WINGATE marriages 1867-1940 Victoria Australia
by tonkin 1 month ago
WINGATE marriages 1867-1940 Victoria Australia. WINGATE (males) James married: Annie HILLHOUSE 1867. Three Issues located. 1. Annie Martha, born 1869, Ballarat, Victoria. 2. James, born 1871, Ballarat, Victoria. 3. William Benjamin,...
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Looking for John Boyd New zealand
by Margy1935 1 month ago
Great-grandfather was Abraham Banham and mother was either Lily or Hannah Banham .This is a missing the puzzle John Boyd
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Looking for birth and parents of John Joshua Martin from the Compton Que. area
by Emartin 1 month ago
We have the complete history of John Joshua Martin b:20May1832 we think??) from his marriage to Mary Jane Paul (2Sep1856 in Ascot, Sherbrooke, Quebec) till his death 27Aug1920 in Martinville, Compton Quebec, Canada. What we also know is that he...
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Beginning Family Tree for Brian George Edwards born May 1954, parents Mary and Peter Edwards, Stoke on Trent, Staffs
by AlisonParrack 1 month ago
Hi, I am trying to create a family tree as a favour to a friend, whose family came from Stoke on Trent area, Staffs, England. His father and mother and both grandparents being passed, I am without a starting point for history available through...
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John Clinton Burkett of Knox County, OH 1879-1971
by NanniJan 1 month ago
So little has been recorded about my mother-in-law Olive Burkett Taylor's family. She was the only daughter of Nettie and John Burkett; however, she did have a brother, Lawrence Burkett, who was considerably older. My husband knew his...
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Augustine J(M) "Gussie" Smith
.I have hit my "brick wall" my Granny was Mary A.(O) Pierce Bozeman b 11 Nov. 1883 Covington, Al D. 5 Jan 1956 She passed away in Loxley, Al She is buried at Good Hope Cemetery, Ala. Her mother was Augustine J(M) "Gussie" Smith b. Mar 1852 d. 28...
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"where was my grandfather David Hovis from?"
by grammiecarolyn 1 month ago
This is my very first posting and am just a little intimidated! So will just jump in and ask if there is any information out there about my great grandfather, David Hovis who was married to Anna Hart sometime before 1890. She appears on the 1900...
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Anthony Golden
by Searcher66 1 month ago
I am looking for information on Anthony Golden who was supposed to living in County Mayo in the period 1835-1865. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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Searching for BASTIN, Thomas
by 5thGenNzBastin 1 month ago
I have done all I can here in New Zealand. Thomas married Martha Alice Smith here in 1886, but there is no record in New Zealand of when or where he was born. He died at Waipukurau in 1947, aged 86. They had 9 children together. Can anybody...
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Im looking for King in Porum, OK, USA
by tiaking714 1 month ago
I'm trying to find information on my grandfather who was born in porum his name was theodore ralph king b.30 June 1924 his parent were john w.king and imola nadine bartlet. I can't seem to find any official documents other than social security...
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WINGATE marriages (males) 1858-1934 South Australia
by tonkin 1 month ago
WINGATE marriages (males) 1858-1934 South Australia. WINGATE (males) William Married: Catherine DAVEY. Date: 25 November 1858. Place: Wesleyan Church, Gawler River, South Australia. Ten Issues located. 1. Catherine, born 12 October...
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Waldie- Scotland
by AJJBC 1 month ago
I am a long time Waldie researcher ...(along with many other Scots surname). At present I am attempting to find the origins of the Waldie name and where they originally came from. I have heard many different opinions,along with many different...
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John William Bevan
by kathbeth 1 month ago
Could any help me Find out were John William Bevan was born and when he arrived in Australia. Born 1819 died 1847. Married to Elizabeth Cock and Catherine Smetheram. Lived Moonta South Australia
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Trying to find info for Hamilton's in Ireland
by Msdolla25 1 month ago
I want to find out if I'm related to any of the Hamilton's in Ireland
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looking for Allans from Swona Orkney
by ants 1 month ago
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Narrowing on in on Walter Todman born 1866
by kerbent 1 month ago
I have looked at the census between 1871 and 1881 to find my man. Since he may have changed his name I have attempted to research the following combinations â Walter Todman, Walter Willoughby, James Todman & James Willoughby....
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James/Walter Willoughby/Todman 1871 1891 Censuses
by kerbent 1 month ago
I have been scouring the censuses in order to find out if my Walter Todman who I think may have changed his name either on the way to Australia from England or when he got to Australia. I have written before about my search for his identity which...
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Lillie Adams
by Greyworm 1 month ago
Lillie or Lilly Adams Born-Bedfordshire-England-About 1873. Parents-Father-James Adams Mother-Charlotta Augusta Adams-Maiden name-Smith Came to New Zealand at the age of 4 with her parents.
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Leete family origin
by grammiecarolyn 1 month ago
Looking for history of Horace M. Leete, b.1840 d.1911 - spouse Hannah and two sons, Elmer and William Maurice, Originally from Allegany NY. Buried Portage Valley Cemetery, Port Allegany PA. William and Clara Leet had one son, Lee Maurice Leet, who...
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