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on 2013-05-31 10:49:37

Itellya is researching local history on the Mornington Peninsula and is willing to help family historians with information about the area between Somerville and Blairgowrie. He has extensive information about Henry Gomm of Somerville, Joseph Porta (Victoria's first bellows manufacturer) and Captain Adams of Rosebud.

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by itellya on 2013-06-03 20:10:18

Rachel's sister Maria, married Godfrey Burdett Wilson, who led the rapid expansion of H.W.WILSON AND SONS, BUTCHERS. The Patterson given name of Godfrey came from the Wilsons. The graves of Sarah (Kennedy), Ralph and Rachel and a Stenniken grave, all with impressive monuments, are about 20 metres inside the gate on the left hand side in the Rye Cemetery.

by itellya on 2013-06-04 01:33:18

Three of David Cairns' sons married Russell girls.James (1840-1929) married Johanna,David (1842-1923) married Elizabeth, and Christopher (1863-1947) married Margaret. James and Christopher were buried at Rye and "Blacks Camp" David at Flinders. Their children are listed in the CAIRNS GENEALOGY journal.

Robert Cairns' son,John (1850-1914), married Mary Russell and was buried at Rye.

The following death notice lists all the members of the Russell family (parents and first generation plus Margaret's children.)
CAIRNS-On the 5th July, at East Melbourne,
Margaret, dearly loved wife of Christopher Cairns (Boneo), beloved mother of Ethel and Oscar, youngest daughter of the late Edward and Mary Russell (Boneo), sister of Mrs. J. T. Cairns and Mrs. J. Cairns (Boneo), Mrs .D. Cairns (Flinders), Alex. Russell (Sorrento), Arch Russell (Tooradin), and the late Edward and William Russell, aged 50 years. (P.11, Argus, 19-7-1920.)

A very old resident in Mr Russell, of Boneo, passed away rather suddenly on Tuesday morning. He attained the ripe age of 82 years, and apparently was healthy up to the time of his death. General sympathy is extended to the family in their sad bereavement.- The funeral took place at Rye on Wednesday afternoon.
(P.2, Mornington and Dromana Standard, 14-5-1910.)

From C. Cairns and A. Russell, Boneo, asking permission to use a closed road from Ford's lane to the heath, until they erected a fence. Granted. (P.2, 12-4-1902.) It will be an interesting exercise to work out the location of this lane from the parish map and rate records!
SEE NEW JOURNAL "ROUND FLINDERS AND KANGERONG, 1902" re Boneo,Cairns,Russell, Crichton etc.

P.147, LIME LAND LEISURE. Edward Russell was an old shipmate of John Watt and Tom Bennett (and John Dillon too from clues elsewhere in the book.)At 17 he walked for two days from Melbourne to work for J.Purves Snr (more likely for Peter Purves and his son James who lived full-time at Tootgarook), then for the Sullivans (lime burning), also driving bullocks to the goldfields for Skelton of Sorrento in the 1850's.He then built a lime kiln (shown on the map on P.57, to be just north of the Dundas St/Glenvue Rd corner.) The map on page 60 shows the site of an early dwelling he shared with Tom Bennett, at the south corner of Bowen and Napier Sts in Rye.

After badly injuring himself, Edward who was no sook, eventually had to seek medical help so he went to the Quarantine Station at the Heads. There he met a nurse named Mary Stuart who healed his ills and caught his eye. (No. It didn't fall out!)

When W.A.Blair dispossessed him of his kiln in 1866 (by obtaining the grant for crown allotment 19 of the parish of Nepean on 20-11-1867), Edward bought 104 acres nearby. (This was crown allotment 38A, section A,parish of Wannaeue, consisting of exactly 103 acres,granted to Edward on 3-11-1880. It was located at Melway 169B 8-9 fronting Browns Rd and adjoining the site of the present (2013) Truemans Rd tip. Edward would have settled on the land in 1875 or perhaps even 1870. He was assessed on 100 acres in 1879, displaying the lack of detail common to most rate collectors. There is no mention of Edward in 1900 Wannaeue assessments and C.H.Cartwright was the occupant and possibly the owner of Edward's 103 acre grant. Perhaps he or his son (most likely Alex) was share farming with a member of the Cairns family (most likely Chris)in 1902 near Ford's Lane and probably supplying milk to the Moorooduc butter Factory.

