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Looking for wifes and children of Sitting Bull

Query by smitty911

I am looking for any family of my grandmother: Alice Ruth Ann Schrieve.Her parents are John and Alicia Schrieve. She is half Sioux Indian and believed to be a grand daughter of Sitting Bull. She has an older brother named John Schrieve. I am finding out Sitting Bull had at least 9 wives. My grandmother was orphaned at 5 years old in Pierre, South Dakota and lived on the reservation, which was probably the Standing Rock Reseveration. I would really like to know how her parents died. She was taken into the Tate family at 5 years old to do laundry. She later married Warren Hedges Smith.

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by smitty911 Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2006-09-26 02:49:54

smitty911 , from Utah, USA, has been a Family Tree Circles member since Sep 2006. is researching the following names: SITTINGBULL, SCHRIEVE, TATANKAIYOTANKA and 3 other(s).

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by allycat on 2006-09-26 03:30:51

Dear Smitty911, Hi there. If you do a search for sitting bull in the top right-hand corner of familytreecircles, you will be taken to at least 7 other journals on Sitting Bull.

There have been a few queries on him of late, and I sourced a few websites, including details on his grave.

Kind regards,

by chicken on 2006-10-12 12:21:53

Hi! i also was told i am related to sitting bull.
My parents sayed that he is my great grandfather. I've been doing alot of reserch lately and i cant seem to find anyone else that knows any of his family tree. If you have any information than you think can help me please share it with me.

your friend,

by smitty911 on 2006-10-15 19:26:38

Hi Chicken,

So it seems you are having the same problems researching Sitting Bull. There is alot of info on sitting bull on the interenet. I know of 5 wives and many children. The best thing to do is to start reading about him and get to know more about the Sioux tribe. He was also my grandsmothers...grand father. My grandmother had a brother name John Schrieve. You wouln't be a realated to the Schrieve family?

Anyway check out the Standing Rock Reseveration at www.standingrock.org. This is the reservation where sitting bull and some of his wives and children lived. I'm going to contact them as well to see if they have any tribal info.

Let me know what you find out....


by chicken on 2007-01-19 12:36:36

wow thats very interesting!!!!

by Motivator on 2007-03-26 13:56:38

Wow 9 wives. I heard he had 4 wives. He must have an army of descendents. I recently spoke to Ernie LaPointe who claims to be the only remaining great grandson of Sitting Bull. Teyet Ramar also known as Chief White feather amongst his friends was a close family friend. He performed song before the king of England once. He once showed my grandfater Rev. Kenneth Royal Bliss papers that proved he was a grandson of Sitting Bull. Teyet has a son named Sonny who I hear has been somewhat reclusive. Sonny would then also be a great grandson of Sitting Bull. I have heard that they wrangle so much about who is related the some don't want to argue anymore.

by Breanna_009 on 2007-05-11 01:00:19

I was told I was realted to him, and am looking for a way to obtain an Idian Card. My name is Breanna Schrader, and my father is Daniel Schrader, If u happen to run across our names on any records much help would be appreciated. Thanks Breanna

by goodeagle on 2007-06-18 20:49:49

Before you jump into trying to get an indian card or such you have to know the criteria. I am Lakota from the Cheyenne River Reservation and i have relatives from Standing Rock. There are requirements that you must have. You must be at least 1/4 Lakota blood and with many of your Lakota tribes you have to have an Enrolled Parent and ties to the reservation.

by smitty911 on 2007-06-18 23:22:32

Thanks for your comments. My task of finding my realatives has been very difficult. My great grand father is supposed to be sitting bull. I'm seeking to find documation to see if there is any truth to this. I've talked to others who also claim some realationship. Do you have any ideas?

Thanks Sue

by tokaouspa on 2007-07-24 18:01:06


I am from Standing Rock. The Grey Eagle family. All direct blood descendents are known, as are many who are claiming descendency -- some of whom are indeed related, but not descended.

From what I've read here, none of you are descended -- at least not from this (Hunkpapa) Sitting Bull. Ernie ISN'T the ONLY one descended from this bloodline, though he is indeed descended. He comes from the GreyEagle/SittingBull line though.

To assist you, though, you would have to know which wife you are descended from. And no, he did NOT have 9 wives! LOL He had 4, possibly 5, wives and all are accounted for, as are the children from these unions.

So, it shouldn't be too hard. Stories abound though. He supposedly had children when he went to Germany as well!!! (He NEVER went to Germany). Maybe some other Indian gave his name as Sitting Bull to help get a woman into the sack!

by smitty911 on 2007-07-26 00:51:52

To start out, I really appreciate your reply. I happy you find this amusing.I'm sure all this fuss is funny to you. I find it very frustrating. I have been researching for many years to find answers. I don't understand why there is so much confusion with this linage. I would of thought someone as important as Sitting Bull would have more documentation to prove his who his ansestores are. I have read many books, and each have a different accounting.

I have talked with Ernie too and he claims to be the only one as you have said. The problem I am having is I don't know which wife it could be. Especially since know one knows the true names and the number of wifes.

IS there a way I could see if my grandmother was born on Standing Rock? She was born on Feb. 1st 1900. She was orphaned at 4 or 5. So far I can find any birth records for her.

The names I have for wives are:Are they correct?

Travoriet Seen By the Nation
Light Hair
Red Woman
Snow on her
Her Four Robes

Any more help I would appreciate. I even thought about comming to standing rock to do some hands on reasearch. Would this be helpful?


by luckyduckys on 2007-08-26 02:31:55

Hi, I'm also one of the many of Sitting Bull's descendants. At the time of his death, he had two wives, "Four Robes" and "Pretty Plume". I also know of one wife named "Seen-by-the-Nation". I know of nine legitimate children. His eldest son was named Louis (Americanized). His two favorite children were Crow Foot and Standing Holy (son and daughter, respectively). I've heard that these two were twins (he did indeed have twins), but I am not sure if these two were twins or not. I hope this helps in any way, I'm researching as well and finding it very frustrating!

by smitty911 on 2007-08-26 13:05:41

So how are you related to Sitting Bull? It's funny you say you know of nine legitimate children. I wonder how many wives and childre he may have that arn't accounted for. This is very frustrating. I do know infact my great grandmother was a daughter, legitimate od not!
I'll keep you posted on my findings too.

by gtleader on 2007-09-04 19:44:25

My husband's aunt has traced their family tree back to the Bull family. Could you tell me if Sitting Bull had any brothers and if so what were their names?

by timberwolf3003 on 2007-09-09 00:45:27

i too have tried searching over the years for my family history, but gave up.
My grandmother was full sioux, my grandfather was 3/4 cherrokee. they both died when my mother was very young and my family doesn't like to talk about anything relating to our family history, they only say that our ancestor's were powerful and proud people, and not to look for strength in the past, but to build your own self worth. they do say though that our family blood runs deep in me, for thing's that sound strange to people for vision's and dreams i have for loved one's that come true (yes, sounds weird and freaks people out), the elder's of my family still will not tell me of my family in detail, but that they see in me of what they have heard of our ancestor's and that for the way i look over people with my action's and with my looks.
i didn't think much of it until i recently came across a supossitly picture of Sitting Bull and i have his his eye's and nose, even with the indention on the top of his nose and his chin.
with what great aunt's i have left that are now speaking up to me about the old stories, and with the picture i have found they are starting to tell me more and now i am finally able to start researching my past, to find out more.
if i am a decendant or come across the Schrieve name i'll up date you.
nice to see you started this page, it helps people work towards figureing out where they are from.


by islandjewel on 2007-10-26 17:41:50


I understand and empathize with your fustration. For the last 3 years we have been researching our lineage around Sitting Bull collectively. Due to the nature and popularity of Sitting Bull, it is difficult and therefore we have decided to go about another route by referring back to the documents given to us by my grandfather Jack J. McKarson.

