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Looking for Leonard Sydney UREN dentist Penrith NSW Australia. I am confident he was working in Penrith up until 1965at least.

Query by Piranha

My mother, born Joan Frances DYKE 7 February 1932, Montrose Hospital, Hobart. She died 26th September Blenheim New Zealand. Fathers particulars on her birth certificate not stated.
Mother stated as Alice Dorothy DYKE, born in England. She was 39 at time of Mum's birth.

*Adopted by W. & M.A. UREN as Joan Frances Miller record no A.O. 40/32.
**Re-Adopted by B.C. Miller as Joan Frances Miller record no A.O. 223/44. Adoption Cert dated 19/Dec/1944.

*William Salmon Uren was born 1864 in England. He was aged 68 at time of adoption!?? M.A.(Mary Anna Tonkin) Uren was born 1859 in England. She as aged 73 at time of adoption!!??? Assuming Mums' grandparents.

They had two sons living at time of adoption; William Harper Uren died January 1944. Leondard Sydney Uren born 1893 died ???? He was a dentist, moved to Penrith NSW. Cannot find his death.

William Harper Urens' last will and testament appoints his brother Leonard Sydney Uren executor of his will and he bequeathed all his estate both real and personal to Joan Frances UREN.

**B.C. Miller (Beatrice Clara Miller, formerly Reid nee UREN) born 1887 Bristol has to be Williams' sister, why did she adopt Mum?

So Mum's father never had legal quardianship of her, why??

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on 2012-01-29 03:56:45

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by janilye on 2012-01-29 04:30:21

He was still in Penrith in 1980;
Australian Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980
about Leonard Sydney Uren
Name: Leonard Sydney Uren
Electoral Year: 1980
State: New South Wales
District: Macquarie
Subdistrict: Penrith
The same address 427 High St., Penrith

With Susan Mary, John Ivan, John Paul and Elizabeth Ann Uren all living at 88 Lethbridge St., Penrith.

by janilye on 2012-01-29 04:38:30

You may have to ask a lawyer about the adoption but I think it works like; If I put my son up for adoption and the adoptive parents don't want to continue with the adoption. for whatever reason, they just can't hand him back and I just can't take him; I have to apply to adopt my son back. because the original adoption is a legally binding contract and another contract must be entered into to void it.

(does that sound like I know what I'm talking about?)

by JaCa on 2013-02-09 09:24:00

I knew Leonard (Len) Uren for a few years when he lived at the nursing home along Tablelands Road at Wentworth Falls. He died there at age 92 in 1985. It sounds like the same person, dentist from Penrith. He told me he grew up in New Zealand. One of his brothers, Harry, died in France during WWl. Len himself was at Gallipoli. Len liked to travel, especially to Alaska.

by JaCa on 2013-02-09 10:03:04

I found two Newspaper death notices for Len. Seems I was wrong about the year. His wife, possibly second wife, was named Marion. She was from Lithgow. Not sure why the notice would be in the Kiama Independent newspaper.

UREN Leonard Sydney Death notice 26 AUG 984 Death at Wentworth Falls, late of Penrith - Sydney Morning Herald 29 AUG 1984
UREN Leonard Sydney Death notice 26 AUG 1984 Death at Queen Victoria Hospital, Wentworth Falls, formerly of Penrith - Kiama Independent 05 SEP 1984

by JaCa on 2013-02-12 23:29:51

I would be interested to know more about this if anyone has info to share. I'm wondering if William was actually Joan's father. It's also interesting that in the years I visited Len, I knew he had other siblings but he didn't mention William - he talked mostly about Harry who died in France. Len ever went to France after WWI to visit the spot when his brother was wounded. Harry is listed as Died of Wounds, not Killed in Action. Len also talked about his mother - he had great respect for her and he went with her to chapel three times a week. He liked the singing.

by JaCa on 2013-03-10 10:56:43

I have just today found a thank you for your sympathy card showing the date of death for Lenard Sydney Uren. Passed away on 16th August 1984. Home address at that time was Narrow Neck Road, Katoomba.

by janilye on 2013-03-11 02:21:41

well that's good news JaCa

by JaCa on 2013-03-18 21:27:55

Do you have any other info janilye? Now that this has surfaced again I'd be interested in any additions to the story.

by janilye on 2013-03-19 01:25:42

Talking about Harry!
I just had a peek at his war service records.
His full name was Harold Frederick UREN. Service No. 2070. When he joined up at Claremont, Tasmania, on the 15 February 1915, he gave his birthplace as Bedminster near the town of Bristol and stated his age to be 25 years and 5 months, his occupation as a builder, carpenter for Gillam Bros. Hobart, Tasmania and stated he had been in their employ for 5 years. As next of kin he lists his father, William Salmon UREN of 60 St. George's Terrace Battery Point, Hobart Tasmania. Harold did fill in another Attestation Paper in April giving his age then as 25 and 2 months but that seems to be the only change of note.
He was a tall man, nearly 5'11" with blue eyes, brown curley hair and a dark complection his religion, Methodist. He joined as a 2nd. Lieut. after having spent 5 years in a divisional regiment in Tasmania. He was in Gallipoli and there on the 1 August 1915 he contracted Enteric Fever and lost a stone in weight. They shipped him back to Australia on the 23 November 1915 and he spent several weeks at the Hobart General Hospital.
To cut a very long story short, they fattened him up and sent him to France on the 27 March 1917, where sadly, he received a gunshot wound to the stomach on the 9 April 1917 and died a few hours later at the 2nd. Field Ambulance Station at Fremicourt. He was buried at the Communal Cemetery at Fremincourt later the remains reinterred at Bancourt British Cemetery, France. Plot 1 Row C Grave 1

