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Looking for information on George ? Stacy; mother/father/brothers/sisters from Vermont .

Query by Stacye

Researching the many, many George Stacys. (1) George Stacy b abt 1824 Crittenden?, VT. (2) b abt 1864 Montreal, Canada (3) b abt 1890 Boston, MA.

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on 2013-11-03 20:04:28

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by Stacye on 2013-11-05 13:47:26

This is what I have, and believe it's probably right... I just don't know if this lineage is correct.

John Stacy m. Mary (Polly) Baldwin
George Stacy b? m Mary Hutchinson (no further info);
George Stacy (was he a JR.?) b abt 1818 Vermont (other documentation says b 1824)
m Sarah Allen abt 1843 (5 children: Stillman, Henry, Ethan Allen
Charles and Imogene)
George Stacy b 1864 Canada m. Annie McLean b sbt 1864 MA 2 Children Stillman George
b 1890 Boston, MA m. Madeline (mattie) Loomis

I look forward to corresponding with you re the Stacys, etc.

[email protected] (Pat)

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by Stacye on 2013-11-06 09:11:06

Wow! You are a whiz in Genealogy; thanks so much for your information!

This is what I have found from different sources: George (J or W?) Stacy was married to Sarah Allen (I thought Ethan was possibly by an earlier marriage) 2 of the children died and George (J or W?) moved to Montreal (?) Canada with the other 3 children where he married for the 2nd time to Marguerite Blair thus George Blair abt 1864-65 was born (who would be my Grandfather). I think there were (2?) other siblings.

Noggin, any information will be greatly appreciated. Are you related to the Stacy lineage?

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by Stacye on 2013-11-06 15:09:03

Your help has been pricelss...thank you so very, very much for the info you have provided me and the time spent in my favor.

Again, thanks.