His mother is Little Flower May Wilson-Sharp; She is the daughter of Silver Leaf Running Horse and David Wilson. She was married 3 times and it resulted in carrying the following names:


My goal is to obtain an accurate research and determination of our lineage.

I am sure many of you will agree that there are characteristics that have been inherited and have little knowledge or questions that could be answered just by knowing your truth.


by islandjewel on 2007-10-26 17:57:42


Just to add a little more information and to be as accurate as my documents, here is what I have...

Born Little Flower May Virginia Wilson - Sharp

add: (McKarson, Wood - she was married 3x)

Father: Charles David Wilson

Grandfather: Running Horse from Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Mother: Silver Leaf Running Horse
(born of

by jaydee112233 on 2007-11-04 16:53:25

really appreciate this trail. I'm keen to learn more about the decendants or rather where I can find any documentation on line about the decendants and relations of both Sitting Bull as well as Red Cloud.
Any pointers would be much appreciated!

by earthw7 on 2007-11-09 11:17:40

Please understand that none of these names are related to Sitting Bull. Alice Ruth Ann Schrieve, Teyet Ramar also known as Chief White feather, Travoriet,Singing ,Pretty Plume,Bull family,Little Flower May Wilson-Sharp,Silver Leaf Running Horse,David Wilson,Running Horse from Pine Ridge, South Dakota, are not related to Sitting Bull in anyway.

The tribe know by their people and we keep our own records which are not for pulic viewing.
We also know that ythere was seven Sitting Bull's living at the time of our Hunkpapa Sitting Bull who were from different reservation, there is even a cherokee Sitting Bull who is NOT RELATED to us.

The complete Sitting Bull descendant was completed by in the early ninties by tokaouspa who is a REAL in-law to Sitting Bull.

"Louis" was not the son of Sitting Bull and his father was Bear Louse who was married to a Grey Eagle sister it was his step-son.

"Crow Foot and Standing Holy I've heard that these two were twins (he did indeed have twins)",
These two had different mothers so could not be twin and plus they are five years apart. Crowfoot died with his Father and Standing Holy is Ernoie LaPoints great great grandma.

We have all his wives account for and their deaths none left the area except for the Grey Eagle sister and they moved to Pine Ridge.
conatct me at the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.
[email protected]

by stcy_taylor on 2007-11-13 22:41:49

I am told that my fathers great grandpa is Chief Sitting Bull, Its been told to each generation. My fathers father is supose to be one of Chief Sitting Bulls daughters child. My father couldn't remember her name because she killed herself when her son was little. My father never met his grandmother and even forgot her name. Everyone else to ask more information is deseased. What we do know is that she married my dads grandfather whos name is Richard Leory. He was born in 1865.
He was from Ireland. He died in San Fransico. We were told they were married on the Rose Bud reservation.HELLP!!!!!!!!

by earthw7 on 2007-11-14 15:35:29

Stc taylor
all of Sitting bull family have been identify and none of his family killed themselves. None of Sitting bull's daughter marred a white man
one daughter died 1881 and the other died in 1887
one who lived is Ernie Lapoint's great grandmother

by tgardner on 2007-11-24 10:38:18

I have been told this as well. I am trying to put some relavance on this subject for myself. I have some family members who have some information that I am trying to get my hands on that suppossedly have documentation of this. I will update with this information as soon as I get it.

by tgardner on 2007-11-24 10:47:47

I also think this was a direct descendant of his bloodline. My grandmothers ashes were spread on a reservation in 1985 when she had passed away. My uncles took her there and had met with several members of the tribe not sure of the details but he had gotten some of the information there. I will keep posting as well as sharing my info as I obtain it.

by beauty10 on 2007-11-28 20:43:38

My father told me that I am a great great great grandaughter of Sitting bull I am trying to find out anything I can as well. He didnt know alot... unfortunately.

by beauty10 on 2007-11-28 20:45:08

except that we are from south dakota.

by Oglala_Shortie on 2007-12-18 09:24:36

Hey what do you know we are all related to Sitting Bull. I have been trying to do some research but it is really hard. It would help if i knew your names then i could go from there. I am the great great grand daughter. My name is Christina Little Spotted Horse.

by kriza on 2008-01-03 03:33:46

in sixth grade ( three years ago ) we done reserch on native americans , i choose sitten bull ,even though at the time i had no idea whom he was. i came home to my mommy and daddy and told them about my project. they were so suprised i picked him . they told me i am related to him from my mom's side we done two months of reserch and sure enough i'm one of the many great great grandaughters of him.

by moquin on 2008-02-26 20:01:08

sitting bull is my great great great grandfather

by smitty911 on 2008-02-27 17:43:59

Kriza.....tell me about yoour research. What exactually did you do to substanciate your findings?

by welbus on 2008-03-07 15:58:04

We also have a family history of being related to Sitting Bull....again, a story handed down.

We have the Indian Census Roll stating that we are part of the mdewakanton sioux.

Decendants names are:
Catherine Christina Scholastica Moran
Marie|Louisa Angelique Skaya


by Jandishon on 2008-03-14 15:16:45

In April of 2007 I found a tombstone located in the Tombstone Cemtery, Tombstone, Cochise Co., AZ which says: Alice Brees
M. Sitting Bull

I have a photo of this tombstone.

by Oglala_Shortie on 2008-03-20 10:15:22

I found sorta a family tree of Sitting Bull on the internet and i found my family name on there. So now I proof. I saw a lot of other names too.

by smitty911 on 2008-03-20 20:45:54

Shortie would you please share your research? Where did you find this family tree? Was it on roots web? What is your family name? There are many of us here who need some clues and direction. Please help.


by camarokid on 2008-04-02 23:12:54

my great great great grandmother was one of sitting bulls wives, suposedly thats what my grandfather told me. My last name is Baird

by camarokid on 2008-04-02 23:17:49

oh and my grandfathers name is Milton Baird

by smitty911 on 2008-04-03 00:30:07

I have decided to do some DNA testing on this line. I have some hair samples from my father who is Sitting Bull's great grandson, as his mother was Sitting Bull's grand daughter. I am told DNA can trace the linage right down to the tribe. Does anyone have any other info on DNA testing?

by welbus on 2008-04-05 08:48:57

I found out that it was NOT Siting Bull, it was Little Cow.

