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Looking for info on Shubael CLAGHORN settled North Carolina in 1772

Query by ALV

My wife is a great great grand-daughter of JEREMIAH CROWELL NORTON and ANN(A)CLARA SIMONS

1. JEREMIAH CROWELL NORTON born 6 June 1819; married MARGARET STUART VINCENT (born 2 Dec 1821) on 6 Oct 1845 in Edgartown.

ABBY, born 14 Oct 1853; married GEORGE NOLAN 1 Jan 1874.

Then he sailed to NZ where he married (possibly bigamously) ANN(A) CLARA SIMONS on 5 July 1862 in Auckland NZ

JEREMIAH died 31st Aug 1897 Northland, NZ

2. SHUBAEL CLAGHORN NORTON born 27 May 1794 Edgartown; died Aug 1871 Edgartown; married POLLY DAVIS NORTON (born 24 Mar 1794 Edgartown; died in Nov 1874 Edgartown) 22 Sept 1816 Edgartown.

Children of Shubael Claghorn NORTON and Polly Davis NORTON were:
JANE WEST born 4 Apr 1821 (twin.); married JOSEPH THAXTER 16 Mar 1845.
HENRY D. born 4 Apr 1821 (twin.); married MARY A. BEETLE 6 Jan 1848.
ABIGAIL S. born 29 Feb 1824
SHUBAEL CLAGHORN JR, born 31 Jan 1825.
MARY DAVIS born 14 May 1829; married PHILIP C. SMITH JR. 1 Dec 1847.
DEBORAH A. born 25 Feb 1833; married JERUEL WEST 1 Jan 1852.
CORDELIA V. born 1 Sep 1834

3. SUSANNA CLEVELAND born 29 Sept. 1767 Edgartown; died 14 July 1849; married THOMAS MARTIN NORTON (born 29 Feb 1764 Edgartown; died 5 Feb 1849) 20 Feb 1794

The children of Susanna CLEVELAND and THOMAS MARTIN NORTON were:
THOMAS MARTIN born 10 Sep 1796; married ELIZA NORTON 6 May 1824
ARIEL born 19 Feb 1799; married CORDELIA VINCENT 26 Aug. 1827
SUSAN born 13 Feb 1802; married:
1. JONATHAN FISHER 13 Feb 1821;
EDWARD born 22 Feb. 1805; married:
1. LUCY CLEVELAND 20 Sep 1829;
NICHOLAS born 12 Sep 1805; married MARY M. JERNEGAN 21 Oct. 1832

4. JEDIDAH CLAGHORN born 8 Mar 1748/9; died 13 Jan 1820; married SETH CLEVELAND (born 16 Nov 1742 Edgartown; died about 21 May 1809 Edgartown)

The children of Jedidah CLAGHORN and Seth CLEVELAND:
MATTA born 8 Mar 1772 Edgartown, died 23 Jan 1844. Married Joseph Cleveland 12 Jan 1797.

5. SHUBAEL CLAGHORN born about 1725 Chilmark; married MARTHA HILLMAN (born about 1728) 7 Jan 1748 Chilmark

Only child of Shubael CLAGHORN and Martha HILLMAN was :

Shubael moved to North Carolina in 1772. He served in the Revolutionary War in various capacities after his removal to that state. His brothers HAWES (born 1733), BENJAMIN (born 1736) and TIMOTHY (born 1743)also moved to North Carolina.

I am trying to find where SHUBAEL AND MARTHA CLAGHORN settled in North Carolina. I would also like their death dates.

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on 2012-02-18 23:07:07

Looking for all my family and my wife's links - basically Norton, Simons, Curtis, Wright, Vickers, Lambert, Ashby, Williams, May, Scott, Smith, Hambling, Timperley (Timperly), Davis, Pease, Howe, Thomas, Osborne, Corthine, Hardwick, Powis, Huckens, Vickery, Phelps, Howland, Chipman, Bassett, Claghorn,Cleveland, Dunham, Robinson, Mayhew, Hawes, Winn, Soule, Slade, Waterman, Dangerfield, Orpin, Camp, Singyard, Houghton,Leakey, Garland, Dawe, Lawrence & Cleal.

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by ngairedith on 2012-02-19 00:34:19

hi ALV, well done :)

Fourth Generation has your family

Eighth Generation has the children of Shubal Claghorn II & Experiene Hawes and may be of help

family tree of Odenkirk Family History, no death date but alsomay help

Tom's Garden has this family with contact details (although it hasn't been updated since 1999)

The CLAGHORN FAMILY is very extensive and interesting with some wonderful old photosand the site asks at the bottom of the page ...
Are you descended from this family?
Do you have additional information that should be added to this page?
Comments? Corrections? Suggestions?
Contact C. Baer.
Questions? Queries? Looking for an CLAGHORN?
Post your Martha's Vineyard CLAGHORN Family questions to the Dukes County Genweb Query Forum. Or, use the Cleghorn Genforum for any and all Claghorn/Cleghorn Family questions.
This would be a great place to post your queries

The Histpry of Martha's Vineyard is a 45 volume ebook to read online

by ALV on 2012-02-19 00:58:25

Hi Ngairedith

Thanks for your help with the linking.

I actually have two lines of my wife's ancestry leading back to John HOWLAND and Elizabeth TILLEY of the Mayflower.

Also I have researched the line back through CLAGHORN, CLEVELAND (Moses and Ann WINN), DUNHAM, ROBINSON, MAYHEW, HAWES and into the Royal lines of England and Europe. I have 139 family lines of ancestry proven and 37 with dubious connections. I will eventually put these onto family tree circles.

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