Most living descendants of Rosebud pioneers would have known Eastbourne Road as the Government road. Truemans Rd was known as "the Government road between Rosebud and Rye" in c.1920, when the Stenniken grant at its north west corner, and now containing Burdett St, was offered for sale by Vale. Few roads had an official name.

Ford's Lane was Eastbourne Rd, being the north boundary of Councillor William Ford's
Wannaeue Estate some time previously. This roughly 660 acre estate extended from Ford's Lane south to the unmade government road running alongside the Drum Drum Alloc Creek from Boneo Rd to the eastern boundary of the Tudor Caravan Park. William Ford's elderly cook was lauded in the Argus, being one of the heroes of the battle of Trafalgar (I think. Better check!)

It is not generally known that one of those who took part in the celebrated naval duel in 1813 between the English frigate Shannon, 30 guns, and the American frigate Chesa- peake, 50 guns, is living in the colony in hale and hearty health. His name is Thomas Salmon, and he will be 80 years of age in March. He is employed as cook on the station of Mr. Ford, at Wannaeue, between Rye and Dromana. He appears to be likely to do a good day's work for several years to come, and is only too willing to relate the particulars of tho naval conflict in which he was concerned.
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Wednesday 21 February 1877 Supplement: The Argus Summary for Europe p 1 Article

By 1900, Donald McGillvray, farmer had the 316 acres between the Wannaeue Estate and Little Scotland; thiswill prove handy when you read ROUND KANGERONG AND FLINDERS. The freehold Investment Co. seemed to own 515 acres of Wannaeue and Edward Connop may have been leasing the southern part,144 acres in crown allotment 9. By 1910, John L. Fulton had just sold Wannaeue (650 acres) to R.J.Service and Co.

The next owner was John R. Raper and Eastbourne Rd became known to young Ray Cairns as Roper's Lane. (The family probably mispronounced their name so it didn't sound so sex-fiendish, just as Purves seems to have been pronounced as Purvis.) The road was later officially called Eastbourne Rd because of the estate of Sidney Smith Crispo, later owned by his great friend,Edward Williams, including the Village Glen, fronting Hiscock Rd and Elizabeth Avenue.

That covers FORD'S LANE. Now for the closed road from Ford's Lane to the heath.
First the heath. "Between Arthurs Seat and the Schanck practically all the country was open. All the hills you could see from Rosebud looking up to Arthurs Seat had horses running over them." (P. 24, MEMOIRS OF A STOCKMAN.)

Rosebud region side A web.qxd - Mornington Peninsula Shire;
the Rosebud region is Damp Sands Herb-rich. Woodland. About 50% of this ... Small areas of Sand Heathland occur within this region, consisting of treeless ...

My gist is that the western slopes of Arthurs Seat would be where the heath would be growing. And where is this area would be the closed road and the land that Cairns and Russell intended to fence.

In 1900, Christopher Cairns was assessed on 140 acres, 32D, Wannaeue. Now 32D Wannaeue consists of 41 acres 3 roods and 18 perches. It is immediately south of Back Road Bob Cairns most easterly grant, 32C. East of both grants and adjoining the Chapman family's "Seawinds" was 32F of 97 acres 1 rood and 25 perches. In the ratebook there had been some scribble after 32D that I guessed was 9. How F could look like 9 is beyond me but that's what making sense of assessments into such a nightmare. If we combine 32D and 23F,we get a total of 138 acres+ 4 roods+ 43perches= 140 acres and 3 perches.

It is probable that Chris had intended settling next to his brother, Back Yard Bob, but after fencing the land received an offer from John A.Bayford,a teacher, that he couldn't refuse. The latter received the grant for 32DF on 16-2-1905 and in 1910, now teaching at Omeo, was assessed on 140 acres 32a 9 Wannaeue. The rate collector had made the description even worse than it was in 1900!

