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Journal by edmondsallan

edmondsallan - hi to all . Since last talking to you by journal , I have tried to find the answer to several unconnected , unproven ancestral trails of the " Leyson / Laya- family " to Cebu in the Philippines. One of the major questions is how did they actually travel to ' Cebu " . After " Fernando Magellean " discovered the Philippines, approximately( 50 ) years later , large spanish galleons were sailing from Spanish ports to the Philippines . We are talking of 320 crew , 100 soldiers , 40 paying passengers . They were 140ft long , 37ft wide. & a depth of a hundred ft to the keel . weighed in at about 500 tons , 4 masts and armed to the teeth against pirates . At first they went around Cape Horn of South America. This way they found could take from 9 months to a year , depending on the weather . The Spanish then decide to capture the Isthmus between Mexico & South America . This was the start of the Spanish invasion in Mexico & later the " Incas" in South America. What ever port they left from in Spain , they went our into the Alantic ocean , travelled down the coast of Africa on Latitude 15 to 20 degres to about 15 - 18 degrees Longtitude Then catch the warm current that flows towards , ' Panama ' thro the Carribeean sea and the trade winds , on 12 degrees approximate to the port of " Colon " ( Known today as the Panama Canal . From their they travelled by Mule train , under guard to the west coast to the City of today, Known as " Panama " 9 to 12 weeks according to the weather. At Panama they reboarded a spanish galleon , once again catching the warm current & trade winds at approximately 15 degrees Longitude going north slightly in the current till they sighted the Philippines & then sailed into " Lapulapu " & Cebu .6 weeks later according to the weather . The return journey is quite a bit different . On leaving " Cebu " they sailed north - rather than sail against the curent & trade winds blowing northward . At 40 Degrees Longitude from about 30 degrees sth Longitude that warm current flowing north veers out into North Pacific Ocean to approximately 180 degrees Latitude . Their it seems to run out . However at about 140 degrees Latitude another cold current flows southward to approximately the end of the California Peninsular The Spanish Navigated with all of this knowledge till they reached the west coast port of Panama . 4 to 6 months later . Once again the mule train to "Colon . Reboarded a spanish galleon and sailed for Spain .Once again they had to go north with the sea current & wind caught the warm current and sailed across the North Alantic Ocean at 40 degrees Longitude till approximately 15 degrees Latitude then southward down the coast towards Spain into the Mediterranean to the their home port . A further 9 to 18 weeks We now have the knowledge or the possibility of how the " Leyson / Laya name was in Mexico at an earlier date than the Philippines.
I have come to the conclusion on this family on how they went from Spain to Cebu in the Philippines . " None of it can be proven " It is all guess work . It is one of a number of unproven possibilities. I think the Original " Leyson Family " started in " Valladolid " before 1600 AD, near Madrid . Some of them went to north spain & settled in ' Carcar , Navarra " 1700 AD .I believe that this part of this family may have struck troubles with the " Basque Community " and headed to " Barcellona " on the spanish East coast in the Mediterranean . It is possible they may have left there, for Manila in the Philippines . I think that may have been in the late 1700.s. say 1790 ---------1810. None of this so far can be proved . The name seemed to come on to the Philippine ancestral records around that time .I believe they married outside their own race and some of them shifted to Carcar , Cebu . Why ??? I think that was where the real trading went on there from China merchants . We also do have on record That a large Galleon of King Philips Personal fleet . called into Manila once a year. It was loaded up with silver gold , other valuables , silk , herbs etc and sent home to the King of Spain It is also recorded that most of the sailing by the Spanish was in the Summer months , Except the King's personal treasure . It was believed to sail back home to Spain every February .
All of this journal cannot be proven . However I believe it has given us a chance to know about or Learn of what reasonable guesses can show us . Although not proven ( we could, if we traced the DNA of this Family ) For this exercise in researching of Ancestry to learn / show / point us in the possible direction of where our relatives may have came from . I feel we may have learn't something . We have taken an unknown Family in this world ,who had very little back ground or ancestal records and did our best to trace them .I repeat , Although none of this journal is proven , it has shown us what can be done to try and learn more about our Ancestral back ground way back in those oldie oldie days . Till we meet again -- regards - edmondsallan

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