looking for any information on Victor Earnest Joseph Wells (or Victor Mood). Born in 1908/1911 either in Bathurst nsw or sydney nsw :: FamilyTreeCircles.com Genealogy
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looking for any information on Victor Earnest Joseph Wells (or Victor Mood). Born in 1908/1911 either in Bathurst nsw or sydney nsw

Query by joeashell112

He was a resident of St Vincent's Boys' Home in Westmead,nsw.
I am guessing he was there from around 1912 to 1922 ( approx)

He could also be known as Victor Mood.

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on 2014-01-29 23:51:58

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by joeashell112 on 2014-01-30 19:54:39

Thanks noggin. The first is definately him. =)

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by joeashell112 on 2014-02-01 03:29:04

Yes noggin, his parents were James and Lucy. Unfortunately,I cannot get much information on my grandfather's birth. I think he was born before his parents married. I say this as the police records show he was born in 1908. His parents were married in 1909. They didn't stay together long as my mum said he was sent into a boys' home when he was about 4yrs old. He first went to some home that took in very young children(run be the St Josephs order). When he was old enough, he went into St Vincents in Westmead( again, part of St Josephs). Apparently, he was placed there by her alone and she went by the last name wells( her surname should have been Mood). I can't even locate her death details. I want to get info from his time in St Vincents. So far, no one wants to give me information. I have contacted Marist Brothers ( they were responsible for this home. They used to be known as part of the St Joseph's order- I think).To date, they haven't contacted me back. All I want to know is where he actually was born, when did he leave, what happened to his mum and dad etc,etc.Anyway, that's the story. I may never know. Thanks anyway, for your help. It is very much appreciated. =)

by joeashell112 on 2014-02-01 04:10:38

Oh and thanks noggin for your email. That was very much appreciated.=)

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user noggin deactivated
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by asheppard on 2014-02-01 20:25:18

I found this on Trove is it your John Mood

Memoriam Notice, 23 Sept 1911 SMH, for his father John Mood one inserted by **John & Lucy no mention of grandson Victor.

MOOD-In sad but loving memory of my dear husband and our father John Mood who died September 23, 1904. Inserted by his loving wife & family Margaret, Mary, May, Bert and Hector. Gone, but not forgotten.

MOOD-In sad but loving memory of our dear father John Mood who died September 23, 1904 Inserted by his loving son son and daughter in law, John and Amelia Mood. Rest in peace

MOOD-In sad but loving memory of our dear father John Mood, who died September 23, 1904. Inserted by his loving son and daughter in law Alick and Lily. RIP.

**MOOD- In sad but loving memory of our dear father John Mood, who died September 23, 1904. Inserted by his loving son and daughter in law Jim and Lucy. Rest in peace.

MOOD- In loving memory of our dear father John Mood, who departed this life September 23, 1905. Inserted by his loving son and daughter in law Thomas and Lizzie and little grandson Alick, RIP

and the cause of his death - Sunday Times 25 Sept 1904 It's a sad story.

there is also this 5 Jan 1925

MOOD.-The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. JAMES MOOD, of Golden Grove Street, Darlington, are invited to attend the Funeral of. their beloved SISTER-IN-LAW, Amelia Mood; to leave T. J. Andrews' Private Mortuary, 25 Kenmore-road, Newtown, THIS DAY at 9.10 a.m., for Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood.
T. J. ANDREWS, Funeral Director.

and this (death of James' mother Margaret)

3 Feb 1935 SMH

MOOD The Relatives and friends of Mr and Mrs. TOM MOOD, Mr JACK MOOD, Mr and Mrs ALICK MOOD, Mr and Mrs JIM MOOD, Mr BERT MOOD, Mr and Mrs Bert SPINKS, Mr
and Mrs HECTOR MOOD, Mr and Mrs Jack Daly and their FAMILIES are invited lo attend the funeral of their dearly loved MOTHER and fond GRANDMOTHER Margaret Mood, which will leave St Joseph's Church, Parker street Rockdale THIS SATURDAY at 2. 15 pm for the Catholic Cemetry, Woronora by road.

