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Joseph NORTHOVER married Susan NEILL - Wanganui, Manawatu, Rangitikei

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- this is an on-going project (like all family trees) and is added to & edited often
- children listed are those that are known, there may have been more -
- birth dates may be approximate & based on age at death -
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on finding a RICHARD Northover as a surviving son in the Obituary of Joseph Northover in 1924 (see at end) I have had to 'presume' not a good thing, so your help is imperative
* there is no record of a Richard birth, death OR marriage in NZ
* even though there is a gap between Joseph & Susan's marriage of 1869 and the birth of William in 1872, he can't be child #1 as William, at his death in 1894, was recorded as eldest son (this could mean another daughter birth)
* if added as child #16 at 1895 he would be too young for the MANY references to a R. Northover in Wanganui who was very involved in athletics, golf, football, rowing & a referee in 1912 (there are also many mentions for an H. Northover but there is a Harold, Herbert & Henry in the family)
* although I originally thought of tentatively adding him as child #2, I then found that Henry Northover (1887-1948) was nicknamed 'Dick', why would he be unless his 2nd name was perhaps Richard. Even though there is no Henry or Dick Northover death to be found after 1924, Henry's wife was not a widow when she died in 1954

So, bottom-line, I have this Richard as child #11 (Henry 'Dick')
... of course, this list will be amended if anyone can help

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- was born 3 January 1848, the 3rd of 9 children of:
Josiah (Joseph) NORTHOVER (1822-1879) & Ann MURPHY

Joseph married SUSAN NEILL (1852-1908) in 1869

JOSEPH & SUSAN had 15 (possibly 16) children
- the first 3? (at least) born in Wanganui
- I say possibly 16 as there is a 3 year gap between 1869 marriage and the brith of their first son William. Because, at his death, William was recorded as the 'oldest son', if there was another child it must have been a daughter... research continues

1... 1872 - 1894 William Northover
- born in Aug 1872, William died aged 21
- 3 May 1894 We regret to have to record the death of William Northover, compositor, son of Mr Joseph Northover, foreman of the printing staff on the Marton Advocate. Deceased had been ailing for some time past, and yesterday morning he passed quietly away, a victim to consumption, at the early age of 21 years. We extend our sympathy to Mr and Mrs Northover in ther bereavement.
also NORTHOVER, On the 3rd inst., at his parents' residence, Grey-street, Marton, William, eldest son of Joseph and Susan Northover, aged 21 years and 9 months. Deeply regretted.

2... 1875 - 1875 Annie Catherine Northover
- born 28 Jan 1875, Annie died 22 May 1875 aged 4 months
- 24 May 1875 NORTHOVER, On the 22nd inst., at the residence of her parents, Guyton Street, Wanganui, Anne, only daughter of Mr J. Northover, aged 4 months
- (this then means, if she was an 'only daughter', then if there was a daughter born 1869-1971, she died before 1875)

3... 1876 - 1950 ?? Annie Northover
- born 30 Jan 1876
- Annie married Fred HAGUE 21 Jan 1911 in Utiku, 9 days before her 35th birthday
- 2 death dates found for a Fred Hague (1875-1929) OR (1869-1940)
- no Annie Hague with correct birth-death date found on BDM
- it is possibly that it was Annie who was listed as MISS Northover of Auckland in her father's obituary as an Annie Northover died in Auckland 4 Aug 1950 aged 74 (birth year of 1876) & her ashes scattered Waikumete

4... 1877 - 1938 John Joseph Northover
- born Xmas Day 1877
- he married Ada May BETT (1886-1939) 20 May 1909 in Marton
- John died in Auckland, 29 Aug 1938 aged 60
- listed as a Waterside Worker
- Ada May died 7 months later on 6 March 1939 aged 53
- their ashes were scattered at Waikumete

5... 1879 - 1903 Samuel George Northover
- born 7 Feb 1879
- Samuel lived in (or around) Marton and enjoyed sport. He played rugby for the Feilding Club and excelled in long distance cycling
- Samuel died 4 July 1903 aged 24

