Looking for emigrants from Croughton Northampton England
by Emlu 2 weeks, 5 days ago
Croughton Northampton England was a small village close to the boundaries of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire. Most residents were employed in agriculture. When times got difficult in the 1850s and 1860s a number of single young...
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Looking for MADDICK of Rattery Devon, Australia and Newfoundland
by Emlu 2 weeks, 5 days ago
The MADDICK family have been a persistent family in the parish of Rattery since records began. They moved of course to adjoining parishes but land they farmed was in Rattery. In the 1850s the younger sons got on the move. Robert and John Maddick...
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by Rello 2 weeks, 5 days ago
Hi from Australia. My late Mum, my daughter and myself all did the spit kit from 23&Me a couple of years ago. A number of people have contacted us since and introduced themselves as relatives - with requests and information regarding...
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Looking for my Great Grandmother from Memel,Germany which I believe is now Lithuania
by Rlar7 2 weeks, 6 days ago
Emilie Naujoks or Augusta Emilie Naujocks who was from Memel, Germany. (Prussia)(Adlich-Schmelz/Kiel, Germany) Born October 18, 1864. She married Bartholomaus or Berthol Josef Gunther who was from Buttstedt, Germany in November 1890. This is...
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looking for BAREMONT in France, USA and Canada
by mchris 3 weeks ago
Thomas BAREMONT married in Ireland - may have been born in France his son Thomas went to Glasgow 1840's-1850's with wife and family and died there. his son Thomas married in Glasgow and died there. His children were told the name was French so...
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Looking for Info on Eliza "Louisa" Grevill, Ship:Diana
by LouBe63 3 weeks ago
Would like to find out if she was at Parramatta
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Looking for Information on Robert William Chesterfield
by Dazzles 3 weeks ago
My great Uncle ROBERT WILLIAM CHESTERFIELD was born in Baddiginni Victoria in 1885. He moved to Beaudesert Queensland with his parents and two brothers in 1892. After his mother died in 1906 he moved to Victoria and joined the Navy in 1907. He...
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Looking for any information on the Byrne family from Richmond Victoria Australia
by hawkie12 3 weeks ago
Looking for any information on the Byrne family of Richmond Victoria, AUSTRALIA or the Sommerville family of Ascot Vale Victoria Trying to find any members of my mothers family. Her name was Florence Byrne and she was born 26 October 1915 in...
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Looking for information on Albert John Victor Simon
by Csimon 3 weeks ago
Albert John Victor Simon. Born abt 1918 Fitzroy - Victoria. Married Kathleen Joyce Nimmo in 1937 Divorced abt 1946 NSW. Married Gladys Leigh. Divorced Gladys Leigh 1960, NSW Who are Albert's parents? Know Albert had two children with...
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Andrew Benton
by ROD1BARB2 3 weeks ago
marriage & children of Andrew Benton christened 18 Oct. 1778 Saint Pauls Covent Garden London England index Project Number :poo157-1,System Origin:England-ODM,GS Film number:845241
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Looking for family tree information for Lillie Blanche Holley
by fredbare0 3 weeks ago
Lillie Blanche Holley married Frank Lee Barnes, Her parents were Susan Amelia Whitehead and John Holley and they were married in 1882 I have only just started this research so any help would be appreciated, I m interested in both Lillie`s side...
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HARLIN, William
by Didee72 3 weeks, 1 day ago
born Edenderry, Kings County,1828 Looking for birth verification or any relations. Have nothing on parents. Joined British Army 65th Regiment(2516) 1845. Any help appreciated. Thank-you.
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UNDERWOOD marriages (males) 1904-1920 Victoria Australia
by tonkin 3 weeks, 1 day ago
UNDERWOOD marriages (males) 1904-1920 Victoria Australia. UNDERWOOD (males) Arthur Joseph married: 1905 Ann Neil DOWDELL. James Samuel married: 1905 Annie Florence HOARE. Philip Thomas married: 1905 Elizabeth Augusta EDLICH....
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by dan1ryan 3 weeks, 1 day ago
DOREEN MYRTLE ELLEN NOWITZKE, WAS MY MOTHER. Her father Arthur Albert Nowitzke, Her mother was a Kroning. Origin of their familys was ZAKESIN, Germany.I will supply further info if any one interested.-------DAN
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Stephen Jones Born 1773.
by charlesoshields 3 weeks, 1 day ago
Stephen Jones was born in 1773 Albemarle County Virginia USA. He died 1860 Hominy Buncombe County North Carolina USA. Family links parents; Joshua Jones 1740 -- 1838 Joshua Jones was 98 at his death, Elender Medley Jones 1750--1840 Sibilings...
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by itellya 3 weeks, 1 day ago
Alex. Haldan's name appears just once,on page 132, in Colin McLear's A DREAMTIME OF DROMANA, as one of the signatories in 1861 supporting Robert Quinan's bid for his private school to be chosen ahead of Daniel Nicholson's to become the Dromana...
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looking for Carty/ireland/uk
by lordnelson7467 3 weeks, 1 day ago
looking for Patrick Carty born ireland - son Peter moved to lancashire - married Ellen Tuthill - had three boys Chas, John and Peter (junior) - Peter (Junior) being my grandfather.Ellen died 1886 and Peter (senior) seem to be isolated from his...
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Looking for Cole originally from Ireland
by anned2 3 weeks, 1 day ago
I am researching the Cole line of my family tree. My great grandfather was James Edward Cole was born in Cardiff, Wales in 1869 and died in Diggers Rest, Victoria, Australia in 1923. He married Mary Elizabeth Wynne.27 September 1894. His mother...
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looking for ancestors of Timothy Benton
by ROD1BARB2 3 weeks, 1 day ago
born 1801 London Married Mary Feast 10/11/1822 in St Pancras Church London
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