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Looking for information on the Weidenbohm of Ropely, Queensland

Query by Weedy

Specifically wanting information on his surname, may of been spelt Weidenbohm, Wiedenbohm, Wiedenbaum or Weidenbaum. I believe that some of the children went to the Deep Gully/Ropely school around 1900. Namely Wilhelm Ferdinand Wiedenbaum, Auguste Emelia Weidenbohm, Gustav Paul Weidenbohm, Annie Wilhelmine Weidenbohm, Emma Elizabeth Weidenbohm, Reinhold Weidenbohm, Emil August Weidenbohm (May have gone to school under Aug Weidenbohm).

Also looking for any information around Wilhelm Ferdinand Wiedenbaum born 1888,1889?(Parents Auguste Balke & Carl Christian Ferdinand Wiedenbaum) and Herbert Henry Weidenbohm born 1904?

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on 2014-01-03 20:04:40

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by asheppard on 2014-01-04 21:09:28

Queensland BMD Birth Registration for Wilhelm registered as Wildenbaum

Year: 1889
Reg No,:C8633
First Name: Wilhellm Ferdinand
Last Name: Wildenbaum
Fathers Name: Carl Christian Ferdinand
Mothers Name: Auguste Balke

by Weedy on 2014-01-04 21:30:16

Hi asheppard, thanks for the information. Apart from the birth record that you have found there doesn`t seem to be any other information on him. It`s like he didn`t exist. Possibly changed his name? Regards Marc.

by asheppard on 2014-01-05 20:47:18

I just came across something interesting
I did a search of QLD BMD with Auguste Balke as mother and came up with these

1885 Maria Paulina
1885 Martha Ottielge
1891 Auguste Amelia
1893 Gustav paul
1893 Annie Wilhemine
1894 Emma Elizabeth
1896 Reinholdt Henrich
1898 Emil August (Sontag)
1901 Herman
1904 Herbert Henry

Fathers name: Albert Sonntag

marriage 1884 Albert Sonntag & Auguste Balke Ref: C777

There is possibly another child also QLD
1895 Albert Francis Father: Balke Mother: Auguste
1896 Albert Francis Sountag Father:Sountag Mother: Auguste Somtag

I also came across a few trees on ancestry with some of the family in New Zealand.

According to these trees Annie Wilhemine married Albert Frederick Ward 11 Nov 1930 Pahiatua New Zealand. Auguste Balke died 29 Jan 1950 Mangatainoka, Tararua, Manawatu-Wanganui New Zealand.

How accurate these are I don't know it may be worth checking into the New Zealand records

Have a look in the Queensland BMD I think Carl may have been married before to Caroline Schmike in 1881 and her death in 1901 as Weidenbaum father Michael Roschinski mother Anna Dorothea Raschke.

It gets more intriguing if Wilhelm Ferdinand was born 1889 to Carl & Auguste then they were both married to someone else at the time of his birth!!! Unless of course there are two Auguste Balke's, but the children's names as Weidenbaum and add that to the Sonntag birth record.

I think it will take a bit of sorting out. I think you should get a copy of the birth record for Wilhelm Ferdinand Wildenbaum and also for one of the other children.

by asheppard on 2014-01-05 21:19:43

I also found that there are some references to Carl Christian Ferdinand Weidenbohn in the Electoral Rolls

Name: Wiedenbolm
1903 Gatton QLD - farmer
1911 - incoming passenger 13 June 1911 Wellington to Sydney ship Moana
1919-1928 Sorrell Franklin Tasmania - Murdunna Orchardist

looks like Carl came back to Australia and left the family in New Zealand

Found a reference for Gustav Weidenbolm

Killed in Action
7 June 1917
Mesen West Flanders

Auckland Regiment NZEF

and another child for Albert & Auguste
1890 Carl Hermann Sontag Father: Albert Mother: Auguste Balke
1890 Carl Hermann Sontag Father: Albert Mother: Auguste Balke

and it does appear that all the children went to New Zealand and possibly married there or died there.

