halloran (26), O'Hally, O'Hanrahan, O'Haren, O'Heffernan, O'Hehir, O'Hickey, O'Hogan, O'Holloran, O'Honeen, O'Howley, O'Kearney, O'Keeley, O'Kennedy, O'Kenny, O'Kett, O'Liddy, O'Loughlin, O'Maloney, O'Markahan, O'Meehan, O'Melody, O'Minogue, O'Molony, O'Morony, O'Mullany, O'Mullens, O'Mulvey, O'Mulvile, O'Naughton, O'Neill, O'Neylan, O'Nihil, O'Quilligan, O'Quinlevan, O'Quinn, O'Reddan, O'Regan, O'Shanahan, O'Slattery, O'Tyne, Phillips, Reidy, Ryan (23), Spellman, Sullivan.


County Cork

Ahern, Barnewall, Barrett, Barry (108), Beal, Bear, Buckley (100), Cagney, Carrigan, Casey, Clayton, Clancy, Coakley, Coffey, Collins (115), Commiskey, Condon, Connell (109), Coppinger, Deasy, DeCarew, DeCogan, DeCourcey, Desmond, Dunhoy, Egan, Fitzgerald (81), Fitzgibbon, Gogan, Gould, Haley, Harrington (82), Healy, Hickey, Hodnett, Hogan, Holland, Keely, Kent, Kidney, Lombard, Lucey, Lynch, Lyons, MacAuliffe MacCarthy (277), MacClancy, MacCorcoran, MacCormack, MacCotter, MacDonough, MacElroy, MacSheehy, MacSherry, MacSweeney, Mahoney (193), Murphy (390), Nagle, Nugent, O'Baire, O'Barry, O'Begley, O'Bogue, O'Bohane, O'Bradley, O'Brien (139), O'Broder, O'Cagney, O'Callaghan (134), O'Callinan, O'Canty, O'Casey, O'Coffey, O'Coleman, O'Collins, O'Connor (91), O'Corry, O'Coughlan, O'Cowhig, O'Creagh, O'Cremin, O'Cromley, O'Cronin (102), O'Crowley (116), O'Cullen, O'Cullinane, O'Curry, O'Daly (97), O'Danaher, O'Dea, O'Deasey, O'Dennery, O'Dinane, O'Dineen, O'Doheny, O'Donegan, O'Donovan (182), O'Doorly, O'Dowling, O'Driscoll (110), O'Duane, O'Dugan, O'Falvey, O'Fihelly, O'Flynn, O'Gavan, O'Grotty, O'Halahan, O'Hallissey, O'Hanvy, O'Hartigan, O'Hartnett, O'Hea, O'Healy, O'Hennessy, O'Hennigan, O'Herlihy, O'Heyne, O'Hingerdill, O'Hogan, O'Hooney, O'Horan, O'Horgan, O'Horlihy, O'Houlahan, O'Hurley (86), O'Kearny, O'Keeffe (84), O'Kieran, O'Kelleher (92), O'Leahy, O'Leary (134), O'Lehane, O'Looney, O'Long, O'Lornasey, O'Mahony, O'Morony, O'Moynihan, O'Mullane, O'Murphy, O'Neill (75), O'Noonan, O'Quinnelly, O'Regan, O'Riordan (94), O'Ronayne, O'Rynne, O'Scanlan, O'Scannell, O'Shea, O'Shelly, O'Sullivan (418), O'Tuohy, O'Tuomey, Ormonde, Regan (85), Roche, Sarsfield, Shanley, Shannon, Sheedy, Sheehan (97), Sherry, Skiddy, Supple, Tobin, Tracey, Wallace, Walsh (143).


County Derry (Londonderry)

Allen, Bradley (40), Brown (36), Campbell (33), Doherty (80), Dungiven, Gallagher (23), Kane (26), Kelly (50), Maginn, Mulhall, Mulhallan, Mullan or Mullen (33), MacCloskey (36), MacColgan, MacConnell, MacCracken, MacCrilly, MacDonald, MacDonnell, MacGilligan, MacGurk, McLaughlin (68), MacLoughlin, MacNamee, MacRory, MacTaggart, Moore (25), O'Brolchan, O'Cahan, O'Carolan, O'Cassidy, O'Connelan, O'Connor, O'Corr, O'Deery, O'Devlin, O'Dimond, O'Freel, O'Hagarty, O'Henry, O'Kane, O'Keenan, O'Kelly, O'Loan, O'Mullan, O'Mullhollan, O'Mulligan, O'Mulvenna, O'Murray, O'Neill (29), O'Quig, O'Quigley, O'Quinn, O'Rafferty, O'Scullion, Smith (31).