6... 1880 - 1949 Mary Katherine 'Kate' Northover
- born 25 March 1880
- she married George William BENNETT 13 Jan 1899 in Wanganui
... 13 January 1899 WEDDING BELLS, The wedding of a popular young lady brought up in the town, and a daughter of one so well-known and respected as Mr Northover, was bound to have attracted a large number to witness her marriage, which took place to-day. The fortunate bridegroom was Mr G. Bennet, for some time in the office of the local station, but now stationmaster at Te Aute. The Rev Mr Gardiner, of the Anglican Church, was the officiating clergyman. The bride was attired in a cream lustre dress, with the usual orange blossoms and veil, and was attended by Miss Lena (Helena) Northover (in pale blue dress trimmed with pale blue silk, Annie Northover (in pale blue, trimmed with pink), and Annie Bennet (heliotrope satin, cream yoke and cream sleeves), with hats to match. Mrs Northover was dressed in a black grenadine, and Mrs Collins (of Featherston) in black heliotrope. Mr H. Price acted as best man. The bridesmaids wore handsome gold brooches, the gift of the bridegroom, while he gave to his bride a beautiful gold watch and chain and gold brooch. On leaving the Church they were well showered with rice. The wedding breakfast was partaken of at the residence of the bride's parents, a feature of the spread being the excellent and handsome three-decker wedding cake, a monument of the handiwork and skill of Mr H. J. Parker. The wedding presents were costly, numerous and pretty. The happy couple left by the mail train for Napier, where their honeymoon is to be spent, and in their new sphere we wish them every happiness
- Mary was SAID to have died in 1949 but not mentioned in her father's 1924 obituary

7... 1881 - ? Eleanor May Northover
- born 3 June 1881
- Eleanor is not mentioned in her father's 1924 obituary

8... 1881 - 1931 Helena 'Lena' May Northover
- born in 1881, Helena was possibly a twin with Eleanor
- she is mentioned in her father's obituary below
- she married Robert Page McKINLEY (1873-1954) in Wanganui 1920
- Helena died in 27 November 1931 aged 50

9... 1884 - 1967 Alfred Herbert Northover
- born 22 March 1884
- in 1905 Alfred was in Palmerston North when he took over the Railway Junction position in Marton from D. A. Green, himself being trnsferred to Wanganui
- in July 1907 he was tansferred from Marton to Stratford
- he married Elsie Lydia STANNERS 10 Aug 1911 in Eltham
... 14 August 1911 At Eltham on Thursday afternoon, Mr A. H. Northover, stationmaster at Ohakune, was married to Miss Elsie Stanners, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs T. C. Stanners. The nuptial ceremony was performed at All Saints Church by the Rev. G. W. Dent
- Elsie died 5 years later on 30 November 1916
... 2 December 1916 Sincere regret was expressed on the death of Mrs A. H. Northover, which took place on Thursday night, at the residence of her parents (Mr and Mrs T. C. Stanners). She had been ailing for a long time, and the end was not unexpected
- by 17 Feb 1920 Alfred was in Wanganui when he married Eva Nellie GODFREY
... 17 February 1920 WEDDING, On Tuesday, February 17, at St Mary's Church, Hawera, a quiet wedding was soleminised, when Miss Eva Nellie, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs E. Godfrey, was married to Mr A. H. Northover, of Wanganui. The Rev J. G. Castle, of Eltham, performed the ceremony. The bride, who was given away be her father, looked charming in a cream costume and cream hat lined with blue, and carried a bouquet of white flowers and maidenhair fern. The bridesmaid, Miss Jessie Godfrey, wore a grey costume and heliotrope georgette hat, and carried a bouquet of heliotrope flowers and maidenhair fern. The bouquets were the gift of Mrs Lovell. The bridegroom's gift to the bride was a beautiful gold bangle, and to the bridesmaid a gold pendant set with peridots and pearls. The duties of best man were carried out by Mr H. Hornblow, of Eltham. Mrs King played the Wedding March. After the ceremony the guests were entertained at the residence of the bride's parents. Later in the day Mr and Mrs Northover left by car for the south where the honeymoon is to be spent. The bride's travelling costume was pale green gaberdine and black sailor hat
- in March 1932 Alfred was again tranferred, as stationnmaster, to Palmerston North
... 17 August 1932 There is apparently only a very remote possibilty of the Railway Department re-establishing the train passenger service between Foxton and Palmerston North. Such at least was the general opinion expressed at last evening's meeting of the council of the Palmerston North Chamber of Commerce after the stationmaster (Mr A. H. Northover) had placed the facts and figures before the meeting
- Alfred died on 16 June 1967 aged 83