Ref above for 1891 Auguste Amelia Sonntag should be Augusta Amelia Sonntag (sorry typo)

by Weedy on 2014-01-05 22:02:10

Yeah, I know there was a bit of a puzzle to sort after what I was told from the family. You are correct Carl & Auguste were never officially married, I know Auguste had 3 children with her first husband Albert Sonntag (He was admitted to Goodna Assylum for the insane in 1885) and all the others were to Carl. Carl did leave the family in NZ and went back to Australia, story goes that he did not like NZ at all. Apparently they arrived in NZ in 1904. The most intriguing part of all is that the youngest child Herbert Henry Weidenbohm also went back to Australia but nobody in the family ever heard from him again, although they tried many times. Not sure what state he ended up in or if he even ended up in Australia. he may be the link to the Weidenbohm in Australia or he could have changed his name. Also Carl could have had more children when he got back to Australia in 1911. It is a massive puzzle that will take a long time to sort through. Thanks for your input, it`s always nice to get information you didn`t know before.

by asheppard on 2014-01-06 19:35:05

It's interesting that all the children's birth are registered as Sonntag and had Albert as the father and not Carl. Keeping up appearances perhaps.

I found this is the NZ Electoral Roll

New Zealand, Electoral Rolls, 1853-1981 about Herbert Weidenbohm
Name: Herbert Weidenbohm
Electoral Year: 1928
District: Pahiatua
Region or Province: Manawatu-Wanganui

living at the same address
Te Rehunga

Claudia married
Emil August - contractor
Herbert - contractor

Claudia could be Emil or Herberts wife
Herbert could be Emil's brother or his son??

I found another interesting fact in NZ files

There is another Wiedenbohm family with children
Gustaf & Ronald both served in the NZ 8th Division Gustav killed in action which is the reference I gave you previously and Ronald wounded in action.

Mothers name Annie Wiedenbohm so perhaps they went to NZ to be with family, have you come across this other Wiedenbohm family??

by barbidoll on 2014-01-07 02:26:37

Hello Weedy I lived in Pahiatua New Zealand as a child and remember some of the Sonntag family. Here is a list of Sonntags' buried in the Mangatainoka cemetery Pahiatua.
Alice Gertrude Sonntag died 1980 aged 89 years.
Auguste Sonntag died 1950 aged 88 years
Martha Sonntag died 1971 aged 85 years
Mary Pauline Sonntag died 1975 aged 90 years
Otto Charles Henry Sonntag Sonntag died 1973 aged 89 years

by Weedy on 2014-01-07 02:37:59

This is what I know so far. In short

Carl Christian Ferdinand Wiedenbaum was married to Caroline Schimke, no children

Auguste Balke was married to Albert Sonntag and had 3 children

Carl and Auguste got together and had 11 children. 2 died as infants. From what I understand they all came to NZ, including the 3 children Auguste had with Albert Sonntag. The children she had with Carl were all given the Sonntag surname at birth but are Carls children and went by Weidenbohm. Probably because they weren`t officially married (a no no in those days) So this is who came.

Otto Charles Sonntag
Martha Ottelie Sonntag
Maria Paulina Sonntag

Wilhelm Ferdinand Wiedenbaum
Carl Herman Wiedenbaum (Died at birth)
Augusta Emelia Weidenbohm
Gustav Paul Wiedenbohm
Annie Wilhelmine Weidenbohm
Emma Elizabeth Weidenbohm
Albert Francis Wiedenbaum (Died as an infant)
Reinhold Heinrich Weidenbohm
Emil August Weidenbohm (My Great Grandfather)
Herman Harry Weidenbohm
Herbert Henry Weidenbohm

Pheeeww, OK that sorted. Now, the gaps.

Carl left the family and went back to Australia in 1911 and never came back to NZ.

Supposedly Wilhelm Ferdinand Wiedenbaum went back as well but not sure if it was at the same time as Carl.

I was told that Herbert also went back and nobody heard from him again but not sure if this is correct. Where did he go after 1928 (Electoral info that you found)

Wilhelm or Herbert could be the missing piece of the puzzle in Australia as I do not know how we are related to the Australian side. Or it could be that Carl had more children when he went back to Australia in 1911

You are correct, Claudia was my great grandfather Emil`s wife. Gustav was killed in WW1 in France. Ronald was married to Marguerite Blair and had no children. Annie was married to Albert Ward.

So as you can see, I have most of NZ sorted out but still no answers to how it fits in Australia. Also when did Carl come to Australia. I was told he was born in Neppermin, Ostvorpommern, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany to parents Wilhelm Wiedenbaum and Dorothea Sadewasser. I would love to find more information.