County Donegal

Banach, Blake, Bodkin, Boyle (102), Browne, Campbell (28), Culmore, Curran, Crowe, Doherty (160), Donegan, Duffy (33), Duvan, Early, Fay, Gallagher (196), Hayes, Hegarty, Kelly (37), MacBride, MacClean, MacCloskey, MacCool, MacCoyle, MacCrossan, MacDannett, MacDavett, MacDevitt, MacDonlevy, MacDuvan, MacFadden (33), MacGettigan, MacGilbride, MacGillespie, McGinley (37), MacGinty, MacGlinchy, MacGonical, MacGowan (33), MacGrath, MacHugh, MacIntyre, MacKeogh, McLaughlin (81), MacLoughlin, MacMenamin, MacNelis, MacNulty, MacRoarty, MacSweeney, MacTeague, MacWard, Morrison, Murray, O'Begley, O'Boyle, O'Bradley, O'Breslin, O'Brien, O'Brodar, O'Brolloghan, O'Cannon, O'Cannanan, O'Clary, O'Coigley, O'Cormley, O'Coyle, O'Crean, O'Curran, OO'Dallaghan, O'Darnun, O'Dermond, O'Derry, O'Devir, O'Doherty, O'Donlen, O'Donlevy, O'Donnell (102), O'Donnelly, O'Dooyarma, O'Dornin, O'Dorrian, O'Doyle, O'Duffy, O'Farranan, O'Farren, O'Friel, O'Gallagher, O'Gormley, O'Hagerty, O'Harkin, O'Hugh, O'Kenny, O'Kernaghan, O'Larly, O'Laverty, O'Leaney, O'Lynchy, O'Mooney, O'Muldorry, O'Mulgee, O'Mulhall, O'Mullhollan, O'Mulligan, O'Mulvaney, O'Neill, O'Pattan, O'Quinlan, O'Quinn, O'Rafferty, O'Roarty, O'Roddy, O'Sheeran, O'Shiel, O'Shryhane, O'Tarcert, O'Toner, Ross, Sweeney (50), Ward (40).


County Down

Andley, Arthur, Bell (27), Black, Boyd (25), Brown (31), Campbell (45), Carlan, Cormac, Cooper, Copeland, DeBurgho, DeConway, DeCourcy, DeLacy, Dromore, Fitzsimmon, Fullerton, Garvey, Gillespie, Gilmore, Graham (34), Hamilton (28), Johnston (34), Jordan, Lynch, MacArthur, MacCartan, MacClean, MacDunlevy, MacGilmore, MacGinnis, MacGivern, MacGowan, MacGuinness, MacMurray, MacRory, Mandeville, Martell, Martin (35), Murray (33), O'Colgan, O'Colter, O'Cormack, O'Devaney, O'Donegan, O'Gowan, O'Hanvey, O'Hoey, O'Kelly, O'Lavery, O'Lawlor, O'Lawry, O'Lonegan, O'Loughman, O'Macken, O'Mahon, O'Moore, O'Moran, O'Mulcreevy, O'Mulligan, O'Neill, O'Rogan, O'Rooney, Patrick, Pattan, Patterson (45), Riddell, Robinson (29), Russell, Savage, Scott (27), Smith (53), Smyth, Staunton, Thompson (55), Ward, White, Wilson (35).


County Dublin

Bagott, Brady (52), Buckley, Burnell, Butler, Byrne (301), Carroll (71), Cheevers, Connor (82), Corrigan, Cowell, Cruise, Cullen (62), Curley, Delohoyde, Dunne (93), Fagan, Farrell (73), Fitzsimon, Fitzwilliam, Fullam, Golden, Gray, Hagerty, Harold, Heffernan, Kavanagh (97), Kelly (194), Kennedy (51), Keogh (60), Lawrence, Luttrell, MacGoullamaho, Moore (63), Murray (60), Nolan (89), O'Brien (105), O'Casey, O'Hennessy, O'Kelly, O'Neill (93), O'Ronan, O'Rooney, O'Toole, Plunkett, Preston, Reilly (93), Reynolds, Ryan (65), Sarsfield, Segrave, Smith (106), Swords, Talbot, Taylor, Tyrell, Walsh (77), Whelan (59).