10... 1886 - 1951 Louis Neill Northover
- born 13 Jan 1886
- Louis served as Rifleman 25/133 with the NZ Rifle Brigade, 3rd Battalion, B Company
... 2 December 1916 Still seriously il, Rifleman L. N. Northover (J. Norther, Eltham, father)
- 10 October 1918 WELCOME HOME. Several invalided soldiers reached Eltham last night, and included in the number were H. McLaughlin (Rawhitiroa), L. N. Northover (Eltham) and Thompson (Kaponga). There was a good crowd to meet them, and in the absence of the Mayor, Mr L. B. Grimstone gave them a hearty welcome on behalf of the town and district, Three hearty cheers were also given them
- he married Mabel Jessie HENDERSON in 1919
- Louis died 31 January 1951 aged 65

11... 1887 - 1948 Henry 'Dick' Northover
- (see "IMPORTANT NOTE" above)
- born 22 March 1887 (he shared his birthday with Alfred)
- he married Isabel Gertrude 'Belle' CANNON (1889-1954) in 1914
- Henry is SAID to have died in Wanganui in 1948 but no record yet found and the fact that his wife was not recorded as a widow at her death in 1954 indicates he may have died after that date
- Isabel died in Auckland 19 Oct 1954 & cremated at Waikumete. She was recorded as Mrs Northover (as opposed to 'widow'). Her ashes were interred 19 Sep 1960 in PLOT 566, DIVISION 10, BLOCK C at Wanganui

12... 1888 - 1925 Harold Northover
- born 31 Oct 1888
- Harold was Secretary to the Egmont Box Company & the Eltham Dairy Company
- he married Margaret Violet HANNING in 1913
- Harold died 5 August 1925 aged 36 & buried at Eltham cemetery

13... 1890 - 1890 Martha Northover
- born 18 Aug 1890, Martha died aged 1 hour

14... 1891 - 1952 Mildred Agnus Northover
- born 31 Dec 1891
- she married Charles Albert WAINWRIGHT in 1914
- Mildred died 12 April 1952 aged 61

15... 1893 - 1901 Ethel Northover
- born 28 July 1893, Ethel died aged 7
... 17 Jan 1901 NORTHOVER, At the Railway Hotel, Marton, on 16th January, Ethel, youngest daughter of Mr J. Northover, aged 7 years and 7 months. The funeral will leave the Railway Hotel, Marton, on Friday, 18th January, 1901, for the Anglican Cemetery. Friends are cordially invited - James McChesney, Undertaker


Joseph Northover was the Managing Foreman of the Rangitikei Advocate for 30 years
- He was also the proprietor of the Railway Hotel in Marton

... 5 Feb 1868 WANGANUI FIRE INQUEST (Joseph, now aged 20, called as witness) ... The next witness called was a printer in the Chronicle office, named Joseph Northover, who deposted ... (more)

... 10 June 1869 WANGANUI RESIDENT MAGISTRATE'S COURT (Joseph, now aged 21, appearing as a witness) ... Joseph Northover sworn said: I am a printer; I know the pony, and sold it to Mr Kells about three years ago; when I sold him he had been mine about tweve months

... 19 May 1871 SUDDEN DEATH in WANGANUI (Joseph's siser Mary (1853-1871) ... Another case of almost sudden death occurred yesterday. Miss Northover, daughter of Mr J. Northover, of this town, was taken ill on Wednesday evening and died at 4 pm. on Thursday. The deceased was in the servive of Mrs Rankin, and it is supposed that the excitement caused by the death of Mr Rankin, brought on the attack which ended so fatally. What makes the case if possible more painful is, that the deceased was to have been married on the first of next month