by rosseau on 2013-12-16 13:19:23

I stumbled across this conversation about the Stacy family this morning and I can add some information that might assist you. I do have the documentation for all of this but it is in storage in Salt Lake city. We lived there for many years but now live in the Atlanta area. I can assure you, however, that the information I have is factual. Feel free to contact me about any elaboration you would like. I think I may have corresponded with you several years ago.
I am 71 years old and am a retired high school principal. After retirement I spent 5-6 days per week for several years at the Family History Center researching all of my lines.
My mother is 93 years old, lives in Toronto, and is still active. Her maiden name was Stacey. She was born in Montreal in 1920 to Henry Stacy and Margaret (Maggie McRae). Maggie was my wonderful grandmother and she told me a lot of stories about the Stacy family, much of which meant little to me until I did my own research many long years later. Besides basic research I have visited Montreal, Vermont, and Massachusetts many times and have found graves, farms, town records, etc.
Heres an abbreviated version of my grandmothers story. Her husband, Henry, was an alcoholic. He was well off and the family had a maid and a grand piano in the drawing room, etc. He was a loving person except when he was drunk. In desperation, my grandmother gathered her six children on New Years eve, 1925, while Henry was out celebrating, and took took them to Toronto on the train. She went from having a maid to being one but she raised the six children in a loving environment. She never divorced Henry and when he died in an accident a few years later she had his body brought to Toronto. She is buried in the same grave.
She always told us that the Stacy family (my mothers generation was the first to spell the name as Stacey) had been nail and spike manufacturers, and that Henry and his father Ethan Allen Stacy had both diminished the family fortune.
Ethan Allen Stacy had married someone (Mary Anne Wells) who was considered beneath him. I put quotes around the married because I can find no evidence of a marriage and they didnt always live together until later in life when we find Henry with Ethan and Mary Ann in the census (1901 or 1911, I cant remember which). Mary Ann had worked at the nail and spike company and this is probably where they met. There is also evidence that Mary Ann was married to a Hamilton and had children by him. She actually married him twice, once in a catholic church even though they already had some children and she was not a catholic. She obviously lied to the church. A couple of years later they married again in a Presbyterian church ((her actual religion). They actually had the same witnesses at both weddings.
She claimed to be a widow in a later census even though I found her husband living elsewhere in Montreal. He did die years later. At the same time Ethan was living with his father George and his stepmother Margaruite in the same census. He and Mary Ann were present at my grandmothers wedding to Henry. She always suspected that Henry was illegitimate and the evidence seems to support this.
Ethans father was George J. Stacy (I believe that the J. may have indicated Jr.). He was born in Vermont 1820. He was initially a printer and I have some publications and books that were printed by him in Burlington, Vermont. He married Sarah Melvina Allen (born 1824 in VT) in 1843. They had 5 children, Henry, Stillman, Imogene, Charles and Ethan. Stillman and Henry died in childhood and Sarah died in 1859 at the age of 35. The children then stayed with their fathers uncle Henry (Henry Baldwin Stacy), a gentleman farmer and former founder and owner of the Burlington Free Press. About the time that Henry Baldwin was appointed US counsel to Russia by President Lincoln, the children rejoined their father George Jr. and moved with him to Montreal where his father George Sr. had founded a very successful nail and spike manufactory on the Lachine canal. They employed about 60 people. George Sr. had several patents in Canada and in the US , one of which was for a machine that stamped out spikes from cold metal sheets.
Imogene married twice, both times to wealthy influential men, and amassed a fortune. She actually lent money to Lord Strathcona, founder of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and at one time the richest man in Canada. I have copies of the legal documents for the loan and for its discharge. This money was probably used, in part, to start construction on the railroad. My grandmother always said that Stacy spikes were used in the transcontinental railroads in the US and in Canada and this finding lends credence to that story.
Charles was the good guy compared to my g grandfather Ethan. Ethan was initially listed as a manufacturer but later was simply an employee of the company. Charles seemed to be the boss. This fits with my grandmothers always telling me that Ethan was given his inheritance and taken out of the company. He, and later my grandfather Henry, wasted this inheritance.
Charles and his sister Imogene were baptized as Anglicans in Montreal as adults. This is probably because of their position in the community. Ethan, pointedly, was not. It is from their baptismal certificates that I discovered that Sarah M. Allens middle name was Melvina. Imogene and Charles were both listed in the Blue Book, a social register.
George Sr. was born in 1795 in Windsor VT and was raised in Orange VT. At first I thought that his only wife was Mary Hutchinson. She died in 1840 and was too young to have been the mother of George Jr. She and George Sr. Had one child Emeline. Mary died shortly thereafter and Emeline herself married a Skinner, moved to Ontario and died while pregnant with her first child.
George Jr. was born in VT about 1820. He had a sister Maria Eliza Stacy, born in 1818 in NY and a sister Clarissa (Clara) born sometime after George. Their mother was from NY . I found an obit in a Vermont paper for the wife of George Stacy of Montreal, dated 1833, that indicated that her first name was Eliza.I have been unable to get a last name.
Maria Eliza Stacy married a Fowler I believe. He was from NY, was a land agent in Canada and was always listed as a gentleman in censuses. He was a widower with children. Maria never had children of her own. They both died of old age in Orillia, Ontario. Her death certificate erroneously said she was from England. She may have assumed a pretentious English accent, leading to this conclusion but this is just a guess on my part. I have found their grave.
Clara was a teacher of French in a School for Young Women in Burlington Vermont and married somewhat later in life .No children. She died in Burlington.
George Sr., as mentioned, established a manufacturing business in Montreal. He was a prominent man, a member of the American Presbyterian Church, and in later years lived in the American Eagle Hotel. He died in 1864 at his daughters home in Kingston, Ontario and was buried in Montreal. I have found his grave. I also found a large gravestone for George Jr. Charles, Imogene and spouses. Ethan is buried close by. His gravestone is much smaller.
George Sr.s parents were John Stacy and Mary Baldwin, as wonderful a couple as ever lived. I have copies of their portraits on my study wall. The originals are owned by the Vermont Historical Society and they are housed at the Smithsonian.
John Stacy was born in Hopkinton, Mass, 1n 1760. He was orphaned as a young child and was raised by his fathers brother and his wife who was a cousin of John Adams. He joined the militia in Mass at the age of 16 and later the Continental Army. He was at Valley Forge. He was a sergeant, often on detached duty (spy behind enemy lines). I got this from an obit in a NY paper. I also got a lot of info from his eulogy by Rev. John Converse which was printed in a Vermont periodical of that day. Towards the end of the war he was appointed one of George Washingtons personal lifeguards. There was only a few of these and they accompanied the general and surrounded him on horseback. John was honorably discharged on New Years eve. 1883, by General Knox. He was in the last group to be discharged. I have copies of his promotion to Sergeant and of his discharge.
John returned, married Mary (Polly) Baldwin, daughter of the firebrand Nathan Baldwin of Worcester, Mass. He was a friend of John Adams and is mentioned several times in Adams diaries. John moved first to Windsor VT, Then to Orange VT. He was town clerk for about 25 years, magistrate for 28 years and member of the legislature for over 20 years. He retired to Burlington in old age to be near his son Henry Baldwin and died in 1843. Mary died in 1843. They are buried in Elmhurst cemetery. The gravestones are gone but I was able to determine the location of the graves. This is the same cemetery where Sarah and her sons Henry and Stillman are buried. The stones are gone but the location can be determined.

