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Looking for descendants of Captain John James STANAWAY born c1813 England, died 17 Aug 1874 Tokatoka, Auckland, New Zealand

Query by allycat

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on 2007-03-03 00:42:00

allycat , from sunny Queensland, Australia, has been a Family Tree Circles member since Mar 2006. is researching the following names: VOSS, DENNER, DINNER and 610 other(s).

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by MethodicTwigs on 2007-04-09 16:06:52

i just found out that i have pakeha blood in me via stanaway

so if you want to look further, contact the Marae in Dargaville. A family tree is being prepared for 2007 with respect to the 'Maori' side.

so if youre a stanaway, then you're related to me.

by allycat on 2007-04-09 18:30:16

Dear 'MethodicTwigs', Haere Mai ... Welcome to FamilyTreeCircles.

My husband has both Pakeha and Maori bloodlines.

We can't easily contact the Marae in Dargaville as we're Aussies. Would like to find out Whakapapa for husband and our children. We have great respect for Maori ways and traditions (and what every programme on the TV about New Zealand that we can). Can't wait to visit one day.

If you click on STANAWAY above with your mouse, you will see another journal written here with a photograph of husband's great grandmother. Husband even looks a bit like her. Hera was a granddaughter of Capt John James STANAWAY and Henipapa Te Hokaanga also known as Minarapa.

Alison from Queensland in Australia.

by Shac on 2007-05-10 12:32:10

Dear Allycat,

My sister and I both are descendants of Capt JJ Stanaway and have a copies of Tides of Time but in NZ my sister lives in the Gold Coast and returning to NZ in August for a week she will then pick this up - if you're interested in looking email her at [email protected] - keep in mind you can only view personally, we don't believe in putting these on the net and there are few of us that have copies of the entire Whakapapa AND way too many pages to photocopy

Sarah from NZ

by jazzysmum1 on 2007-06-06 20:59:10

Hi, Shona directed me to this site. My mothers' maiden name is Stanaway. We too are descended from Capt Stanaway. We have a family book so will have to speak to my grandmother and find out all info I can for you. Hone Heke also shows in our family tree. From memory Capt Stanaway and of Hone Hekes' daughters started off our line. Will get back to you when have more facts.

by allycat on 2007-06-07 19:36:19

Dear Sarah and Michelle, Hello. Nice to hear from you both via this site. Would absolutely love more information on behalf of hubby and sons.

Thanks in advance,
Alison from downunder.

by laurajjj on 2008-02-07 01:05:03

Hi, I was just browsing up on Stanaway family trees. Im also a descendent of Capt Stanaway but thats all i know. Id like to look into my family history some more.. My mothers maiden name is Monica Stanaway, Her fathers name was: David Grant Stanaway(born:7may1919),his father:Joseph Patrick Stanaway and his : Henare Joseph Stanaway. hope thats some help. i was just interested.


by allycat on 2008-02-07 01:11:44

Dear Laura, Welcome. Make sure you click on the blue link above 'Myras Place - Tides of Time' and go through the STANAWAY file in great detail.

I haven't come across any of your names before...

Q.Could your Henare Joseph Stanaway be Henry Stanaway born 18 Apr 1850 Gisborne Auckland NZ? Son of Capt John James STANAWAY & Henipapa Minarapa (TE HOKAANGA)?

Q.What were the female names in your line?


by laurajjj on 2008-02-07 22:59:46

Hi allycat,
I have a site which names siblings, my mother, grandparents and their parents are listed, it doesnt go very far back than those generations on the stanaway side though. it also lists the female names which are the Read and Maxwell lines. this link lists my grandparents and their children (including my mother monica) -


my great grandfather Joseph Patrick Stanaway was born 20th april 1872, in wairoa, nz. the site doesnt have a link for his father Henare Joseph Stanaway but it could be very likely he was born the date you stated.


