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looking for vonWischnosky info or relatives from Halcombe NZ

Query by Natzke

Hi My name is Natzke and while I am living in Australia I and other members of my family are searching out any information on my great grandmothers family. We know they came from Kokoszkowy in Pomerania.

The Father was a General(?) in the army, Rumour has it he was wounded in battle ,came home and died at his wife's feet.C.1870His name has been various given as August Carl von Wishnowsky or some say his name was Ferdinand von Wischnowsky.

Around about this time his two elder children August and Hermine emigrated to Australia and for reasons we dont know shortly after went to New Zealand.

Due to problems(?) after the Franco Prussian war the widow of August Carl with her childen Carl, Otto, and Franz left Hamburg to emigrate to America via London. They left on the ship Fritz Reuther on 12 April 1876. Her name has been variously given as Hermine Caroline Wischnowsky nere Kreft,Wilhelmina Wischnowsky, Henrietta Wishnowsky

However according to recent information I have received from the Kokoszkowy Village association, a letter from a Mr Borys Niewinski informs us that all those emigrating on 12 April 1876 on the Fritz Reuther were "sold like stock" to an agent from a New Zealand company recruiting migrants for five pounds a head !
Accordingly the ship sailed to New Zealand not America and arrived in Wellington Harbour 4 August 1876. There was trouble with the immigration authorities - probably because they were supposed to be in AMERICA not New Zealand!

On compassionate grounds the passengers were allowed to go ashore and eventually were sought out by a Mr Halcombe for a new development he was starting at the place that later bore his name.
My great grandfather was Otto von Wischnowsky.

My great grandmother was also aboard that sailing of that ship. She was eight years old - Auguste Emilie Wapp. She married Otto when she was 15 years old ! They had 12 children. The "Wapp" family history has been written by Stephen English in 2003 It lists all the decsendants from Otto and Auguste.I have a copy opf that book
Mr grandmother was their third child Emma Amelia Auguste Wischnowsky who married my grandfather Carl Friedrich Natzke in 1886

I would like to find information of any kind on my great grandmothers children, August von Wischnosky , Hermine von Wischnowsky, Carl von Wischnowsky, and Franz von Wischnowsky.

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on 2011-01-26 21:17:42

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by KiwiDale on 2012-10-24 03:59:10

Hi there,
I stumbled onto your post today and was amazed to read your info on the Wishnowskis. It is pretty much what I have on hand but I may be able to fill in a few gaps for you. I don't know how long ago you posted, and you may already have this info, but I'll pass it on just in case you don't. My info may not be 100% correct but I'll give you what I have and you can make of it what you will.

August Carl Ferdinand von Wishnowsky died around 1870 after a battle. I too was under the impression that he had died at his wife's feet after riding home on horseback.

Henrietta Wilhelme Kraft was the name of his wife.

I have the same info as you as to the ship's name, departure and arrival details, but I didn't know about the immigration problems and the intended destination of USA.

I have their children listed as:
1)Herman. Born 1843, d 1876 in NZ
2)August Ferdinand. b 10 Dec 1847, d 13 Apr 1935. Married Augusta who died 16 Sept 1945.
3) Hermine. b 1853, d 17 dec 1911
4) Carl. Married Wilhelmina
5) Otto. D 28 Sept 1931. Married Amelia
6) Franz Wilhelm. I have the details of a Franz Wilhelm who was born in 1866, Mersinke, Prussia. Died 29 Aug 1921 Palmerston Nth, NZ
One of these people was the father of Elizabeth Emma Helen Wishnowsky who was my Great Grandmother. She was born 2nd march 1885, and died in September 1973.

When the family settled in NZ they settled at Halcome, near Palmerston North and the stained glass window of the Lutheran church there has a plaque dedicated to the Wishnowsky family. A lot of their graves and headstones are in the churchyard there.
I took pictures of a lot of them - if you like, I can dig them out and email them to you.
I'm so glad I found your post - it pretty much confirmed the info I had, plus added to it too!
all the best :)

by Natzke on 2012-10-26 20:48:23

Hi Dale! Thanks for replying .Yes I do have a great deal of the information you supplied. While I am living in Brisbane I regularly return home to NZ. I do know the Halcome Church very well - my Mum and Dad were married there and I was baptized there.The lady in the front window of the Church is actually my great grandmother.
Trevor Wishnowsky from Auckland is compiling the family history.At the family reunion a few years ago we had lots of family photos taken of the descendants of the children you listed, as well as a group photo. I know many of my relations around Halcome and I have made enquiries to find out from which branch your great grandmother came . Our branch (Otto's descendants)are included in a book printed by Stephen English
I am returning to Palmerston North for a week in November to attend a nieces's
wedding. If you live anywhere around Palmerston, Marton Halcome Fielding perhaps we could have an eyeball?
My name of Norm email address [email protected]