My dead ends are Sarah Melvina Allen ( I have circumstantial evidence but the records for South Hero Island are missing), Eliza, the first wife of George Sr. and Mary Anne Wells, wife of Ethan Stacy.
There is lots of info on the internet that will trace the family back through John Stacy and Mary Baldwin. You will find signers of the declaration, Mayflower passengers, and back through the aristocracy and royalty of England and Europe.
From my perspective, this entire cornucopia of family history happened when I decided to investigate the antecedents of my grandfather Henry Stacy, the drunk.
Incidentally, he died as somewhat of a hero. He tried to stop a team of galloping horses and was trampled to death but probably saved lives. I dont know what his blood alcohol level was but since my grandmother so obviously loved him, I do too.
Bet wishes,
Kerry Jack Montgomery (your distant cousin).

by rosseau on 2013-12-16 13:33:22

I should have said that John Stacy died in 1847 and Mary in 1853


by Stacye on 2013-12-16 20:21:39

Hi, sometime ago a very nice person that lived in Salt Lake City, named Kerry Montgomery was kind enough to get me started in the Stacy history and I have forever been grateful to him for helping me. Most of the info I have came directly or indirectly from him... are you the same Kerry?

I put aside my genealogy for awhile and was doing it just hit-and-miss; now I'm ready to really do the research. Any info you will help me with is very appreciated.

Pat Stacy (cousin from down the line).

by rosseau on 2013-12-17 06:49:16


Yes, that would be me.Like you, I put it aside because of my dead ends but every now and then I dabble again.

Good to hear from you,


by Stacye on 2014-01-16 23:47:27

Hi Kerry, I'm back on the trail again and would appreciate any help you may lend me. You mentioned you had backup info re: the Stacy family; would you share some of the info pertinent to our ancestors with me?

Thanks for the info you have already given me and look forward to hearing from you once again.

[email protected]

by planmap on 2014-02-19 12:52:03

I have been researching a Hutchinson family based in Jericho, Vermont. (Jericho is just east of Burlington, VT) The book, The History of Jericho, Vermont, includes a short history of the family. It indicated that Mary Hutchinson, born about 1807, married a George Stacy. Looking around, I discovered a potential candidate family, that they may have moved to the Montreal area, and that Mary died in Montreal in 1840. I've found confirmation of a Mary Hutchinson Stacy's death in Montreal on 7 Sept 1840 at age 33.

From the Stacy research you have done, do you think my Mary married your ancestor George?

Thanks for what ever help you are able to provide.

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