So where was this land and what was the closed road? The land is indicated by Melway
171BC 2,3 (32F) and A3 (32D). The road is Hove Rd,the eastern end of which, meeting Purves Rd,is Seamists Drive.

by itellya on 2013-06-05 05:08:10

John Bayford was a teacher at the Main Ridge and Cape Schanck schools, both obviously operating half time,that is, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The Main Ridge school was probably accessed via Browns Rd and his grant could be accessed from Purves Rd along the part of the closed government road that is now called Seamists Drive. The Cape Schanck school was originally on Robert Anderson's Barragunda (WITH MANY PUPILS FROM LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER FAMILIES)but by this time was probably at Melway 259 D3, directly opposite Jones Drive (SO IT WAS MORE CENTRAL FOR BONEO CHILDREN). Ray Cairns started his schooling at the latter site.

John's lunch hour would have been spent travelling from one school to the other,but living at Boneo,at least he could have a quick cuppa on the way. John seems to have been at Boneo from 1902 to 1906.His move to Omeo may have been prompted by the prospect of not having to travel from one school to another which was tiring, uncomfortable and dangerous if creeks were in flood. Imagine having to start the afternoon session dripping wet!

John was obviously a Scot,the first article being about a fund raiser for the local Presbyterian Church (probably Dromana) in the Boneo Hall. One can imagine that he became friendly with Chris Cairns. Mr Rigg was probably Gregory Rigg of Hindhope (Hope St to Pt Nepean Rd at Rosebud.)

In the " Bonnie Hills of Scotland" Mr J. Bayford was exceedingly successful.Votes of thanks were accorded to the performers, and to Mr. and Mrs. Bayford for the use of their piano. (P. 2, Mornington Standard, 8-8-1903.)W.Bamford, who seems to have followed John at the Main Ridge school, might have been a relative.

The position of chairman was ably filled by Mr Rigg, the genial president of the Board of Advice. Mrs Bayford was as accompanist. At the conclusion of the concert, Mr R. Patterson (late correspondent of the Board of Advice) moved a vote of thanks to the chairman, which was carried with acclamation. Mr Bayford (the teacher in charge of Main Ridge and Cape Schanck schools) drew the attention of the audience to a proposal for holding a combined school and district picnic, and announced that a meeting would be held in the hall last night to consider the proposal, when it was hoped there would be a good attendance of representatives from Rye and Rosebud, as well as Cape Schanck and Main Ridge.(P.6,Mornington Standard, 25-11-1905.)

As I am leaving the district I am offering for private Sale all FURNITURE, consisting of PIANO, DINING-ROOMand BED-ROOM SUITES, SIDEBOARD, &c, contained in my residence at Boneo. JOHN A. BAYFORD.
(Mornington Standard (Vic. : 1889 - 1908) Saturday 21 July 1906 p 5 Advertising)

TENDERS will be received up to 30th August, for leasing paddock (about 140 acres) situated on Arthur's Seat, Wannaeue, Mornington, for any period up to 6 years. Lessee to have right to string wattle bark (of which there is a good quantity on the block) and to cultivate any portion. JOHN A. BAYFORD, Cape Schanck, Dromana. Aug. 2, 1900.
(Mornington Standard (Vic. : 1889 - 1908) Saturday 11 August 1906 p 5 Advertising)

Mornington and Dromana Standard (Vic. : 1908 - 1911) Saturday 17 April 1909 Edition: MORNING. p 2 Article
... W. Bayford, of the Main Ridge school, has been appointed to the charge of the Balnarring State .

by itellya on 2013-06-08 17:47:14

Menstrie Mains contains a cemetery,

by itellya on 2013-06-08 17:48:22

near 375 Boneo Rd,

by itellya on 2013-06-08 17:49:28

which the Cairns family marked

by itellya on 2013-06-08 17:50:46

with a pencil pine at each corner

by itellya on 2013-06-08 17:52:11

of the eighth of an acre site. THE CAIRNS FAMILY OF BONEO shows a plaque,

by itellya on 2013-06-08 17:54:07

installed on Dromana Stone donated by the Ross Trust in 1981, that details those buried at the cemetery. The cost was shared by the shire and Ray Cairns.

by itellya on 2013-06-08 17:55:34

P.16. "It was thought for several years that the site of the graves was much larger ....but after discussions between Ray Cairns and a later owner of the property, the late Mr Ned Edmonds, the actual size of the cemetery was clarified. Mr Edmonds was

by itellya on 2013-06-08 17:56:52

the grandson of Ned and Mary Williams, who married one of Alexander Cairns' grand-daughters,Edna Cairns. Alexander originally owned the land on which the cemetery is sited and Ned Edmonds worked for him, later purchasing the property. Mr Edmonds claimed that the original area of the cemetery was about one chain square*." (*20 metres x 20 metres.)