Well it didn`t end up that short did it, sorry.

by Weedy on 2014-01-07 02:45:55

Hi Barbidoll, thanks for the information. Do you remember any of the Weidenbohm`s? Auguste Sonntag was my great great grandmother. I heard that Auguste and her 2 daughters, Martha & Mary used to own and work a block of land opposite the Tui brewery. Alice was Ottos Wife.

by barbidoll on 2014-01-07 03:11:16

Hi Weedy. Otto Sonntag lived in Pahiatua when I knew him. If my memory serves me correctly they had a daughter whose married name was Treder. I know the Weidenbaum's lived in the Mangatainoka area but the name doesn't appear in the Mangatainoka cemetery records. What is the correct spelling? You have three different spellings of the name.

by Weedy on 2014-01-07 03:19:47

The way that we spell it is Weidenbohm but it is also spelt Wiedenbohm, Wiedenbaum and I am sure there are many more ways. Most of the Weidenbohm`s moved to Patea, then on to Cambridge where most have passed. Some also went to Thames. There are also some in Tauranga but I haven`t figured out how they fit in the family yet.

by barbidoll on 2014-01-07 03:21:35

Hi Weedy. Here is some information from the Mangatainoka cemetery records.
Augusta Weidenbohm (spinster) died 1958 aged 61 years.
Jean Alice Weidenbohm died 1952 aged 42 years. Wife of Harry and loved mother of Joy,Betty and Rex.

by Weedy on 2014-01-07 03:32:24

Do the cemeteries in NZ put pictures of the headstones online?

by barbidoll on 2014-01-07 03:41:16

Hi Weedy. Most cemeteries have all the information including photos of headstones.
Mangatainoka certainly does. I have had another look and note that Martha and Mary Pauline Sonntag were twins, buried in the same grave. They were both recorded as spinsters.

by barbidoll on 2014-01-07 15:19:34

Thames cemetery base has records of Harry Weidenbohm and Ngahina Weidenbohm.
Harry died 1991 aged 91. Ngahina died 2006 aged 73.
The grave is PBLD80007 in the Totara Memorial Park cemetery.

by asheppard on 2014-01-07 19:48:08

Is this possibly your Wilhelm (William) in NSW


Possible Death - parents names different


There are a few articles in the NZ Papers for Wiedenbohm


by Weedy on 2014-01-08 00:31:18

I guess it is possible.

by Weedy on 2014-01-08 02:10:26

Hi asheppard

I think the info you found on William F Wiedenbohm is actually Wilhelm Ferdinand Wiedenbaum. I have found the obituary in the paper and they both were born in Ropely Queensland, they both would have been 33 at time of death. I think it would be unlikely that there would be 2 x W.F Wiedenbaum/Wiedenbohm born in the same small town and be the exact same age.

by barbidoll on 2014-01-08 03:29:35

Hello Weedy. Mine is only personal knowledge. I know there is some WEIDENBOHM information in Papers Past New Zealand. FTC researcher ngairedith who has much expertise may come in and help with your query. I shall watch with interest.

by Weedy on 2015-01-26 00:04:23

Can anyone help with how I can find burial records for Carl Christian Ferdinand Wiedenbolm. He was last listed in the 1928 census as farmer in Murdunna, Sorrell, Franklin, Tasmania, Australia, so I am presuming he is buried in Tasmania. The last name could also be spelt Wiedenbaum, Weidenbaum, Wiedenbohm, Weidenbohm to name a few.



by PS1 on 2017-04-24 22:23:02

My name is Philip Sonntag, My Grandfather was Otto Charles Sonntag, his fathers was Albert Sonntag and mother was Auguste Balke, they were married in the Lutheran church in Ipswich Queensland oct 1884. They had 3 children Otto, and twins Maria and Martha.
The other births registered as Sonntag were Carl Herman, Augusta Amelia, Anna Wilhelmine, Gustav Paul. The Family said that Auguste never married Weidenbohm, I Remember my Grandfather saying that him and his brothers had to chase the old man away because he used to get drunk and beat up his mother.
I have the history of the Sonntags dating back to 1755.
Was recently in Queensland and located Alberts grave in Ipswich. Went to Gatton and Laidley trying to locate any relations on the Balke side of the family, no luck.
Also noticed that the nurse at the birth of Otto was a Mrs Tillack which was also Auguste's mothers surname, any relation?.

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