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John CHILDERHOUSE + Mary Isabella MOSS

Journal by ngairedith

* the children of the couples are those KNOWN - there may have been others
* some birth dates may be approximate, based on age at death
* note comments below which may assist with corrections
* most of the timeline is from Papers Past
* anything in italics is my addition

- born in Limerick, Ireland, a son of Thomas CHILDERHOUSE, a Fencible, (1801-1864) & Sarah GREATRAKES (1800-1862), John arrived in Auckland on the Sir Robert Sale with his parents & 3 sisters:
* Eliza Childerhouse (1823-1875)
- Eliza married Thomas GENTLES (1805-1863) in 1848 in Auckland
- their 5th child, Sarah Gentles married Ezra CARTWRIGHT (see photo at end)
* Jane Childerhouse (1839-)
- Jane married Joseph Ridgway FREELAN in 1855
* Mary Ann Childerhouse (1842-1892)
- Mary Ann married Charles Geraghty in Howick, Auckland 1860

JOHN CHILDERHOUSE married MARY ISABELLA MOSS (1847-1916) 4 Oct 1864 in Howick, Auckland. They later settled in Thames where John worked (and died) in the goldmines
- John died 12 May 1897 aged 52 in an accident in a the Nonpareil Mine, Thames, when he was struck on the head by falling mullock (mine waste)
12 May 1897 - THAMES, On May 12th, accidentally killed in the Nonpareil mine, John, dearly beloved husband of Mary Childerhouse, aged 52 years
13 May 1897 ... FUNERAL NOTICE, The Funeral of John Childerhouse will leave the residence, Karaka Creek, TO-MORROW (Friday), the 14th instant, at 2.30 pm., for the Shortland Cemetery. The Members of the Thames Miner's Union who can make it convenient are requested to attend the Funeral of our late member. - William H. Potts, President, William H. Lucas, Secretary
- Mary Isabella died 9 June 1916 at Karaka Creek, Thames
10 June 1916 ... CHILDERHOUSE - On June 9t, after a short illness, at her late resience Karaka creek, Thames, Mary Isabella, relict of the late John Childerhouse; aged 69 years. (Deeply Regretted). The Funeral of Mary Isabella Childerhouse will leave her late residenc, Karaka Creek, to-morrow (Sunday), 11th inst., at 3pm., for Shortland Cemetery. Friends please accept this intimation. Robert TWENTYMAN, Undertaker
John & Mary are buried together in PUBL-PLOT-0836

the 8 children of JOHN & MARY

... 1
1868 - 1937 John Richard Childerhouse

- John was a postman for many years.
- He retired in Whangarei 1910 * see timeline
- John married Elizabeth Agnes MALONE in 1893
- the known children of JOHN & ELIZABETH:
1905 - 1983 Jack Malone Hammond Childerhouse
- born in Whangarei, died in Otaki
- Jack married Mary Mountcashel TAKLE (1908-2005) in 1934 at Collingwood
1907 - Inez Mary Moss Childerhouse
19 April 1919 ... Two children with really good voices (Inez Childerhouse and Edna Brewer) sang and danced "Me and My Girl" at his Majesty's Theatre Auckland at a Dance Recital put on by the pupils of Miss Aileen Beresford to a crowded house both Tuesday and Wednesday evening
- Inez married Richard Arthur William ROCKWOOD in 1930
- they had 3 known daughters

... 2
1872 - 1947 Isabella Childerhouse

- born in Thames
- Isabella married Charles Alexander TAYLOR (1852-1941) in 1899 * see timeline
- the known children of ISABELLA & CHARLES
1900 - 1963 Robert Moss Taylor
1903 - 1975 Leslie Fleming Taylor
1907 - 1907 Cecil Roy Taylor (died aged 4 months)
ISABELLA died March 1947 aged 75 & buried PUBL-010-0002 at Totara cemetery