County Fermanagh

Beatty, Cassidy (17), Corry, Devenish, Devine, Dolan (23), Elliott (13), Fitzpatrick (10), Flanagan (10), Gallagher (11), Graham, Irvine (13), Johnston (22), Kerr, Leonard, MacAlinion, MacAuley, MacCaffrey, MacCorry, MacCosker, MacDonnell, MacEnteggart, MacGarrahan, MacGillinen, MacGilroy, MacGoldrick, MacGuire or Maguire (44), McGovern (23), MacGuishenan, McHugh (20), MacKiernan, MacLennon, McLoughlin (12), MacManus (30), MacQuaide, MacTiernan, MacTully, MacWard, Magrath, Mason, McCoy, Murphy (11), O'Bannon, O'Breslin, O'Brien, O'Casey, O'Cassidy, O'Coigley, O'Connolly, O'Corcoran, O'Corrigan, O'Devine, O'Divilly, O'Donnegan, O'Felan, O'Flanagan, O'Gorman, O'Gormican, O'Heaney, O'Hosey, O'Hussey, O'Keenan, O'Lennon, O'Linnegar, O'Muldoon, O'Mulrooney, O'Scanlan, O'Tracy, O'Tomulty, O'Quinn, Reilly (11), Shannon, Scott, Small, Thompson (14), Wilson (15).


County Galway

Athy, Bermingham, Blake, Bodkin, Brehan, Browne, Burke (89), Codyre, Conealy or Conneely (89), Connolly (46), Connor (33), Corrib, Darcy, Deane, DeBurgo, Dillon, Donnellan, Doyle, Duffy, Dunmore, Egan (29), Eyre, Fahy (63), fFrench, Flaherty (48), Forde (35), Gately, Gillespie, Grimes, Flaherty, French, Hall, Hannon, Heyne, Higgins, Hughes, Jennings, Joyce (85), Keane (40), Keegan, Kelly (119), Kenny (27), King (36), Kitt, Knockton, Lavelle, Loftus, Lynch, Lyons (30), MacConneely, MacConrey, MacCook, MacDavie (Burke), MacDermott, McDonagh (80), MacDonnell, MacEgan, MacGilduff, MacGillkelly, MacHenry, MacHugh, MacKilduff, MacKilkelly, MacKowge, MacNevin, MacRedmond (Burke), MacTully, MacWard, Madden, Madigan, Mahon, Mannion (59), Martin, Morris, Mullin (30), Murphy (47), Nevin, Nevins, O'Cashin, O'Cahill, O'Callanan, O'Canavan, O'Cane, O'Cashin, O'Cawley, O'Cleary, O'Coffey, O'Concannon, O'Connellan, O'Connelly, O'Connor, O'Coogan, O'Cullen, O'Cunnegan, O'Curran, O'Dally, O'Daly, O'Devaney, O'Donaghey, O'Donnell, O'Donnellan, O'Doorly, O'Downey, O'Doyle, O'Dreenan, O'Duane, O'Dugan, O'Fahy, O'Fallon, O'Feeney, O'Flaherty, O'Foran, O'Grady, O'Hall, O'Halloran, O'Hanrahan, O'Haverty, O'Hayes, O'Heyne, O'Hoolighan, O'Horan, O'Keaveney, O'Kelly, O'Kenny, O'Kerwan, O'Larkin, O'Lee, O'Leehan, O'Lornan, O'Lyne, O'Madden, O'Maginn, O'Mannin, O'Meehan, O'Mohan, O'Moran, O'Mulkerrin, O'Mullally, O'Mullan, O'Mullarky, O'Mulrooney, O'Naughton, O'Ruane, O'Scanlan, O'Scurry, O'Sheehan, O'Shaughnessy, O'Sullivan, O'Toole (25), O'Tormey, O'Tracey, O'Tuohy, Rickard, Skerret, Stanton, Staunton, Walsh (80), Ward.


County Kerry

Abbey, Brehon, Brosnan (55), Brown, Cantillon, Clifford (45), Connor (188), Cronin (43), Daly (34), Ferritter, Fineen, Fitzgerald (72), Fitzmaurice, Foley (55), Griffin (58), Harrington, Harte, Hussey, Joy, Leary (47), Long, Lynch (41), MacCarthy (88), MacClancy, MacCrohan, MacEgan, MacElligott, MacFineen, MacGillicuddy, Magrath, MacKenna, MacSheehy, MacSweeney, Mahoney (38), Moore, Moriarity (74), Murphy (95), O'Brennan, O'Brosnaghan, O'Cahill, O'Carroll, O'Casey, O'Cluvane, O'Connell (56), O'Conor, O'Creagh, O'Cronin, O'Daley, O'Delany, O'Donoghue, O'Doolin, O'Downey, O'Dunady, O'Falvey, O'Feenaghty, O'Flynn, O'Foley, O'Galvin, O'Grady, O'Griffin, O'Guiney, O'Hagarty, O'Hallissey, O'Harney, O'Healy, O'Kelleher, O'Kennedy, O'Kissane, O'Layne, O'Leahy, O'Leane, O'Long, O'Mahoney, O'Mara, O'Moran, O'More, O'Moriarty, O'Moynihan, O'Mullane, O'Quill, O'Quinselan, O'Rahilly, O'Scanlan, O'Shea, O'Sheehan, O'Slattery, O'Sugrue, O'Sullivan, O'Quinlan, Reidy, Sears, Shea (146), Slattery, Stack, Sullivan (349), Trant, Ventry, Walsh (45).


