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Jasper STEWART from Scotland

Journal by Stew50

Jasper STEWART born 3 December 1861 in the village of Mersington. Parish of Eccles, Scotland. He was the son of Helen STEWART, agricultural labourer. Declaration of Paternity [CE Vol 1 P8 15/12/1862]by James STARK, farm labourer of Rumbleton. Jasper was raised by his grandmother Agnes MIDDLEMAS.
He arrived in Lyttleton 28 June 1882 on the Wairoa. (I have a conflicting record of arrival on June 1876 - but this does not fit in with other information). He brought with him a horse, a border collie and five pounds. He worked as a shepherd for W A Low of St Helens for 2 years then went to Parnassus Station as head shepherd for 4 years. He married Esther UPRITCHARD [b. 08/12/1870] on 21 June 1888. They had 3 children: Mary Agnes, Charles Gordon [b. 5/06/1892] and Esther.
He worked for a further 4 years at Leslie Hills Station. In 1891 he took up a small grazing run in the Waikari Valley. In 1893 he bought a 450 acre farm at Scargill. This was part of Glenmark Station. He got his first sheep from James Little of Allandale. His first wife Esther died at a young age in 1894. Anecdotally, Jasper did not treat her very well. He married again in August 1897 to Harriet Greig and had 7 more children.
Jasper was a good judge of sheep and judged at shows. He got soaking wet when judging sheep one day and this brought on an illness from which he died in Christchurch 23 March 1912

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by djs on 2013-02-20 01:33:48

hi, i have just started looking for information on my husbands family for him.His father was called Jasper Stewart and lived in Rotorua until about 1953 when he left for christchurch.As far as my husband knows the family lived in Morrinsville, but where they came from before that he doesnt know.He has had no contact with the family since his father left when he was about 3yrs old.It may be my imagination but there is a striking resemblence betweeen the picture above and my husband.

by Stew50 on 2013-02-20 04:04:32

Jasper Stewart (your husband's father) was my uncle. He was the oldest of 4 brothers: Jasper, Allan (my father), Gordon and Robert. Robert is still alive and lives in Tauranga. So the potted history I have submitted is relevant to your husband who must be my cousin. As a child I remember travelling to Rotorua just before Christmas with my mother and my grandmother (Jasper's mother)to visit Jasper's ex-wife and family. Her name was Veronica - not sure if this was your husband's mother. So your Jasper was born and raised on a farm in Hoe-o-tainui about 20 km from Morrinsville. His father was Charles Gordon Stewart and his mother was Rebecca Pearl Silvius. Charles died before I was born so I don't remember him. Grandma lived to 84 and I remember her very well. I'm pretty sure Jasper was in the navy for a while but I'm not sure what he did next. I will talk to my Mum about him next time I see her and get some more information for you. I have done quite a bit of work on the family tree if you are interested but you are probably more interested in finding out about Jasper and his life (about which I know very little).

by Stew50 on 2013-02-20 04:22:41

Just looked up some dates: Charles Stewart born in Loburn, Canterbury, 5 June 1892; died 29 July 1943. Rebecca Silvius born in Thames, Waikato, 20 February 1899; died 16 May 1983.

by djs on 2013-02-20 13:56:06

Hi, My husbands mother was called Elinor,[nee Sushames]and had 4 children, Barry charles[my husband], Ian malcom, Robin rebecca, and Jane.Jasper apparantly was prosecuted for bigamy as he was not divorced from Elinor when he married his second wife,dont know her name though. The Stewarts apparantly had a trucking or transport company in morrinsville as well as a farm.We would be interested in the family tree as he knows not much at all as his father left when he was only about 3. Jasper moved to christchurch, and he passed away about 8 years ago from lung cancer.

by djs on 2013-02-20 13:58:06

So how is the Jasper Stewart in the above photo related?

by Stew50 on 2013-02-21 01:04:59

Yes, Elinor rings a bell - not sure why I thought it was Veronica? I was still at Primary school so it is rather a long time ago! Jasper (the second)'s brother Gordon had the trucking company which was based in Tahuna - a few miles down the road from Hoe-o-tainui. My father, Allan, ran the farm at Hoe-o-tainui from 1943 when their father Charlie Stewart died, and he later bought the farm from Grandma Stewart. The Jasper in the photo is Barry's Great Grandfather. He was father of Charlie, who was father of Jasper, who was father of Barry.

by Stew50 on 2013-02-21 01:29:19

If you look at my journal for Uprichard and Silvius these are also branches of Barry's family tree. Henric Silvius was from Sweden - he would be one of Barry's Great, Great Grandfathers. Joseph Uprichard was from Ireland and he would be another one of Barry's Great, Great Grandfathers. The Berrymans are also related. They were from Cornwall in England.

by djs on 2013-02-21 03:11:59

Hi, thanks for that. You would have got the name Veronica because she is the Lady that Jasper married before he was actually divorced from Elinor, According to divorce records Jasper and Veronica were divorced in 1971 in Christchurch.

by Stew50 on 2013-02-21 04:45:27

Probably before he married Mary. He was always kind of the 'interesting' uncle because we hardly ever saw him and of course there was the whole bigamy thing - a bit of a 'lovable rogue' syndrome. There were some lilies at the farm that always bloomed at the time of year that Jasper had his birthday and we called them Jasper's lilies. Funny the things you remember! I tried to upload a family tree in pdf format but it didn't work. I will try to find a solution.