This rather extensive Service record including letters from his father, is to be found within the National Archives of Australia.
Leonard Sydney Uren applied for and Received his brother's Gallipoli Medal in April 1967.
His mother's name was Mary Anna confirmed by War Service Pension of 22/- received from 17 June 1917.

by janilye on 2013-03-19 02:16:35

Leonard Sydney UREN Service No. 2069 also joined up at Claremont, Tasmania on the same day 15 February 1915 with his brother. He was at that time 21 years and 7 months of age. Occupation, Dental Mechanic. His father listed as next of kin. He was of a fair complection almost 5'9" with blue eyes and brown hair also a Methodist. I have to mention both Leonard and Harry had a scar on their left hand.
He arrived in Gallipoli on the 12 July 1915, suffered terribly with dysentary and rheumatism and finally on 8 September sent to the hospital in Malta 2 weeks later transferred to the London General Hospital in Wandsworth.
On the 21 September 1916 he proceeded overseas to France attached to the Dental Unit
promoted to S/Sergeant 2 months later. Leonard served throughout the war with the Dental unit and returned to Australia on the 26 August 1919. He was discharged as medically unfit (Rheumatism) on the 9 January 1920 at Anglesea Barracks Hobart.
Whilst in London. on the 12 October 1918 He was charged at Biggleswade Court of Petty Sessions with riding his bicycle without a rear light and fined 2/6.
Another interesting tidbit I found was he took 4 months leave from the 10 April 1919 to attend, as a dental technician a P. H. Tonkin at King St., Truss [sic] Cornwall.
Also I picked up that in 1961 he was living at 137 Harbord Rd., Harbord and belonged to the Dee Why R. S. L club.

by janilye on 2013-03-19 02:43:30

When you're looking through Harry's service records you will notice correspondence about another boy killed in action 2nd Lieut. F W Reid of the 54th Battalion. I haven't had a look at him yet, it didn't click till I just read your journal again. The letters have to do with his grave and are from wife Betsy Reid C/O Mr. L Uren, Dentist, Penrith.
I'll go and see if I can find him 'spose it either Fred or Frank.

by janilye on 2013-03-19 03:25:40

It's Francis Walter Reid Service No. 82 Next of kin wife B. C. Reid, 60 St. Georges Terrace, Hobart. ( this must be Beatrice Clara) Joined up on the 11 August 1915, in Melbourne. He was born in Hobart Tasmania gives his age as 34 years and 7 months. Spent 3 years in the Tasmanian Infantry. No children. He was 6'1" gave his occupation as Secretary, religion, CofE.
He was gassed at Roun on the 24 April 1918.
I think you should go through these records. Letters from Beatrice Clara Reid later Miller the 'wife.' The Will and there is a letter from Beatrice saying she is at Penrith only for a few months but giving her brother's address as W. Uren at Young Siding, Albany WA. (I suppose that's William)
In Harry's records there is also a ref. to Young Siding at one stage given as an address.

by JaCa on 2013-04-12 11:35:35

So glad I popped back to look at this - Anzac Day coming up I wondered if the person who posted the original request for info on Len had turned up again.
My memory told me that Len grew up in New Zealand but from this it looks like I was mistaken and it was the other island, Tasmania. Yes, they were a Methodist family, and Len talked a lot about going to chapel - 6 days a week. Only Saturday was missed. He had great respect for his mother but 'lost faith' after Harry was killed. That was the lowest time of his life. What an interesting story this all makes.

by JaCa on 2013-04-27 11:44:43

Look for Len Sydney Uren at
there are three family trees for him there but it ends with his generation, no younger family

by Spokz on 2014-04-22 21:27:03

Hi My real Dads last name is Uren I came across this today I thought you may be interested http://www.themercury.com.au/news/shattered-dreams-of-world-war-i-veterans-hobart-brothers/story-fnj3tz64-1226892970063

by JaCa on 2014-04-25 09:06:54

Thank you Spokz ... that is amazing. It tells the story and there are photos - more than I could have hoped for. I'd like to get a message to his second wife, Marion, who would remember me and let her know Len is not forgotten. Thank you again for sharing that - it was only posted last week.

by Angela15 on 2014-04-27 06:31:16

Hello! My grandmother is Len's second wife and we provided information that was used in the article was was published in the Mercury. We'd love to have contact with the McNabb family or others that remember Len. Please let me know,and I can pass a message.

by Piranha on 2014-05-13 06:33:16

Hello everyone! I am a little overwhelmed with all the information that has arisen as a result of my initial request, I cannot thank you all enough. I desperately wish to know all that I can about Len as he is the connection to my family history. Mum was very evasive about her past. We were under the impression she was an only child. She died in 1977. I was 16, and as she had been ill with cancer for 3 years or so, the opportunity never arose to discuss her past, not that I think she would have. I do remember, around 1970, Uncle Len (as Mum called him) was supposed to visit us in NZ. I remember Mum being very excited. He never came, however he did send money, of which my twin brother and I received a very nice bike each!!! We know absolutely nothing about Mums' family!

by Piranha on 2014-05-13 07:52:17

I have just read the shattered dreams article and contacted Phillip Young. Spokz and Angela15, I am presuming we are related!!

by JaCa on 2015-08-20 11:37:52

Hello Angela15 - if you are able to talk to your grandmother - Marion - tell her that Janine Young, and the children, say hello. We have never forgotten our visits to Len in the years before he died. I married again and now have grandchildren and We are all living happily in Qld. thank you.

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