County Kildare

Aylmer, Bermingham, Bolger (12), Bracken, Brennan, Burke, Byrne (28), Carroll (13), Connor (18), Delahoyd, Dempsey, DeVesey, Doyle (12), Dunne (32), Earl, Errill, Farrell (15), FitzEustace, Fitzgerald, Fitzhenry, Kelly (40), Knowles, Lawler, MacDonnell, MacTomyn, Moore (14), Murphy (34), Neill (13), Nolan (20), O'Bracken, O'Byrne, O'Carey, O'Carroll, O'Colgan, O'Connor (Faly), O'Cullen, O'Dempsey, O'Dowling, O'Dunn, O'Keary, O'Kelly, O'Murrigan, O'Nolan, O'Toole, Ryan (15), Sammon, Smith (18), Talbot, Timmons, Travers, Wogan.


County Kilkenny

Archdeacon, Archer, Barron, Birch, Brennan (49), Brien (15), Butler (22), Byrne (22), Cantwell, Carroll (25), Cody, Comerford, DeClare, Delaney (14), DeMontmorency, Dowling (14), Dunne (20), Fitzpatrick, Forestal, Gillespie, Gilpatrick, Grace, Greland, Henebry, Keefe, Kelly (17), LeMareschal, MacBreen, Maher (21), MacGilpatrick, Mockler, Murphy (35), Neill (17), O'Bolger, O'Brennan, O'Broder, O'Brophy, O'Callan, O'Carroll, O'Coveney, O'Delany, O'Donoghoe, O'Doyle, O'Dunphy, O'Gloran, O'Hely, O'Keefe, O'Kealy, O'Loughnan, O'More, O'Phelan, O'Queally, O'Ryan, O'Shea, Phelan (18), Power (17), Purcell (17), Rothe, Ryan (34), Shea (15), Shortall, Sweetman, Tobin, Walsh (45).


County Laois (Leix or Queens)

Brennan (10), Butler, Byrne (11), Carroll (12), Conroy (19), Delaney (30), Dempsey, DeVesey, Dolan, Dooliney, Doran, Dunne (34), Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick (17), Harrigan, Kavanagh (11), Kelly (10), Kennedy (11), Lalor (18), Moore, Mortimer, MacCashin, MacCostigan, MacCrossan, MacEvoy, MacGilpatrick, MacGorman, Mortimer, Murphy (10), O'Bracken, O'Breen, O'Brennan, O'Brogan, O'Brophy, O'Deegan, O'Delany, O'Dempsey, O'Devoy, O'Doran, O'Dowling, O'Duff, O'Dunn, O'Hourihan, O'Healy, O'Keally, O'Kelly, O'Lawlor, O'Mooney, O'More, O'Mulhall, O'Regan, O'Tracey, Phelan (18), Ryan (13), Whelan (12).


County Leitrim

Arthur, Allan, Allen, Beirne (13), Dolan (14), Flynn (20), Forde, Gallagher (13), Keany (16), Kelly (30), Meehan, MacClancy, MacCoggan, MacConsnamha, MMacCoogan, MacCosnave, MacColreavy, McDermott (13), MacDorchy, MacFergus, MacFinnevar, MacFlorin, MacGanly, MacGeerhy, MacGilhooly, MacGilmartin, MacGloin, McLoughlin (20), MacGoggan, MacGoldrick, MacGourtey, MacGovern (13), MacGowan (16), Maguire (15), McHugh (19), MacKenny, MacKeon, MacMorrow (18), MacPartian, MacRannall, MacShanley, MacSharry (13), MacTeigue, McTernan (17), Moran (16), Mulvey (13), O'Carroll, O'Curneen, O'Dolan, O'Dorcey, O'Duigenan, O'Finn, O'Gallon, O'Meeghan, O'Mulmoher, O'Mulvey, O'Rodaghan, O'Rourke, Owen, Reilly (16), Reynolds (30), Rooney (18), Rourke, Shanley, Tiernan.


