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LANYON Thomas married Mary NANKERVIS 1836

Question by tonkin

Looking for information on Thomas Henry Nankervis LANYON,
son of James LANYON and Mary NANKERVIS.
They were married in St Just, Cornwall in 1836.

I have no birth or death details for Thomas.
He married Caroline WHITE in Cornwall about 1866 (?) and according to information sent to me they had three daughters.


Louisa LANYON.
Born: abt 1868 St Just, Cornwall.


Born: abt 1870.


Caroline White LANYON.
Born: abt 1873.

Their mother Caroline died in Pendeen, Cornwall in 1873 aged 26 years.
It appears Thomas left Cornwell and went to New Zealand, and I expect he took his daughters with him.

If anyone can add further to Thomas and his daughters it would be appreciated. He may have remarried in New Zealand.

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on 2010-04-03 18:02:55

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by allycat on 2010-04-04 10:17:49

Dear Tonkin, Hi. If this is your Thomas LANYON, I think I've found a death record. Don't think he remarried as can only find marriages for *as under.

1896/5174 Lanyon Thomas Henry Nankervis 52Y
SOURCE: Births, Deaths & Marriages - Historical Records of New Zealand

There's also death records for a Thomas LANYON* in 1937 aged 73Y and Thomas Alfred LANYON* in 1939 aged 57Y.

Christchurch Probate File - LANYON Thomas Henry N. - Lyttelton - Storekeeper, 1896
Timaru Probate File - THOMAS James Lanyon - Pleasant Point, 1936
SOURCE: Archway - Archives of New Zealand

For research in Cornwall, goto RootsChat link will take you to their Cornwall board, post a lookup request.

Best wishes

by ngairedith on 2010-04-04 12:57:07

Thomas Henry Nankervic LANYON was born in 1843 at St Just in Penwith, Cornwall, England - he was baptised on the 11th August 1843 at St Just in Penwith, Cornwall, England
- he was a son of James Lanyon (1811-1863) and Mary Nankervis (1814-1854)
Thomas married Caroline WHITE in 1866 in Cornwall, England
- Caroline was a daughter of William WHITE (1814-1893) of Just in Penwith, Cornwall, England and Elizabeth WEARN (1817-1882) of St Just in Penwith, Cornwall, England
- siblings of Caroline White were:
(1837-1912) Elizabeth Jane White
- Elizabeth married Thomas Harvey in 1856 in Pendeen, Cornwall, England, they had 8 children in England then they emigrated to Victoria Australia and had another child there in 1880 in Sandhurst
(1839-1895) William White
- William married Elizabeth Woolcock Richards HARVEY in Cornwall, England in 1867 and then they emigrated to NSW Australia and had 7 children
(1842-1864) Louisa White
- Louisa married Josiah VEAL in Cornwall, England and they had 2 children in St Just in Penwith, Cornwall, England. Louisa died aged 22 the same year as the birth of her last child so may have been complications of this birth
(1843-?) Margaret Wearn White
- nothing is known of Margaret
(1845-1915) Thomas Wearn White
- Thomas married Jane JENKIN in 1865 in Pendeen, Cornwall, England, they had 4 children in England then they emigrated to Byng, NSW, (near Orange) Australia and had a child there in 1875, later one in Orange and then another 2 in Dubbo
- Thomas and Jane died in Paramatta

... Thomas Lanyon and Caroline White had 3 daughters ...
* Mary Lanyon - born and died in 1867 in Penwith, Cornwall
* Louisa Lanyon - born 1868-? in Penwith, Cornwall
* Caroline White Lanyon - born in 1873 in Penwith, Cornwall in 1873 and died in New Zealand in 1874
- this dates Thomas's voyage to New Zealand but have not yet found him on any passenger list

Thomas's wife Caroline died aged 26 on the 10th June 1873 in Bojewyan, St Just in Penwith, Cornwall, possibly due to birth complications having daughter Caroline

NOTES There were two T.H. Lanyons in Lyttelton about the same time, one was a grocer in Oxford St and the other was 'ours' - weeding out all the bits of info I have come up with the following which I believe to be about Thomas Henry Nankervis Lanyon

