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KUKUTAI - WAATA- PIHIKETE - 1822 ( ? ) ------- 1867

Journal by edmondsallan

edmondsallan - Good morning . While we are in the " Waikato " If you want to, we could learn a bit more about the people's in the area . After all it is the home of the " Maori King ". I know the Nga-puhi and other sub tribes have always tried to have the right to elect a maori " KING " from their peoples . My Grandad , "ARTHUR MILSOM EDMONDS " WHO DIED EARLY IN LIFE UP NORTH - ( In his jouarnal ) left Hundreds of short notes on people right across NZ . All marked - 'not finished 'As I begin to understand my gran', ( mental picture & his notes ) I think he must of been thinking of " Historical Ancestry Research " right across NZ. I suspose while he was in some god forsaken area, surveying and many times on his own , he would scribble some thing in his note book . I know he had made contact with " Alexander .h. Turnbull " several times as they seem to run into each other in the same area's. He also made notations on this very distinguished Gentleman . Their was no ( TV or Computer in those days )other way I can think of ,on how he gather the beginnings but unfinished papers he left behind on many Kiwis in NZ. Sorry for the deviation . My mind was just talking aloud .
" Kukutai - Waata - Pihikete " came from high ranking blood lines .Kukutai's father, also named Kukutai, was a warrior of very high standing, and a leader of Ngati Tipa of Waikato, who were settled along the coast from Kawhia Harbour to Waikato Heads, and along both banks of the Waikato River to Onewhero, above Te Kohanga. When his father was killed in 1846, Kukutai was elected to his place, over his elder brother, Erueti. Kukutai's mother was Oeroa, and he was married twice, to Rangi-hera-runga and to Rangihaia.
Kukutai was converted to Christianity by the CMS missionary Robert Maunsell, who had set up a mission station at Maraetai, at Waikato Heads, in 1839. Kukutai took the name Waata (Walter). Later he also used the name Pihikete. When Maunsell's assistants, C. S. Vlkner and J. W. Stack, moved upriver from Maraetai to Te Kohanga in 1853, to prepare the ground for Maunsell to follow in 1854, Kukutai moved his whole tribe there. He built a church on his own land at Te Kohanga.
On 20 April 1853 Kukutai gave 750 acres of land at Te Kohanga to the Crown as a site for a Church of England school for both Maori and Pakeha children. He banned alcohol from his jurisdiction, and built himself a European house. In 1857, when F. D. Fenton arrived in Waikato to advise on and set up judicial institutions, Kukutai was appointed an assessor, a position with some of the duties of a magistrate. He was also elected manager of his tribal farm. At the great meeting of Maori leaders at Paetai, near Rangiriri, to discuss proposals for a Maori kingship, in 1857, Kukutai led a contingent which paraded under the Union Jack. Although opposed to land-selling, he spoke against the establishment of the kingship, and supported Fenton's appointment as resident magistrate in Waikato.
Partly as a result of the Paetai meeting, a system of tribal councils (runanga) was set up. When Governor George Grey visited Waikato in December 1861 to attend a great meeting of Waikato people at Taupari, near Te Kohanga, and to make known his intentions regarding the Maori kingship, he installed Waata Kukutai as head magistrate of the Taupari runanga. Kukutai drew a salary of 50 per annum.
Kukutai gained a reputation as something of a spendthrift. He borrowed his salary in advance from the government, and was considered by the Waikato resident magistrate, John Gorst, to be conceited and self-serving. When British forces invaded Waikato in July 1863 Kukutai and Te Wheoro built and occupied a pa at Te Ia (Havelock, near Mercer). They transported supplies for the British from steamers at Waikato Heads upriver to the Camerontown redoubt, until the supply line was severed by a Ngati Maniapoto attack in September. Kukutai received the rank of major in the New Zealand militia. His salary was raised to 150 per annum and he also applied for a salary for his wife, because his public duties prevented him from growing food for her. What a salary . In those by gone days , that was good income . It is interesting to note how he also jumped onto the bandwaggon , got in among where the power game & where the monies is generated from . In the " waikato maori Hierarche " his ancestory is well known .I also found in finishing off a lot of my
" Grandad's notes " their is a lot of material available on most of what he tabulated . Has saved invaluable time . Till we meet again -Regards -edmondsallan

Surnames: KUKUTAI
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on 2010-11-30 14:13:55

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by Edda on 2012-03-28 17:57:12

Interesting edmondsallan. I'm trying to track my Kukutai whakapapa. My great great grandmother was Mitenini Kukutai (aka Ngakungaku). Her husband was Hikaurua Tamihana Kapene. their son was Te Hororiri Tamihana who married Mereturama (Mary Eliza) Karaipu. their daughter was Rangiweu Tamihana who married Jack Noble (my grandparents).