by Oglala_Shortie on 2008-04-07 14:11:15

I can't find the tree but it is somewhere on the internet. My family name is LITTLE SPOTTED HORSE but in the tree it just has SPOTTED HORSE but i know it is my family because it has my grandpa's name and my uncle's name. I think that my grandpa was one of Four Robe's grandsons. And somehow Angelique Little Spotted Horse has something to do with it. Oh yeah I got his hair. It is really thick and dark. My aunties are the Little Spotted Horse's that were posted over the internet. I guess I am kinda famous. It feels wierd.

by Oglala_Shortie on 2008-04-07 14:14:23

oh yeah i am related to Ernie Lapointe. He is my uncle and Marlene and Ethel Little SPotted Horse are my aunties. My name is Christina Little Spotted Horse. My parents are Chris Martin and Helene Little Spotted Horse and my grandpa is Allison Little Spotted HOrse Sr.

by Oglala_Shortie on 2008-04-07 14:16:28

oh Yeah and I am from the Oglala Sioux Tribe and I live in Oglala. That is where the Little Spotted Horse's lived at least since my mom was a little girl

by smitty911 on 2008-04-07 23:44:41

Well Christina,

It is really great to hear from you. You are difinatelly one of the lucky ones on this site. Most of us here only have stories and very few clues......I really appreciate your information. Who knows, somehow we may be connected some how. I have talked with Earnie a while back. In my faith we take family history seriously. It has been very frustrating to keep running into dead ends,but I am going to keep researching till I find the connection. I believe Sitting Bull was my great great grandfather. Oh and I did find athe family tree you were talking about. Thanks

by Oglala_Shortie on 2008-04-10 17:03:39

Your welcome. I we are sitting Bull's descendant then we got to be related...

by Franklin_Newhart on 2008-06-02 10:39:17

For a time I was involved with a native girl from Standing Buffalo Indian reserve in Fort Que'pelle Sask. Her name was Colleen George but her family name was Goodwill. While with her I was shown a solid family genology that traces the family directly to both Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. I have also found that Sitting Bull was one of the founders of the town of Willow Bunch, Saskatchawan and was also the chief negotiator for the Standing Buffalo Indian Reserve at Fort Que'pelle Saskatchawan.

I myself am actually a Mohawk Indian displaced from Ontario to the west but I take a keen interest in native history outside of non native documentation. Traditional history is more important to me as it lends a differnt outlook from the traditional view.

For those of you who are told you are decendants of Sitting Bull it would be well to discuss the matter with the Goodwill family in Fort Que'pelle.

A good start to this would be to inquire at the Band office itself as the present chief there is a Goodwill as well as some of the staff. The Goodwill name is one of the principal names on the reserve.

by sumkagun on 2008-06-24 12:54:47

Iwas told WE were also related to Sitting Bull...my grandma (deceased) is a spitting image of him. My Dad said we had a huge old family album that had several pictures of Sitting Bull. I have a great picture of Grandma but how can I share it here?

by opal102511 on 2008-06-29 04:58:16

I am new here but i dont know who I am related to but my great great grandma on my dads side is cherokee,,is there anyway that i can find out anything,,her name that they said it was is Una V , I dont know if that is the way that it is spelled,,,they spelled it that way in our language,,and my great great grandpa's name was Sairs (this may be spelled many different ways no one really knows how it is spelled)I would appreciate any information or help in this area,,I dont have anything else on her and dont know what her maiden name was either,,,but I would sure like to find out and my moms dad was Indian also but no one know what tribe,,so I am stuck both ways,,,,thank you for your kindness and your time in this matter, you all take care God bless you and your loved ones,,if you want to respond my email is cassie_brewer [email protected],,I will answer anyone that responds

by lauramirez on 2008-07-03 12:44:08

I too, am trying to do research on this matter. My daughter is told to be of kin to sitting bull. I am having a hard time finding family on this matter. I have a few names and would appreciate any and all help. There was a lady by the name of Mossie Emealine Bull and her husbands name was Robert Hunter. A few other names I have are Joe, Charlie and Ven Bull. The family of my daughter has pics of sitting bull. If you have any info please help.

by JuanitaTaylor on 2008-07-07 03:14:15

Hello all.....I almost cried seeing all the people trying to find their roots.I was a ward of the state most of my childhood and started to try and find my roots to spread my wings.By the time I started folks were passed away.But after 5 years and alot of strangers who did not even know I exsisted I did get a few copys of pics,some of the pics where of huge beautiful baskets my great grandfather Taylor wove and a small old diary type note book.... only for the trunk of my collection to be destroyed in florida(4 hurricans in 6 weeks) and I have no way to start over.I am so deeply saddened by this.I do remember the stories,remember some of the writing and last names. What I do remember written in the note book said that" Taylor women stolen by Iyotaka(sometimes the spelling changed) bore many children and names the children.Written were... where the other native american lines came in after Iyotaka... that I do not recall except a marriage of Indian maiden from cumberland county,N.J. later down the line.The Taylor woman also had in her bunch of children ones belonging to other women he had been with. There were twins down the line.These are some of the last names I could remember If anyone comes across them or any info please email me.The few copys of pics I had briefly of (Jacco)(Jacob)William Henry Taylor and a few of the females looked like twins to Sitting Bull himself lol that big wide chin does not look very becoming on some women.Supposed this Taylor women was blood of Zachery Taylor which gave cause for this man to have great shame and hate natives so sad is this.I was told that none of them could ever tell who they were or even pass their roots on to their children for fear of loosing them and had to hide it at all cost even when they were all split up or they would be killed not just by whites but from supposed thier own people.My Gr. Gr.Gr,Grandfather Taylor was a bound boy on the ships going up and down the Delaware and had a bad bow leg.One of the Greats was sent to a Bob Whitaker.Chrisopher Taylor was one of the last pioneers of glass blowers in Cape May County ,N.J.. There is no one left alive to to get pics or info again.Taylor,Williams,Garton,Clark,Law,Garrison,Madden,Lafferty,Berryman.I had brief encounter with a distant cousin who told me about a shoe box full of old pictures and newspaper clippings my Granfather Maurice Taylor had kept and he showed her when she was very young but she did not pay attention.She did remember though a pic with a man with huge hat of feathers flowing down his shoulders.She said when he passed she tried to locate the box but it had vanished probrably thrown out because no one knew how important or who it was.I suppose since everyone mostly had red hair by now they could not believe it was there own blood and history thrown away.If there is anyone who knows of a dna project for Sitting Bull lines please let me know.Thanks Alot,Juanita Taylor

by shannond on 2008-07-08 21:40:30

i have been trying to do a family tree my greatgrandmother is mary bull(mary sally or sally mary) i have been told she is out of standing holy. my greatgrandmother died in 1906 or 1907 from tb, she was married to my great grand father shad miller a choctaw native american in anadarco oklahoma.they had together 3 sons arthur,cecil,joeseph and somewhere a half sister. my father is arthur jack miller. Is there any information that anyone has on this.

by nessa13 on 2008-07-09 17:36:30

I am related to sitting bull and snows-on-her he was my greatgrandfather and I am trying to find out more about sitting bull and my family tree if anybody has anything that might be usefull please e-mail me at [email protected] thank you I am very anxious to trace my family tree.