by tal5 on 2013-04-09 23:19:28

Hi KiwiDale and Natzke, I am also researching the Wishnowski Family. No 4 above - Carl Frederick and Wilhelmina were my great grandparents. My grandfather was Julius Wilhelm. I would love to touch base with you both as I compile a history for my and my brothers children. My name is Tracy email: [email protected]

by tal5 on 2013-04-09 23:56:57

KiwiDale, Emma Amelia Auguste Wishnowsky was the daughter of Otto Henrick Emil & Amelia Augusta WIshnowski. I know the names are different but my source is the NZ BDM site. She is recorded as E A A Wishnowski on the Marriage index 1905/5739. And she is Emma Augusta Natzke on the Death index 1973/26123.

by Kiwi52 on 2014-10-26 05:30:47

Hello All, I am not sure if you are aware of this but the Halcombe Church has been sold, have a look at this site for the full story.


My family had long connections to this church from the early days and there are connections with your families that have been mentioned and am always glad to share information.
Kind regards Noel Kreegher, my email is [email protected]

by McNair on 2015-06-05 23:47:26

Just found this site!
Amelia and Otto Wishnowsky I think had several children and one was my uncle Walter Ernest Wishnowsky (b.1898 d. 1971) he married my aunt Winifred Alice Whitley in 1922 I think in Halcombe but I am not sure of that she died in 1986. They had one child, an adopted son named Trevor Owen Wishnowsky who died in 2005. My memory of Trevor is that he was not a very nice human being!! [email protected]

by Natzke on 2015-06-06 03:52:54

Thanks for the comments Richard. I remember Uncle Walter and Aunty Win very well. My Mum (Ettie Bergen) often stayed with them at Rotorua. I never knew Trevor. My grandmother was Emma Natzke nee Emma Wishnowsky, and her mother's photo aas well as your Uncle's photo was depicted in the stained glass window in the what was the Halcombe Church Norm Bergen

by symonewish on 2015-09-07 07:12:12

Hiya, I'm another descendant of "Carl Friederich Wishnowsky"..> Julius Wilhelm Wishnowsky > Maurice James Wishnowsky > Ron > Symone (me).

KiwiDale, it's a few years on but if you see this could you please e-mail me the headstone photos? [email protected] Thanks in advance.

I've just started doing family history on familysearch.org (completely free). At the moment I'm linked as far back as August Carl Ferdinand von Wicshnowski, and to both the maternal and paternal grandparents of Henrietta Kraft. All the info I have will be available to you once you "link" yourself to a common ancestor. Any errors in names, dates, children can be corrected by anybody. FYI the site does not show details of people who are living, only the deceased.

by symonewish on 2015-10-05 01:07:19

Also tal5 & Kiwidale, to clear up the confusion:

Emma Helen Elizabeth Wischnowsky was the daughter of Carl Friederich (no.4 on your list) & Wilhelmina Wishnowsky.

Emma Amelia Augusta Wishnowsky was the daughter of Otto (no.5) & Amelia Wishnowsky.

Otto & Carl are brothers, so the two Emmas are 1st cousins.

Hope that helps.

by JadaMacFie on 2017-03-18 02:11:02

A few years later...
Im going through German military records c.1870 and have found Gren (Grenadier) August Wischnewski killed by shelling (we think) 11 March 1870.
The timing is about right though it was at St Quentin as was most of the Franco Prussian war so id be duly impressed if our ancestor managed it back to Kres Lauenberg 😉

While there are a million Carls and Augusts in the records, this is the only Wischnowsky/Wischnewski name so far.

My great Grandmother was Caroline Wischnowsky, daughter of Emil August and Eva Rosina Siegel.

by Natzke on 2017-03-18 08:55:22

Thank you JadaMacFie for your reply.Its always good to have the information substantiated by others.As you can read above I am a descendant of Otto Wishnowsky. Unfortunately our family is dying out parents and grandparents on both sides all dead. I am in my 82 year so I havent much time left either. I hope my daughter and people like you keep the family history alive for future generations.Thanks for the contact Norm Bergen ([email protected])

by CarolAnneWisch on 2017-09-23 22:47:25

Hi all,
I have just read all the above. I have been collecting wischnowsky family information and photos for 40 years. Also attended the 2 family reunions in Halcombe. I am happy to share information.
JadaMacFie my husband is a grandson of Emil & Rosina, and his father Christian (Charlie) was your great grandmothers brother. Have a few family photos you might be interested in.

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