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Looking for Aloyoisus Robert Dean.

Query by winstanley

Rod and Fender maker on the docks of liverpool. Aloyoisus Robert Dean b1858 m Eleanor Thornton b.1860 on 31 march 1889 st Mathews church parish of st mathews tototh County of Lancaster No234 pg 117.
They emigrated to New zealand about 1902 on the ss Orontes. I am looking for the continuing line back of both my great grandparents.

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on 2012-08-26 04:05:54

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by SilverVixen on 2012-08-26 05:04:58

Aloysius born 1858, Liverpool, Lancs Q4 8B 98

UK 1861 census living at 52 Hurst Street, Liverpool, Lancs
Neal, head, 38 (1823) Broom Maker born Ireland
Agnes, wife, 36 (1825) Preston, Lancs
John, son, 11 (1850) Scholar, Liverpool,
Thomas, son, 9 (1852) Scholar, Liverpool
Cornellius James, son, 7 (1854) Liverpool
Agnes, daughter, 4 (1857) Liverpool
Aloysius, son, 2 (1859) Liverpool
Catherine Dean, niece, 18 (1843) Manchester

In 1871 they are at the same address Neal is a widower, Aloysius is still with him and there are 2 more daughters
Catherine 9 (1862)
Elizabeth 4 (1867)
both born in Liverpool

In 1881 at 2 Hurst Street, Liverpool we have
Robert A, head, 22 (1859) a Broom Maker, Liverpool
Elizabeth, sister, as above
Neal, father, as above
John Henshaw, nephew, 0 (1881) Liverpool

In 1891 Neal is with his daughter Catherine at 25 Greetham Street, Liverpool
Neal, father, widower, 68 (1823) Broom Maker, Ireland
Catherine Wilkin, daughter, widow,
Charles E Wilken, son, 8 (1883) Liverpool
John H Wilken, son, 1 (1890) Liverpool

Catherine married Charles Wilken West Derby, Lancs 1882, Q1 8B 543

Agnes Dean died 1870 Liverpool, Lancs, Q1 8B 104 at the age of 46
Neal Dean died 1893 Liverpool, Lancs, Q4 8B 58 aged 70

there is a Neal Dean from Ireland in the 1841 census, looks like he is living at a boarding house or company dwelling as there are a lot of people at Pownall Street, Liverpool. He is aged 20 and is a Cooper

I Have Eleanor Thorne marrying Aloysius Dean in Toxteth Park, Lancashire, 1889, Q1 8B 351

1891 Census living at 58 Waterloo Road, Liverpool
Robert A Dean, Head, 32 (1859) Besom Makre, Liverpool
Eleanor, wife, 29 (1862) Liverpool
Harriet W, daughter, 1 (1890) Liverpool
Eleanor Thornton, mother-in-law, Widow, 62( 1829) Retired Dress Maker, Liverpool
Maria Thornton, sister in law, Upholstress, Liverpool
William F Thornton, nephew, 11 (1880) scholar, Liverpool
Elizabeth Thornton, niece, 8 (1883) scholar, Liverpool

by winstanley on 2012-08-26 05:36:47

That is fantastic thankyou . that fits ins so well. Eleanor(wife of robert) whom my mother was named after broke her neck in 1921 when the harness broke on the gig and she was thrown against a bridge and lingered for a few days. I will always recall the pain in my grandmothers voice (she died at 93 ) that she couldnt say goodbye. this was at karamea new Zealand. where do you come from silver vixen and are you related. thankyou so much for all that information.

by SilverVixen on 2012-08-26 06:45:20

Eleanor was more difficult but see what you make of this
Eleanor was born Liverpool, 1861 Q3 8b 119
In the UK 1861 census which was taken on the night of 7th April I have the following
Living at 16 Lion Street, Liverpool
William Elliot, head, married, 39 Musician & Grocer, blind from birth, born Liverpool
Martha, wife, 28 (1833) Liverpool
Ann, daughter, 3 (1858) scholar, Liverpool
Martha, daughter, 1 (1860) Liverpool
Thornton, Eleanor boarder, widow, 35 (1826) Dress Maker Liverpool
So this means that mother Eleanor was pregnant will daughter Eleanor and was a widow.

Eleanor Cattrel married William Thornton 1849 Liverpool Q1 20 200
William Thorn died Liverpool Lancs 1860 Q4 8B 84.