user ritababe deactivated
by MethodicTwigs on 2008-02-26 09:31:54


Info re: dargaville/ruawai marae

In relation to my post

by kiwiime on 2008-02-29 03:55:41

Hi, I am trying to find where to purchase the Stanaway book with the family tree that goes through the Chapman family. My wife and kids are decendants through the Chapman, Kuku(Cook), Minarapa bloodlines. Part of Mangamuka marae.
Does anyone have a GEDCOM file that has these ancestries in them?

by kukucook on 2008-03-21 09:09:30

I too am a Cook/kuku and live in Auckland. I was researching my fathers side for 3 days and came across alot of info in that time. I did no know my fathers side of the family very well. But do now.My grandmother is Erihapeti Totokawera (Karewa) Cook/Kuku. Her parents are - Father:Hii Kuku (Cook) - Mother:Ripene Minarapa. My dad is Richard Maynard KUKU/COOK. I am their descendant.

You will find me at http://whakapapa.maori.org.nz/

Look for Cook and cook/kuku

username is cookie-little

by kukucook on 2008-03-21 09:12:06

I too am a Cook/kuku and live in Auckland. I was researching my fathers side for 3 days and came across alot of info in that time. I did no know my fathers side of the family very well. But do now.My grandmother is Erihapeti Totokawera (Karewa) Cook/Kuku. Her parents are - Father:Hii Kuku (Cook) - Mother:Ripene Minarapa. My dad is Richard Maynard KUKU/COOK. I am their descendant.

You will find me at http://whakapapa.maori.org.nz/

Look for Cook and cook/kuku

username is cookie-little

by allycat on 2008-03-21 09:28:16

My husband's grandfather Charlie Maynard MARRINER who was sometimes known as Minarapa was the nephew of Ripene Minarapa through his great grandmother Kuwhara Minarapa Tika* who was sister of Ripene and daughter of Ngaere Minarapa Tika-Stanaway and Irahapeti (or Rihi) Tanapo Stanaway. Search my MARRINER journals here to see her photograph*.

by kukucook on 2008-03-21 09:53:52

Hi ally cat. Ripene Minarapa (F) married - Hii Kuku/Cook, who are my grandmothers parents:o)

Akinihi (Agnes) Cook
Haro Cook
Ngahuia Julia Cook
Haro Cook
Parehuia Cook
Karena Cook
Ketiorangi Cook
Erihapeti Totokawera (Karewa) Cook (GRANDMOTHER)

by allycat on 2008-03-21 22:41:32

Hi kukucook, Thanks but I already have that information including birth dates except for Ngahuia (Julia) Kuku /Cook who married Meto Toki son of Toki Pangari and Waitote Turi Makara. Do you know when/where she was born?

And I notice you have Haro Cook written twice. Is this an error? Or did the first Haro Cook die young and they named their fourth child in his honour?

Let me know if you want me to write the birth details here and also who the Cook children married.


by KUKUKARENA on 2008-03-21 22:52:54

I too am a descendant of Ripene Minarapa/Hii Kuku.
My grandmothers name was Erihapeti Totokarewa.
My fathers name Richard Maynard Cook/Collins (Karena).
His father was Joe Karena, buried at Waikumete Cemetry,Auckland,NZ.
Have lived at Te Ngaere marae and met afew whanau.
Just wanting to hook up, and gather more information and any pictures that may be out there.
I'm doing a family tree of my own on the geni site
and would like to put faces to names, as I'm doing this for my kids and mokos.
Kia Ora

by kukucook on 2008-03-22 05:00:39

The children of Richard Maynard Cook/Collins/Kuku are as follows:


Which one are you:o)

by allycat on 2008-03-22 05:08:41

Anyone know where 'Maynard' comes from? I've seen it popping up in a few descendant's names, esp. husband's maternal grandfather.

by kukucook on 2008-03-22 05:16:24

From the looks of things they are are also descendants of JJ Stanaway. See "Tides of Time".

by allycat on 2008-03-22 05:39:45

I had a look, now I'm wondering who was Tika MAYNARD who may have been born about the 1870s?

