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Looking for the family of Robert Bankhead of Fairfield and Chester Cou...

Query by robmof

Looking for the family of Robert Bankhead of Fairfield and Chester Counties in South Carolina.Years 1845-1905

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on 2004-08-06 21:19:43

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by friend_of_christ on 2006-08-03 21:18:45

These are the Bankheads that I have

Children of Robert & Bessie Bankhead

1. Mary Bankhead
Born; March 17, 1689 Kilmarnock, Scotland

2. William Bankhead
Born; May 22, 1692 Kilmarnock, Scotland

3. James Bankhead
Born; 1694 Kilmarnock, Scotland
Christening: March 18, 1694
Died; 1750 Kilmarnock, Scotland
Marriage; 1719, of Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scotland
Wife; Mrs. James Bankhead
Born; About; 1699 of Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scotland

Origin Displayed: Scottish, in ancient Scotland, the first people to use Bankhead as a surname were the Strathclyde-Britons. It was a name someone who lived in Ayrshire, where the family was found since the early middle ages.
Spelling variations include: Bankhead, Bankheid and others.
Bankheads were first found in Ayrshire, where they held a family seat from ancient times.
Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: James Bankhead who settled in New Hampshire in 1718; Thomas Bankhead settled in Philadelphia Pa. in 1847; James Bankheed settled in Charles Town, South Carolina.

Mr. and Mrs. James Bankheads children

1. Robert Bankhead
Born; Kilmarnock, Scotland
Died; United States

2. Hugh Bankhead
Born; 1712 Of, Scotland
Died; 1780 Harford Maryland
Married; 1730 Kilmarnock, Scotland

3. Dr, James Bankhead
Born; 1713 Kilmarnock, Scotland
Died; 1788
Married; 1738 Monroe's Creek, Westmoreland, Virginia
Wife; Elonor Monroe
Born; 1717 Monroe's Creek, Westmoreland, Virginia
Her Father; Spence MONROE
Her Mother; Mrs. Spence MONROE

James and Elonors children

1. Ellinor Monroe BANKHEAD
Born; August 8, 1739 Monroe's Creek, Westmoreland, Virginia
Died; December 1, 1764

2. William Monroe BANKHEAD
Born; August 22, 1741 Monroe's Creek, Westmoreland, Virginia

Born; 1745 Monroe's Creek, Westmoreland, Virginia

4. Sarah Jane BANKHEAD
Born; 1747 Monroe's Creek, Westmoreland, Virginia

Born; 1751 Of, Virginia

Born; January 20, 1760 Monroe's Creek, Westmoreland, Virginia
Marriage; 10 May 1787
Wife; Mary Warner LEWIS
Born; 1764

1. Charles L. BANKHEAD
Born; 1786

4. John Bankhead
Born; 1725 Kilmarnock, Scotland
Died: 1806 Chester County, South Carolina
Wife; Nancy Agnes Ferguson
Died; 1787 South Carolina

4th Generation
One of the children of John &Nancy Bankhead

1. James Bankhead
Born; 1749 Union County, South Carolina
Died; 1806 Union County, South Carolina
Married; 1783 Bullock Creek, York Co, South Carolina
Wife; Elizabeth McGarity
Born; 1785 Union County, South Carolina
Died; June 21, 1806 Union County S.C.

5 Generation
Children of James & Elizabeth Bankhead
1. John Bankhead
Born; 1784 South Carolina

2. Hannah Bankhead
Born; 1786 Union Co. South Carolina
Died; 1831 Illinois
Married; 18O2 Union Co. South Carolina
Husband; William Coke Davidison
Born; 1775 Union Co. South Carolina
Died; 1815 Illinois

3. James Bankhead
Born; 1787 Union Co. South Carolina

4. Jane Bankhead
Born; 1788 Union Co. South Carolina
Died; 1879 Bullock Creek, York Co South Carolina
Husband; Henry Plaxco
Born; 1779 Pennsylvania
Died; 1827 York Co. South Carolina

