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looking for relative of ferdinand alexander born 1906 to 1964 area london

Query by amyady2

i am trying to research informatiom about ferdinand alexander he was born in 1906 his parents were ferdinand elwood alexander and laura alexander, when he was about 23years old he lived at 14 park lane stoke newington london, he had a sister called leila who was born in 1911 in southwark, ferdinand alexander was born on 27th june 1906 and was baptised in islington london, i know the family was living at 1 rocliffe street, ferdinand was marries twice first in 1930 to a edith keen and again in 1940 to scheindel guttmann at bethnal green when ferdinand died he was living at maltese cottage maltese road cheltenham essex, he passed away in 1964, i would like to know if there are any children of ferdinand, has i do believe i am his biological grandaughter, any information out there would be good

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on 2012-04-07 15:22:53

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by travb on 2012-07-01 13:13:34

Hi Amy,

I can't help with your question above but I believe that we are related from the bone side of the family. I believe that your mothers father is Donald and his mother was Daisy Florence bone. My Fathers father was Harry William Bone who was Daisy's brother. Hope I have this correct?

I have been researching the Bone family for awhile now and am in close contact with my Uncles on the Bone side but also the Morrish family.

by amyady2 on 2012-07-01 15:11:13

hi travb thank you for your reply this is very interesting, you are correct, my grandmother was daisy florence bone , she gave birth to my father donald in 1929 at tyhe mothers hospital london but sadly had to put him up for adoption 2 yrs later , i have been in touch with the morrish family peter and john who are my dads half brothers we have actually met up recentley, they have shown me photos of the bone family and one brother does resemble my father, i believe john morrish was meeting up with the bone side of the family , he had taken some photos of me to show them, this is so exciting for me, my father never knew daisy but i have been searching for 30yrs since my father passed away sadly at the age of 51, in 1981, i would love to learn more, im not sure but i think daisy was one of the eldest chilren and i know one of the sisters is still living her name is iris, i would love to hear from you again and look forward to that, are there any brothers still living, wow i cant believe this you have made my day thankyou

by amyady2 on 2012-07-01 15:28:27

hi travb, i have just spoken to john morrish and all correct he has my phone number if you wish to get in touch julie love to talf to you

by travb on 2012-07-04 16:13:10

Hi Julie, Wonderful to hear from you. I have been tracing my family now for the last couple of years and have spoken to John Morrish and obviously my Bone uncles. Infact we all met up recently at a family anniversary for my uncle John. I was hoping that you may have been there as John has told me alot about you. Infact I did not know all of the Morrish family until we met up and I met John and Peter which was great.

I'm not sure how much you know about me but my father was Reginald Bone who died a couple of years ago. He was the brother of my uncle John (who lives in Norfolk), Ronald (who lives in Norfolk), Robert (who lives in New Zealand and im in contact with by email) and my auntie Jean (who lives in Wickford).

Their father was Harry William Bone who was Daisy' brother. Like I say I have been researching the bone family and have some photos and alot more information which I would love to share with you. I will contact John and get your number as soon as I can and maybe we could meet up some time and share some information if you want to.

What I can say is that Daisy's brothers and sisters were:

Rosetta Bone B 1904 D 1976
Annie Bone B 1906 D Unknown
Robert John S Bone B 1910 D 1968
Miriam Bone B 1912 D 1998
Harry William Bone B 1914 D 1995
Albert Percy Frank Bone B 1917 D 2001
Violet Ethel Bone B 1919 D 1979

Iris I do not have much information on as yet....

Their Father was Robert John Bone B 1879 D 1948
Mother Rosetta Mary Ann Theobald B 1880 D 1957

All the best for now. Wonderfull to hear from you..

by amyady2 on 2012-07-04 16:46:14

so glad you got in touch again i have been checking my emails, i am sure john and peter have told you about my research, and how i come to find then , i wrote to peter just after christmas to explain who i am and about my dad, they were very shocked at first, but they have shown me nothing but kindness, and welcomed me has part of there family, i only wish my father could of met his half brothers, has i have done, i believe john is going to send me some photos of the the bone family has they can see my dad in daisys brothers, i would love to meet up some time,are you in london,i must admit i am a little confused with the bones , need to sit and look at it a bit i think , when i met john and peter it was wonderful and did not think i would getthat far but now the bone family well this is more than i could hope for i truely know were i came from now, well keep in touch, travis you have given me lots of information, if i have this right you are my cousin, look forward to hearing from you again julie

by travb on 2012-07-04 18:00:09

John has kept in touch and filled me in with some information which was interesting for me seeing as i'm researching my family.

I Live in Chelmsford, Essex with my wife and 2 children Shane 21 and Paris 18. I travel abit with my work so no where is hard for me to get to. Where abouts do you live if you are in London then thats no problem for me. But anywhere is fine for me.