by kukucook on 2008-03-22 05:53:03

Only one Haro Cook, Typing error:o)

by kukucook on 2008-03-22 16:12:05

Husband: Lionel Richard Maynard
Born: 8 NOV 1894
Died: 15 JUN 1965
Father:Tika Maynard
Mother:Isabella Johnson
Other Spouses:
Wife: Alma Agnes Maude Billing
Name: Mavis Maynard
Spouses: William Ernest Nixon
Name: Richard (Dick) Maynard
Spouses: Noeline Augusta Gibson
Name: Lolla Maynard
Name: Lionel Leslie Maynard
Died: 6 NOV 1949
Name: Hazel Barbara Maynard


by KUKUKARENA on 2008-03-23 02:14:56

dads real name was richard joseph cook collins
(karena) maori name for collins is this u lizabeth cos u know who this is

by KUKUKARENA on 2008-03-23 02:17:33

kukucook this is lea u for got to mention the rest of us in our whanau there are nine
malcom there are nine of us

by KUKUKARENA on 2008-03-23 02:26:07

adrians got everything so get him to send u copy of whakapapa etc

by KUKUKARENA on 2008-03-23 02:30:02

nanas first husband was joe karena so go off that line not nanas otha two husbands erutoe and barber stik to the karena side dads side mangamuka

by KUKUKARENA on 2008-03-23 02:34:03

dad was the only child to granddad joe and nana
dont go off barbar or erutoe just dads side joe karena
aunty bella was the first issue to her partner erutoe then wen nana went with the barber they we're the third issue.
dad was the second issue
Karena is the line u go off

by KUKUKARENA on 2008-03-23 02:37:11

nanas first husband was erutoe sorry then joe karena then barber uncle johns father nana was buried with her third husband barber in rotorua

by kukucook on 2008-03-24 03:16:53

The children of Richard Maynard Cook/Collins/Kuku are as follows:


Other siblings (same mother different father)



by allycat on 2008-03-24 09:54:41

Hello all. Can anybody share with me any more information than is already available at Myra's Place Tides of Time website?

If you want to share details of living people, please press the user's name underlined to contact them and send them a personal message via the personal messaging system here at FamilyTreeCircles.


by kukucook on 2008-03-24 17:25:43


Sorry about that, was so busy pointing out facts with kukukarena (half sister), that I missed you blog, completely. Hello cousin. Least I found one cousin. I have to ask kukukarena to ask karen for the book, but let me know how you want me to contact you.

Alternatively look on maori.org

and search kukucook their


by kukucook on 2008-03-24 23:47:59

See Geni.com

Info is still being posted Re: all above blogs. completion may take several months if not more.


by muzogirl on 2008-04-14 04:24:43

Kia-Ora tatou!

i too am a descendant of Stanaway although I'm not too sure how and am keen to learn more. I believe my grandmothers; Harata Rogan, great grandmother was married to him as arranged by Hone Heke-his grand daughter.
My nan was raised in Parirau Marae in Oruawharo.

by muzogirl on 2008-04-14 04:35:21

I remember my nan telling me before leaving home for Maori boarding school the importance of Paakeha education, (we hold strong to our Maori roots). She told me I had Pakeha blood through Stanaway who; "was a good man and did well by his wife's people".
I'd like to go to England to visit that part of my heritage/whakapapa.
Let's find out who we are and all go aye cuzzies, aunties, uncles and moko's!!
I am Amy Hemi-dad's from Kaeo-my link to Stanaway is on his line.We've been in Ratana Pa for 3 generations now.

by ungene on 2008-09-17 06:16:25

Kia ora Whanau

I would say I am right in some way or rather saying whanau.
I am related to the Stanaway side through the Cook side,being Hii Kuku,whose daughter was Ketiorangi who was my grandmother and her oldest son , Karena being my father.
I know their is a book that was being updated quite often with the children that were being born,Ithink the last time I remember ti being updated was at least 10 yrs ago, also I heard there is a copy of it in the Kaeo library anyway this is a great way to find the,boatjumpers,ditch jumpers & I spose the fence jumpers,(hehe).
But in all hope too meet up with those I havent met,white ,yellow,black,blue or green and like the previous comment and say.
Kia ora Cuz!!!