by Hellboy on 2008-07-29 11:47:33

Hellboy, If anyone has any information on Sitting Bulls daughter, Mary Jane Arnold Starr I would appreciate if they could share their info with me. We have an original picture of her, and if they are the same person it will prove that my wife is related to Sitting Bull. Waiting to hear.

by Hellboy on 2008-07-29 19:49:49

Hellboy, I asked for yall to share any information with me if you found it but i forgot to put me e-mail address well here it is [email protected] plese e-mail me if you have any info would really appreaciate

by cardinal on 2008-08-11 07:38:15

Smitty 911, I have actaul photos of my great great great grandfather chief sitting bull. Im On the cardinal side of that family Im also related to Joe cardinal, Im intrested in hearing what u know and sharing what I know.
My email is [email protected]
thanks Jessica

by smitty911 on 2008-08-12 20:10:20

Hi Jessica,

I would love to share information. Are you able to send your photo to my web site?
[email protected]

I have done alot of research, and haven't been able to locate a photo of sitting bull. I do have a photo of my grandmother on the reservation. It is interesting that all these comments are from people trying to document their family tree. There is much confusion. Let's get our minds together and see what we can come up with. I do have the help of a professionl native american researcher....


by bpeconge on 2008-08-16 12:58:48

Have any of you researched National Archives for land allotments, pay outs, native rolls? Typically those will list realtionships. If you're ancestors were living in the "white world" you can use conventional research to track them, and then turn to more native type research. Also the tribe may have archives you can use to research a specific person. Try locating a book by a local biographer on your spefic tribe or person you are researching. Pow Wows in the area may have some books pertaing to tribes. Also if anyone is trying to gain tribal memebership, contact that spefic tribe to see exactly what you need. They also may be able to put you in contact with a researcher. The National Archives may have a photos or a state specific archive collection. There were also census on the reservations for certain years and tribes. See if they provide any more info.

by mrsfcarlos on 2008-08-16 19:02:19

Hi i just found out that sitting bull is my great great grandfather one of his daughter is my grandmothers grandmother i am trying to find out what one i have a picture of her to match with another but i need to find one

by smitty911 on 2008-08-17 18:18:56

Are you saying you have a photo? Can you share it?

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by starrfire82 on 2008-08-18 00:18:21


by winnie910 on 2008-08-25 07:13:26

Hi, just wanted to share that I have a book given to my mother in 1936 from Chief White Feather(Tey et ra Mar) He claims to ge the great grandson of Sitting Bull and he is a Uncpapa Sioux. I am trying to find validity on this. I found the following site and there is a phone number to call. They have all the descendents of Sitting Bull. They informed me that there a different SittingBulls from different Tribes. This man may be a descendent of Sitting Bull, but not the one we all know. They can help with all info you need. They are very nice. Have a blessed day. Wen


by fhloveapug on 2008-09-04 15:48:00

Hi, I am also said to be a descendant of Sitting Bull. My great great grandpa by the last name of Payne married one of his daughters by the name of Esther. I am trying to find out more information about her.

by woundering on 2008-12-02 12:14:26

Hi, I am a 15 year old girl. I am also said to be a seventh generation grandaughter of Sittingbull. Though I may not know much about him i would like to learn more so if you have any thing about him that would be great.

by Standingrocksioux on 2008-12-08 07:07:44

All my family has lived on Stanging Rock for many generations and my family has an original picture of Sitting Bull that he has passed down to my generation of people. We have had many family gatherings their. We as indian people know who our family is and whom is related to whom. I was registered with the tribe the moment I was born. I know that if you are registered and have land their you can learn alot from the tribal members. I have learned my family's blood line and we are truly sitting bull decent I cannot tell how or whom, because i was always taught not to showboat my bloodline. But I would like to tell all that seeks his blood. It is a great honor but no one needs to know. Our family fought for this land for many years, and still fighting. What is it that you seek? Is it wealth? Bragging rights? If you were meant to know then it will come to you, somehow, someday. If not then that is what his spirit wanted.

by smitty911 on 2008-12-08 20:38:57

I appreciate your reply. How wonderful to know about your history. This is the reason I have started this search. My only reason I seek out the knowledge of the Sioux is to find my roots. I have a deep feeling within me to know my heritage and my people. For years I have attempted to find my grandmother who was born on Standing Rock, and said to be half Sioux. I feel the same way you do. The spirit has lead me to this point in my journey, and possibly to you for your help. Can you help me? I am willing to come to the reservation and spend some time to get to know about my heritage. I want to communicate with the tribal members. Are you willing to open your heart and share your knowledge?

by hayward on 2009-01-04 03:12:38

I too have been drawn to Sitting Bull. After many years of searching I met Ernie and the grandsons of Crazy Horse.I hope all of you find your connection back to your human being side.
May peace be with you...

by JescaMay on 2009-01-22 12:31:08


It turns out that i am also related to Sitting Bull.

According to my grandfather, his great grandma was cheif sitting bull's daughter. She moved to england and married an english man. Since then, the women have taken on many different names but my grandad and myself have a slight natural tan.

Unfortunatly, i have no contact to any of my American Indian family as previous family feuds have caused all pictures and info to be lost.

I think this site is wonderful and it is really fasinating same as above, i hope you all find out where your family tree began!

by 1326 on 2009-02-16 18:24:04

My husband is great,great,great,great,great grandson of Sitting Bull, He LOOKS just like
him my stepson looks more so then his dad


by 2bletrble on 2009-02-17 09:05:59

i have read all of these and never imagined just how many people are looking to find a way to know for a fact that they are related to chief sitting bull. i was told from my father's side of the family, that i was related to chief sitting bull. My aunt has been researching the family tree, but i have yet to be able to see it, as well as research it myself. i am told the he is my 5th great grandfather, that he is my 3rd great grandmother was his granddaughter. my father's last name was porter, so if anyone has any info please share. i have been tremedously interested in all my roots, and he has always intrigued me and brought great respect. to know that i am truly a descndant of him would be an honor that i cannot express. please let me know if anyone has any info for me.

by jd14 on 2009-02-19 07:14:30

I met an man when I was a little girl whose name was John Lone Wolf and he said he was a grandson of Sitting Bull. He lived alone, true to his name, at Lake Owassa, New Jersey.

by DakotaSiouxPrincess on 2009-02-25 13:05:02

my great grand mother is a decendant of sitting bull and he is my great,great,great,great,great,great,great grandpa...i kno alot about him and my great grandmothers grandma(about 5 yrs old or so at the time) was in the Battle of the Little Big Horn..it makes me proud to kno that..and i am a full blood Dakota/Lakota Sioux!!

by rcpayne on 2009-03-23 00:41:54

A really good place to start looking is calling the tribe themselves. I have the number it is 605-747-2381 Call them and they will help you with your search. All my family are enrolled and we can go back that way. My daughter is doing a paper on it and I was looking for some pictures online and found this website. But please call the tribe where he was registered at and that should help you.

by reelcontact on 2009-04-01 00:20:55

I have worked extensively with the Ernie, including the trip back to the Smithsonian to recover Sitting Bull's lock of hair and his leggins which were stolen by the undertaker after his death and then given to the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian did four years of research in a hotly contested bid by family members both distant and direct to receive the leggins. Ernie and his three sisters won as being the closest living LINEAL grandchildren to him.