I have some good photos for you aswell including Robert in New zealand and his family etc and I know that he would love to talk to you aswell as he is into the family research as much as me.

I must admit i'm so glad to be in touch with someone else from our family so please keep in touch.

Cousin sounds great to me...

by amyady2 on 2012-07-04 18:33:01

hi travis, well you were quick to get back, just to fill you in my dad donald was daisys first born he was born in 1929 at the mothers hospital london, his father was called ferdinand alexander i believe he was german, but poor daiosy was left alone to take care of my dad and she did till he was about two, and has i said it must of been hard for her and she had to put him up for adoption, daisy married ten years later and went on to have vera john and peter in sure john has told you a lot, i live in birmingham with my husband dennis and we have a son glen who turns 40 this year and a daughter yvonne who will be 38 later this year, i have always lived in birmingham, my father was adopted by a birmingham couple, maybe we can arrange to meet half way or im sure we can sort something out, did john pass on the paper work i had if not i would gladly post it to you, he did mention to me you were doing your family history sometime ago but could not believe it when you got in touch , so please keepm in touch julie

by travb on 2012-07-05 18:31:20

Hi Julie, Thanks for filling me in on your father and what a shame that he had to be fostered when he was very young. John did show me a couple of pictures of you father one when he was young and I must admit there is a big resembelance with the Bone family there. I know he had alot of other information in a file but was unable to show me everything. I would love to see the information and perhaps have a copy and I will do likewise with evrything that I have. I have some photos also of what would be your great grandmother Rose and one of her sons amongst other things so looks like we have alot to share.

Birmingham is not too far for me so once I get you phone number from John maybe we could arrange met up your end. I'm sure we will have a good chat. I'll Try and get number over the weekend and call.

by amyady2 on 2012-07-05 19:06:26

hi travis that would be great, i thought john had given you my info but if not yes i would love to share it with you, i have the papers from the mothers hospital when it was a salvation army home, you seem to have a lot of the information i have but i cant find any more about ferdinand alexander who was my dads father cant find if he had children he died in 1964 but please get in touch love to talk to you and if you can let me have an address i would post some to you julie

by amyady2 on 2012-07-06 06:05:55

hi travis, just abit more info my dad was born 1929 daisy dad would not have her at home knowing she was having a baby , seems like ferdinand his father did not want to know, so daisy went to stay in a recieveing home attached to mothers hospital that was run by the salvation army for lone mothers and the poor, quite sad really, she had dad 1st august 1929 but stayed at the home till he was about 14 months, she then returned home with him, but daisys parents had lots of children and they must have found it hard and daisy had to have dad adopted, when he was 2 it must have been so hard for her, dad was a lovely man and i can see he took a lot of traits from your family and im grateful for that, we were always told has children we had german blood , dad was told by his adopted parents that i never knew that he was adopted from a childrens home , becouse he was not wanted, they were not good people , but dad grew up to be a good man so he grew up thinking his mom never wanted him such a shame really, but im sure hes up there now with daisy and seeing the truth unfold, well hope you can see why its been so important to me to find the truth and what a joy it has been and now to be in contact with the bone side of the family is great, john and peter have been so kind to me and its more than i would of expected, lookmforward to hearing from you again julie

by travb on 2012-07-06 16:21:34

Hi Julie,

Your story about your father is very sad indeed I wouldn't know what it is like to never know your mother. Unfortunately I didn't start researching my family till a couple of years ago after my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer he only lasted about 8 months after the diagnoses. He did though give me several photos and his fathers war medals etc. That was when I found out that my family has German blood as he had written it on one of the photos. Amazing what you find out!

I presume you have tried ancestry sites for information about the alexander family. It is a possibility that they never had any children past Ferdinand. What about any sisters or brother that he had have you managed to reace anything of them?

You will Love the Bone family especially my uncles they are good down to earth people and a good laugh.

When I phone then we can discuss adresses etc. I'll try and phone John Satuarday if he is in to get you number then I'll call you..