by Maynard08 on 2008-09-22 15:26:03

Hi there everyone,came across this site by accident but looks really good. I too am a decendant of Stanaway. I am the grandchild of Richard (Dick) Maynard and Noeline Gibson. I dont know the full story of names ill have to get that off Dick and Noelene has not a strong memory. One of the Maynards married a Charlie Stanaway??? If anyone knows the details would be great.


by hana on 2008-10-09 19:01:54

Wow...Kia ora koutou
There is whole string of us that don't know anything about our tupuna JJ Stanaway and thanks to allycat who has been in the history game for ages who has made me more aware of names such as Henipapa who just happens to be my great great great grandmother. Anybody holding any info on these two would be greatly appreciated.
kind regards

by allycat on 2008-10-09 19:18:54

You're most welcome.

I'm still piecing together bits of the story, and this is not yet verified, but I have been told in an email by another descendant that after Ida Isabel STANAWAY's 1883-1944 mother died (I don't know her name but she died possibly in childbirth or later on) she and her father (Capt John James STANAWAY) went to Riverhead and met up with two Maori women who were sisters*, who wet nursed the infant, Isobel. Capt John James Stanaway married one sister and had a number of children, then married the other and had more children.

*namely Witaperene (Black Ann) and Henipapa, both daughters of Mohi Ti Hokaanga II, whose two wives were Harihura and Wetekia Minarapa (no doubt possibly sisters also).

I would really really love to see photographs of those who have passed on.


by allycat on 2008-11-05 05:38:21

Hi all,

Ok, I've been trawling through Geni.com and still can't find MINARAPA or KARENA.

{To do this for those of you who haven't checked out the site, you scroll down to the bottom of the webpage, to the small text entitled About, Directory, GEDCOM, Terms, Privacy, Safety, Blog, Forum and Help. Click on DIRECTORY and you will see a screen entitled Directory of Family Names on Geni, by letter A through to Z. No search button I'm afraid.

Any progress made? I know these things take time.


by tarn on 2009-02-19 03:39:39

Hi all,

I am also a descendent of Capt JJ stanaway, my last name is still stanaway. I belive our family has a family tree(book)that dates back all the way to JJ i live in australia will have to follow up to find out more.

I have seen people talk on this site abnout Maynard family some close friend are maynards where abouts in NZ are most maynards descended from jj stanaway

by Maynard08 on 2009-02-28 00:50:01

The majority of Maynards in my family are here in Auckland and have been for some yrs, but think originally from way up north back in the days.

by stanaway on 2009-05-15 18:10:13

Hi All

I must be the newseeeet of the whanu group. I also live in Auckland,New Zealand. Still currently a Stanaway also. The book Allycat has mentioned is called "tides of time" Referring to Capt JJ stanaway. his first wife died on ship giving birth to isbella. this book was put out when I was in my earily teens, about 20 years ago. As far as I'm aware capt JJ stanaway had FIVE wives to start his big family off. this includes the lady that gave birth on boat over to nz< LOL

by allycat on 2009-05-15 18:17:33

Hi 'stanaway', Welcome and Kira Ora. I only know of four wives.

At the Marriner Family Genealogy Forum there's a March 15, 2008 'Marriners in NZ' posting by Polli Marriner mentioning Tides of Time. They have photographed the book and are offering digital copies of any information.

I only just saw the entry, so as yet haven't corresponded with P.Marriner.


by stanaway on 2009-05-15 18:47:24

I will check and get back to you as I konow their is a few books in my family, if this helps?


by allycat on 2009-05-15 18:50:31

Yes please Gaylene. I'm always silently working on my tree whilst helping others here. Alison.