... 3
1874 - 1876 Sarah Childerhouse

- Sarah died age 16 months

... 4
1877 - 1901 Eliza Sarah Childerhouse

- Eliza married Francis Toynbee ARKLE (1874-1945) in 1898 *see timeline
the known children of ELIZA & FRANCIS:
* 1899 - Christiana Mary Arkle
- Christiana married Walter Henry JACKSON in 1821
* 1900 - 1966 John 'Jack' Andrew Arkle
- Eliza died 1 Oct 1901 aged 24
- she is buried at Shortland cemetery, Thames
1 Oct 1902 ... ARKLE, On Oct 1st at Waihi, Eliza Sarah, dearly beloved wife of Frank Arkle and second daughter of the late John and Mary Childerhouse, aged 24 years. Deeply regretted
- Francis next married Elizabeth Brown ? (1880-1964)
the known children of FRANCIS & ELIZABETH:
* 1906 - ? Frances 'Jean' Arkle
* 1908 - 1908 Hugh Douglas Arkle (died aged 14 weeks)
* 1912 - 1988 Donald Stuart 'Don' Arkle

... 5
1880 - 1930 Blanche Beatrice Childerhouse

- born in Auckland 26 November, died in Auckland
- Blanche married James THOMSON Xmas Day 1900
25 December 1900 ... THOMSON - CHILDERHOUSE, On December 25th, 1900, at the residence of the bride's mother, Karaka Creek, by the Rev Dr O'Callaghan, James, second son of the late John Bell Thomson, Dunedin, to Blanche Beatrice, third daughter of the late John Childerhouse, Thames
the known children of BLANCHE & JAMES:
1902 - Lillian Mary Thomson
1908 - Gladys Bell Thomson
1911 - George Alfred Thomson

... 6
1883 - 1907 Rose May Childerhouse

- Rose married Alfred Leslie TRENT (1878-1956) in 1903
29 April 1903 ... TRENT - CHILDERHOUSE, On the 29th April, 1903, at the Thames, by the Rev Drake, Alfred Leslie, second son of Henry Trent, of Nelson, to Rose May, fourth daughter of the late John Childerhouse, of Thames. * see timeline
the known children of ROSE & ALFRED:
1906 - Marjorie Ellen Trent

... 7
1886 - 1944 Florence Mary Childerhouse

- Florence married Albert KNOX in 1916

... 8
1888 - 1959 Thomas 'Tom' Harold Barossa Childerhouse[/color]

- Thomas served in WWI as Private 38347 with the NZEF, 22nd Reinforcements Auckland Infatnry Regiment, A Company. His Next Of Kin was his sister, Mrs Isabella Taylor of Upper Pallen St, Thames
- Thomas married Lucy Frances SMITH (1895-1964) in 1923


20 Nov 1852
... THOSE EXCELLENT PREMISES situated in the Town of Howick, adjoining Lewis's Royal Hotel, known as the property of Mr Edward Irvine, now in the occupation of Mr Thomas Childerhouse (John's father)

5 Feb 1856
... AUCKLAND JURY LIST FOR 1856-7 (and 1858-1860) - & Childerhouse, Thomas, Howick, general dealer

21 Sep 1867 - AUCKLAND
...In Thursday's paper we stated that three men named James Boyle, Edward Boyle, and John Childerhouse (now aged 23), had been apprehended on a charge of stealing three head of cattle (2 cows and a heifer), property of Michael Lord, from a field near Howick. These men were brought up before Captain Symonds ysterday on the charge. The case, as against Edward Boyle, was withdrawn, and he was brought forward as a witness to give evidence of a conversation he had had with Childerhouse and James Doyle in Otahuhu, after they had put the cattle into Hunter's paddock for sale. Evidence was also given by the owner of the cattle, and by the man who hd received them in charge from the prisoners at Otahuhu. Both prisoners were committed for trail. (On 4 Dec James Boyle and John Childerhouse were each sentenced to 18 months imprisonment with hard labour)

30 Jan 1877 - THAMES
... OLD WHAU - Childerhouse and party's tribute, No. 5, crushed 28 tons, and obtained 65ozs retorted gold, which, when melted was reduced to a bar of 63ozs 11dwts 6grs, besides 15ozs previously obtained from specimens out of the same stuff

27 Feb 1877
... OLD WHAU - Childerhoue and party, the tributers, who have for some days past had a crushing of about 60 tons in progress at the Moanatairi battery, will clean up this evening or to-morrow morning. From the amount of amalgam on hand the yield is expected to be a good one, it is being anticipated that it will average between 1? and 2ozs to the ton