County Limerick

Ahern (25), Arthur, Burke, Browne, Byrd, Collins (40), Condon, Crawford, Creagh, De Lacy, Fitzgerald (58), Fitzgibbon, Fitzharris, Gunning, Harold, Harris, Harte, Hayes (45), Kidney, Knight, Lynch (31), Magee, MacArthur, MacEneiry, MacKeogh, Magrath, MacSheehy, McCole, McCoy, McNamara (31), Moloney (38), Murphy (38), Neville, O'Billry, O'Brien (78), O'Casey, O'Cassidy, O'Clerihan, O'Clerkin, O'Collins, O'Conlan, O'Connell (39), O'Connor (37), O'Culhane, O'Cullen, O'Delaney, O'Dinnahan, O'Donnell (28), O'Donovan, O'Flannery, O'Grady, O'Gunning, O'Hallinan, O'Hartigan, O'Hea, O'Heffernan, O'Hely, O'Honan, O'Hurley, O'Kerwick, O'Kiely, O'Kinneally, O'Kirby, O'Leahy, O'Longan, O'Mackesey, O'Morony, O'Mulcahy, O'Mullhollan, O'Nee, O'Quinn, O'Ryan, O'Scanlon, O'Sexton, O'Shea, O'Sheehan, Purcell, Roche, Rocke, Russell, Ryan (91), Sarsfield, Sheedy, Sullivan (5), Tracy, Troy, Wall, Walsh (45), White, Woulfe.


County Longford

Brady (13), Casey, Donohoe (19), Farrell (36), Fleming, Flood, Fox, Kelly (23), Kiernan (24), MacAtilla, MacCavan, MacConway, MacCormac, MacGaynor, MacGilchrist, MacGilligan, MacHugh, MacMaster, Murphy (14), O'Farrell, O'Ferral, O'Higgin, O'Mulfenny, O'Mulroy, O'Quinn, O'Quinslean, O'Reilly, O'Ronan, O'Sheridan, O'Slevin, Quinn (12), Reilly (78), Smith (12), Tuite.


County Louth

Bellew, Boyle (11), Byrne (36), Carroll (19), Clarke (23), Clinton, Connor (11), DeGernon, DeVerdon, Devereaux, Donnelly (13), Dromgool, Duffy (21), Farrell (13), Hanratty (12), Hardy, Kelly (30), Lynch (11), MacBarron, MacCabe, MacCann, MacGilmichael, MacKenny, MacMahon, MacSolly, Martin (14), Mathews (16), McArdle (20), McCourt (12), McKenna (12), Morgan (13), Murphy (30), O'Branaghan, O'Carragher, O'Carroll, O'Coleman, O'Hare (11), O'Kelly, O'Markey, O'Marron, O'Neny, O'Scanlon, Peppard, Plunket, Reilly (20), Rice (13), Taaffe, Shannon, Small, Smith (26).


County Mayo

Barrett, Browne, Burke (36), Burris, Byrd, Conn, Connor (45), Conway (40), Costello, Crean, Cusack, DeExeter, Dillon, Doherty (34), Duffy (55), Durkan (35), Erris, Fleming, Gallagher (92), Gibbons (47), Higgins (39), Hughes, Jennings, Jordan, Joyce (46), Kane, Kearns, Kelly (89), Killala, Lavin, Lawless, Leonard, Loftus, Lynott, Lyons (32), MacAndrew, MacAveely, MacCunneen, MacDavett, MacDonnell, MacEvilly, MacGarry, MacGavan, MacGeraghty, MacGibbon, MacGreal, MacHale (50), MacHenry, McHugh (34), MacJordan, MacKerribly, MacLaughlin, MacMorris, MacNally, MacNicholas, MacNulty, MacPhilbin, MacPhillips, Martins, May, Moore, Moran (77), Morris, Murphy (39), Murrish, Milford, Meelick, Morris, Nangle, O'Bannan, O'Beirn, O'Bligh, O'Brogan, O'Cahaney, O'Callaghan, O'Canny, O'Carney, O'Clery, O'Comane, O'Connigan, O'Connellan, O'Conway, O'Conor, O'Coolahan, O'Cummin, O'Derrig, O'Dolan, O'Donnell, O'Dorcey, O'Dougherty, O'Dowd, O'Duffy, O'Dugan, O'Fergus, O'Finan, O'Finnigan, O'Flannelly, O'Flannery, O'Flynn, O'Gara, O'Gaughn, O'Gavagan, O'Gilleen, O'Gearan, O'Gormley, O'Grady, O'Halloran, O'Henaghan, O'Higgin, O'Keerin, O'Keevane, O'Kerrigan, O'Killeen, O'Kirwan, O'Larissey, O'Lavel, O'Lennon, O'Loughane, O'Malley (78), O'Monghan, O'Moran, O'Mulkerin, O'Mulleeny, O'Mulrenin, O'Mullarkey, O'Mullover, O'Mulroy, O'Murray, O'Quigley, O'Quinn, O'Roddan, O'Rolan, O'Ronan, O'Rory, O'Tierney, O'Tolleran, O'Toole, O'Towey, Petit, Phillips, Prendergast, Reid, Reilly (36), Solan, Staunton, Sweeney (33), Walsh (134).