by Hinekura on 2009-10-18 14:13:12

I am A decendent of the Stanway Line.I maybe a close relation to your husband as I found our Names in your Tree but under the wronge Name
My Grandfather Was Dan Samuels married To Hokimate Pearl. My mother Name is Jacqueline Samuels and my Fathers name is Elivs John Bellas.My mother was adopted, Her biological parents are
Father- Ngatote Cash- Deceased
Mother- Alice Henry- Deceased
I have 2 brothers
Tana Tui Ngatote Samuels-04/07/1983
Who has A daughter Anzalia Amathys Samuels-24/05/2008
Partner-Emerald Tai
Mother is Susan Bok
Father- Charlie Tai
Duane Byron Bellas-16/05-1988
and a Sister Veronica Pearl Samuels-19/02/1986
Who Has Two Sons Devontae Samuels-
Exavier Samuels-
My Name is Hinekura Ngawini Laveaina(nee Samuels)-22/02/1982
married-08/10/2005 to Faamamafa Laveaina-07/05/1974 Born in Western Samoa
we have Three Children
Henry Taniora E.J Samuels-09/03/1999
Faamamafa Junior Laveaina-14/01/2000
Melina hinerukaturi Naomi Samuels-14/01/2001
I will uo date you with any other further information

by Hinekura on 2009-10-18 16:37:09

Here is somemore of my Family to add into your whakapapa
My greatgreat grandfather and Greatgreat grandmother-
Curly Samuels
Married Maramapai Samuels
Had 5 Children
Son: Bill Samuels- Married Margret Samuels
Nancy has 3 children
Son: Monety Samuels- Married Maramapai Samuels
Has 8 Children
Has 3 children
Alfreda-Deceased-26/09/09 Married Ben Vaka
has 5 children
Roimata who has 4 Children
Maramapai-Deceased-Married Wirimu Matiu
who has 6 Children
May who has 6 children
Luke- married Stephane Tango
Has 7 children
Danny-Deceased Married Bertha Tango
Dee who has 5 Children
Son: Richard Samuels- Married unknown
but is known to have a child
Daughter: Isabella samuels- Married Ian Tudell
Has 8 children
viola who married- Wata Petara
Has Two Children
Dawn has a Adopted Daughter
Queeny has 2 children
Janey has two children
Son: Dan Samuels- Married Hokimate pungaru
Has Two Adobted Children
Jacqueline married Elivs Bellas
Has 4 Children
Duane married Linda but no children
he has 7 children

Others have children and grandchildren but I dont have the correct information as of yet
I hope this info can be of some use

by Hinekura on 2009-10-18 16:44:55

Sorry I 4got to add Rosemary to the line of Bill and Margret Samuels who was the thrid oldest Daughter My Aunty

by shirojoharris on 2010-01-13 02:11:24

kiaora every1
i believe i am connected to this line of stanaways as well:) i believe jj stanaway is my great great great grandfather my grandmother is maryanne manukau, daughter of maraea rogan, daughter of mohi rogan son of henipapa minarapa and john james stanaway i think??? i was looking thru some of the records and it was great to see my ansestry as im only 23 its awesome to see all the connections and wew iv come from i think i may be able to give you some more info and spelling corrections for this site if you want it :) send me an email if your intrested thanks

by allycat on 2010-01-13 06:36:48

Dear Hinekura, Thank you for your wonderful contribution. Really great! Sorry for not getting back to you, must have missed your entry because I was too busy helping others here in my capacity as Editor. Ooops.

Dear shirojoharris, Welcome to FamilyTreeCircles. Glad you are happy to find whanau and some of your whakapapa. Henipapa Minarapa was the grandmother of Kuwhara (Hera) Minarapa who was the great grandmother of my husband. I am unaware of Mohi Rogan being son of Henipapa and JJ Stanaway but I would like to learn more.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading through the HOTTEN genealogy (ancestors of JJ Stanaway) in Cornwall, England - info from first listed link in my journal.

If you'd like to find out more and/or confirm and add to your tree check out Main Maori Genealogy site on the web - your first stop for finding Whakapapa. You will have to register first.