When Ernie recited his great grandfather's oral history, he said there were five wives and five wives only. They are:

Light Hair
Red Woman
Snow on her
Her Four Robes
Seen By the Nation

Ernie's great grandmother was Seen By Her Nation and his grandmother was Standing Holy. After Sitting Bull was killed the family fled shortly after to Red Shirt Table on the Pine Ridge Rez.

His family was never interviewed or asked about Sitting Bull by any of the noted authors. So a lot of his history has been painted by non-Natives and some of it even by the families of the Indian Police that killed him. Ernie is coming out with a book on his oral history this fall. He says that the Stanley Vestal book and those that use it as a main reference are way off base. I believe him. I spent five years talking to him, staying at his home for weeks at a time, visiting all Sitting Bull's sites (some known, some not). He had plenty of chances to misspeak. To his credit he stayed consistent. He was able to prove his lineage when the chips were down and his grandfather's body part (hair) and clothing were at stake. Anyone else claiming to be a great grandchild of any kind to Sitting Bull came up short...and that is well documented. Call Bill Billup who heads the repatriation department at the Smithsonian in Washington DC . He spent four years of his life making sure his body part got back to the right people so that they wouldn't get sued.

One additional thing is that there are more than one Lakota named Sitting Bull. There was a peace chief down at the Red Cloud Agency and he has descendants. Plus there were a few lesser known folks on the rez that went by that name. Kind of like with more than one European having the same last name.

by Tommy13 on 2009-04-08 12:24:46

I'm doing a research on Sitting Bull in my school, it is very frustrating to find answers, but it is intresting about his life. If you have information can you send me information.

by Tommy13 on 2009-04-08 12:38:05

My Friend is related to Sitting Bull. That is shocking, my friend's Grandperents live in Resveration, Standing Rock, she is 1/2 Sioux.

by souix on 2009-05-04 13:10:46

hey sitting bull is my great great somtin uncle to

by phillip3392 on 2009-06-18 20:21:21

can anybody help me my name is phillip mattler my dad say's sitting bull is my great great great grandfather how can i prove it

by chrisw1977 on 2009-07-18 23:19:16

I was told by my grandma Louis that I am related to Sittig bull he was my great grandfather I need to find out how I regiser in a tribe and register my son into the tribe as well. I am related to the shelton side can someone please help me out

by chicken on 2009-07-22 00:47:47

Hi... i wrote a couple of years ago...(my comments at the top) I was told like many of you, that i decended from sitting bull... my father (who is also native american) said that one of sitting bulls grandsons (idk which one) had a little girl sometime in the early 40's. He couldnt take care of her (or didnt want her ,idk) so he dropped her off at a local catholic school/orphanage on the sioux indian res. in south dakota. I guess there werent many children there, but when the grew older, they were given a piece of the land. I know this is a fact because my dad now owns the fifty acres that was given to her. Im just wondering if anyone has any knowledge of any of sitting bulls grandsons, because i am trying to uncover the name of my grandmother's biological father. If you do PLEASE contact me. Oh, and some of you were wondering how to get accepted into a tribe. My father, my sister, and I are all in the sioux tribe of south dakota. what you do, is contact the department of interior indian affairs. They will send you papers to fill out & request that you send a copy of your birth certificate thats been notorized. Its not very hard, and it takes about 2-3 months.

by Brandiesxtn on 2009-08-06 09:18:17

I'm told that chief sitting bull is my third great grandfather. My second great grandfather ig chief white feathers, which is chief sitting bull is his father. Does anyone know how I can look further into my indian family?

by William_Grindstone on 2009-10-21 18:45:25

I am from the Grindstone family of Little Eagle, SD of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation (Hunkpapa Band of the Lakota). I am one of the only great great grandsons of Sitting Bull left. His father was an Izusa - Grindstone (FT. Laramie treaty signer) of the Running Antelope community. I and my son Timothy Grindstone carry this last name of the direct descendancy of this family blood line. Alot are related indirectly but I am proud to know that I am of this blood line. My grandmother Adele Grindstone-Little Dog still is living and in the Running Antelope Community and she has told me the order of this family blood line. In our community we are divided into many groups of the great chiefs of the Hunkpapa. Sitting Bull, Izusa, Rain in the Face are only a few. Chief Gall was of the Wakpala community. You can trace this heritage thru the BIA which they will do the family tree for you.

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by brownotterc on 2009-11-17 13:53:38


by ravenblack on 2009-12-04 19:27:29

Hi I would not worry how chife sitting bull is grandfather too. stop and think if u all realy cared about the family and not just want fame .just becouse chife sitting bull is very well known name.look at the rez thay need help people.put your time in good use natives take care of there own so do some thing and help the rez.

by cubs4syd on 2009-12-07 12:13:43

hi smitty im actual sitting bull great niece and ive been looking 4 any of sitting bulls family so im kinda in the same situation as you and was wondering if u had any info about him that would help -cubs4syd

by smitty911 on 2009-12-07 19:15:22

All the information I have is right here on this site. I have been running into brick walls for years. I'm going to look up some information from the Standing Rock reservation and the B of Indian affairs. Maybe they can help. I'll keep you informed as I discover things. Susie

by tykellen on 2009-12-14 07:56:49

Does anyone know what Penay, Pe na, or Pena, or deritives of this name means in Lakota? Also do na?

by iona on 2010-02-18 21:34:28

hello, my name is iona. i just got indian paper from my grandma. we arehunkpapa tetonsioux. my grandmas mother was little flower which i bealive is sitting bull daughter. please if u have more infromation let me know. i will give u any info too

by iona on 2010-02-18 21:55:34

any yes he did have 9 wives. my grandma is pretty sure. oh her mother full name is litter flower Mae V. Wilson Woods MC Karson but also used the name dorthy katherine laws her dad last nam was sharp and frist name is will. my grand mother name is caroll ann white Mc Karson. i kinda got it missed up. her father mother was littel flower which her mother took over the name i suppuse. if u just have any question about any of these names let me know

by iona on 2010-02-19 00:52:45

okay i figured it out. my grandmother (caroll ann McKarson, white) mother name was dorothy ktherine laws. her father name is chief little palo verde william McKarson. his mother is littel flower may wilson. his father is frank spotted arm Mckarson. litel flower was full blood hunkpapa tetonsioux. also i have her ancestral role numbers. i have a cretifaction from littel flower of all her childern are 3/4 indian. littel palo verde william, siver leaf matbell, brave warrior jack jewl, holy woman roesmary, desert flower elnora, lanora four winds, and littel one heln kucille

by Birdoffire on 2010-04-15 22:14:58

by Birdoffire on 2010-04-15 22:41:17

raven black I hear you 3 years ago my wife and I took a trip across country and spent some time on the reservation in south dakota it was sad to see how such a proud people had been robbed.As the only true n.americans it saddens me if anybody deserves to be made right again it is the american natives .we rode all through the reservation oglala nation and observed hardship. A family of 5 walking to the store as drove through I knew the store was at least 2miles back a father and 4 sons all carrying bags of groceries I stopped and gave them a ride to the top of the butte about 3 miles.then on to wounded knee a flow of tears came to my face. as my wife loves the hand made jewelry we bought all we could afford and made donation to the memorial.then in arizona after paying to get in to the grand canyon the best views we seen that day were for free again on the res we had stopped to buy more gifts for family members from an elder lady working alone selling jewelry and she gave us permission to go through the gates and take a look. I feel we were fortunate to meet such great people.We plan to move to the west near the reservation and I would be proud to be of some help .