O in the 1851 UK census we have living at 122 Front Portland Street, Liverpool
William Cattrel, head, 55 (1796) Bricklayer Liverpool
Ellen, wife, 49 (1802) Liverpool
James Yd, son 22 (1829) News Man, Liverpool
Martha, daughter, 17 (1834) Liverpool
William, son, 14 (1837) Errand boy, Liverpool
William Thornton, son in law, 32 (1819) Tailor, Liverpool
Eleanor Thornton, daughter, 25 (1826) Liverpool
Willian Catte Grand son, 1 (1850) Liverpool

I have her in the 1881 census living at 5 Parliment Place, Liverpool
GURNER, Charles, 41 (1840) General Porter, born Shropshire
Martha, wife, 41 (1840) Liverpool
Elizabeth, daughter, 18 (1863) scholar, Liverpool
Mary, daughter, 18 (1863) scholar, Liverpool
Elliot Annie, step-daughter, 23 (1858) School Teacher, Liverpool
Elliot Martha, step-daughter, 21 (1860) Liverpool
Elliot Harriet, step-daughter, 16 (1865) Liverpool
Thornton Eleanor, Sister in Law, married, 50 (1831) Dressmaker, Liverpool
Thornton Eleanor, Granddaughter, 19 (1862) Upholstress, Liverpool
Thornton Maria Granddaughter, 17 (1864) upholstress, Liverpool

Hope you can make sense of all of this

by SilverVixen on 2012-08-26 06:46:44

Hi Winstanley, I am from UK but live in France, no I am not related but just enjoy the research

by SilverVixen on 2012-08-26 07:05:57

William Elliott married Martha Cattrell 1856 Liverpool, Q3 8B 156
Charles Garner married Martha Elliott 1866 Liverpool, Q3 8B 257

by SilverVixen on 2012-08-26 08:30:45

Sorry this is all in bits and pieces, in between cooking lunch and having a lazy day
Neal Dean married Agnes Blackburn Liverpool Lancs, 1943 Q1 20 253

There are 2 Agnes Blackburns in Lancashire in the 1841 Census BUT this is strange at the same boarding house / Hotel / Works dwellings that Neal was staying at in 1841 are the following
Margaret Blackburn, 35 (1806) Lancashire
Dorothy, 15 (1826) Lancashire
Agnes, 15 ( 1826) Lancashire
Elizabeth, 12 (1829) Lancs
Margaret, 10 (1831) Lancs
Marion, 6 (1835) Lancs
Ann, 4 (1837) Lancs
Robert 0 (8 months) (1841) Lancs

by winstanley on 2012-08-26 17:07:30

Sorry i didnt respond it was very late here and I had headed off to get some sleep. what you have given me is wonderful.The names that are comming up blackburns elliots garner are all names I now remember grandmother talking about. I have photos of some of these and had no idea how they fitted into the family. I shall now spread everything out and try and catch up with everything. my daytime job is working as an artist full time and today i have to head away and deliver a painting and pick up new canvas,s in christchurch. so I shall not get a chance to continue till wednesday or thursday. Im using my mums maiden name winstanley. I will then have my head around it all.

by SilverVixen on 2012-08-27 03:58:58

Glad to be of help and thank you for responding, not everyone does and it is always nice to feel that the work you have done is appreciated. Let me know if I can be of further help, send me a private message if you need to. Good luck with your art and your tree

by jrider74 on 2012-09-03 13:39:39

Hi there Winstanley. My great great grandparents were Neal Dean and Agnes Blackburn. Their youngest daughter Elizabeth Dean (b1866/7) married Marthinius Eriksen (Erickson) a Norwegian. They had several children. Many died but my grandmother, Agnes Marie Eriksen survived and married Charles Edward Solway from Plymouth. If any of this information is of interest to you please let me know. Regards.

by winstanley on 2012-09-03 17:20:14

thankyou jrider74 most interested. i have some photos you may be able to identify for me perhaps if that is possible on this site as I am new to using it.

by jrider74 on 2012-09-04 03:44:37

Will definitely try to identify any photos but I'm a newby too and not sure how to reciprocate. I only have one photo of Elizabeth Dean. The rest of the Dean family I'm unfamiliar with. My grandmother moved away from Liverpool down to Devonport (Royal Navy) so I lost touch with my Eriksen family up in Liverpool however I've managed to contact a few in recent years. Look forward to hearing from you.

by SilverVixen on 2012-09-04 09:39:04

Hi wintanley & jrider74, why don't you do a private message with email address, that way you can send photo's to each other via email. Do a private message and then you email address remains private. Good luck

by jrider74 on 2012-09-06 03:44:27

Thanks silvervixen. We have done. Things are going very well. Best wishes.

by ajwade25 on 2012-12-05 18:40:11

Hi all,

I am Aloysius Dean's 2x great grand-daughter. His grand-daughter Margaret was my grandmother.
I can take the Dean name back one further, Neal Dean's father was also Neal Deane, with added e for fun. Born c1800 in Dublin. Unfortunately there is no parish listed so the likelihood of finding more is slim.
I may be able to share some photos of Aloysius's son Richard and his family - we're having a family get together this weekend so will see what we can get together :)

by winstanley on 2012-12-06 08:38:07

Thankyou for responding. I would be very interested in sharing photos also. Are you here in New zealand

by ajwade25 on 2012-12-18 03:12:28


I am - I'm in Wellington, although much of the family is in Hawkes Bay.
Feel free to contact me - my email is [email protected]

I have some pictures on the way to me which I'll be taking in to be restored.

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