In 1879 the following ad appears in the "STAR":
Wanted, the Inhabitants of Lyttelton to know that Mrs and Miss WILLIAMS have undertaken the DRESS-MAKING and MILLINERY BUSINESS in Lyttelton. All orders executed with despatch and at moderate prices. Address - T.H. Lanyon, Little Brenchley Farm road
(by reading further down we assume that these ladies were Thomas's mother-in-law and sister-in-law OR mother-in-law and wife to be ?? but residing at Thomas's house) - read notes at bottom

In 1881 Thomas received the degree of Past Grand in the Lyttelton Oddfellows

In 1885 his father-in-law died at his (Thomas's) home. The death notice read:
WILLIAMS - On June 16, at the residence of his son-in-law, T.H. Lanyon, Lyttelton, James Williams, late of St Just, Cornwall, England; aged 81 years (birth year of 1804)
- From the "STAR" 16th June 1885:- FUNERAL NOTICE. The friends of Mr T.H. Lanyon are respectfully informed that the funeral of his late father-in-law, James Williams, will leave his residence, Little Brenchley road, Lyttelton, tomorrow, at 3pm., for the Wesleyan Cemetery. SUTTON AND WEASTELL, Undertakers

In 1886 Thomas's DEATH NOTICE:
LANYON - May 24, at Lyttelton, Thomas Henry Nankervis Lanyon; in his fifty-second year
- FUNERAL - The remains of the late Mr T.H. Lanyon were interred at the public cemetery, Lyttelton, yesterday afternoon. The cortege was a long one and included, besides a large number of private friends, members of the Masonic body, the Oddfellows, and the Good Templars. The coffin was covered with a large number f wreaths

NOTES - possibilites:
There were 3 Lanyon children born to a Thomas Henry Lanyon in the 1870s:
1876 - Mary Jane Lanyon
1879 - Harriet Beecher Lanyon
1881 - Thomas Alfred Lanyon
- the mother was Esther Ann (1846-1928)
- no maiden name found

NOTES - probablities:
The oldest the baby would have been (born June 1873) when travelling to New Zealand with her father would be 18 months. It would be safe to assume that Thomas had help with the child and did not travel alone. Did his new wife/wife to be (Williams) travel with him and her parents.

by tonkin on 2010-04-04 18:52:21

Thank you "Allycat" and "Ngairedith" for your input which is very much appreciated. I seem to have problems with the New Zealand records for some reason. Had another look for the baptisms of Thomas and Caroline's girls in the UK but had no luck, same as their marriage. If Thomas was a member of a Lodge they may have done things a bit different. Don't know how it works.

Hope you both had a safe and pleasant Easter and will catch up with yous later on.

Happy Easter.

by Megamor on 2010-09-21 17:33:31

Aloha, Oh my god, this is so exciting for me. :-) This can be so frustrating searching and then when there is info and a line and people know stuff - yes! :-)

I have the ships records for this I think.

CORNWALL ONLINE PARISH CLERKS - helping bring the past alive
1858 - 1884
Reproduced by kind permission of the Christchurch Office of Archives New Zealand.
The original records are held at the Wellington Office, from where photocopies can be obtained.
Arranged alphabetically by surname.
Cornish background on my fathers side. Sailed on the Eastern Monarch on 7 May 1874 from Cornwell.

IM-CH 4/121a Eastern Monarch 7 May 1874 22 Jul 1874 LANYON Caroline 9m
IM-CH 4/170b Northern Monarch 31 Oct 1878 1 Feb 1879 LANYON Elizabeth 40 Cook
IM-CH 4/170b Northern Monarch 31 Oct 1878 1 Feb 1879 LANYON Elizabeth 16
IM-CH 4/164 Carnatic 5 Nov 1877 1 Feb 1878 LANYON Elizabeth 17 General servant
IM-CH 4/166 Waitangi
10 Jul 1878 13 Oct 1878 LANYON Ellen 21 Nurse
IM-CH 4/121a Eastern Monarch 7 May 1874 22 Jul 1874 LANYON Esther A. 28
IM-CH 4/164 Carnatic 5 Nov 1877 1 Feb 1878 LANYON Francis 36 Carpenter
IM-CH 4/121a Eastern Monarch 7 May 1874 22 Jul 1874 LANYON Louisa 7
IM-CH 4/164 Carnatic 5 Nov 1877 1 Feb 1878 LANYON Margaret A. 30
IM-CH 4/164 Carnatic 5 Nov 1877 1 Feb 1878 LANYON Margaret A. 9
IM-CH 4/164 Carnatic 5 Nov 1877 1 Feb 1878 LANYON Thomas 11
IM-CH 4/121a Eastern Monarch 7 May 1874 22 Jul 1874 LANYON Thomas Hy 30 Labourer

I think this is Thomas Henry Nankervis LANYON

Also there were two other Nankervis on the ship which were probably family members - cousins or something. Let me know if anyone wants that.