20 March 1877
... MOANATAIRI BATTERY - Crushing is proceeing at this battery for the Unicorn shareholders and the Old Whau tributers, Childerhouse and party. The latter party's parcel amounted to about 50 tons

23 Feb 1878
... OLD WHAU - Childerhouse and party completed a crushing of 13 tons yesterday for the satisfactory yield of 35ozs 11dwts 12grs gold

22 July 1878
... OLD WHAU - Childerhouse and party have finished a crushing of two tons for the yield of 1oz 17wts gold

21 Feb 1880
... LITTLE CHRISSY - A crushing of 1 load for Childerhouse and party yielded 30ozs gold. They had a crushing some weks ago from the same paddocks, the total yield - including this parcel - being over 70ozs of gold from 6 loads

23 April 1880
... GOLD RETURNS - LITTLE PRISSY, A crushing from Childerhoue and party produced 3oz 17dwts gold

22 August 1895
DISTRICT - Hauraki
DATE - August 21st, 1895
TO the WARDEN at THAMES - I hereby apply for a Special Claim for gold-mining purposes under the provisions of "The Mining Act, 1891" of the lands hereinafter described, which have been duly marked in accordance with the mining regulations. JOHN CHILDERHOUSE, Signature of Applicant
NAME and ADDRESS in full of Applicant - John Childerhouse, Karaka Creek, Thames
STYLE under which it is intended to consuct the Business - Mascotte
LOCALITY where the Land applied is situated - Hape Creek
EXTENT OF LAND applied for - 100 acres
AMOUNT OF CAPITAL proposed to be invested - 4000
PROPOSED MODE of Working the Land - Drivving, Tunnelling et
TERM for which License of Special Claim Grant is required - 21 years
GENERAL REMARKS - Pegged out at 1pm on 21st August, 1895. Bounded on west by City of Bristol and Happy-go-Lucky, and on north, south and east by supposed unoccupied ground.

10 Sep 1896
... Permission to work Mascotte special claim, Hape Creek, with a reduced number of men, 2 men instead of 19, for 4 months was granted to John Childerhouse, Limerick, Hape Creek. Also, permission to work Limerick special claim, Hape Creek, with a reduced number of men, 2 men instead of 19, for 4 months was granted to John Childerhouse, Limerick, Hape Creek

13 May 1897
... THE FATAL ACCIDENT IN THE NONPAREIL MINE, Thames - Deep regret was felt here when the news became kown of the mining accident in the Nonpareil Company's mine, which resulted in the death of Mr John Childerhouse, an old and experienced Thames miner, who has been a resident here almost from the infancy of the field. During the course of the morning a hole that was put into the face of the drive misfired and, in order to comply with the regulations, the manager (Mr Ezra Cartwright) told the men to go back to the small crosscut. Before going to work there Mr Cartwright warned them that there was some baulk ground overhead, and to take it down. Immediately after crib the men made a start and deceased sounded the ground in the presence of his mate, Frank Kidd who stood by. Deceased remarked that he thought it was all right. He then attempted to take it down with a pick, but finding the tool not strong enough for the work, asked his mate to go for another one. His mate went to fetch one, but had only gone a few yards when he heard a fall of mullock. He immediately returned to see what had happened, and found the deceased lying on his back, with his head towards the main level. He asked deceased if he were much hurt, when the latter replied, "I'm done for Frank," repeating this sentence twice. Kidd and the other men then communicated with the manager (who was at the mine, engaged in sharpening tools at the time), and he at once procured a cab, and had deceased removed to the Hospital. Upon arrival there Dr Callan was in attendance and after examination pronounced life extinct. Deceased's neck was broken and he sustained a severe scalp wound. The unfortunate man died before reachng the Hospital and did not speak after leaving the mine. The Mining Inspetor (Mr James Coutts) immediately proceeded to the mine, and made an examination.
The piece of mullock which struck Childerhouse was wedge shaped, and weighed probably from two to three cwts (cwt = hundredweight. 1 hundredweight is about 50kg).
Mr Childerhouse was a member of the Loyal Waikato Lodge of Oddfellows, and leaves a wife and family of six children.
At the inquest in connection with Childerhouse's death evidence was given by Ezra Cartwright, manager of the Nonpareil mine, Frank Kidd, deceased's mate and James Coutts, Mining Inspector, after which the jury returned a verdict that death was caused by a fall of earth, and that no blame was attachable to anyone
NOTE Ezra Cartwright married a daughter of John's sister Eliza (see photo)