by itellya on 2013-06-08 17:59:23

When Robert Cairns and his family came to Australia in 1852, they brought with them the unmarried Mary Campbell. Robert was her guardian and Mary probably helped to look after the children. Edward Williams was a sailor and came from Sydney in 1855 on a ship that was to survey the bay. I will probably never find proof,but it is possible that the ship was commanded by Captain Ross (a Dromana pioneer who is the subject of one of my journals) and that the survey ship's "writer" was Sidney Smith Crispo (subject of another journal who was being cared for at Eastbourne by Edward Williams and his wife at the time of Crispo's death in 1899.)

by itellya on 2013-06-08 18:01:46

Robert settled at Boneo and Mary Campbell found employment with the Burrells at Arthurs Seat. The Burrells often offered their hospitality to the officers of ships. I doubt that Edward was an officer; he probably helped to row them ashore. The boat crew would have been entertained in the kitchen (as seen in Downton Abbey!) and so Edward met Mary Campbell. After their marriage it is possible that Mary continued working at the "McCrae Homestead" while Ned built up a nest egg working for others such as the McLears at Dromana. (By the way his son,Edward, was known as TED according to the late Ray Cairns.)

by itellya on 2013-06-08 18:06:58

P.96, A DREAMTIME OF DROMANA. "One harvester of renown was Ned Williams, well over six feet in height and well-built. He could scythe an acre of crop per day,quite a feat in the days of hand harvesting. Among his descendants was the late Bill Russell of Sorrento and Ned Edmunds of Boneo."

P.25,THE CAIRNS FAMILY OF BONEO."They (Edward Williams and Mary Campbell) were married at McCrae and lived for a few years at Canterbury before selecting land on either side of Browns Road, Boneo."

by itellya on 2013-06-08 18:09:44

Sidney Smith Crispo had obtained two grants near the west corner of Pt Nepean Rd and Canterbury Jetty Rd. He later bought the actual corner allotment from the grantee. He planned to subdivide it as a village named after the Governor, Sir John Manners-Sutton. It was not until after Crispo persuaded the Government to reserve a crown allotment (in dispute between Blair and Duffy) as the Village of Sorrento, and Sir John had become Viscount Canterbury, that Crispo's village started selling well. Crispo built the original Canterbury jetty, possibly with Edward's help.

by itellya on 2013-06-08 18:11:57

TUESDAY, APRIL 6. At Two O'Clock. The Marine Village of Manners-Sutton. Sale of Allotments of Two Acres Each. G.WALSTAB has received Instructions from S. S.Crispo. Esq., to SELL by AUCTION, at the estate auction mart, 72 Queen street, at the above date and time, A portion of a block of land, situate in a locality which promises to become, from its peculiar advantages, the favourite watering-place of the colony, known as

by itellya on 2013-06-08 18:14:42

It is situate between Point Nepean and Dromana, near to Whitecliff, where the land is only about a mile in width between the outer ocean (Bass's Straits) and the bay, presenting splendid views of both beauties which neither Phillip Island, Queenscliff, nor any other watering place can boast of. (P.2, Argus, 3-4-1869.)

Edward and Mary (Campbell) were not related to the Cairns family but a descendant was. Alex Johnstone has supplied much information about farms and Cairns genealogy for my GEORGE AND OLLIE JOHNSTONE journal.

by itellya on 2013-06-08 18:16:33

Olive was a daughter of Walter Cairns, son of the original Alexander Cairns. Olive's sister, Edna, married Ned Edmonds who was the son of Edward Williams' daughter, Marion. Ned and Edna Edmonds later lived at Menstrie Mains and inherited other Cairns land as detailed in the GEORGE AND OLLIE journal.

The following death notice lists all the children of Edward and Mary Williams. Marion probably married J.Edmonds. Ellen's husband was probably Edward Connop. Ray Cairns said that Jimmy the Squid and Ted died one day apart. The Kennedys, Pattersons, Stennikens and Williams are still neighbours- beside the main path, 20 metres from the entry on the left hand side, in the Rye Cemetery!