Best wishes.

by CGSTANAWAY on 2010-02-18 02:22:41

am considering releasing a revised tides of time this year possibly with an added history section,we have been dealing with family history research company in scotland that have come up with leads.regs c.stanaway

by Stanaway_Crichton on 2010-04-03 19:55:23

Hello..all Stanaway family....I am also a descendent of Capt JJ Stanaway and Sarah Clark...(JJ's 5th and last wife)my great grandparents..their 3rd child Charles George b 9.10.1864 and Emily Elizabeth Morton...were my grandparents...their 11th child was Grahame Morton...b 5.2.1915 and Thelma Kilgour...were my parents....they were all over 40yrs old having children..hence its only 3 generations...I still live at Tokatoka beside were JJ is buried...and the old Stanaway homestead and pub site..I remember in 1984 when Mervyn and Alexandria Marriner came to visit my parents...researching for "Tides of Time" and organising the family reunion held in 1985...lovely people who did alot of work to bring the book and reunion together....I believe Capt JJ Stanaway was the only Stanaway in NZ back in the day...so we are all one big whanau....
Kia ora

by steffinie on 2010-05-14 05:32:16

i am a decendent of mr stanaway also. my surname is marriner. in reply to CG Stanaway revising the book tides of time i would be interested in getting a copy.
cheers steffinie

by freedomkiwis on 2010-07-04 00:02:31

Have just been reading all the above posts. If anyone would like a copy of Tides of Time - Captain John James Stanaway, I would be happy to look at getting copies done for you.
It is a VERY large book, but has soooo much info in it. It has all the families from all of John James Stanaways wives. He had 5 wives over his lifetime.
Because of the number of pages, and the size of the book and the fact that I had 5 hard bound copies made 8 yrs ago to give to each of my children, I know it will cost somewhere in the region of $450NZD to copy every page, then get it hard bound.
It ends up pretty weighty too so there would have to be a courier charge. But I could confirm costs once you express and interest. The above is just what I'm thinking it may cost, give or take. You can email me at [email protected] if you like.

by freedomkiwis on 2010-07-04 00:33:52

Originally these books were put out as soft cover books but because they are so big, mine started breaking down hence I got them copied and hardbound.
Yes I remember Mervyn Marriner visiting my mum in Rotorua gathering information for the book, and my mother ALWAYS told us as much as she could about our geneology. It was very important to her. She managed to get to the big re-union held in Dargaville, before she died. I think that was in 1984 or 5 or around there.
Alison, the Ida Isobel Stanaway you spoke of was my great grandmother and I remember her well as I used to visit her with my mother when I was little. She died when I was 8 so that would have been about 1967 or so.
She is the one that had the 12 children with David being one, and my grandmother also one. Other names I can recall without locating my book from that particular family are Gerald, Joe, Pat who recently passed away, Peggy, Leo, Norah.

by monalisa on 2010-07-28 20:42:08

My maiden name is also Stanaway.I am the second daughter of David who was actually the youngest of the children {passed 1997}.
His mother's name was actually Ethel McCabe.She was born in Ireland,at County Armargh and his fathers name was Joseph Stanaway.
They married 1902.
Their children were,Leo,Mary,Phillipa,Owen,Pat,Norah,Des,Margaret,Gerald,Joe,Peggy and David.
The Mariners also visited me in Tikipunga,Whangarei prior to their book publication and brilliant organising of the family reunion in Dargarville to which I took my 4 children at the time.
It was an amazing experience for everyone.
I am definitely going to order the new book as i gave the other one to my brother Mark.

by freedomkiwis on 2010-10-16 23:44:22

Hi Monalisa, just respondin to your post above. So confusing sometimes but easy to get names muddled up. Yes my great grandmother was Ethel McCabe not Ida like I thought. And it is her I remember visiting. My mother spoke of your father a LOT. along with uncle Gerald, uncle Des, uncle Pat, aunty peg the whole lot. I think you have some of that generation mixed up though (your Dads siblings) cos this is the written account I have in their birth order
You've nearly got them right though.
Leo, Mary Agnes (my grandmother), Des, Norah, Gerald, Joseph, Rose, Patrick (who died just 2 mths ago, the last remaining one) Owen, Peggy, and David (your father)
There was 11 of them and the one you have Phillipa in there is my mother (Mary Agnes daughter) Mary Agnes was known as Mollie.
My mum talked of your Dad often and your family. If I'm right you also had a sister called Phillipa didn't you who died as a result of a boat fire. I remember when it happened and my mum being absolutely devastated.
I'd love to connect with you further. my direct email is [email protected] Wendy Clarricoats

