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WILKES/MADDALENA in Dungog and Manning Valley, NSW, AU
by laren 10 years ago
I've run into a bit of a brick wall researching the Wilkes family. The person I am interested in is Albert Vincent WILKES. He was born 22 Mar 1902, Stuarts River, NSW, Australia. D. 1973 in Evans Head, NSW, Australia Now the squirly part...
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by ngairedith 10 years ago
This is a fascinating site - the information changes so quickly - POPULATION CLOCK ..I should have recorded the population at time of writing on December 23, 2012 19:48:11, it was 6,882,349,027 this differs from this site which was...
Hockridge One Name Study
by juljacho 10 years ago
I am setting up a Hockridge One Name Study Website and would love to hear from anyone connected to the Hockridge Family
Searching for Wells family in Washington State
by Precious8585 10 years ago
I'm just looking for information about my family. Where we come from..who ive missed out on. My family isnt too very curious! My grandfather was George Ruben Wells, born in 1900. He married Iva Jean Yates.
Looking for Information on the Howard Family
by Corky44 10 years ago
I am researching the Howard family from Partington in Cheshire. James Howard was born in 1847, his father was Joseph Howard. According to family information, James Howard worked at Dunham Massey, a Stately Home in the early 1870's. Towards the...
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Looking for info. on Daniel Druckenmiller (PA) 1819-1883
by thelobachs 10 years ago
Daniel was married to Catharine Miller (1821-1913) and his kids were: Ambrosses (1845-1849), Wilson (1848 - ), William (1850-1905), Addison (1852-1907), Milton (1854-1866), and Ellemanda (1857-1866). The family resided in the Upper Milford area of...
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Looking for Danyluk Family of Ukraine
by DDT 10 years ago
I really don't have much. I am doing this fo rmy father in-law and given his age ( 74 ) he really doesn't remember. ( Wassyl Danyluk, name changed after family got to the USA )Bascially I have a Walter Kajkowski ( great grand father ) married a...
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John Harker and Margaret Shade Updated June 2008
by MsMeridy 10 years ago
John Harker was the second child of Leonard and Mary Harker and was 8 years old when he accompanied his family to Australia in 1852. In the June of 1852, his dad Leonard (44) his mum Mary (35) his four siblings Margaret 10,Elizabeth 6,Mary 4...
david and pat dunstan
by theresa45 10 years ago
sadley they both died in plane crash in tasmania.david dustan was well known man, has so was his wife patrica rose,trying to find family members of them and looking for pat surname has she has well was a foster child in lton tasmania.can get for...
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pettolino melbourne and nielsen family tasmaina
by theresa45 10 years ago
on my children side they are pettolino if any one needs info on that side family melbourne austraila and my other childern are neilsen, if any one looking for that side family in tasmaina.
ISO BILL BELL my sons father, passed in Missouri(car fatility)
by nannyb715 10 years ago
Here is all info i have................................................. Name is Bill Bell, as much as i remember.. We both met in Ca. 1963 Lancaster, Ca. I remember he was either 3 years older or younger than me (i think younger) I was born...
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ISO birth state of Dad and where he was adopted
by nannyb715 10 years ago
I am in search of my dads birth place and where he was adopted here is the info. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ISO my dad Kenyon Richard Bennett (went by mostly, Ken Bennett) Well first does your...
masters also greig also nunn tasmania austraila
by theresa45 10 years ago
annie catherine nunn married a wallace vincent masters become annie catherine masters .Mother of wallace vincent masters margret lieitia greig Father of wallace arthur masters.Wallace severed in world war 1 and 2 he was from lonford,annie masters...
looking for coffey coffee tasmaina
by theresa45 10 years ago
trying o find willam coffey, coffee,back in the 70ts he was working has butcher in launceston he went bye name bill has any one got him in family plz has i would love to make family connection.
thompson tasmania
by theresa45 10 years ago
paul thompson married a sue sussan in launceston tasmania trying to find sue maiden name has she was a foster child in mayfield tasmania has child trying to see if she is member of my family tree,has there could be a great family connection can...
looking for richards aus
by theresa45 10 years ago
charles richards(vic)married amy??????she became amy richards they had childern one son graeme leslie richards age 51 at time death.born around 1940 devonport tas,this info was taken from graeme richards death notice in paper tas ,on grave says...
looking for smith nsw tasmaina
by theresa45 10 years ago
doris gwedoline smith was living launceston tasmaina,in the 70ts,she had a kieth raymond smith at same place of living st john street lton,not sure thou keith smith might been born nsw .aus,kieth had 1 daughter 2 sons daughter living hobart tas...
looking for mcauley austraila tasmaina
by theresa45 10 years ago
elizabeth mcauley married frank derbyshire they had childern one was beatrice iris roseamonde derbyshire she married george arnol tasmaina they had 3 female childern one irene may arnol other names can be sent but has rest living plz ask,and...
Looking for Josef DRDLA of Omaha, Nebraska
by DEE_C 10 years ago
Wife, Katherine, Children; Frank, Mary, Joseph, Josephine, Louis, Helen, and Agnes. Lived in Omaha, Nebraska. 1897-1950's. Interested in exchaning any information.
My Grandmother, my jewel, Josephine Coffelt Norris
by sdsmith 10 years ago
This is a little story about my grandmother Josephine Coffelt Norris, who is the apple of my eye. I always call her my "jewel" because that's exactly what she is. I was raised by my grandmother as a baby. I lived w/her and my grandfather...
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