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What is this? FamilyTreeCircles Locations is part wiki, part directory, where you can not only find genealogy information about any location in the world, but you can also volunteer to contribute your own knowledge and experience. This can be done in two ways...
  1. Volunteer as a location editor. You'll gain access to edit the location and can add information and resources.
  2. Volunteer for the Assist! program and provide local lookups for people who need local assistance.

Be sure to drill down to the specific state, region, county, city, or even cemetery that you can help in. The more specific your volunteer location, the better the requests will be.

Franklin County


Can you help other genealogy researchers looking for help in Franklin County? Yes, I'd like to volunteer to help in Franklin County

monicahamilton55 is able to do local lookups.
skcurtis494 is able to do local lookups.
I was born in Athens County and still go down there so if there is a cemetary around Glouster, OH that someone is interested in, I can go there.


Request assistance from someone in or with knowledge of this location. I'd like to request assistance in Franklin County.


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