by djs on 2013-02-21 21:36:51

Was wondering if you mum would have any picture of Jasper as Barry has none at all, thanks.

by Stew50 on 2013-02-22 03:57:59

I'm sure she has. Not seeing her this weekend but probably will the weekend after.

by Stew50 on 2013-02-22 04:01:36

I sent a private message with my email address if you want to make contact.

by ngairedith on 2013-02-22 07:32:45

hello stew,
Jasper did indeed arrive in 1882

the WAIROA left London 1 July 1882 and arrived into Lyttelton on 4 October 1882 with 48 passengers:

October 4 1882 - Wairoa, ship, 1015 tons, Captain Barclay, from London, New Zealand Shipping Company, agents
- Mrs Sarah A. Greenwood
- Mr George W. Greenwood
- Mr Frederick R. Greenwood
- Mr Philip B. Greenwood
- Miss Mabel C. Greenwood
- Mr Harry D. Greenwood
- Miss Mary B. Greenwood
- Miss Alice J. Greenwood
- Miss Florence Greenwood

Mr Joseph R. MAYERS


Mrs Rosalia CHEEK (1840-1916)
- Mr Martin Albert Cheek (1862-1929)
- Miss Elizabeth R. Cheek
- Mr Robert H. Cheek (1867-1951)
- Mr John Cheek (1869-1895)
- Miss Anna Eleanor Cheek (1870-1900)
NOTE Rosalia married Daniel Warner ABBOTT (1836-1910) in 1885


Charles Frederick CANDY (1835-1917)
- Mary Ann Tuthill Candy (nee Wake 1845-1909)
- Agnes Minnie Candy (1867-1950) not in newspaper passenger list
- Annie Laura Candy (1868-1958)
- Ada Ellen Candy (1870-1947)
- Hubert Edward 'Bertie' Candy (1871-1944)
- Willie Candy (?-)
- Jessie Candy (?-)
- Seyward Samuel Candy (1800-1941)1923
Hawera & Normanby Star, 4 November 1909 On Wednesday, November 3, 1909, at Kaponga, Mary Candy, beloved wife of Charles Candy, of Manaia road, Kaponga, aged 64 years





William HARDING (1846-1928)
- Mary Ann Harding (1846-1927 nee BENJAFIELD)
- Uriah Winboult Harding (1873-? in Willowby in 1918)
- Ellen Harding (1874-1939, died in Nelson)
- Susannah 'Susan' Lucy Harding (1876-1950)
- Julia Mary Harding (1878-)
- Ruth Frances Harding (1879-)

Charles HUNT



Robert SCOTT





Charles W. VINCE
- Rhoda Vince (1837-1912)
- Alice Vince

... The New Zealand Shipping Company's ship Wairoa made this port yesterday from London. By her there arrived forty (sic) passengers, included among whom are a few nominated immigrants. The medical department was in charge of Dr J. W. White, who is on his first visit to the colony. His duties wre happily light, no serious sickness having occurred throughout the voyage. All the passengers have reached their destination in excellent health. All have a good word for the Wairoa, and their admiration for Captain Barclay found full expression in the remark that there was "not a man on board but would die for him". The voyage, taken throughout, was a very stormy one. The ship rolled at times fearfully, and large quantities of water swept her decks. Captain Barclay and his officers, Messrs Jameson, Croucher, and Fildes, succeeded by their watchfulness and care in bringing the good ship into port without damage and without accident or injury to anybody on board.
The Wairoa left London on July 1st, and took departure from Sicilly on the 10th. Had the N.E. trades to 14 North, 26 West, and crossed the Equator in 23 West on August 8th. Good S.E. trades were experienced, and the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope was crossed on September 1st in 39.15 S. Heavy seas and strong westerly winds, with low barometer and dirty weather, prevailed from there to the Snares, sighted last Saturday. Was off Otago Heads on Monday, with hard N.N.W. winds and dirty weather. Reported ship at Otago Heads "All well".
north-east winds then followed to Tuesday, at noon, when a S.W. wind brought the ship to Akaroa Head at 9 p.m. on Tuesday and the pilot boarded her at 1.30 a.m.

3 April 1912
... Mr Jasper Stewart, of Ardbeg, Scargill, whose death occurred in Christchurch a few days ago, was a native of Kelso, Scotland, and came to New Zealand in 1882 under engagement to Mr A. W. Low of St Helen's station.
Two years later he went to Mount Parnassus station, where he filled the position of head shepherd for four years, and then entered the employment of Mr Duncan Rutherford, Leslie Hills, in a similar capacity. In 1891 Mr Stewart took up a grazing run in the Waikari Valley, and two years later purchased 450 acres of the Glenmark Estate at Scargill, which he farmed in conjunction with the other property. He was the first in the district to start a flock of inbred, halfbred sheep, his first stock being obtained from Mr James Little, of Allandale. He was an excellent judge of sheep and it was while acting in the capacity of judge at the Hawarden Show four years ago that he got a wetting that caused him a serious illness from which he never fully recovered.
Bright's disease ultimately supervened and caused his death.
He was a member of the Waipara County Council until bad health compelled him to retire. He was also chairman of the Scargill School Committee, and tool a deep interest in the Presbyterian Church. His sterling qualities made him popular with the whole community, and the news of his death caused a widespread feeling of regret.
He leaves a wife and family of five sons and four daughters

by Stew50 on 2013-02-22 13:13:05

Thanks Ngaire. Good to have that confirmed.

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