'looking for noggin'
by AlisonParrack 6 days, 10 hours ago
Does anyone know what as happened to noggin's responses ? It now states user deactivated. Noggin was helping me search my family and from the posts a lot of other users too. So now I cannot double check previous post. I assume user deactivated...
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McGiffords of County Down Ireland
by redwillow 9 years, 2 months ago
Hello , My name is Marilyn. My grandfather was Hugh McGifford from Govan Glasgow where he was the son of several children of Arthur McGifford and first married to Margaret O.Hara and secondly to Jane Barclay. His afther was James...
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Looking for family history of my father... Douglas Ray Judy...
by nerdgirl2012 2 years, 5 months ago
heard that he was born in Germany and then was adopted. He came to the United States... Born May 8th 1958 and died July 11th 2011 Who was his father... and any other relatives...
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Our First Farmer - Colony of New South Wales
by janilye 6 days, 16 hours ago
The claim on the headstone of James Ruse 1760-1837 that he sowed the first grain in the Colony is not accurate. Ruse certainly was the first person to cultivate the ground for his own benefit, but he was not our first farmer. That distinction...
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looking for jane heenan 1779
by jforbes1187 1 year, 5 months ago
Looking for details links with jane heenan and william hatch both bn bt 1780 we have bene trying to trace these ttwo where born families etc for many years Had son robert hatch 1805 baker newry down ireland he marreid mary ann thompson...
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I'm looking for ancestors of Porteous family
by Ailsie 1 week ago
I have a William Porteous (b. 1843). He was a Shepherd, who married Elizabeth Telfer (b. 1840) Date of marriage was 1 June 1866 and was presumably in Ayrshire, Scotland. I am looking for ancestors of this couple - I'm a bit stuck tracing this...
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Who were the children of Thomas David Grogan?
by jjgf 6 days, 23 hours ago
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Looking for Grogans before Alabama
by jjgf 1 week ago
I have some family tree, but there are questions as to whether we going in the right direction because so many names are the same. How do I get back to Thomas David Grogan and start from there?
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Looking for the Feland male married to Kempy DeJarnett
by rdw 1 week, 5 days ago
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JOHN WRIGHT PRESTON (of New South Wales)
by nikkigg 5 years, 2 months ago
I haven't delved that far as yet, but here goes... John Wright Preston was transported to Australia from England in 1837 - have info on ticket of leave, etc if anyone interested... He married an Aboriginal woman Mahrahkah (or Molly Walcotte)...
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looking for family of edward kearns born 1906 this is my grandfathers family
by margowe 2 weeks ago
Looking for edward kearns born 1906 and any other info on kearns family
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Tautu Temarii
by Kaveriri 1 week ago
Hi my name is Kaveriri Tetahio Tautu. Im a Cook Islander, My fathers name is Temarii Tautu Known as Marii Tautu. He married my mother Tutai Tapena. They have 13 kids. What i know that my father comes from Raiatea Tahiti.My father died about 9 or...
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by itellya 1 week ago
ZICHY-WOINARSKI seemed out of place. There were plenty of Cape Verde Islanders, Chinese and Maoris involved in the early history of the Southern Peninsula but no New Aussies with a name like Zichy-Woinarski. Then I saw the name mentioned in trove...
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Wife of Jessee B.Burrell
by TheSandlapper 1 week ago
Elvira Haywood Burrell born Dec.1834 Died Apr.1901.Daughter of Lydia Robinson Haygood 1799-1879-Spouse was Jessie W.Burrell.Children are Martha Jane Burrell Warren.1866-1939.Josephine Elizebeth Burrell Warren1869-1907Marion Simpson Burrell...
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Jesse William Burrell Sr.
by TheSandlapper 1 week ago
Jesse William Burrell Sr.Born 1805 in S.C.Died 1868 in Georgia.Spouse Mourin Brown 1810-1876-Children are Kimbrelin C.Burrell 1825-1898--Timothy Titus Burrell 1827-1860-Simpson Mix Burrell 1832-1904-Spencer A.Burrell 1835-1893-Jesse W.Burrell...
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Jessie W.Burrell
by TheSandlapper 1 week ago
Jessie W.Burrell born Feb.29-1844 I found his death certificate at the Georgia Archives.age at death was 76 years 1 month and 10 days.City of death Jasper.County of death was Pickens.Date of death1929.(cannot read month) Fathers name Jessie...
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