by tokaouspa on 2010-04-28 06:29:16

And so we are here, many years later, and this little blog is really getting out of control. Again, all of Sitting Bull's DIRECT descendants are very well known AND accounted for. If you can make a link to them, then you are descended. If not, then you are not.

You may be related -- look to the descendants of Makes Room (for Them), from the Mnconjou in Eagle Butte. Makes Room was a Chief/Headman who made Sitting Bull look tiny in comparison. He was also Sitting Bull's Brother-in-law.

Additionally, if you are looking for relationship to the most important Headman/Chief's of that era, Hunkpapa specifically, look for descendancy of Black Moon (the Hunkpapa, not the Mnconjou one), Four Horns, Running Antelope, and there is a listing of about 30 others that carry more weight, in the Indian sense. If all you like is the "white" history aspect, then of course go for Sitting Bull.

Really though, you ought to talk with the "oldest" Grindstones (Sitting Bull may come from that line, as does Four Horns), or any of the Grey Eagle's living in the Bullhead area. In fact, they guard the primary road down to the old Grey Eagle homestead (which some call Sitting Bull camp!).

Anyway, good luck, but most of you will continue to be frustrated until you start to look at the other Sitting Bulls known to exist, because you are not finding anything here, because there is nothing to find!

by smitty911 on 2010-04-28 10:33:52

HAHA....you are so right about that. Dead end for sure. I appreciate your comments. I am not looking for a relationship with native american royality. All I have are some stories and are trying to research their truth. I know, I have sioux blood....butI have no proof. In my faith I am resonsible to my ancesters. This journey has been very difficult because my grandmother has no bith record so far and her parents were killed. She was orphaned at 4. She talked very little about her youth except for some stories about living with the indians in South Dakota and someone named sitting Bull.

I just had DNA done on my aunt. Do you know if any of the relatives have had DNA I can compare with?

Just think for a mionute how you would feel if you didn't know where your family came from. It is a feeling of loss that I can not explain. Native American heritage is very hard to search. I will take your suggestions and truely appreciate your time in writing this post. As you can see many here just want answers....

by epicnightmare on 2010-04-29 13:39:03

I am a great great grandson of Sioux Chief Sitting Bull. My uncle is Running Deer of direct lineage to Sitting Bull's brother. My grandfather knows We are related to him because my grandmother Hutchy was his Great Grand daughter.

by smitty911 on 2010-04-29 20:03:44

Is there anyone on this post that has proof of direct linage to Sitting Bull who is willing to do a DNA test for me?


by epicnightmare on 2010-04-30 12:54:39

I could. My clinic files are rather public look up Marcus Vanderwarker and tell them to call me on my cell for verification and you should be able to get access to some blood samples to test with. First I need proof of their being used only for tracing of lineage and also the files will need to be sealed and re-encrypted once you have finished. If you come across a file marked Walt or marked Exp-023 Do Not Open them! These are private and very important information that I would like to keep sealed. Thanks. My cell phone 1-406-780-1240. Trace my phone and i will know immediately and will dispose of it and move to a new location until I am sure my home is not compromised. My paranoia is well founded and was something my grandfather taught to me. Better to be careful than dead. Nothing personal.

by smitty911 on 2010-04-30 18:04:07

I could send the test directly to you. I use anscestry.com. They send you a kit and you mail it back to them. This is how I did the first test from my aunt who is supposed to be a great grans daughter of sitting bull. I have a listing of names of the first test of people with the same markers. You can see the list if you look up my DNA results on Ancestry. I would like to call you so we can have a private conversation. What is a good time?

by epicnightmare on 2010-05-14 13:11:34

Well Sometime around 4:30 would be best but if you are calling then call my house phone at 1-406-322-5110 Ask for Mark and i should be able to talk for a while.

by edouvillewy on 2010-06-13 19:17:47

Many on this site do not understand why some are looking for a connection to Native American Heritage. I do understand, only because I will never really know who my family's heritage goes to because my grandfather himself did not know. He only knew where he was from, according to his mother and what tribe. He carried a picture of his Native American mother with him until he died (before I was born). We look for the connections as americans because in this society we do not feel "connected" to anything - but somehow the mysticism of Native Americans seems to appeal to those who are searching for that connection. But, we all find our own connections. Please all realize the connection is within and between all things seen and unseen. I believe things happen according to a plan....
My grandfather was stolen and sold at young age to serve outlaws, and then sold again to some Welsh parents looking for a son they couldn't have. My grandfather did not even know exactly when he was born because exact dates weren't important to his mother. He ended up in a good home and had a good life despite the fact he was not among his people. And if all isn't connected there's this..., he became a law enforcement officer of the highest caliber in Washington D.C. where my father grew up. My father had eight children, all of whom believe in "connections" and who all ended up settling in the mountain west - somehow all of us have been drawn back - it is in us. So, for actually finding someone for me is not important - finding the connection to understand a heritage and all that entails does.

by smitty911 on 2010-06-13 21:35:19

This message is in response of edouvillewy message. I appreciate your response to this link. You are right about one thing. There are many who would like to connect the dots to their heritage. As I have said before, there is a loss when you can not find your ancestors. It's like pages of your book of life are missing. For me, it goes deeper than that. I have a spiritual obligation to bring my family together. It will be very comforting to unite with loved ones. If not in this life....the next.

by ammiee on 2010-06-22 16:51:29

As with all of you, I am said to be a decendent also. My family is just missing the one link. I was told that who I am looking for changed thier last name from Howell to Powell.I am said to be a decenent from one of Sitting bulls sons but I have not been able to track down any sons names.Any help would be great.

by ammiee on 2010-06-22 16:54:09

Oh yes the one I am looking for is also said to have become the American Indian to become a M.D.

by crazyblkfoot on 2010-07-19 20:10:50

WOW I see here everyone is having problems and its not just me with looking up history of Sittingbull . I have just found out that my great , great , great grandmother was Sittingbulls sister Pretty Feather ??? Does anyone have any info on his sister(s) ? I would love to find out if the info I have been told is true ? Is there anyone out there that could help me out ?

by Nico on 2010-08-20 00:34:34

I was adoppted when i was a baby and was told that my mother was a dirrect descendent of sitting bull. I am in the progress of finding everything out about my history and family. if anyone has any ideas on how to go about thi i welcome all.