County Meath

Barnewall, Bates, Beatty, Bellew, Betagh, Brady (16), Bregin, Brien (13), Butler, Byrne (8), Cheevers, Clarke (7), Coleman, Connor (8), Cruise, Cusack, Daly (11), Darcy, Dardis, Dargan, DeBathe, DeGeneville, DeLacy, DeMortimer, Dillon, Dowdall, Dowth, Drake, Duffy (9), Dunne (9), Farrell (14), Farrelly (14), FitzEustace, Fleming, Hayes, Hussey, Kells, Kelly (14), Langan, Logan, Lowther, Lynch (17), MacEntee, MacGrane, Maguire (11), Mahon (7), Martin (7), Marward, Mathews (7), Missett, Mooney, Nangle, Netterville, Nugent, O'Carolan, O'Coffey, O'Conolly, O'Devane, O'Dunn, O'Fox, O'Gogarty, O'Halligan, O'Hand, O'Hart, O'Hea, O'Hennessy, O'Kelly, O'Kindellan, O'Loughnane, O'Melaghlin, O'Mullhollan, O'Murtagh, O'Regan, O'Reilly, O'Rory, O'Traynor, Peppard, Plunkett, Preston, Reilly (53), Rogers, Smith (30), Taylor.


County Monaghan

Clancy, Connolly (36), Deveraux, Duffy (38), Gernon, Gilroy, Hayes, Hughes (25), Keily (18), Lawlor, Monaghan, MacAneeny, MacArdle, MacBennett, MacCabe (22), MacDonnell, MacGilmichael, MacGilroy, MacGorman, MacKenna (32), MacMacken, MacMahon (33), MacNally, MacNeney, MacOscar, MacQuade, Maguire (17), Martin (19), Murphy (17), O'Boylan, O'Branagan, O'Callan, O'Cassidy, O'Connolly, O'Corgley, O'Cosgrave, O'Donegan, O'Finn, O'Hanratty, O'Heaney, O'Hoey, O'Larkin, O'Loan, O'Marron, O'Neny, Quinn (18), Shannon, Small, Smith (19), Traynor, Woods (14).


County Offaly (Kings)

Burr, Carroll (12), Cogan, Daly (20), DeLacy, Dempsey (10), Dunne (23), Egan (17), Fitzgerald, Fitzsimon, Fox, Hennessy, Hoolahan, Hussey, Kelly (34), Kennedy (10), Kenny (11), Le Strange, Maher (10), Mooney, MacClelland, MacCoghlan, MacCorcoran, MacGilfoyle, Molloy (16), Mooney (16), Murray (11), O'Bannon, O'Behan, O'Bergin, O'Breen, O'Caherny, O'Carroll, O'Connor, O'Cunneen, O'Dempsey, O'Dooly, O'Dullahanty, O'Fallon, O'Flanagan, O'Flattery, O'Harly, O'Hennessy, O'Holohan, O'Madden, O'Malone, O'Meagher, O'Molloy, O'Mooney, O'Mulligan, O'Mulvany, O'Mulready, O'Reagan, O'Rigney, O'Riordan, Walsh (12), Warren.


County Roscommon

Boyle, Beirne (38), Brennan (22), Brodie, Carolan, Conniff, Connor (30), Conroy, Coughlan, Cox, Coyle, Dillon, Flanagan (32), Flynn (20), Gately, Gillooly, Hayes, Higgins (22), Kilronan, Kelly (68), Kenny (21), MacBrennan, MacDermott (45), MacDockery, McDonagh (26), MacDowell, MacGeraghty, MacGlynn, MacGovern, MacGreevy, MacKeogh, MacKeon, MacManus, MacMonaghan, MacOiraghty, MacQuilly, MacTeigue, MacWeeney, Mace, Murphy, Murray (24), O'Beirne, O'Cahill, O'Cashin, O'Clabby, O'Concannon, O'Connor, O'Conor, O'Connellan, O'Cooney, O'Corr, O'Dempsey, O'Donnelan, O'Duigenan, O'Duffy, O'Dugan, O'Fallon, O'Feeheny, O'Finaghty, O'Fihelly, O'Finegan, O'Flanagan, O'Furey, O'Flynn, O'Giblin, O'Glennon, O'Gormley, O'Hanley, O'Kelly, O'Kenny, O'Lavan, O'Loman, O'Lonnegan, O'Maginn, O'Malbride, O'Manning, O'Meaney, O'Molloy, O'Monahan, O'Moran, O'Mulconry, O'Mullaney, O'Mulkerrin, O'Mulloy, O'Mulready, O'Mulrennan, O'Mulvihill, O'Murray, O'Naughton, O'Norton, O'Rattigan, Quinn (25), Regan (35), Towey (22).


