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Looking for Myrtle Roberts married to Fred Warren

Query by Mosbre

Myrtle Roberts (from Michigan) and Fred Warren (from Canada) were married late 1800's or early 1900's - parents of May Roberts (born in Michigan around 1908. Any information that anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.

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on 2012-09-16 05:33:10

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by Andrew37 on 2012-10-24 09:04:06

Hi, I've got some details from US Censuses. In 1910 Fred and Myrtle are in Toledo City, Ohio, with their children Evelyne 9, Ruth 5 and May 2.Fred is 33 and Myrtle 27. Fred's father and mother are born in Virginia and Kentucky. Myrtle's father and mother are born in North Carolina and Kentucky. In 1920, they are in Washtenaw, Michigan. Ruth and May are with their parents, along with Nona 5 and William 3. If you want me to search for other details, please let me know! Andrew Wilson

by Stassa on 2013-10-04 22:19:52

I believe Frederick and Mrytle were my grandparents. I have also been searching for more information.

by Mosbre on 2013-10-05 01:16:23

I have most of the family tree beginning with Frederick and Myrtle (would love to find out more information about Myrtle's parents) - I've been doing this research for a friend of mine. He is May's son. May was married to Charles Fletcher. Who are your parents - how are they related to Fred and Myrtle? I'll help answer questions if I can. Mo

by Mosbre on 2013-10-05 01:19:07

Hi Andrew - I'm sorry that I haven't responded to your comment (I actually haven't seen it until today). Thank you for the information - I actually have that in my records, I am really trying to figure out who Myrtle's parents were. I know that she was born in Michigan and claims 'Roberts' as her maiden name but the only Myrtle Roberts that I have found has turned out not to be the right one. Anyway, thanks again! Mo

by Stassa on 2013-10-05 01:30:57

My father was Albert Warren. He was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I know that Bill and Nona were his siblings. I knew them years ago. May was also mentioned. I believe my parents lived for a while with her when they were first married.

by Mosbre on 2013-10-05 17:03:41

That's funny - I remember Bob (my friend Bob Fletcher) telling me about his uncle Albert but I don't have him in the family tree. I have Myrtle and Fred Warren and their children May, Evelyn, Ruth, Nona and William. May married Charles Fletcher, Evelyn married Milo Hicks (had a daughter named Myrtle) - Bob believes that Fred Warren was not the biological father of May or Evelyn but we can't find any information to confirm that. I think that Nona left Michigan to live in Canada but haven't confirmed that yet either. Myrtle died in Ypsilanti sometime in the 1920's and Fred remarried (a woman named Alice). Can you give me your parents information so that I can add them to the Fletcher tree. Are you still in Michigan? Do you know someone named (nickname?) Corky? He is Bob's cousin and I think that they moved to California.

by Stassa on 2013-10-05 22:49:13

My father, Albert Warren, was born in 1920. It seems he was primarily brought up by May. I assumed she was his aunt. He married Ines, my mother. They had a beautiful marriage. We did not spend a lot of time with the family. However, I remember attending Bill's funeral when I was a little girl. The last time I saw 2 of his sisters was in the mid 1990's. I also remember one year when they visited us in Detroit. I remember two cousins slightly older than me ...Ronnie and I think Bertha or Eva.

I am no longer in Michigan. Do you have pictures?

by Mosbre on 2013-10-06 20:33:25

I think that May would have been his sister - May is the daughter of Myrtle and was born about 1908. I didn't see Bob this weekend to talk to him about his Uncle Albert (your Dad) - he will be excited to know that we are in contact. I don't have any pictures but will see if he has any that he is willing to share. I'm thinking that he might like to talk to you about family history but he doesn't get on the computer. Would you be willing to give me your address or phone number so that he could contact you? If so and you'd like to use my personal email address, it's: [email protected] My name is Mo. I was wondering if your Dad ever talked about Grandpa Pat? May did an interview with a genealogist before she passed away and she mentioned her Grandfather, but all that she could remember is that everyone called him Pat. Do you mind my asking your age and if you had any siblings? Do you remember the names of the sisters that you saw in the 1990's? I'll ask Bob if he remembers the names Ronnie, Bertha or Eva. Probably won't see him until next Saturday though. Thanks! Mo

by Andrew37 on 2013-10-07 04:14:28

Thank you for your message, Andrew

by Stassa on 2013-10-08 21:58:05

Hi Mo. I have three brothers. I am not sure if we were in Michigan or Canada when we last visited dad's sisters. I am almost certain we saw Nona. I am not sure of the other one. We visited a "farmhouse" . My father's sister lived there with an interacial couple. They were related to her and my dad. But I don't remember how. We had dinner there and then went to visit Nona. I am 51. How old is Bob?

by Mosbre on 2013-10-09 07:50:20

Hi Stassa,
Bob is 80. I found evidence that Nona moved to Canada, but haven't verified the date yet. I know that Fred Warren was born in Canada and came to the US about 1912. Have you asked your brothers what they remember about visiting family when you were younger? Are your parents still living? Would they have any further information? I have to pull up all of my information again for Bob's family - I put it away for awhile (my father just passed away last month and I'm working on his memorial service-once that's over, I'll have more time). I'm really excited to talk to Bob about our conversations........oops, have one more question than I have to get to work, do you remember that name of Ellsworth Roberts? I found that your Dad lived with Ellsworth and his wife in Detroit in 1930. Bob had mentioned that some family members from Detroit came and wanted one of the younger kids and took one home with them......I'm thinking that this was your Dad and it happened sometime in the mid-1920's because his mother, Myrtle, had passed away. I couldn't find any record of your Dad in the 1940 census - do you know where he lived at that time? Anyway, have a great day! Mo

by Stassa on 2013-10-09 22:39:53

I am sorry to hear about your father!

That had to be my father. I remember him being brought up by an aunt. I confused the name May. That is how he came to Detroit. My father's middle name was Ellsworth. Both my parents are gone and my oldest brother.

My mom and dad went to school together in Detroit.


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