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by Motivator on 2010-09-28 21:48:20

I don't really understand why you like to trim the family tree and I don't care. I feel sorry of others that are just trying to learn about their ancestry and can't for this same reason. But I know that Chief White Feather (Teyet Ramar) gifted, famous baratone opera singer was Sitting Bull's grandson by his 4th wife. His father worked with the Barnum and Bailey circus. His mother was Chippewa and eventually gained acceptance by the other Sioux when she bore her 5th son. The first thing she saw was a white feather. Have many more details. It matters not to me why you refuse to acknowledge this truth. All that matters to me is the memory that my family has of this great man who was like family. He used to just let himself into their home in the middle of the night and crash on their couch. He took over their kitchen and cooked great meals.

by Motivator on 2010-10-05 02:33:42

Dear Earthw7 I am having trouble understanding you. If a boy is adopted by a man does not that boy become his son? If Louis Bull or John Sitting Bull, sons of Seen By Nation who's biological father was Bear Louse, are adopted by Sitting Bull do they not then become Sitting Bull's sons? Therefore would not their offspring be able to claim to be his descendents. Not in a biological way of course. But they are still grandsons and great grandsons, are they not? Then in that case Teyet Ramar Sitting Bull is a grandson of Sitting Bull.

by RAJOD on 2010-10-07 01:57:35

I am a descendant of Chief Sitting bull. 1/16th or 1/32.

I am also part Welch etc.

He had three daughters one was named meemee or possibly meemee was the daughter of his daughter. Meemee had my grandmother who had my dad who had me.

My sister did a big family tree years ago and was able to verify quite a ways back in history.

Its interesting how I even came about looking for him. I never looked at that family tree. I'm scientifically minded and not really too religious. But after an illness I started having visions of future events and they always happened. It was starting to bother me. My physics and astronomy friends were not much help. I just ignored them but from time to time I would talk to someone to see how this was possible. I ended up thinking it was genetic. My father had ONE of these episodes and it scared the hell out of him. He was a Dr. and again we just do not believe this is possible. Anyway found out Chief sitting Bull had these same visions. I do not know how it works but it tells me its probably some genetic trait. Pretty strange.

by tracemyfamilytr on 2010-10-17 21:36:18

This has been very educative. I'm not related to Sitting Bull. I've been trying to help a friend trace their family tree. Since she is a Native American so I've been checkin go out genealogical sites specializing in Native American research.

Seeing the amount of research available and the frustration some are feeling due to gaps in that information or due to multiple people having the same name at the same time has been very helpful.

Good luck to all with your research and thanks for the education.

by bobbiLeanne on 2010-10-27 13:51:37

there were many relatives of Sitting Bull-you would do well in researching Mareana Helene Perez-Walden of Lynnwood, Washington directly related to Sitting Bull-she had many children some claimed dead although, they are not-and they were on the rolls-
Many family members forced into marriages so the husband could claim inheritance and lands-this goes deep-take the journey if you dare.
Mareana is deceased her family members had name changes-
Mareana had a sister Ruth Rose Perez-missing in Duluth Minnesota-body burned in a tree -called Jane Doe-was pregnant at the time of disappearance-child missing. girl.

by bltyler on 2011-01-02 22:15:21

In response to Raven Black. I agree whole heartedly, I too have stories passed down through my family on my mother's side, of relations to Tatanka Yotanka. My mother and grandmother were not ones for stretching the truth and my grandmother even had documents of our blood line. Unfortunately, she died in 1972 and written history is lost along with her, my mother although not willing to talk about it did sit me down one day and told me we were related to the Hunk Papa nation. Later on in years when asked she would just smile or change the subject, all the while sending money to the reservation by purchasing dream catchers and giving them to people she knew. Last September she died at the age of 87 one week after her birthday. My grandmother was half english, but I once saw a picture of her in her buckskin outfit, she belonged to a group back in the 1920's called Sister's of Pochahontis. She looked like the Great Chief's twin sister. With my mother now gone I will be the one who will be sending donations. I have also recently met a man named Red Eagle, of the Lakota people who will be helping me learn the ways of the Lakota and helping me to learn to speak the language, and even my first sweat lodge. Whether or not I'm of Tatanka Yotanka's blood line or not I may never know for sure, but I go where my heart tells me to go and if my search finds that I am of his people it will be a great honor, but I search not for his fame and glory but, instead for respect of my heritage so that I may pass it on to my children and grandchildren so as it will not be lost. In the near future I plan on taking a trip to the Dakota's and to the reservation. As I write this my heart is in my throat and eyes welled with tears. This happens every time I go to a pow wow. I feel a connection I cannot explain. Very soon I will be given a name from Red Eagle it will be a very proud day for me. In all of our quests for answers let us not forget, He was a man of selflessness and giving. Let us search for his glory not our own. Washta, good luck in all your searching.

by mjnb4x on 2011-01-26 15:46:41

I, too, am related to the Sitting Bull lineage....said-to-be though a niece. I have known for over 40 years that I am paternally related: my paternal grandfather's mother (MARY JANE BROADWELL) is said to be the one and the same person as NARCISSU S/NEL BULL and her parents are said-to-be Sitting Bull's half-siblings: Fetnah (Frank) & Serh (Sarah) Bull. Fetnah, Serh, & Sitting Bull share the same father. It is said that Narcissu s/Nel wed a man named HATCHER who shortened his name to HATCH. THIS piece of information has been handed down for 3+ generations on my paternal side...HATCH.
I have accurate confirmation from 3 now deceased paternal relatives that I AM descended from these people, but we have been denied further information. Since the most reliable people are now deceased, I am stuck on concrete confirmation.
I have several photos & copies of photos of paternal relatives that other "shirt-tail" relatives have had for YEARS....and it is only in the past 3-4 years we discovered each other! How could it be that we had the SAME old photos and were never knowledgable of each other?
I still have never been told WHY I kept having dreams/visions as a very young child of being with an old Indian (whom I later found to be EXACTLY like one of the photos of Sitting Bull) and WHY I saw a vision of an older Indian woman, who looked JUST like the photo of the woman Mary Jane Broadwell I was given YEARS after I had the dreams/visions! I do NOT have these types of dreams normally!
SO---either somebody was feeding me hypnotic suggestions when I was less than 6 years old that stayed with me, OR----they are absolutely true!

by mjnb4x on 2011-01-27 10:47:56

Sorry for the "SHOUTING" at the end of my previous posting....I get extremely upset when I am told I am NOT Sioux if I have less than 1/4 Sioux blood in me! THAT is what I was told when I tried to contact people at the reservation over 3 years ago....PLUS they told me that there was absolutely no way to prove I had any Indian blood in me! I got so p1$$ed that I shredded the letter.

by smitty911 on 2011-01-28 01:51:27

I totally understand your frustration. Have you ever thought of DNA testing? You can get it through anstery.com. You can actually trace your heritage this way and compare DNA tests with others who is searching. I had my dad's sister tested as she is the closest living decendent. If I can match it with others then I might find a good path to follow. Check it out.