... 25 March 1873 WANGANUI COURT (where Susan Northover, now aged 21, is a witness in a charge against Frederick Trice for having 'feloniously stolen' ?14 7s 6d (equivalent in Dec 2011 to $1800) from the dwelling house of Jesse Campbell) ... Susan Northover deposed - I am the wife of Joseph Northover, and reside in Guyton street, the same street as Mrs Rae; I was at home on Sunday evening last; I heard a horse ome up to the gate and the gate opening; I thought it was my own gate and I listened, and I heard after a time the gate close and the horse go away again ... (more)

... 1 Dec 1875 WANGANUI TEA MEETING in aid of St Mary's Church ... One of the most successful affairs which have taken place in Wanganui was the tea meeting which was held last evening in the Odd Fellows' Hall, in aid of the funds of St Mary's new church. The spacious hall was laid out with ten tables, and tables were also laid out on the stage, at which the large number of children who were present were seated. The tables were decorated with flowers and loaded with a profusion of buns, cakes, sandwiches, tarts, fruit and other things, and delicacies in such quantities as to successfully defy the repeated assaults made on them by continued relays of guests. The following ladies presided over the tables:- ... table 4. Mrs NEILL and Mrs NORTHOVER

... 10 March 1896 - Edward South of the Railway Hotel, Marton, transfered the license to Joseph Northover

... 23 June 1897 During the long wait at the Marton station, the Manchester Rifles were hospitably entertained by Mr and Mrs Northover, the genial host and hostess of the Railway Hotel

... 6 May 1903 The many friends of Mr Joseph Northover, the well known proprietor of the Marton Hotel, will regret to learn he is at present suffering from a severe illness

... 27 Nov 1908 It is with sincere regret that we announce the death, at Marton, yesterday, of Mrs Joseph Northover, at the age of 56. The deceased lady, who suffered a long and painful illness, was a daughter of the late Major Neill, of Wanganui, and was widely known and respected throughout the district

31 July 1924 - DEATH, The many friends of Mr Joseph Northover will regret to learn of his death, which occurred at the Wanganui Hospital yesterday afternoon, after an illness lasting for several months (says the Chronicle). The late Mr Northover was in his 76th year, and was one of the most highly respected citizens of Marton. He was the managing foreman on the Rangitikei Advocate for a period of thirty years, after which he acquired th Railway and Club Hotels ar Marton.
On the death of his wife he retired from active business. The deceased gentleman was a keen sportsman, a splenid shot, and an enthusiastic angler. A family of five sons and four daughters are left to mourn their loss

I have listed there here in # birth order which is different from the paper

... Miss:-
#3 Northover - Auckland (Annie ?)

... Messrs:-
#4 Joseph Northover - Auckland (John Joseph)
#9 Herbert Northover - Wanganui (Alfred Herbert)
#10 Louis Northover - Marton (Louis Neill)
#11 Richard Northover - Wanganui (Henry 'Dick' ?)
#12 Harold Northover - Eltham

... Mesdames:-
#6 Bennett - Whangarei (Mary Katherine)
#8 McKinley - Wanganui (Helena May)
#14 Wainwright - Wanganui (Mildred Agnes)

... children not mentioned
- therefore known to be (or probably) deceased
#1 William Northover (1872-1894)
#2 Annie Northover (1875-1875)
#5 Samuel George Northover (1879-1903)
#7 Eleanor May (1881-?)
#13 Martha Northover (1890-1890)
#15 Ethel Northover (1893-1901)

HEADSTONE of Joseph & Susan Northover at Marton
- PLOT 77, ROW XVI, BLOCK 1, AREA Old at Mr View Cemetery
headstone reads:
In loving memory of
born 3/1/1848
died 31/7/1924
(On the back of this headstone facing Susan's PLOT 39)
In loving memory of SUSAN NORTHOVER
died 26/11/1908 aged 56 years

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