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Can you help other genealogy researchers looking for help in Brisbane? Yes, I'd like to volunteer to help in Brisbane

lindabushell is not able to do local lookups.
I can help with a lot of research here but I do not always have access to a driver as I had to give up driving . I have been researching for 20 years. If I cannot help then I maybe will know where to find it. Happy hunting
ashelm is able to do local lookups.
linda12345 is not able to do local lookups.
I live around an hour south of brisbane so any locations close to me I can look up
Sheltie64 is not able to do local lookups.
GavinF is able to do local lookups.
TerryT is able to do local lookups.
The historical "Bald Hills" cemetery is nearby and I also visit the Nudgee Catholic cemetery fairly frequently.
tassy49 is able to do local lookups.
Willing to visit cemeteries on North side of Brisbane within 30 klm or 60 mile range north and surrounding suburbs Also look ups in Family research centres I also can do some Tasmanian lookups as that is my original place of Birth Willing to offer any assistance
busypossum is able to do local lookups.
Available for look ups at Lutwyche and Nundah Historical.
chubbytaxman is able to do local lookups.
Happy to photograph gravesites, look up requests at library or genealogical centre
chalky is able to do local lookups.
Esselby is able to do local lookups.
Can get photos of graves if known, in Lawnton, Redcliffe, Albany Creek and other small cemeteries in this area.
Cardie is not able to do local lookups.
As I am a senior lady I will only have limited physical searching abilities but I'll be happy to do whatever might help somebody. I drive and have a good camera and can use a computor effectively.
aussieclive is able to do local lookups.
Bristbane North: Photographs
gailcostiganwhite is able to do local lookups.
Australia, Queensland, Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, Can only travel from Brisbane as far as Ipswich and Toowoomba.


Request assistance from someone in or with knowledge of this location. I'd like to request assistance in Brisbane.

looking for any Smith family and clark family
by bushbandit 11 months, 2 weeks ago


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