14 May 1897
... The Funeral of the late John Childerhouse took place this afternoon. The cortege, which was attended by members of the Miners' Union and Loyal Waikato and Charles Bruce Lodges, was both large and representative. Dr O'Callaghan impressively read the burial service at Shortland Cemetery

1 Feb 1898
... ORANGE BLOSSOMS - On February the 1st last, a quiet but exceedingly pretty wedding took place at the residence of Mrs Childerhouse, Karaka Creek. The contracting parties were Mr F. T. Arkle, of Whangaparoa, and Miss Eliza S. Childerhouse, second daughter of the late Mr John Childerhouse. The ceremony was conducted by the Rev Dr O'Callaghan. The bride, who was given away by her brother, Mr J. R. Childerhouse, looked very pretty, and was attired in a tastefully made gown of grey silk, while the two bridesmaids, Miss Rose Childerhouse and Lillie Gentles (of Auckland) also looked dainty. The former in a neat dress of white muslin, with silk lavender trimmings. The latter in a costume of cream cashmere. The bridegroom was attended by Mr Ernest Jury. The bridesmaids were each presented with a handsome brooch, while the wedding presents were very numerous and costly. After the ceremony a number of friends and relations assembled, and sat down to breakfast, after which Mr and Mrs Arkle left via Kopu for Auckland en route to their future home at Whangaparoa, caryring with them the good wishes of their numerous friends for their future welfare

1 June 1899
... ORANGE BLOSSOMS - A pretty wedding was celebrated at the residence of Mrs Childerhouse, Karaka road, yesterday afternoon. The principals to the union were Miss I. Childerhouse, eldest daughter of the late Mr J. Childerhoue, of the Thames, and Mr Charles Alexander Taylor, third son of Mr C. R. Taylor of Melbourne. The ceremony was performed by the Rev Dr O'Callaghan, D.D. The bride, who looked very pretty in a costume of fawn coating cloth, with cream figured silk vest and trimmings, and hat to match, and who also carried a spray bridal bouquet, presented by Mr Dunbar and made by Mrs Dare, was attended by Miss Blanche Childerhouse as bridesmaid. The latter looked very becoming in a costume of sage green, with silk trimmings to match, while she carried a handsome floral basket. The bridesmaid wore a beautiful gold brooch, with diamond centre, the gift of the bridegroom. The bride was given away by her brother, Mr J. Childerhouse, while Mr James Thompson acted as best man. The "Wedding March" was played by Mrs C. Chapman. The presents were numerous and costly, and afforded a pleasing evidence of the popularty of the happy couple. At the conclusion of the ceremony a sumptuous wedding breakfast was partaken of at the residence of the bride's mother, when the health of the bride and bridegroom was drunk in bumpers

17 July 1901
... VINE - On July 17th at the reidence of Mrs Childerhouse, Karaka Creek, Henry Charls Vine, aged 55 years

1 Oct 1910
... Mr J. R. Childerhouse, having been retired from the staff of the local post office on superannuation, after serving as a letter carrier for many years, was entertained last evening by the members of the staff (at Whangarei) with which he has been so long associated, and presented with a Loewe pipe, a set of military hair-brushes and a tobacco pouch. These tokens of goodwill, to which every member of the staff subscribed, were presented by the postmaster (Mr Robertshaw) in a suitable address. Mr Childerhouse left by the Ngapuhi today for Auckland

9 June 1916
... The death occurred at her late residence, Karaka Road, this morning, of an old and higly respected identity in the person of Mrs John Childerhouse. The deceased lady, who was in her 69th year, had had a long residence at Thames, where she made a host of friends, being a woman of sterling qualities. She brought up a fairy large family, one of her daughters being Mrs A. Taylor, of Pollen Street north. Her husband, Mr John Childerhouse, predeceased her many years ago. The family have the sincere sympathy of all in their sad loss. The late Mrs Childerhouse enjoyed good health until recently, a sudden illness about a week ago ending in death