I'm think that Thomas Henry LANYON married Esther Ann and their children are listed as:

Mary Jane 1876-1940
Thomas Alfred 1882-1939
Harriet Beecher 1879 but I can't find a death record for her or a marriage record.

1940/22137 Whiteford Mary Jane 63y b. 1876
1948/21923 Whiteford Charles Frederick Alexander 77yr b. 1871
1901/4452 Mary Jane LANYON Charles Frederick Alexander WHITEFORD
1876/10787 Lanyon Mary Jane Esther Ann
1939/27638 Lanyon Thomas Alfred 57yrs 1882-1939
Lanyon Thomas Alfred Esther Ann
1879/9008 Lanyon Harriet Beecher Esther Ann
1928/2228 Lanyon Esther Ann d. 82y b. 1846-1928

Lanyon Thomas Henry Nankervis (poss)

Mary Jane LANYON married Charles Frederick Alexander

by Megamor on 2010-09-21 19:34:54

Sorry everyone... I hit the wrong button while I was still organizing all this stuff. And thanks so much for all this marvellous information. This is excellent!

Mary Jane LANYON married Charles Frederick Alexander WHITEFORD in 1901 in New Zealand in the South Island somewhere.

Where they had my Grandmother Leonie (but can't find her other name) - marr = Basil John SANDERS

Also, from the records, Keith Lanyon WHITEFORD who died at 19months and I think they had another child and called her Keitha because I remember having a great Auntie Keitha but can't find a record for her.

Also another sister Margaret Elsa but I can't find records for her or for my Grandmother Leonie.

Getting back to the originals:

It seems that Henry came out on the Eastern Monarch with Esther Ann sailing on May 7th - arriving on 22 July 1874.

Was she then his new wife? after Caroline White? They sailed with Louisa aged 7 but I can't find any records of her in New Zealand. Also as others have said, Caroline the baby died in 1874 but it was recorded in NZ as a death - so presume she didn't die at sea, or she was registered in NZ as a death.

They landed in 1874 and presumably Mary Jane my Great Grandmother was named for the Mary that had died in Cornwall. She was born in 1876.

Here is the website for the ship list:

I will also redo the lists... sorry, I was in the middle of sorting when I hit the wrong button.

1940/22137 WHITEFORD Mary Jane 63y b. 1876

Daughter of Esther Ann and Thomas Henry Nankervis LANYON

1948/21923 WHITEFORD Charles Frederick Alexander 77yr b. 1871

Mary married Charles in 1901.

1901/4452 Mary Jane LANYON married Charles Frederick Alexander WHITEFORD

1876-1940 BORN/10787 lANYON Mary Jane BORN to Esther Ann and Thomas Henry

1939 - DIED/27638 LANYON Thomas Alfred 57yrs 1882-1939 - BORN to Esther Ann and Thomas Henry LANYON - sister to Mary Jane LANYON
1881/4518 LANYON Thomas Alfred and Esther Ann

1879/9008 LANYON Harriet Beecher born to Esther Ann and Thomas Henry LANYON - sister to Mary Jane and Thomas Alfred.

1928/2228 Lanyon Esther Ann d. 82y b. 1846-1928


Thomas Alfred married Margaret Aileen HIGGINS in 1900.

Margaret Aileen 1881-1946

Had Leonard Travers LANYON 1918 and the time for his death seems out. I have 1964 but the age is 59 which is wrong.


Coming down the line from my Great Grandmother.

From Charles WHITEFORD and Mary Jane LANYON

Children - Margaret Elsa
Keith Lanyon - died 19 mths old

Leonie married Basil John SANDERS

They had Robin John Whiteford SANDERS (my father) - 09 Dec 1939
And my Uncle Mark Sanders

My father married my mother Olwyn Ina Joyce LOUDON - b. 28 Sept 1939
Divorced but I'm not sure what year. They separated when I was about 3 months old.

I was born Justine Olwyn Whiteford SANDERS on April 4th 1963 in Hastings, New Zealand but have changed my name several times.