by mstanaway on 2010-10-25 08:44:39

Hello there,
I am Mark Stanaway the third child of Leo Stanaway the eldest son of Joseph and Ethel. Nana(Ethel)spent her last years with us at our home in Glen Eden before she passed away at the Martyr Hospital in 1970.I remember her funeral well because it was the first time I got to see so many Stanaways together. It was so sad as Dad was unable to attend because he was in Fiji at the time. The wake was at Uncle Pats (who recently passed away , the last of that generation) and I remember it was a cold and wet day. I also remember a younger Nana visiting us once in Fiji and another time staying at her house in Balmoral during one of our furloughs. I remember her as a very dignified strict no nonsense lady. I guess she needed to be to bring up 11 kids! In her later years when she was bed ridden at our place she was an avid reader and very spiritual person and a source of great wisdom.

by CNgaia on 2010-10-31 20:57:27

Hi everyone, came upon this site by accident but so glad I did!

I am also a descendent of Capt JJ Stanaway, my mothers family are Marriners, who stem from JJ Stanaways 2nd wife.

Allycat - Polli Marriner, you mentioned earlier, is the wife of one of my cousins.

My mother has a copy of the 'Tides of Time' book & it is a very interesting read, cant believe how large our family is!

And to all who mentioned Mervyn Marriner, the creator of the family book - he is a great uncle of mine (I think.. shall find out), a brother or cousin to my mothers father Arthur Marriner.

by CNgaia on 2010-11-01 15:40:25

Hi again, Mervyn Marriner is my grandfathers cousin.. their fathers were brothers :)

by Cookie_Little on 2011-01-14 22:31:27

Someone help me understand the Cook/Kuku/Kuka names? Are they all the same family? Confusing me greatly.

by allycat on 2011-01-14 22:41:35

The Myra's Place website has a great deal of information but looks like it is under construction.

by dreamrz on 2012-03-21 01:24:16

hi all - I am an descendant of Helena Stanaway & Patrick Moloughney ->

by freedomkiwis on 2012-05-10 14:59:09

HI EVERYONE, Finally, after attempting to get started a couple of years ago, I am RIGHT NOW updating the Tides of Time family tree book. To everyone wanting a copy of the new edition of the book which will be beautifully hard bound with gold lettering and be an exeptional piece of history, once I've finished updating all the info it will be available to order.
My brother and cousin have done a lot of research on the maori side as well and are taking a trip north in July to speak with maori elders and validate everything they've found, so I can also include this information in the book. I hope it will include all our tribal and marae connections which can then be a valuable resource for our young people coming up who wish to access funding for their tertiary studies.
I have set up a facebook page for Tides of Time at https://www.facebook.com/StanawayTidesOfTime Please do visit and "like" the page so we can all be in touch.
and please email me at [email protected] if you are wanting to be included on the book list and/or you have some updates to offer for the book.
I hope to hear from many of you.
Wendy Clarricoats
(Here is my line to JJ Stanaway)
daughter of Phillipa Ceruti, who was daughter of Molly Stanaway > daughter of Joseph & Ethel > Henare Stanaway . Henipapa & James Stanaway.

by jnew on 2012-07-18 20:02:40

Kia ora whanau,
Im currently researching my partner's family and appears he is a descendant of JJ Stanaway and Witaperene Minarapa (daughter of Hurihura Minarapa (Black Ann) & Mohi te Hokaanga II). Any info and whanau connections would be awesome.
Nga mihi and arohanui

by freedomkiwis on 2016-04-30 15:30:46

Hi peeps
The Stanaway Tides of Time Revised Edition 2012 is now available on USB. Please email me at [email protected] for details.

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