Mitenini Kukutai's sister was Maraiti Kukutai who married Te Awaiti Te Aho Hira.
I have seen the whakapapa of Te Awaiti Te Aho Hira.

cheers Edda McCabe

by edmondsallan on 2012-03-28 18:52:41

You need to get in touch with one of your Maori elders of your mothers tribe They have tremendous knowledge on ancestral lines. Some do charge for their sevices regards allan

by joeytupaea on 2012-05-04 21:55:04

Kia ora,

Did Mitenini Kukutai go by another name (as they did back in the day)

Mite Nini Potaua who had a sister Harete Nini Te Aho Potaua- Their father's name was Nini Kukutai who passed around 1888.

If this is helpful, then Nini Kukutai moved his hapu to Waikato; moreso Tuakau. The urupa is called Te Kohanga; that's where the Kukutai whanau lay.

by joeytupaea on 2012-05-04 21:58:31

Arohamai Mite sister is call Marete Nini Potaua not Harete.

by Edda on 2012-05-21 17:46:49

Joey, Harete is correct. However, aunty Mawhi and aunty Ruby (Hira/Noble) called her 'Maraiti'.

I am finding out too the "name patterns" that are being used - was confusing to begin with but it's sorting itself, e.g. all of the names, "Kukutai, Nini, Potaua, Whakataha, Kerei, Rangiterewaka, Ngakungaku" can end up in ONE person's name, that is, also known as or alias - depends on which matua and tupuna they are qualifying AND if somewhere in the whakapapa the branch of connection is the SAME BRANCH, and obviously off the same TRUNK.

Fun eh?

by misshowie67 on 2013-05-08 11:59:46

Hi, Kukutai's wife was OIROA (not Oeroa). She was the daughter of the chief Muriwhenua and his wife Raumako. Ngati Hourua.

by gloriareiri on 2014-04-02 20:24:20

Tena koutou,
I am searching for waata kukutai whakapapa...tautoko


by Edda on 2014-06-04 22:38:13

Tena tatou katoa.
It's great to see all the different threads of information held by different whanau and whakapapa researchers.
I've seen it written that "Kukutai" had (7) SEVEN wives. I'm working with the First THREE wives and hoping I'm not going to be connecting to the other four. Hang on, I've read that one of THESE remaining FOUR wives was in fact his GRANDDAUGHTER, so I have connected back to myself, and don't even know who that/those issue are.
Does/Has anyone have the UPLINES for Waata Kukutai?
When we talk about KUKUTAI - Who are we REFERRING TO? - Waata Kukutai or His father or his grandfather. WHICH KUKUTAI (Senior or junior)had uri with RangiHERERUNGA and RangiHAERE.
(See edmondsallan's statements above, particularly para 2.) I have seen Native Land Court Records (Hearing)recording Kukutai wives as Hererunga and Rangihaere and that Kukutai had another wife Oiroa/Oeroa. Thus, Edmondsallan states Kukutai's mother was Oeroa, therefore, was the Native Land Court witness referring to a more senior Kukutai. (There was no qualifying reference in the NLC records as to which KUKUTAI was being "Heard" at the time, HOWEVER, MY assumption to be drawn from that
Hearing Record is that the KUKUTAI being "Heard" was one and the same person.

I'm happy to send copies of this NLC Hearing to anyone who wants a copy - the prime objective being to find the "Veracity" of any information I have found.

On top of all of this IS "Truth or Lies OR Truth AND Lies" of those who stood in their day in the NLC and MLC (Official Truth)and that NO_ONE Person's information is CORRECT or is WRONG and we all have "Personal Truth; Official Truth; Whanau/Community Truth and Emotional/Healing Truth." We all have more than one name or are known by different names that may not even bear any resemblance to what is our official name (check out Fenton's census of 1844 and 1858 of NgatiTahinga/Tipa residents now with another name); spelt with variables and the many other anomalies that make up the rich tapestry of people in their lives SO I'll take every bit of information I gather "with a grain of salt" until the "Veracity" whatever that looks like arrives.
All the best as we trawl thru the uri (whanau names) that come off KUKUTAI and send your head spinning when they say no I'm a Rautangata; a Hira; a Karaka; a Hura; a Tupaea; a Te Aho; a TeAo nah I'm a Kukutai and criss-cross again and again.

Edda Phyllis McCabe (nee Noble)

by TaniaT on 2014-07-31 03:20:40

My Grandfather Is Jim Ingoa Phillips, Son of Pene Piripi Phillips and Rangitakaiho Tamihana, Rangitakaiho was the daughter of Paretohi Hira and Te Hororiri Tamihana, Paretohi Hira is Daughter of Maraiti Kukutai and Alec McGuiness aka Teawaiti Te Aho Hira, Kia Ora...
I am looking for the names of any of Maraiti Kukutai's Siblings and possibly there children's name, I know one of her sister's name is Mitenini? If anyone can possibly fill me in that would be awesome as I can fill in the blanks, I am also on facebook if you want to get in touch https://www.facebook.com/SOCIETY267


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