5. Elizabeth Betsy Bankhead
Born; 1792 Union Co. South Carolina
Died; 1841 Springfield, Illinois
Married; October 3, 1809 Union Co. South Carolina
Husband; John Taylor

6. William G. Bankhead
Born; November 16, 1796 Union Co. South Carolina
Died; September 16, 1866 Union Co. South Carolina
Buried; Salem Cemetery, Hickory Grove, S.C.
Wife; Annie L. Moore
Born; November 12, 1798
Died; Jan. 17, 1869

7. Margaret Peggy Bankhead
Born; 1802 Mississippi

8. Matthew Bankhead
Born; 1800 Union Co. South Carolina
Died; July 8, 1865 York Co. South Carolina
Wife; Jane M. Black
Born; August 18, 1821 York Co. South Carolina
Died; May 5, 1866 York Co. South Carolina
Married; 1851 Bullock Creek, York, South Carolina
Both Matthew and his wife Jane are buried in
The Bullock Cemetery in York Co. South Carolina

Matthew and Janes children

1. John Edward Bankhead
Born: 2 OCT 1853 Bullock Creek, York, South Carolina
Died: 28 FEB 1917

2. Elizabeth Jane Bankhead
Born: 13 SEP 1856 Bullock Creek, York, South Carolina
Died: 22 NOV 1890

3. Egger Matthew Bankhead
Born: 12 JAN 1858
Died: Bullock Creek, York, South Carolina

4. James Ezelle Bankhead
Born: 04 JUN 1859 Bullock Creek, York, South Carolina
Died: 28 FEB 1947

5. Mary Ellen Bankhead
Born: About 1861 Bullock Creek, York, South Carolina

9. Thomas Good Bankhead
Born; 1805 Union Co. South Carolina
Died; 1859 Jackson County, Texas
Married; 1830 Union Co. South Carolina
Wife; Mary Ann Session
Born; 1799 Union Co. South Carolina
Died; 1854 Jackson Co. Texas
2nd Marriage; September 25, 1854 Jackson Co. Texas
Wife; Narcission Griffin (No Children in this Marriage)
Born; 1809 Jackson Co. Texas

6th Generation
Children of Thomas & Marry Bankhead.
1. Zackaria Bankhead
Born; 1832 Union Co. South Carolina
Died; 1880 Texas
Married; June 24, 1858 Jackson Co, Texas
Wife; Rosanna White
2nd Marriage; November 19, 1868 Jackson Co. Texas
Wife; Mrs. America C. Menefee

2. James Thomas Bankhead
Born; 1839 Mississippi
Died; 1874

3. Edward Newton Bankhead
Born; March 23, 1843 Mississippi
Died; December 1, 1906 Beeville, Texas
Married; June 1O, 1883 Beeville, Texas
Wife; Virginia Chote
Born; November 8, 1865 Texas
Died; October 3, 1924 El Campo, Texas

4. Clement Clem Harrison Bankhead
Born; March 28, 1848 Holly Spring, Mississippi
Died; June 7, 1913 Yoakum, Texas Lavaca Co.
Married; December 27, 1883 Live Oak Co. Texas
Wife; Florance Thompson
Born; June 26, 1856 Gonzales, Texas Gonzales Co.
Died; March 26, 1927 Yoakum, Texas Lavaca Co.

5. William Willey Good Bankhead
Born; July 29, 1849 Jackson Co. Texas
Married; 1880 Bee Co. Texas
Wife; Julia Thompson
Born; Gonzales, Texas Gonzales County

7th Generation
Children of Clement & Florance Bankhead

1. Zack William Perry Thomas Bankhead
Born; November 2o, 1884 Bee County Texas
Died; January 1, 1966 Yoakum, Texas, Lavaca Co.
Married; May 22, 1903 Yoakum, Texas
Wife; Susie Robannan Hander
Born; August 12, 1885 Lavaca County Texas
Died; April 28, 1967 Yoakum, Texas