Also my father (descended from the LANYONs, remarried and had two more children)

He married Elizabeth DAVY in 1968 I think and had
Angus John Whiteford SANDERS - Jan 1969
Chloe Rowe nee SANDERS - 3 Sept 1975

And there are children of Chloes too if anyone is interested.

I am now fascinated to fill in further back on the family tree and if anyone else has any stuff, that would be wonderful.

Thanks, all so much. Aloha Meg :-)

by Megamor on 2010-09-23 07:03:55

Aloha, I have a clearer sense of what is what now. This is what I have gathered so far. This site yielded Cornish records and it's free. It only registers the name and not the parents etc but still good.

BTW - How is everyone who is on here related?

So far:

James LANYON marries Mary NANKERVIS at St Just, Penwith, Cornwall in 1836. Witnesses were John LANYON and Alice HUTCHENS.

Their children: all appear to be born St Just, Penwith

Mary Ann LANYON - b. Dec 1837

Peggy LANYON - b. Dec 1838 d. June 1839 (this was previously written as Paggy but it is spelt Peggy on the birth register)

James Thomas Nicholls LANYON b. Mar 1840 d. 1840

Peggy LANYON (named again) b. Mar 1841

James LANYON (named again) b. Jun 1842

Thomas Henry Nankervis LANYON

by Megamor on 2010-09-23 07:07:02


Thomas Henry Nankervis LANYON b. 1843 d. 1896 Died in Christchurch, New Zealand

Hugh LANYON b. Dec 1844 d. 1845

Elizabeth Nankervis LANYON b. Jun 1846

Grace James LANYON

by Megamor on 2010-09-23 07:54:31

Sorry.. I keep hitting the wrong buttons...

Grace James LANYON b. Dec 1849

Nanny LANYON b. Dec 1850

Jane LANYON b. Dec 1851 d. Dec 1851

Also, there is a gap here where there are no children - given there seems to be about one a year - no wonder Mary keeled over in 1854. But anyway, wondering if this entry might fit in as well.

William LANYON - b. Jun 1847 d. Jun 1847


James LANYON (father) b. 1811 d. Jan 1862 or 1863

Mary (nee NANKERVIS) LANYON b. 1814 d. Mar 1854


Thomas Henry Nankervis LANYAN married Caroline WHITE Sep 1866 in St Just, Penwith, Cornwall


Louisa LANYON - b. Jan 1867


by Megamor on 2010-09-23 08:30:54

to continue:

Mary LANYON - poss b. Dec 1868 and d. Dec 1868. Can't find a record for 1867 and also Louisa was born that year.

Caroline White LANYON - b. Jun 1873 d. 1874 in New Zealand


Caroline (nee WHITE) LANYON b. 1848 d. Jun 1873 - given this coincides with Carline White Lanyons birth - it's reasonable to assume that it was in childbirth


Thomas Henry Nankervis LANYON then married Esther Ann WILLIAMS and it is registered in the Penzance District as April, May, June 1874 - so I'm assuming before they sailed for New Zealand)

Esther Ann (nee WILLIAMS) LANYON b. 1846 d. 1928

Thomas Henry Nankervis LANYON b. 1843 d. 1896


They then sailed for New Zealand on the Eastern Monarch from Cornwell to Christchurch. They took with them Louisa aged 7 and Caroline aged 9 months. They sailed on 7 May 1874. Arriving 22 Jul 1874.

They may have also sailed with Esthers parents the WILLIAMS and their assorted children but not sure - the ages seem slightly out) But I can post the ship record on here if anyone wants it)


Thanks to NgaireEdith and Alleycat for all your info - that ties in nicely with all of this! It's marvellous having all this info)


Esther Ann and Thomas Henry Nankervis LANYON had 3 children

Louisa I can't find a trace of in the deaths or marriages at the NZ births, deaths and marriages. She may have married overseas which is why her spouse is not there and married name.

Caroline White LANYON died in 1874 and is registered as a death in NZ.

Children: all born in New Zealand in Lyttelton or Christchurch

Mary Jane LANYON b. 1876 d. 1940

Harriet Beecher LANYON b. 1879 d. 1960

Thomas Alfred LANYON b. 1882 d. 1939


Mary Jane LANYON married Charles Frederick Alexander WHITEFORD in 1901. (these are my Great Grandparents)

Children - Margaret Elsa
Keith Lanyon - died 19 mths old

Leonie married Basil John SANDERS

They had Robin John Whiteford SANDERS (my father) - 09 Dec 1939
And my Uncle Mark Sanders

My father married my mother Olwyn Ina Joyce LOUDON - b. 28 Sept 1939
Divorced in 1967 but separated when I was about 3 months old.