J and C HARDY Funeral Directors Rockdale

by asheppard on 2014-02-01 20:49:27

I found Victor's enlistment papers

Army Number - 287914

Victor Ernest Joseph Wells
Born 23 October 1911
enlisted in Bathurst NSW

23 August 1932 Haberfield A-Coy. 36th Bat.
served 134 days
discharged 1 March 1933

usual residence
20 Walter Street
Leichhardt NSW

Occupation: Mechanic
Status: Single

next of kin
Ernest Joseph Wells
20 Walter Street
Leichhardt NSW

by asheppard on 2014-02-01 20:54:24

On the marriage certificate for Lucy & James Mood does it give her fathers name??

and on Victor's marriage does it give his father as James Mood or Ernest Joseph Wells.

by joeashell112 on 2014-02-02 21:02:29

Hey Noggin - thanks for that web site info. Will follow up on that,regarding St vincents. Also, the other info you found - being election roles - that shows him with my gramdma - his first wife. Her name was Eunice.
Thanks again for that information. The plot thickens though......
Asheppard, thankyou for your information. Funny thing though, this information states he was born in 1911. The police records stated ;Victor Earnest Joseph Lamont ( AKA Victor Wells) was born in 1908,in Bathurst. So, either he lied ( as with saying his surname was lamont( which has never been a family name. Don't know where that came from) and given birth date or, its not the same person.) My mum always believed he was born in October 1911 so maybe he was telling porky pies to the police =)
Yes, the marriage certificate of my grandpa states that James Mood is his father and his mother is Lucy Wells. I have obtained his parents marriage certificate also ( from BDM NSW). It states that James mood and Lucy Wells were married in 1909. James moods father's name was John William Mood but he was deceased. His mother is Margaret but her maiden name was unknown.James and Lucy were married in St Pauls Church, Cantebury NSW. It appears from your information, that Lucy was still married to James for Years but, my grandfather was placed in a home from the age of 3. My mum was told his mother (lucy) had to work and couldn't look after him as well. Wow, I wonder what the real story is. I know it affected him bitterly. He was a very troubled man. He did have some contact with his mum until she died ( not sure when that was or where as haven't been able to find out much there either). He had nothing to do with his father. He hated him, that's why my grandfather changed his name from Victor Earnest Joseph Mood to V.E.J Wells. Finally, I know he did a bit of mechanical work so the enlistment papers have me intrigued. Who is Ernest Joseph Wells???? Maybe an uncle?
I really appreciate the help you lovely people are giving me.

by asheppard on 2014-02-03 21:38:58

The only Ernest Joseph Wells I could find on the Rolls was living in Northern NSW nothing showing for Leichhardt area.

I found this birth that could be your James


and these possibly siblings, going by the death memoriam


Death of Joseph

I didn't find anything for Thomas or John possibly born outside NSW

This may be the answer

Arrivals NSW Unassisted Passengers
John 28 Occ: White Smith
Margaret 27
Thomas 2
John W 1

Departure: Plymouth
Arrival: 16 Aug 1879
Sydney NSW

Shop "Northbrook"

a copy of the birth certificate for James R Mood may give you his mothers maiden name.

I did find several references for James Robert Mood in the Electoral Rolls

1930 - 3 Castlereagh St, Redfern - Fitter
1936 - 22 Jelicoe St, Lidcombe - Fitter & Turner
1937-1943 - Parramatta Rd, Auburn North - Fitter
1949-1963 - 8 Rumsey St, Balmain East (Rozelle) - Fitter & Turner

his death

John William Mood was also his brother it would be interesting to get a copy of the death to see who the informant was and if there are any details of Lucy.

There is nothing listed in Rolls for Lucy Mood or Lucy Wells did she remarry??