8 Sep 1916
... LATEST ATTESTATIONS - The following are the latest attestations at the local Recruiting office, Thames:-
J. BURGESS, P.S. Wakatere
F. CHAPMAN, Thames South
T. N. B. CHILDERHOUSE, Upper Pollen Street
W. G. CLARK, Wharepoa
E. N. DEMPSEY, Mackay Street
N. W. DOVELL, Walter Street
T. S. DUFTY, Hikuai
W. T. GREEN, Omahu
L. R. INNES, Karaka Road
A. V. NEWLAND, Matatoki
T. PRITCHARD, P.S. Wakatere

20 Dec 1916
... The Farmers' Auctioneering Co., have received instructions from the trustees in the estate of the late Mrs Childerhouse to sell the whole of the furnishings and appointments of a 12-roomed house, Karaka Creek, tomorrow at 2.30 pm., consisting of suite 7 pieces, easy chairs, large dining table, dining chairs, 10 single W.W. stretchers, double and single beds, cheffonier, sofas, washstands and ware, etc. Also large allotment and house of 12 rooms, including bathroom, tubs, copper, and boilers set in, and large outbuildings. This property is beautifully situated in a very central position, is well-drained, and commands a fine view

5 Jan 1917
... SOLDIERS FAREWELL - A very pleasant evening was spent at Mrs Taylor's residence, Pollen Street, last Thursday evening, when Private T. Childerhouse, of the 22nd Reinforcements, was farewelled on the eve of his final departure for Trentham. Mr S. Muir, on behalf of the firm and employees of Mr John Muir and Sons, with whom Mr Childerhouse has been associated for many years, spoke of the sterling qualities of the late employee, and with much pleasure presented him with a set of military brushes, and wallet. Private Childerhouse was also presented with an illuminated wristlet watch by the assembled friends, and wished God speed, bon voyage, and a safe return. The singing of Auld Lang Syne terminated a very happy gathering

2 Nov 1917
... A letter from a Thames member of the 22nd Reinforcements, to his relatives,specailly asks for socks, which he states wil be urgently needed in the winter. He mentions that Private Harry Lang, of the 22nd Reinforcements, had been wounded slightly, not dangerously, and was in the best of spirits when being carried to the field dressing station. Private Tom Childerhouse he states, had been slightly gassed, but was all right again. The gas affected his eyes and he was temporarily blind, but had then quite recovered. A lot of other Thames boys are mentioned, all of who he says are "still going strong"

photo - taken from THAMES, written 1902
- Mr. Ezra Cartwright, Mine Manager of the New Moanatairi Gold Mining Company's Mine, was born in 1856 in Auckland, and educated there and at the Thames. His experience as a miner began when he was twelve years of age, and he was advanced by successive stages to the position of shift boss, foreman, and mine manager. He was for some time employed as foreman at the May Queen and Cambria mines, and was afterwards for two years mine manager at the Nonpareil mine, which he continued to manage until he was appointed to his present position, in November, 1898. Mr. Cartwright studied at the School of Mines, and gained a first-class mine manager's certificate in 1896. He is a Past Master of the Corinthian Lodge of the Order of Freemasons, and as a Forester is attached to Court Pride of Parnell, Thames. Mr. Cartwright was married, in 1887, to a daughter [i(Sarah) of the late Mr. T. (Thomas) Gentles, of the North of Ireland, and has two sons and three daughters (3 daughters at time of writing, later 5 daughters)
John Childerhouse was an uncle of Ezra's wife, Sarah Gentles (she was a daughter of his sister Eliza) & her family was also on the Sir Robert Sale

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by GlenH on 2012-09-23 04:18:29

Eliza Sarah Childerhouse.
Died 1st October 1901 (BDM & Thames Star)
Her Daughter registered BDM as Christiana Mary not Christina.
Donald Stuart Arkle second son of Francis Arkle and Elizabeth Brown. (Refer NZ Herald 27 December 1945 Arkle Death Notice)

Blanche Beatrice Childerhouse
Daughter Lillian Mary died 17 February 1907 aged 4 yrs.

Rose May Childerhouse
Died at Thames 28 June 1907 aged 24 yrs.

Florence Mary Childerhouse
Daughter Joyce Florence Knox B 1917 Kimbolton Fielding

by GlenH on 2012-09-23 04:42:58

Died 1947 aged 75 yrs.
Buried Totara Cemetery Thames

by ngairedith on 2012-09-23 04:59:44

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