WILLIAMS.-On September 9. at Eastbourne.
Rosebud West, Edward Thomas son of the late Edward and Mary Williams, be- loved brother of James, Caroline, Ellen (Mrs. Connop, deceased), Marion (Mrs. Edmonds, deceased), aged 91 years.
(P.11, Argus, 10-9-1947.)

by itellya on 2013-06-08 18:37:08

I'm sorry my last comment had to be a serial. I've been trying to post it for a week and had actually decided not to waste my time any more. There's so much more LOCAL HISTORY FOR FAMILY HISTORIANS that I can write but I don't know if I can face the prospect of losing 20 or so hours of research and one-fingered typing because a journal,edit or comment did not submit. Even though I had saved the above serial as a word file, I still had to use a silly serial to post it!

Thank you to all the wonderful family historians who have joined family tree circles and contacted me, especially thommo-99, whose posts elsewhere helped me enormously with my first journal about Antonio Albress. Good luck with your labours of love.

Hopefully I will be able to post more journals.

by itellya on 2013-06-11 10:49:06

The Bucher family,resident in the Rosebud Fishing Village before it was declared, was related to the Patterson and Cairns families by marriage. Sarah, daughter of William Patterson and Christina (nee Cairns), became Mrs Bucher. Rosebud Ted Cairns married Elizabeth Bucher.

Arthur Ernest Bucher, Rosebud farmer, may have been the one who married Sarah Patterson. In 1910,he was assessed on 56 acres 30B, Wannaeue. Sarah's husband may also have been D.R.Bucher, Boneo farmer, who had 187 acres 1A Wannaeue.

The latter land was actually 169 acres and located at Melway 170 G12 to 253 G3, fronting Brownsand Limestone Rds. The extra 18 acres were probably in the fishing village or between Jetty Rd and the line of Norm Clark Walk.

Arthur Ernest Bucher had the grant obtained by John Townsend,a Dromana pioneer who was possibly the first Victorian to successfully save a life using mouth to mouth resuscitation circa 1905. Crown allotment 30B consisted of 50 acres and is the area enclosed by Bayview and Mount Arthur Avenues south of Waterfall Gully Rd(Melway 170 G-H 6-7.)

by itellya on 2013-06-27 02:31:29

Saturday, March 20,-Boneo,-Near Dromana. 3 o'clock,ON THE GROUND,Main Schanck Road,
W P. FAIRLAM, Auctioneer,Cheltenhan (sic), will offer by Public Auction -
40 Acres Ploughed, fenced with Wire Netting into six paddocks. W.B. Room.
Title Crown Grant. Terms-Half Cash. balance 2 years 4 per cent. interest.

Also on Account
MR EDWARD RUSSELL,-80 ACRES.-Crown Lot 4, parish Fingal, fenced Post and Wires- A good Block of Land. Title Crown Grant.
Full information with lots from MR CHRISTY CAIRNES, Boneo.
(P.2, Mornington and Dromana Standard, 20-3-1909.)

The location of Edward Russell's grant is described in the journal but Christopher Cairn's 87 acre property is a bit of a mystery. The description states that the title was a crown grant and that it was on the main Schanck road. There was no crown allotment of 87 acres on what is now called Old Cape Schanck Rd in the parishes of Wannaeue or Fingal. It is possible that Christie was selling crown allotments 29 and 28 Fingal of 52.2.25 and 19.2.13 respectively,a total of 80 acres and 38 perches near the corner of Long Point and Boneo Rds (opposite the Cape Schanck turn off.) This had been granted to Blacks Camp Davey who suffered his paralysing accident in 1897. If the main Schanck road was now Greens Rd (to Melway 254 C6 and then continuing due south to the bend in Eastern Grey Rise,in 254 C12) and Long Point Road east of Lightwood Creek (260 A2),the 87 acre property could have been part of crown allotment 18 Fingal,consisting of exactly 150 acres and granted to Chris on 28-2-1896. However to subdivide the allotment would require transferring the title to a different system of titles (tranfer of land statute.) Christie's grant was bounded by the now-closed part of Greens Rd and Lightwood Creek as far north as the bend in Eastern Grey Rise.

by itellya on 2013-06-30 12:13:50

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