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Peter Kilduff 1804 - 1850
by janilye 1 month ago
Tried: Westmeath Arrived on the vessel 'FORTH' Master Henry Hutton, Surgeon Superintendent Thomas Robertson. (The Forth departed Cork 21 October 1834 with 196 male prisoners. Arrived in Port Jackson on Monday 3 February 1835. One man died on...
Gillies in N.S.W. Australia
by rover430 1 month ago
by Jleone66 1 month ago
Hi all other researchers, I am researching the following family members and would appreciate any information on the following families, TARLING, FOOTE, JONES,PRIOR,ANDREWS, DANIELS(AKA AYLING),HODSON,PERRY, warm regards Jenni
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HEDRICK of Australia, Benambra, 18th century
by Tracey_Hedrick 1 month ago
Can anyone help me with any events/history for JAMES BROWN HEDRICK married to ELIZABETH MARY MAUDE (BETTS)
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looking for information on Thelma Josephine BOLGER born about 1914 to Maria BOLGER born 1894 no father listed on her wedding certificate. She married Frank Thomas Young FLOYD on 9 Dec 1931 at Condobolin. they had 7 children between 1932 to about 1940.
by arice03 1 month ago
she left her husband and children when the youngest was only a few months old.i would like to find out what happened to her after this period in her life. I have hit a dead end chasing this.
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Septimus Rowe
by BONDI 1 month ago
Looking for marriage to Doreen McLachlan 1960-1970
EAMES Deaths Victoria Australia 1865-1900
by tonkin 1 month ago
EAMES Deaths Victoria Australia 1865-1900 Males Thomas. Born: Galway. Died: 1865 Victoria. Age: 64 years. Parents: Edward EAMES & Mary JOYCE. George Henry. Born: 1865 Woolshed, Victoria. Mother: Recorded as Margaret Frances...
EAGLE Deaths Victoria Australia 1870-1920
by tonkin 1 month ago
EAGLE Deaths Victoria Australia 1870-1920. Males Solomon Born: Ireland. Died: 1870 Victoria. Age: 62 years. Elias George. Born: 1871 Portland, Victoria. Died: 1877 Victoria. Age: 05 years. Parents: Elias EAGLE & Mar Ann...
Just a Maindee Kid!
by len_phyllis 1 month ago
I am a Scottish born Welshwoman, married to a colonial, and I live in New Zealand. I guess that sounds somewhat strange. But I can neither change the land of my birth or the country that captured my heart as I grew up there, Wales! or Cartref as...
EMERY Deaths Victoria Australia 1880-1890
by tonkin 1 month ago
EMERY Deaths Victoria Australia 1880-1890. Males Arthur Charles. Born: circa 1880 Hawthorn, Victoria. (Birth not located) Died: 1880 Victoria. Age: 13 months. Parents: unknown EMERY & Annie SWEENEY. George. Born: 1881 Ballarat,...
is there any free masons on the graham family side
by tokenman400 1 month ago
please contact me at [email protected] my name is scott finch my mothers last name was graham
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by jasongilbert 1 month ago
EDMONDS Deaths (males) Victoria Australia 1881-1901
by tonkin 1 month ago
EDMONDS Deaths Victoria Australia 1881-1901 Males Thomas Fredrick Laurence. Died: 1881 Diamond Creek, Victoria. Age: 45 years. Parents: Charles EDMONDS & Harriet FLOWER. Frederick Harvey. Born: 1881 Williamstown, Victoria....
I am beginning to research my fathers family history and looking for information on an Amelia Violet Jackson born in NZ in 1903. She married a Michael Henry O'Leary in 1926 in Timaru and they went on to have 9 children incl my father Robert Henry in 193
by Countycork 1 month ago
Would like to know where Amelia was born (it may have been the West Coast of NZ) and how many children she and Michael had and their birth dates and names - There was a Violet and a Peter maybe a Michael.
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