Do you know who Lucy's parents were?? are they George Edward Wells & Sarah Jane Ferguson

by joeashell112 on 2014-02-04 22:19:18

Hi asheppard,
Thankyou again. That information is of great help.
I think I need to get the death certificate of James. That shouldn't be too hard.
I have no idea if Lucy remarried. My mum said something about her using "minnie" as her first name. I think she used that name when she placed my grandpa in the home. I've tried searching "Minnie Mood", "Minnie Wells" and have found nothing. For all I know, she went by an alias ( unknown to any of the family) and died with that also.
According to the marriage certificate of James and Lucy, Lucy's parents were James( I think as its hard to read) who had the occupation of Seaman. Her mother was Elizabeth Woods. Lucy's birthplace was Hawksbury Parish(I think, can't read) NSW. Funnily enough, James' birth place on the marriage cert states Goulburn not Newtown. I guess he thought that's where he originated from considering other siblings were born there. Back to Ernest Joseph Wells - my mum said that my grandfather would talk about people living in Lismore nsw. I wonder if it was Ernest? Wow, this is certainly a big jigsaw puzzle. I will order James' death certificate today. That may help quite a bit. Thankyou so much for your help. You certainly know lots about family history :)

by asheppard on 2014-02-05 20:47:52

This could possibly be your Lucy's parents


Australia Marriage Index, 1788-1950 about James Wells
Name: James Wells
Spouse Name: Eliza Theresa Woods
Marriage Date: 1881
Marriage Place: New South Wales
Registration Place: Ryde, New South Wales
Registration Year: 1881
Registration Number: 3634

and Lucy's Birth

Australia Birth Index, 1788-1922 about Lucy Theresa Wells
Name: Lucy Theresa Wells
Birth Date: 1883
Father's Name: James Wells
Mother's Name: Elizabeth Theresa
Birth Place: New South Wales
Registration Year: 1883
Registration Place: Central Cumberland, New South Wales
Registration Number: 15471

by asheppard on 2014-02-05 20:48:21

If this is the right Lucy she has a sister

Jane married
Charles John Luthy 1901 Paddington and lived in Botany on 1930 & 1933 Census

they have a child
Blanch Josephine born 1912 Paddington she and Jane are on the 1936 Census in Botany.

Death of Charles

LUTHY.-The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. JANE L. LUTHY and FAMILY are kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of her late beloved HUSBAND, John Charles Luthy. and their FATHER, which will leave the Private Mortuary Chapel of Mr. Charles Kinsela. THIS (Monday) AFTERNOON, at 2.15 p.m.. for the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Botany. by road.

CHARLES KINSELA, Funeral Director,
Phone. FL4136-7-8. 143 Oxford-street, city.

Jane died in 1965 and in the Census it looks like she lived at the same address 24 Tenterdenn street the whole time.


Blanches marriage

Blanch and her husband lived with her. William is registered till 1954 but Blanch is on the 1980 Census at 24 Tenterden Street. William possibly died 1953 but was not removed from the Rolls.

by joeashell112 on 2014-02-06 02:09:51

I do believe that this is the right Lucy. These records seem to fit the puzzle. I ordered the death certificate of James Mood yesterday. Hopefully,when I receive that, it may give me details of Lucy.The marriage details look about right too.I am going to write to an address, given by "Find and Connect", to obtain details of when, why and who actually placed him in St Vincent's. Thanks again.

by webjul on 2015-08-28 05:18:36

Hi, this has intrigued me. I am the great grand daughter of John Mood and Margaret Brown (Jim's parents) James mood was my grandmother's (Mary Florence)brother. My mum is 92 and still alive so Victor would have been her cousin, however she was born much later 1923 so its possible they did not even know about him. I say this because I have only just discovered Morgue and coroner records for John Mood which states he took his own life stabbing himself in the neck 3 times with a kitchen knife...?? Bizarre. Curious to find out more about your research. Appears to be quite a few secrets in the past. cheers Julie.

by joeashell112 on 2017-01-09 09:31:17

Hi Webjul. Please forgive me for not responding till now. I have had a rather horrible 18 months. I am actually on ancestry.com, where I have compiled a family tree of my research so far. To say that there were secrets is an understatement!! I hope you read this soon so as we can talk about what I have found out. Perhaps you have found out more. As far as I can see, Jim's family didn't acknowledge my grandfather. I have my suspicions though. Perhaps your mum might know ( I hope ). Regards, Michelle

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