Looking into a family link to a Isabella Waterson who married a Thomas Kaye
by AnthonyGerard 2 weeks, 3 days ago
Thomas Kaye, of the Isle of Mann, was my Great Great Grandfather. I know very little of this family history and would like to learn more. I Live in NZ where Thomas's son Evan Kaye came to in about the 1870s approximately. Cheers, Gerard
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gedcom file to teresa howie
by junecarter 2 weeks, 3 days ago
save shere + copy to pint ashton - roche gedcom file related to june carter mrsmilner
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Any information on the Bottom family from Kentucky
by cwartchow 2 weeks, 3 days ago
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Looking for family around the Smoky Mountains
by frankdavis 2 weeks, 3 days ago
Im Frank Davis. desendant of Benjamin Richard Davis MD. Looking for more info on family still living around Tennessee ,Florida and Alabama.
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Looking for any information regarding Francis Edward King , of London circa 1926
by eldort 2 weeks, 3 days ago
Greetings, Does anyone recognize this name? He is identified as the attorney and assistant bank manager in London in 1926. Cheers Eldoret
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Edward Donnelly - Albany c 1865 / 1910
by Boscod 2 weeks, 3 days ago
Looking for descendants of Edward, family details as follows; Possibly born in Dublin 1842 (Parents Edward Donnelly & Anne Dunn) Emigrated to US in 1865 Occupations - Granite Stone Cutter / Stone Contractor Married Mary Anne in 1871...
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looking for George Todd Steel. Father John Steel/ w.Margaret Todd. Glasgow to Edmonton Canada
by bonnyrx 2 weeks, 3 days ago
Emigrated about 1909. They were grocers in Minnesota and then Canada. Any info about ancestors appreciated. George married Mary Simpson Hunter in Glasgow. Mary Hunters father, John Anderson Hunter married Mary Sutherland in Blythewoods, Glasgow...
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Hunter reasearch
by bonnyrx 2 weeks, 3 days ago
Any of the forenames look familiar? Archibald, John, Isabella,Mason, Andrew, Alexander,Marion, Thomas. These are traditional names for my Hunter family line. If so I would like to hear from you. They were mostly all in the Edinburgh and Linlithgow...
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John Joseph Botten born circa 1838 Hoxton, London
by SweetBee 2 weeks, 3 days ago
My great grand aunt Mary Ann Hegg married John Joseph Botten in December of 1863 at St Dunstan's Church, Stepney (have the marriage certificate if anyone would like a copy. I'd be very interested to hear from any Botten relatives. From my research...
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Horace Lester Mclean from Michigan
by lorelynn 2 weeks, 4 days ago
I am searching the family of my grandmother's birth father. His name was Horace Lester Mclean, married Esther Langworthy (believe that's her last name), his children being Nora, Jacqueline, Lester, and Earl. His parents, I believe, were Archibald...
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James Hays (Augusta VA) and his son Jeremiah of McCracken Co, Ky
by sdr63 2 weeks, 4 days ago
I'm needing to find proof of lineage between James Hays, who fought Rev. War at Battle of Blue Licks, KY and later moved to Montgomery Co. MO....and his son Jeremiah Hays, husband of Martha "Patsy" Doyle/Doyel of McCracken Co. KY. Can be land...
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HARMON/HERMANN of Pennsylvania
by Gin 2 weeks, 4 days ago
HARMON/HERMANN, HENRY was born in Weurtemburg, Germany in the early 1800s, came to America and married Emerintha ??? and they had a daughter, Catherine Margaret Harmon who married Anthony Bender. The families primarily lived in the Altoona,...
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Looking for piereRe
by TokaToka70 2 weeks, 4 days ago
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Looking for piere
by TokaToka70 2 weeks, 4 days ago
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Nichols/Ellcey; Augusta Maine
by lorelynn 2 weeks, 4 days ago
looking for Charles Franklin Nichols (Ellcey) family. His parents were Amos B. Nichols and Catherine Mann. Charles was born in Augusta Maine. I did see somewhere that someone wrote Amos and Catherine lived in Lenawee, mi until his death and was...
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Rankin Family... where do i belong?
by pinkjazcat 2 weeks, 5 days ago
Hi I am trying to trace my family's geneology. My Dad Terry John Paul Rankin Born Oct 1945 died when I was 9 in 1990. I am pretty sure he originated in Geelong, Victoria, Australia and I know he went to school there. I have never been given much...
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Searching for knowledge.
by missd40 2 weeks, 5 days ago
My name is Darlene Ngawai Mihaka, I am half Maori half Samoan. My bloodlines run from Ngapuhi (north auckland) Te Arawa Rotorua and Western Samoan Tanugamanono Upolu. Unfortunately I feel I have been deprived of knowledge from both bloodlines. I...
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Giles Taverner b 1650 Wiltshire
by painterian 2 weeks, 5 days ago
I need to confirm that the father of my Ancestor Giles Taverner b c 1650 married to Susan Rimell, was Richard Taverner b c 1601 married to Martha Bedell please.
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