by amyady2 on 2012-07-06 17:05:26

my dad had a fab sence of humour, he was what we call a mans man liked a pint and a laff, ferdinand well i have some info, he was married 3 times and he was very wealthy and had a sistern but to be honest he seem to leave daisy on her own and i feel i cant repect that, she struggled and he got on with life, daisy seemed such a lovely lady so john and peter have said and some how although i never knew her i feel a warmth towards her , well that may sound daft but thats how i feel i have alovely photo of daisy and i have had my dads photo inserted into it , its one when he was about 5 , i just think they are together now , you must think im so sentimental, or barmy but dad and i were so close and this is what drove me to look for my grandmother daisy well less of the soppyness i would give you my number but lots can look on here and bit worried to put it on , anyway take care hope to hear off you soon

by amyady2 on 2012-07-11 23:08:49

hi travis, i have sent you some information and some photos i posted them on monday so i hope you get them, peter and john say i resemble daisy, that was nice to know , but i suppose i was a lot like my dad so maybe i look like a bone, i have two brothers and a sister i am the eldest of four, my one brother lives in west virginia usa , also my mom is still living, i hope one day to meet some of the bone family, my dads blood line, they sound lovely people, just like my dad , iys such a shame dads not here to see all i have found out, but least i may get to know you all sometime, i will try and get down to you perhaps sometime has all you bones are down there, maybe i can meet a few of you at one time, i know i think it was the uncle that had the party wanted john to bring me down but it was not possible ,but iwould love to on another occassion my husband would bring me, well let me know if you recieve the info i sent to you and take care look forward to hearing from you ring any time julie

by travb on 2012-07-12 16:18:07

Hi Julie, I have recieved the information that you have sent. I will be sending you a package on Friday so hopefully you will get it by Monday. Sorry I didn't send it sooner but I have had a nightmare at work this week.

The information you sent and the photos are superb. When I showed my wife amanda the photo of your father and mother together she said it was a spitting image of my Father. I think you will see this when you see a photo of my father on his wedding day which is in the package.

I can't tell you how much I was excited with the photos as I can use these for my family tree.

Well let me know if you get my package. Hope you will like it.

Speak soon Travis

by travb on 2012-07-14 09:50:24

Hi Julie,

Sent package yesterday (Friday) so let me know if you get it please.

All the best

by amyady2 on 2012-07-14 10:29:17

hi travis, yes i recieved the package today(saturday) what a lot of information, you must have been very busy, and my word your dad is like my dad, i would love to meet the bone family they sound so nice, i think most of you are in london is that right, if so i could come to london at some point and meet a few alltogether, it was so nice to see you have included my dad in the information seems he belonged to a family now , and you have been so kind to send all this to me i really do appreciate it , i set out to find my grandmother and this i did , but now i found i have another family, it has been a very emotional journey for me , but everyone has shown me great kindness , a truely good and genuin family, i always new my dad came from good people, well has you said you are on holiday so have a great time and look forward to talking again when you come back
best wishes julie

by travb on 2012-08-06 17:56:37

Hi Julie,

Had a great holiday and back to work now. Glad to hear you got package ok. Will phone you so we can catch up this week.

All the best

by amyady2 on 2012-08-06 18:12:38

hi travis glad you enjoyed your holiday, and the package was very interesting, i am away for the weekend want be back till sunday evening, but i look forward in talking to you at some point
best wishes julie

by amyady2 on 2012-08-23 21:42:29

hi travis, i put a blogg on here about my dads father ferdinand and have had a reply , its seems my dad was born 1929, but in 1930 he got married to an enid and had a daughter with her, he went on to have a further two children one being a boy who he named brian, and that was the middle birth name of my dad, that daisy gave him, maybe in some way he was thinking of the son that was put up for adoption, i would like to think that but ha we will never know, anyway it was good to talk to you the other day and please tell brian to email me me i would love to hear from him and has i said i will be in australia middle of sept so its only a short flight over from newzealand and i would love to meet up with him if he can, i can pass on my info to him too, well take care, and we will arrange to meet up maybe in october when im back , if you can talk to some of the bone family uncles maybe on a wkend in oct and i will go along with what you plan, let me know and i will book a travel lodge and i will have plenty of time to meet them
regards julie p.s i said brian but i meant robert bone

by travb on 2012-08-30 14:41:20

Hi Julie,
Good to hear about ferdinand as gives you another avenue to explore with Enid. Will let Robert to know nly problem I have is not sure how I get your email from this site as it does not detail it anywhere. if you know how then let me know.. Otherwise I can give you his address over the phone and number, plus I coukld call him and let him know you may get in touch...

All the best Travis

by amyady2 on 2012-08-30 17:00:18

hi travis, thanks for getting back always good to heAR from you , has i mentioned i go to australia next friday well four days in bangcock then oz, but please give my email to robert , but if you explaine to him that i wont be back to open it till end september i get to queensland on 15th sept if he wants a quick flight to meet me , but thats probably imposible for him short notice, well my email address is [email protected] if you want to pass it on to robert, hope you and the family are well
best wishes julie

by amyady2 on 2012-09-08 20:15:56

hi travis, just to let you know robert has been in touch with me and we have exchanged 3/4 emails now so that is good, he seems very interested, i have told him some of the information i have , so thanyou, i get my flight tomorrow the 9th sept, so i will be in touch when i get back to arrange a meeting, i dont get back till 30th so away a while, well speak soon
best wishes julie

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