I was born Justine Olwyn Whiteford SANDERS on April 4th 1963 in Hastings, New Zealand but have changed my name several times.

Also my father (descended from the LANYONs, remarried and had two more children)

He married Elizabeth DAVY in 1968 I think and had

Angus John Whiteford SANDERS - Jan 1969
Chloe Rowe nee SANDERS - 3 Sept 1975

And there are children of Chloes too if anyone is interested.


Harriet Beecher LANYON - I have had trouble finding her in the BDM's in NZ but from some other records in the Archway records - I have a feeling she was married to someone called KIBLER. This could be completely off base but I remember my father talking about someone called his Great Aunt Harlan. This name seems odd for a woman of that time and I wonder if it's supposed to be Harriet? The story goes that she fell in love with an American that came out to NZ on a holdiay and he was going to send for her but lost all his money, made it back - she waited and he DID send for her where she married him in America and lived there until he died and she came back to NZ. She is registered as a NZ death and name of

Harriet Lanyon KIBLER - so this could be her.


Thomas Alfred LANYON married Margaret Alleen (nee HIGGINS) in 1910.

Margaret Aleen (spelt with one L on the death notice) b. 1881 d. 1946

Thomas Alfred LANYON b. 1882 d, 1939.

They had a son: Leonard Travers LANYON b. 1918 d. 1964

I can't find any marriage for him or children. But it may just be that the records aren't showing it in the historical section that is free to search through.


Hope this is a little clearer and sorry about all stops and starts. And if anyone can link in how we are related, I'd love to know. Thanks again. Aloha Meg Amor

by ab123 on 2010-09-24 06:17:28

I am interested in the WILLIAMS connection with Thos Lanyon. My ggg grandfather, James WILLIAMS,(his wife Jane Jelbard, died app 1861), who died at Lyttelton, went to NZ with three daughters, JANE (never married), ESTHER (Lanyon), and CATHERINE. She married RICHARD WILLIAMS at Pendeen in 1873, but he died in 1876. CATHERINE then married THOMAS JOHN OATES at Timaru in 1884. She died, at sea, in 1909,on a trip to Cornwall and is buried at Turo. Their brother JAMES, my gg grandfather, came to Bendigo in 1856, after his marriage to JANE OATS.

by Megamor on 2010-10-27 01:10:54

Aloha, me again...

I am still researching this side of the family and going round in circles.

My father has confirmed that Harriet did marry a KIBLER and she had no children. She came back to NZ and died in NZ.

My Grandmothers name was Leonie Esther SANDERS nee WHITEFORD - her mother being Mary Jane WHITEFORD nee LANYON and father Charles Frederick Alexander WHITEFORD.

I am having trouble clearly establishing Esther Anns parents. I do know she married Thomas Henry Nankervis LANYON in 1874 and they came out to NZ with the 2 remaining WHITE children. Louisa survived but I still have no history of her. Caroline White LANYON died in 1874 in NZ.

Esther Ann LANYON came out with her husband Thomas in 1874 aboard the Ann Longton into Lyttelton.

I also seem to have a completely different set of parents for Caroline LANYON nee WHITE. And someone else has just sent me some other stuff that also is different. So, I'll post when it's clearer.

Great sites for finding info are:

(the IGI - International Genealogoy Index, the Pedigree Resources and All Resources seem to get the best results) is good up to a point, but has filled in some pieces for me that the other sites didn't.

Then there is also the OPC which is quite good for Cornish stuff - it is the Cornish Online Parish Clerks and there are a lot of records there too.

If I find anything out about, I'll post it on here.

I do think that James WAS Esther's father and came out separetly to her. The Williams that are listed on the Ann Longton do not seem to be related directly - i.e. father etc to Esther at all. James WILLIAMS is probably Thomas Henry Nankervis LANYONS father-in-law - making him clearly Esther Anns father.

And my Uncle Marks name is: Mark Canmore SANDERS

by Megamor on 2010-10-27 01:12:59

CORRECTION - not the Ann Longton - the EASTERN MONARCH! Sorry, my head is spinning. :-) That is the ship that Esther Ann LANYON nee WILLIAMS, her husband Thomas Henry Nankervis LANYON, his daughter Caroline White LANYON and Louisa LANYON came out on in 1874.

by Megamor on 2010-10-28 00:21:27

by Megamor on 2012-07-18 04:04:44

Aloha everyone,

I have just found another piece to this.