2. Nettie Bankhead
Born; July 25, 1888 Bee County, Texas
Died; 1968 San Antonio Texas
Husband; Louis Hammon
Born; November 27, 1888
Died; November 1970 Texas

3. Oscar Woodly Bankhead
Born; March 18, 1893 Yoakum, Texas
Died; February 14, 1970 College Place, Wyoming
Married; 1920 Estancia, New Mexico
Wife; Gladis Olinville
Born; January 16, 1902 Marysville, Missouri
Died; April 23, 1972 College Place, Wyoming

4. Ida Bankhead
Born; September 22, 1896 Yoakum Texas
Died; February 23, 1979 Hallettsville, Texas, Lavaca Co.
Husband; John Hammon
Born; April 13, 1897 Yoakum Texas

5. Bessi W. Bankhead
Born; April 30, 1905 Yoakum, Texas
Died; June 1965 Yoakum, Texas
Husband; William Bill Hill
Born; August 29, 1892 Texas
Died; October 1974 Yoakum, Texas

8th Generation
Children of Zack & Susie Bankhead

1. Virgie Mae Bankhead
Born; April 22, 1904 Yoakum, Texas
Died; July 17, 1980 Victoria, Texas
Husband; John Buster
Born; March 25, 1900 Victoria, Texas
Died; October 1965 Victoria, Texas

2. Perry Thomas Bankhead
Born; August 14, 1906 Yoakum, Texas
Died; December 20, 1952 Victoria, Texas
Wife; Ada Newman
Born; July 29, 1907 Victoria, Texas
Died; December 1974 Victoria

3. Mary Mabel Bankhead
Born; October 31, 1909 Yoakum, Texas
Died; August 3, 1988 Victoria, Texas
Husband: Floyd J. Samora
Born; February 28, 1911 Texas
Died; January 13, 1988 Victoria, Texas

4. Edward Lee Bankhead
Born; July 6, 1912 Lockhart Texas
Died; November 12, 1977 Houston, Texas
Buried; County Line Cemetery, Yoakum, Texas
Married; November 6, 1933 Yoakum, Texas
Wife; Ruth Jewell Dickey
Born; August 19, 1914 Waxahachie, Texas

5. Oscar Woodley OW Bankhead
Born; December 27, 1919 Yoakum, Texas
Died; March 3, 1985 Yoakum, Texas
Wife; Elsie Berryhill
2nd Marriage; Veda Mae Miller
Born; September 9, 1922 Texas
Died; September 2, 1985 Texas

6. Julius Bankhead (twin)
Born; February 22, 1921 Yoakum, Texas
Died; September 2, 1985 Yoakum, Texas

7. Jewel Bankhead (twin)
Born; February 22, 1921 Yoakum, Texas
Died; June 10, 2001 Yoakum, Texas
Married; June 4, 1937 Yoakum, Texas
Husband Raymond Riggs
Born; June 8, 1917 Hope, Texas
Died; September 22, 1985 Yoakum Texas

9th Generation
Children of Edward & Ruth Bankhead
1. Edward Lee Bankhead Jr.
Born September 11, 1936 Yoakum, Texas

2. Charles Wayne Bankhead
Born; April 20, 1947 Yoakum, Texas
Married; October 3O, 1970 Houston, Texas Harris Co.
Wife; Juanita Sue Chandler, Bolton
Born; July 5, 1941 Houston, Texas

3. Marvin Benard Bankhead
Born; June 7, 1943 Yoakum, Texas
Died; January 27, 1961, Texas
Buried; County Line Cemetery Yoakum, Texas

4. Pamela Kay Bankhead
Born; September 19, 1948

by allycat on 2006-08-04 02:37:49

It's really not a good idea to post full dates of birth on the living as you impinge on their privacy.


by darlenegwen on 2007-06-08 19:59:43

I am looking for anyonw who has any information on
the bankhead douglas family, I lost contact with then also want information on preston barry bankhead father to james christel bankhead

I am from canada and my father was born in thorspe spring texas

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