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Looking for MUNHALL of New Zealand

Query by hanrahanf

Maria MUNHALL was born 10/01/1841 in the Hokianga, New Zealand.

Her father was Hugh MUNHALL a shipwright. She and her siblings were some of the first half caste Maori/Pakeha children to be born in the Hokianga. Their names were Robert,Mary,Catherine(Kate),Elizabeth(Lizzie or Riri).

Maria's brother Robert looked after them on a block of land called PUNEHU which was co owned with William Smith.

Maria married Michael Joseph Maximus BAKER who was born 23/03/1842 and died April 1928.

I am looking for Maria's mother. In a letter(dated 11/02/1858) written by William Morris the name Mariana is mentioned as being the mother of the 4 girls.

In another letter (dated 11/02/1958) Robert leaves instructions for the 4 girls to be looked after by William Morris along with various personal items. In this letter Robert states "my picture is for my mother". Some items were to be sold and money for work done for Bob (Robert HARDIMAN) was to be divided among his relatives - Maria,Mary,Kate,Riri and Mary Ann KAHUPO.

Mariana is a Maori name for Mary Ann and I am wondering if Mary Ann KAHUPO is Mariana (Maria's mother) that was mentioned in the letter.

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by hanrahanf Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2011-02-19 14:25:58

Connecting people and their waka (canoes) from all nations of the past to the present here in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

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by tenetahi on 2011-05-15 22:16:23

Hi I cant help at this stage but will keep a look out for you.I am trying to trace one of Maria and Michaels children - Ellen who was born around 1863 {my great great Grandmother}Good Luck
Dianne Black

by Jo7B on 2011-09-24 02:13:57

Hello My great grandfathers name was Joseph Maximus Baker who was Ellens brother.My father inherited a lot of photos from his uncle Joseph Hugh Baker.Some of them have Ellen in them.We have 1 Picture a Family photo of Micheal Maximus,Maria Munhall amd all their children.We know one of joseph Maximus Bakers sisters married a Brown,we just dont know if it was Marion.Rebecka or ellen.We know it wasnt Maude as she married a Peat.and we know it wasnt Annie Venetia.we also have untold of lettrs and postcards from maude to leah and vice versa.And on the back of some the photos are the names in old writing from that period of time,most likely aunty maudes as she raised uncle joe(Joseph Hugh).We know for a fact Leah was their youngest sister not maude from the amount of letters and postcards they sent each other and also the photos.

by tenetahi on 2011-10-03 02:05:20

How interesting ,Ellen married Wi Taiawa or english version william tenetahi
BROWN.Would love to make contact with you
Kind Regards Dianne Black.

by Jo7B on 2011-10-09 22:38:56

Do you Know if any of Maria Munhalls sisters have a daughter named Peggy.I cant find any in the Baker side.I have a postcard to Aunty Maude that says from her loving cousin Peggy.

by munhall_hill on 2011-11-23 15:31:23

Kia ora,

my name is Wade Hill, I am a direct descendant of Hugh and Marion Munhall through my mother...their daughter Elizabeth (Riri) married Major Willoughby Brassey, whose daughter was Annie Brassey, whose daughter was Dock (Dorothy) Cutfield, whose daughter was Dorothy Tizard, whose daughter was my mother Judy McConnell. I have been searching for such information for so long, and so has my mums Cousin, but have never got this degree of detail. I have some copies of those documents that refer to Mariana and also get the impression that Mariana Kahupo is one and the same. I would dearly love to find out where the information about Hugh Munhall marrying came from etc. I know that Hugh came to the Hokianga in the mid to late 1830s and brought Punehu with William Smith. Hugh and his oldest son Robert died, and then the sisters lost control of the land. we have never been able to confirm our whakapapa. Please email me at [email protected]

Many thanks.

by bevanshortridge on 2012-04-16 21:21:13

To add to the information Hugh Munhall's daughters (other than Maria and Elizabeth).

Catherine married Richard Kelly, a farmer, in 1866 (her surname is Manall on the intentions to marry).

Annie (surname "Moynhal" in the marriage search) married Frederick Harvey Lewisson (died 1887) in 1869. He had a jewellery shop ("F. H. Lewisson") on Queen Street in Auckland central.

I don't think Annie Lewisson had children but Catherine Kelly might have? "Peggy" might be a pet name for Margaret.

Maria's daughter Annie Venetia Baker was my great great grandmother from her first husband William Montgomery Gosset (Snr).

by monenne on 2012-09-15 03:52:07

Hi I am the great great great grand-daughter of Mariana Kahupo and I am looking for any information that I can. I have been searching for quite a number of years now and only found Mariana's surname today. I have a copy of a family tree of sorts that gives a lot of family but we came unstuck when we couldn't find the surname. Her daughter Elizabeth was my great great grandmother and as far as her father goes I no not much more than you Wade but would dearly love for you to contact me at [email protected]
Many thanks

by ANorris21 on 2016-05-04 23:40:34

Hi there. My great great grandfather is Alexander McDonald. I have his marriage certificate in which he married Venetia baker brassey, who was divorced and father's name was Willoughby Brassey. Im not sure how many children they had together, except my great grandfather Hector McDonald. I was always told of an Annie Baker, until I ordered the certificate. I'm assuming Annie and Venetia are the same person.

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by bevanshortridge on 2016-05-20 01:02:42

Hi there, Annie Venetia Baker had different names on different certificates (Annie Venetia, Venetia, Venetia Annie) but all refer to the same person. She was married twice, first to William Montgomery Gosset (five children) and then to Alexander James McDonald (five more children, I believe). Willoughby Brassey was her uncle's name. At this link is a photo of Annie. http://bevansfamilytree.blogspot.co.nz/2008/11/gosset-baker.html

by Joolzone on 2017-08-13 05:17:16

my daughter & sons grt grt grt grt etc grandfather is robert Campbell who married a woman Elizabeth who wore ta moko on her chin. I am trying to work out why the land claim for the "punehu" block claims by hugh munhall for his half caste children. And has Munhall and Campbell putting in the half caste claim for the land. I believe robert is of Maori decent because handwritten on the outside of the land claim he is referred to as a half caste again, but is he a munhall can anyone help. Robert campbell and Elizabeth had at least one child Henry Robert Campbell who married Annie Minihan.


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