Everyone has been wondering what happened to Louisa LANYON, the remaining child from Thomas's first marriage to Caroline WHITE.

She remained in New Zealand and went on to marry Rev. Thomas White VEALIE. He was from Cornwall and I wonder if originally his last name was VEALE. Also the WHITE in his name is interesting. I wonder if he was a cousin of some kind, as Louisa's mother was a WHITE. His fathers name started with J.

He was a Methodist minister and they travelled all over New Zealand with various churches. They married in 1890 in the States, which is where he was ordained in 1892. Then they came back to New Zealand.

They had 2 daughters - Doreen Lanyon VEALIE - b. abt 1901. And Mildred Havergal (I think).

He was one of the ministers at the Reefton Methodist Church in 1904 and there is a piece and a photo of him on

Doreen Lanyon went to Honolulu in 1933 - for a month or so, to visit Harriet and Charles KIBLER. She was a school teacher and single in 1933.

Also there are some more children of Thomas Alfred LANYON is anyone is interested. My email is [email protected]

Aloha Meg Amor

by nosrac on 2012-09-07 23:06:45

I have been researching my husbands family tree for a few years now, 3 days ago I googled his great grandfather Thomas Henry Nankervis LANYON and found this journal. So here I am sharing what I've found- that may help you as much as your info has helped me.
The Mrs and Miss Williams mentioned in the 1879 "STAR" advertisment are Esther Ann (nee WILLIAMS) LANYON's sisters. Mrs.Catherine (Kate) WILLIAMS widow of Richard WILLIAMS who later married Thomas John OATES, and Miss Jane WILLIAMS spinster (who never married). They arrived in New Zealand on the "BOYNE" on 26 Feb 1879 along with Catherine's 4 year old daughter Annie Jane. Their father James WILLIAMS who is buried along side THN Lanyon in Lyttelton arrived in NZ in 1875 according to his death certificate.But to date I have been unable to find out what ship.
ab123 did you know that your gggg grandparents were also James WILLIAMS(1778-1855) & Jane OATS(1784-1840) like your gg greatparents. I would like info of your James a & Jane.
Info I have also points to the Caroline WHITE- daughter of George WHITE and Catherine Hocking WEYMOUTH but I don't have any documentation to prove this. Does anyone? other than the 1851 census stuff.
Ngairedith's submit on 4-4-2010 shows a Caroline WHITE- daughter of William WHITE and Elizabeth WEARN and lists her siblings, well her sister Louisa WHITE (1842-1864) who married Josiah VEAL are the parents of Reverend Thomas White VEALIE's ,who married Louisa LANYON (THN Lanyon & Caroline WHITE's daughter)this is the connection you Meg Amor mention above.You have their daughters correct, Mildred Havergal VEALIE was born in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, USA (where parents married)11-08-1891 and Doreen Lanyon VEALIE in Feilding, NZ 10-08-1901.I have who they married and deaths if anyone wants that.
Thomas Henry Nankervis LANYON was a grocer in Oxford St, Lyttelton, and on his death Esther Ann LANYON continued to run the store and is listed in the 1896 & 1900 NZ Electoral Roll as such.
Harriet Beecher (nee LANYON) KIBLER was born in Lyttelton 09-12-1878 married Charles KIBLER from Oakland, California, USA who apparantly owned a Pineapple Plantation.She died in Auckland,NZ 05-07-1960.
Thomas Alfred LANYON (my husbands Grandfather) married Margaret Aileen HIGGINS in 1910, they had 5 children. I have their info if anyone wants it.
Leonard Travers LANYON was born Leonard Travers HIGGINS on 17-12-1904 out of wedlock to Margaret Aileen HIGGINS father unknown. Thomas Alfred LANYON adopted him in 1918, hence the confusion you mentioned Meg Amor about his death details not matching.
I hope this is helpful, would love to hear from anyone.
cheers nosrac

by tonkin on 2012-09-08 17:32:23

Thank you Nosrac and Megamor for all this great information. I will be looking at the LANYON lines again soon and this will help me join a few more dots together. I'm sure it will also help others with their research.

Thanks again and well done.

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