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Looking for Veronica Chehi Chapke, her ancestors and her descendants.

Query by 19paect87

Hi! My Mom remembers visiting her Grandmother, Veronica Chehi Chapke when she was little, and she told me a story about her Grandmother usually having her hair kept upswept in a bun. She was shocked to see her once in a long white nightgown with long, flowing black hair. Veronica's daughter, Elizabeth, was my Mom's mother. Unfortunately, Elizabeth died at age 36, shortly after giving birth to her fifth child. The children were scattered, and so my mother knows very little about her family history. I would love to provide her with information about her mother, Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunts and Uncles on her mother's side if I can find the sources of the birth certificates of each of Veronica's children, so that I can know which ones were Chehi's and which ones were Chapkes. I would greatly appreciate any help!!

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on 2013-02-04 14:43:45

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by 19paect87 on 2013-02-08 08:51:36

Hi! Yes! Thank you! This is my family. I have the top information from ancestry.com's posting of the 1930 U.S. Federal Census, but I didn't have any confirmation of Veronica's maiden name as being Barena...only hearsay from this site. Thank you for finding this information...it was so sweet of you! Where did you locate it? Veronica had 12 children, one of whom is my Grandmother, Elizabeth. I cannot be sure of Elizabeth's maiden name, because apparently Veronica had 4 husbands. Is there any way to discover Birth Certificates for these 12 missing ancestors of mine? It's the only way I'll be able to sort out what surnames each of the 12 kids had. They weren't all of the same Father, it seems. This would all be so much easier if any of my family knew anything about their Grandmother Veronica, but they were given up for adoption, so this is a difficult hunt for me. They have no birth records to offer to me. Do you have any experience in finding birth certificates? And my heartfelt thanks for your help so far! Finding Barena as Veronica's maiden name is awesome! Sincerely, Patti

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by 19paect87 on 2013-02-12 19:23:17

Thank you so much for this incredible information! I really appreciate it!

by Poohbeartd on 2013-02-15 13:12:06

I also found these online. The "Chapke" children were actally "Chehi" children except for Ernest, but uncertain if he was really a Chapke or a Szabo. Lewis Chehi died way to early for he to have been the father. I was excited about the Veronika Hazi connection, but on Veronica's papers (marriages, death certificates) it lists mother as Julia or Juliana Sherban married to Frank Barany. Now am not sure of the connection; however, I thought somewhere there was a sister, Rozalia Baranyai. Soooo, many different spellings. Karen

by Poohbeartd on 2013-02-15 22:01:37

Patti: Then Mary Margaret is your mother? My mother Ethel and My Aunt Margaret used to talk about her often. Margaret particularly was so fond of Mary Margaret who would be, I guess, my cousin. I am confused about the five children Elizabeth White had....I thought Mary Margaret was an only child? I have studied this for many years. I worked in the travel industry for many years, have traveled extensively, but never visited Hungary, and it was always my greatest desire to do so and connect with these cousins there. Unfortunately, when Margaret passed, most of the family history was buried with her. When my Uncle Lorenzie died, I was at the funeral, and my cousin, David, asked if I had said "hello" to Uncle Lewis. I had been told by my mother, never refuted by Aunt Margaret, that they were the only two left of the 12 children. I was a little stunned when he said he hadn't seen me since i was a baby, and a few months later, Aunt Margaret had a "reunion" at her house with all of these cousins I never knew existed, so I was thrilled to meet them all. When I asked my mother why she had never told me about my uncle, she said, "We had a disagreement, so he ia dead to me"....and I was born and raised 14 miles from him! As I have told you, I was never around my mother that much, but still think I missed out a lot by now knowing about these people. \

by 19paect87 on 2013-02-20 11:50:59

Hi Poohbeartd. May I ask your first name? To answer your question, my mother is Marlene Louise, Mary Margaret's younger sister. Ethel and Margaret Mary would have been my Mom's Aunts. When my mother's Mom died at age 36 yrs. old, she had 5 children, and her husband sent them to live with his parents for awhile, eventually giving all of them up for adoption except Mary Margaret. Somehow Mary Margaret was old enough to not have to be adopted, so she avoided that hardship. Her siblings were not so lucky. Mary Margaret wasn't an only child. She had two brothers, and two sisters, all born of the same Mom and Dad, Elizabeth Chehi/Chapke and Mr. James Herbert White. The names of the children were Mary Margaret, James Jr., Marlene (my Mom), Donald and Veronica Ann. If your Mother is Ethel, please know that she was my Great-Aunt. You and I might be second-cousins-once-removed,(separated by a generation) or something like that. You and my mother, Marlene, would be first cousins. I think that is amazing to find you, and I thank you for writing to me! I am sorry to hear that your mother, Ethel, and her brother, Lewis, had a falling out over something. I have a newspaper article from my Aunt Mary Margaret stating that Lewis and his wife celebrated 50 years of marriage, and had 10 children,29 Grandchildren, 5 Great-grandchildren, and 1 Great-great Grandchild. I wonder if you met some of those people at the family reunion you attended? How fun that you were able to meet some relatives on that side of the family! Because my mother was adopted away from her family of origin, she lost track of nearly everyone except her Aunt Margaret Mary. I believe it was her big sister, Mary Margaret, who kept her in contact with Margaret Mary. Her Aunt Margaret Mary crocheted the cutest little yarn bunnies, and gave them to my mother to give to me and my sister. I still have mine, and I treasure it, but I was never blessed to have met my Mom's Aunt Margaret Mary. I dearly wish I had been able to meet her, because she sounded like a real sweetheart of a woman! I know nothing of your Mother, Ethel, or her husbands, or her children, and if you can let me know of her family, I'm sure it would be of great comfort to my mother to know what happened to her Aunt Ethel. Thank you so much for telling me a little of your story. It is so nice to hear from someone in my Mom's family lineage. :) --Patti