County Sligo

Boyle, Brennan (31), Burke, Cooke, Connolly (13), Conway (10), Cowell, Cummins, Durkin or Durkan (15), Feeney (11), Flynn (14), Gallagher (26), Gilmartin (14), Harte (20), Henry (15), Kelly (23), Kennedy (16), Kilrehill, Leonard (14), MacAlary, MacBreheny, MacClancy, MacConway, MacDermott, MacDonough, MacDurkan, MacErlean, MacFirbis, MacGeraghty, MacGilpin, McGowan (18), MacKilbane, McLoughlin (28), O'Boland, O'Breslin, O'Brogan, O'Cavagan, O'Colman, O'Conaghty, O'Conboy, O'Connachtan, O'Conor, O'Conway, O'Corley, O'Corr, O'Crean, O'Devlin, O'Donnell, O'Dowd, O'Feeney, O'Finn, O'Flannelly, O'Gara, O'Gavagan, O'Greane, O'Hara (13), O'Harte, O'Hely, O'Higgins, O'Howley, O'Kanavaghan, O'Keevane, O'Kernaghan, O'Loughman, O'Loughrey, O'Meehan, O'Meeney, O'Mohan, O'Moran, O'Mongan, O'Morrison, O'Morrissey, O'Moynagh, O'Mulclohy, O'Mullany, O'Mulvany, O'Noone, O'Rafferty, O'Scannell, O'Somohan, O'Spelman, O'Tarpey, Scanlon (14), Sheridan (10), Spillane, Stenson (11), Taaffe, Walker, Walsh or Walshe (18), Waters, White, Wilson.


County Tipperary

Burke, Butler, Cahir, DeBurgo, Dwyer (64), Everard, Fitzgerald, Gleeson (38), Grace, Greene, Greer, Haggan, Hally, Hayes (38), Hennessey, Hogan (46), Kelly (31), Kennedy (70), Lee, Leydon, Lonergan (31), Lynch, MacCall, MacCarthy, MacCorcoran, MacCormac, MacEgan, MacEnerny, MacGilfoyle, Magrath, Maher (74), Mathew, McGrath (38), Mockler, Needham, O'Breslin, O'Brien (74), O'Bryan, O'Cahill, O'Callaghan, O'Carroll, O'Corcoran, O'Cuire, O'Cullen, O'Cullenan, O'Cune, O'Danagher, O'Dea, O'Dermody, O'Dinan, O'Dinerty, O'Donegan, O'Donnell, O'Donorty, O'Donohoe, O'Dwyer, O'Fahey, O'Finerty, O'Fogarty, O'Furey, O'Gleeson, O'Halley, O'Hartigan, O'Heffernan, O'Hickey, O'Hogan, O'Hurley, O'Kean, O'Kearney, O'Keeley, O'Kelleher, O'Kennedy, O'Lanigan, O'Larkin, O'Leahy, O'Lenahan, O'Lomasney, O'Lonergan, O'Mackey, O'Malquiney, O'Meagher, O'Meara, O'Meehan, O'Merry, O'Morrissey, O'Mulcahy, O'Mulrian, O'Quinlan, O'Quinlevan, O'Quirke, O'Reidy, O'Ryan, O'Scully, O'Sexton, O'Shanahan, O'Shea, O'Slattery, O'Spillane, O'Sullivan, O'Trehy, Phelan, Prendergast, Purcell, Ryan (277), Sheady, Troy, Walsh (38), White.


County Tyrone

Armstrong, Campbell (32), Clarke, Cunningham, Doherty (27), Donnelly (34), Gallagher (34), Grimes, Hamilton (23), Hayes, Hogan, Hughes (31), Kelly (38), Lowry, MacBreen, MacCaghwell, MacCann, MacConnell, MacCourt, MacCreehan, MacCrossan, MacCullen, MacCullough, MacEttigan, MacGolrick, MacIntyre, McKenna (33), McLaughlin (29), MacNamee, MacOwen, MacRory, MacShane, MacTaggart, Maguirk, Mullan (39), O'Bannon, O'Cahan, O'Carolan, O'Connellan, O'Cooney, O'Corran, O'Corry, O'Criocan, O'Crossan, O'Devlin, O'Donlevy, O'Donnegan, O'Donnelly, O'Duvany, O'Etigan, O'Hagan, O'Hamill, O'Henry, O'Hosey, O'Kelly, O'Larkin, O'Laverty, O'Loan, O'Lunney, O'Magh, O'Mallan, O'Mellan, O'Neill (29), O'Neney, O'Quinn, O'Rafferty, O'Teighe, O'Tomelty, O'Tye, Owen, Patterson, Quinn (40), Rafferty, Roe, Rowe, Smith (25), Swan, Taggert, Tyre, Wilson (30), Woods.


