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Acland Hood
by hvnurse 9 years ago
I've come into possesion of an original document 1875 relating to Isabel harriet Fuller Acland Hood and her husband Sir Alexander. I was hoping to find it a good home with perhaps a descendant of this family. other names are mentioned and a list...
by karenwikander 9 years ago
Father name Ernest, brother Raymond, sister Grace from NJ
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looking for family information: Cara Wadsworth (Glover) & Romeo Wadsworth born around the 1900's
by ayennior 9 years ago
I am seeking information on my Great-grandparents Cara Wadsworth (Glover) & Romeo Wadsworth I believe they were born around the 1900's, I know they had 14 children: kenney pat brady chuck nick lee bob nelson emmie dode vi sara...
Looking for information on Vera Denton & Clifford Denton born 1918-1930
by ayennior 9 years ago
I am seeking information on my grandparents Vera Denton & Clifford Denton I believe they were born somewhere betwen 1918-1930, I know they had 11 children: david keith darrel peggy rita diane janice jackie kimberly Thomas Dennis...
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Looking for information on Catherine Artman (Crawford) born around 1900
by ayennior 9 years ago
I am seeking information on my Great-grandparents Catherine Artman (Crawford) & her husband, I think his name was Robert Artman I believe they were born around the 1900's and I know she died in th 1980's, I know they had 1 child: Robert born...
Newfoundland Steads
by Newf 9 years ago
My first known ancester is William Stead who married in 1788 at Bonavista,Newfoundland (now part of Canada).Thomas Stead (my great great grandfather lived in Bird Island Cove(now Elliston),Newfoundland.He had 11 children-Elizabeth(1821-),Benjamin...
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by Karijntje 9 years ago
It seems my family comes to a stand still. My census records do not list exactly what I am looking for. My grandfather (deceased) always talked about that he was from Olive Hill, Kentucky. I find slight different records with correct names but...
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Looking for Sandra Kaye Lueck, I found her 1960 baby book
by iamdunroamin 9 years ago
She was born to Donna Jean (nee Smith) and James Albert Lueck in 1960. I have her baby book, complete with a lock of her hair from infancy. I would LOVE to get this to her. She might have a younger sibling either Shawn or Sharon, I can't read...
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Salthouse Leyton, Blackpool UK
by Jess301102 9 years ago
Does anyone have any deatils of the Salthouse`s from Blackpool? I know there are lots of them, possibly from different lines of the family, but I am looking for Salthouses associated with the old rag factory, on or near Thomas Street, in...
Pearce`s in Hampshire
by Jess301102 9 years ago
I am looking for members of the Pearce family, mainly from Hampshire, UK. I have, with some good asistance, managed to trace some of the fmily back to 1763, or there abouts. There are some twigs on the tree that need to be discovered, and this is...
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John Curtis Tolliday
by MsMeridy 9 years ago
His mother was Jane Curtis who was born in 1799. She married Nathaniel Tolliday. John had siblings Susan, Elizabeth, Christiana and William. John and sister Susan were the same age according to a Census compiled so maybe they were twins. Or...
Jane Tolliday nee Curtis from Cambridge
by MsMeridy 9 years ago
Jane Curtis was born in 1799. She was married to Nathaniel Tolliday. and they had children Susan, John, Elizabeth, Christiana, William. Nathaniel drowned in 1853 and Jane and her four children along with two spouses and three grand daughters...
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Agnon Charles Louis Numa and Christiana Tolliday decendants updated June 2008
by MsMeridy 9 years ago
Christiana, her brothers William and John and sister Elizabeth and her mother Jane (nee Curtis) immigrated to Australia. They departed Southhampton Oct 17th 1854 on the ship British Empire and arrived in Geelong, Victoria on Jan 15th 1855....
Charles Clark immigrated to Australia 1855 Updated August 23rd 2009
by MsMeridy 9 years ago
Charles Clark immigrated to Australia with his wife Elizabeth nee Tolliday and infant daughter Jane. The ship British Empire left Southhampton on 17th October 1854 and arrived at Point Henry, Geelong, Victoria on 15th January 1855. Other...
Looking for: Thompson, White, Vernon, Needham, Brookes
by Lynney 9 years ago
I am trying to trace my families history and am looking for the names above. My Grandparents on one side link with the surnames Thompson and White and they were based around Binbrook area in Lincolnshire. My Grandparents on the other side link...
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Looking for Gustav Moritz Dallman(n) of Iowa Ancestors
by mamiep 9 years ago
My grandfather Gustav was born and raised in the Pommeran area of Germany and came to the United States by way of Nova Scotia, with his wife Emily (Friske) and young son Hugo, around 1891-92, my father Paul william Frederick Dallman was the first...
Paul Arthur Becquet Jr.
by becq1 9 years ago
Looking for Paul Arthur Becquet Jr.Mother's name Anngie.father Paul Arthur Becquet. father deceased in Germany.
looking for Vincent Becquet,Phillipe Becquet, Berthae Becquet,and Jeanne ,...
by becq1 9 years ago
looking for Vincent Becquet,Phillipe Becquet, Berthae Becquet,and Jeanne , all from France.
looking for Becquet of France
by becq1 9 years ago
looking for family ties for Noal Becquet born about 1677 wife was Elisabeth Delbruyaare.born before1715.son was Jean Michel Becquet born before 1726 inBailleul Sir Berthoult
by ascook 9 years ago
looking for richard condra, b.1734 in chesterfield,va thanks