by Poohbeartd on 2013-02-20 12:59:20

Patti: My name is Karen Speakman Black. Some posts are still under Karen Morris, but my husband passed away and beause of some professional licenses, I still sometime use my late husband's name, although I remarried Don Black. My personal email is [email protected], so email me there and I will reply with some personal information. I lived in California for many years, and upon remarriage I moved back to Van Wert, Ohio where I was born and raised. Growing up, I did know Aunt Margaret who spoke often of Elizabeth, and Mary Margaret (who would be my cousin). I was close to our cousins, Margaret's sons when I was young even though they were older. In fact, Bobby was in college and David in high school when I was 4 or 5, and Roland and John were into their teens or close to it, and I adored them. They were absolutely wonderful, and grew into great men. In later years, David and I were very close, and my children loved him and he was the fun guy who spoiled them, partifularly my two boys. I met all of Uncle Lewis's children. The girls were all very pretty and so sweet. As I said, I was raised by my dad, and fortunately for my sister and I, we had a wonderful stepmother, so I was lucky to have a nomal life and family. Ethel married Vick Keipper, and they had one daughter, Kathy Kay Keipper, who is in Ft. Wayne. Ethel then married Gerald Hawkins and lived in Florida for years. My sister, Shirley, is 8 years older than me and has alzheimers, which she has had for some years, and is in a nursing home, but she visited Aunt Margart and knew a lot of family history, but no longer can remember very much. I found Louis Chehi's death certificate on line. If you go onto "Familysearch.org" it is under Louis Chehe in Indiana. It lists his parents as Lajos Chehi and Anna Cannyyiezia, although I think it is "Kanizsai". and I have been trying to find who Veronica was married to first in Hungary, and names of the three children left there that Aunt Margaret visited in the late 60's or early 70's. I thought they were all boys, but not sure. There are so many small errors in all these documents that it is difficult to track. I posted on Radix, hoping that a distant cousin might see it and reply. I did see lots of pictures, and John and Roland, Margaret's two younger sons, still live in Paulding which is only 14 miles from me. I would only hope they might possibly still have the pictures so I could get copies of them. I started tracking this stuff about 15 years ago, and just now since retiring, I have had time to pursue this in earnest. I have read everything I can get my hands on about Hungary, trying to find where Veronca and Lewis were born. I know Frank was born in Anarcs. Margaret told me once they were from someplace that sounded like "Itchy-Kolo", so have been going through sites trying to find someplae that sounds like that where there were Baranyi's and/or Chehi's. I remember Margaret laughing when I tried to repeat it and this was he closest she could tell me it sounded like. My mother, Ethel, was born in Kanawha county, West Virginia, so I have scoured through Vital Records trying to find birth records for any of these children, with no success. I do know from Aunt Margaret that our sweet grandmother, Veronica, once made and sold moonshine to support the family. I also remember her telling me Louis was hurt really badly in a mine accident. I had thought he died as a result, but apparetly not. So, I also have been reading all the individual mine company accident reports whichis mind-boggling, trying to find a Hungarian name that could be him. They changed their names so often, it is hard to track. Anyway, I am so happy to know more about your family. Do you live anywhere close to Van Wert or Paulding? I do know that our family had a very hard, very unhappy life, and a lot of tragedy. Karen

by 19paect87 on 2013-02-21 18:15:41

Karen, It's a joy to hear from you again! I will use your email address so that we can chat privately now.

by Poohbeartd on 2013-08-20 23:29:46

Veronic's sons in Hungary were Peter, Anthony and Alexandder. Anthony had four sons == anthony, Joe, frank and George.

by Poohbeartd on 2013-08-20 23:38:03

Alexander died at age 6, Peter at age 25, and Anthony at age 65. Anthony had four sons, Anthonym Georgek . Veronica had two brothers Joseph and John


by Debbi_Do on 2016-10-26 20:36:25

Hello everybody, Ethel's brother Lewis was my grandfather. Lewis married Helen Westfall and had 10 kids, the second oldest of those, Ethel Maxine (Chehi) McCague, was my Mom. The oldest, Betty Jean Sprow, lives in Hicksville, Ohio. She has some pictures of Veronica with some of her children. Great Aunt Margaret(Chehi)Ganger, was one of my favorite Aunts. She taught me a little of the Hungarian language and always crocheted gifts for me and my siblings. I'm betting Aunt Jean would love to speak with you all as well. I'm on facebook and also live in Van Wert, Ohio. Debbi Scott

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