County Waterford

Aylward, Barron, Butler (21), Comerford, Dalton, Duggan, Fallon, Farrell, Fay, Fitzgerald, Flynn (28), Foley (30), Harper, Henebry, Keane, Kelly (26), Le Poer, Lombard, MacGraw, MacGrath (31), Magrath, McCarthy (22), Morris, Morrissey (27), Mulcahy, Murphy (35), O'Brick, O'Brien (47), O'Comley, O'Conran, O'Cotter, O'Crotty, O'Dennehy, O'Felan, O'Flahavan, O'Flanagan, O'Geary, O'Keane, O'Lonergan, O'Merry, O'Morrisey, O'Mullany, O'Neill, O'Phelan, Ormonde, Phelan (25), Power (125), Rodger, Rodgers, Roger, Rogers, Ryan (35), Sherlock, Talbot, Tobin (20), Shannon, Small, Sullivan (25), Wadden, Wadding, Wall, Walsh (97), Waters, Whelan (23), White, Wyse.


County Westmeath

Byrne (7), Carberry, Carey (7), Coffey, Cox, Dalton (8), Daly (11), Dease, DeLacy, DeLamare, De Verdon, Dalton, Dillon, Duffy (9), Dunne (6), Fagan, Farrell (13), Fitzsimon, Flynn (6), Gaffney, Kelly (8), Leavy (6), Lynch (14), MacAuley, MacCarron, MacConway, MacEvoy, MacGee, MacGeoghegan, MacGlynn, MacRourke, MacTully, McCormick (9), Murray (10), Murtagh (6), Nugent, O'Breen, O'Brennan, O'Brogan, O'Casey, O'Cassidy, O'Caffey, O'Carbury, O'Colgan, O'Corrigan, O'Curry, O'Daly, O'Donoghue, O'Dooley, O'Fay, O'Finnelan, O'Furey, O'Growney, O'Hanrahan, O'Hanfey, O'Hart, O'Hennessey, O'Heneran, O'Henrey, O'Higgin, O'Kearney, O'Laughnan, O'Malone, O'Melaghlin, O'Mulleady, O'Neill (6), O'Reilly, O'Scully, O'Shiel, O'Toler, Petit, Reilly (12), Smith (8), Tuite, Tyrrell, Walsh (9), Warren.


County Wexford

Bolger (25), Browne, Brehon, Brien (32), Butler, Byrne (46), Cavanagh, Codd, Colclough, Comerford, Connor (28), Corish, Cullen (34), Cutler, DeMontmorency, DePrendergast, DeRenzy, Devereaux, Doyle (102), Esmond, Fitzgerald, Fitzharris, Fitzhenry, Fitzstephen, Fortune, French, Furlong, Haye, Hoare, Kavanagh (34), Keating, Kehoe (28), Kelly (30), Kinsella, Laffan, LeMareschal, MacDaveymore, MacKeogh, MacVaddock, Masterson, May, Mead, Meyler, Morgan, MacKeogh, MacMurrough, Masterson, Meyler, Morgan, Murphy (137), Nolan (30), O'Bolger, O'Cavanagh, O'Cosgry, O'Doran, O'Doyle, O'Dugan, O'Garvey, O'Hartley, O'Larkin, O'Lynan, O'Morghue, O'Murphy, Redmond (30), Roche (31), Ross, Rossiter, Ryan (26), Seagrave, Sinnot, Stafford, Strongbow, Sutton, Talbot, Wadding, Walsh (56), Whelan (25).


County Wicklow

Archbold, Arklow, Brien (18), Butler, Byrne (87), Cooke, Cheevers, Delgany, Doyle (53), Dunne (13), Durlavin, Farrell (11), FitzEustace, Fitzgerald, Fitzwilliam, Furlong, Hughes, Jones, Kavanagh (24), Kehoe (16), Kelly (25), Lawlor (15), Lombard, MacDonald, MacKeogh, MacMurrough, Murphy (26), Nolan (21), O'Byrne, O'Cosgrave, O'Cullen, O'Dowling, O'Doyle, O'Farrell, O'Gahan, O'Hara, O'Horan, O'Kelly, O'Tighe, O'Toole, O'Vaca, Redmond (10), Talbot, Tallon, Toole (14), Walsh.

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