Also....good for you to believe in your dreams. They are very powerful and I believe they will help you connect with your ancesters.

by mjnb4x on 2011-01-28 11:31:47

Thank-you, smitty911. I can't afford the extreme prices wanted for DNA testing, nor can I afford the annual cost to be a paid member of ancestry.com, etc. I am the last one of my dad's lineage for testing that has any interest in the Sioux lineage. ALL Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents & siblings are now deceased. Not one of my 18 cousins has an iota of interest in anything to do with genealogy. So there I am.

by paulyd1 on 2011-02-16 09:50:43

i am doing a report on sitting bull and he is bured at morbridge south dakota

by sicagirl73 on 2011-03-03 14:15:50

Just out of curiosity was Sitting Bull and Chief Grey Eagle any relation to each other?

by jwest13 on 2011-03-04 05:24:43

Supposedly, according to my grandfather, sitting bulls sister(can't remember her name it was something to do with a coyote or whatever) was his grandmother. It would definitely explain why my grandpa always reminded me of sitting bull. Anyways, my grandpas mothers name was Olivia Hightower and she had been traded to a whiteman for a rifle by her brother and became pregnant with my grandpa with him a couple years down the line. And then, I guess the guy was a booze smuggler or whatever you'd call it and she left and gave my grandpa to an orphange in texas and my grandpa was raised by white people. But who knows what really happened. He said he tried to find her back in the fortys but only one person had remembered his mother and she wasn't quite right in the brain. I've tried to do research but everything comes to a deadend because there wasn't much paperwork done back in those days with indians and they used to get rid of the babies originial birthcertificates when they were adopted. But if anyone knows anything I wouldn't mind just some information, and I'm sorry your search has come up about as dry as mine. I'm not interested in any indian benefits like others might be (I can't pass anyways I'm like 12.5% if that lol) but just some information would be nice, you know?


by jwest13 on 2011-03-04 05:46:28

Oh and my grandfathers name is Gerald Massey, he currently lives in Yountville, CA at the Veterans home. He fought in WWII. He's 82 and grouchy as hell. Haha.

by Mclout on 2011-04-18 17:05:00

There are several reasons why we all have problems in doing research on Chief Sitting Bull's family tree, # 1, no one wants to admit that CSB had wives that were not Sioux. # 2, there was and still is strong feelings from tribe to tribe. and # 3, verbal history is not acceptable to some. I am 1/2 Arikara from Fort Berthold North Dakota. In our verbal history, "Four Robes" and "Seen By Her Nation" were Arikara Sisters. Custer Scout "Little Soldier" is in many historicle writings the son of CSB. Little Soldier is my Great Grandfather and Sitting Bull is my Great Great Grandfather. We will never know the full extent of CSB's lineage, because he evidently was a woman's man and tended to marry at will. The Sioux Nation needs to accept the fact that Sitting Bull was a traveler and a Romeo Extraordinar' of many talents. Not a slam on Sitting Bull, but rather a compliment to his diversed personality. Knowing Indians the way I know them, he evidently was one of the worlds greatest PR personalities. What a guy. My hat, or headdress, off to him.

by justus on 2011-08-24 14:43:46

my name is justus goodfeather telling that i am related to sitting bull through his sister which makes me his grandson, look it up you'll find goodfeather for sitting bulls sister look hard...

by maywrite on 2011-09-13 07:54:18

Justus, if you are related to Sitting Bull's sister, you would not be his grandson; you would be his grand-nephew.

I've noticed others in this thread saying similar things. You can only be a grandchild if you are a direct descendent. Perhaps this is where some of the confusion in tracing lineage comes in..?

by frankwpatten on 2011-12-02 14:38:58

I can remember my dad saying that his grandmother was one of Sitting Bull's daughters. I'm doing research trying to verify this. She went by Kate, and as my dad and grandmother are now gone, I'm running into a tough time.

by John1737 on 2012-03-20 13:15:25


^^^Has infomation on him and his family members, such as daughters and grandkids

by Vanskiver on 2012-03-21 10:16:49


by Vanskiver on 2012-03-21 10:17:54

I just recently found out that i am a direct descendant of Sitting Bull. I need someone to tell me how to get more info... Thank you.

by knightmese on 2012-06-17 01:24:12

I think it is pretty funny that this many people think they are descended from Sitting Bull. I too heard I was descended from Sitting Bull but from what John1737 posted it seems none of us are actually related to him in any way. It almost seems like a long running joke that our parents and grandparents kept going.

by Noelmh74 on 2012-09-11 15:45:33

Does anyone know which tribe and location of Maybell Silverleaf Mckarson and her mother Little Flower Mae V wilson Sharp McKarson?

by smitty911 on 2012-09-11 22:16:35

this is the site where you can research your genealogy.


I am so happy they have put this wonderful site together for all of us who are researchers. It is very difficult to research our native american heritage. I have been searching for 30 years and still have no answers. I will not quit my search. It is very important to me to connect to my loved ones.

by robertaharvey66 on 2012-10-09 09:06:20

I was told by my Mother and father that I was related to him, and am looking for a way to obtain an Indian Card. My name is Roberta Harvey and my father is Tommie Leon Kelley, If u happen to run across our names on any records much help would be appreciated. Thanks Roberta

by Stanley130 on 2012-12-22 22:03:31

Hello to everyone who is on this quest to find out more about their heritage. I see several inquires and or statements related to Little Flower Mae V Wilson Sharp, Silverleaf Maybell McKarson and Ltille Palo Verde Williams. My Great GrandMother is Little Flower May V Sharp and My grandmother is Holy woman Rosemary( last name Edwards and still alive). My Father (still alive and well is Loyd James Anderson) is still incontact with Rosemary and lived with Little Flower when he was growing up. I am in poseession of several documents to include A Certification of Indian hertage signed by Little Flower that states who her childeren were. The include Little Palo Verde William, Silver Leaf Maybelle, Brave Warrior Jack Jewel, Holy Woman Rosemay, Desert Flower Elnora, Lanora Four Winds and Litlle One Helen Lucile. The dcoument states that all of these children are three-fourths Teeton Hunkpapa Sioux American Indian. She atteest that she is 100%. It states the her husband (name not stated) is 1/2 Sioux Indian. The dcoument states that her Anestral Role#s are 3059,3060 and 3061. She was born on May 6th, 197 in Garfiled NM. Her maiden name was Little Flower Mae V. Wilson. I also have a Delayed Certificate of Birth showing Ltlle Flower May Wilson and her father was Charles David Wilson. Her Mother was Silver LEaf Running Horse. There is other information on this doducment as well that mentions May Wilson and Edward Wood. I have a Death Certificate For Little Flower May V. Sharp. Lastly, I have a picture of one of her husbands, Clarence Wilson and two newspaer articles that covered her death . Lastly, I have video of Little Flower Mae V. Sharp talking about her teaching kids of her heritage and element sof her life. The video is on a CD and includes numerous news accounts of her death and inetviews with my Grand Mother , Rosemary.
I too am putting pieces together but feel fortunate to have some doucmentation. and I have acople other helpful piece that I have not listed. SO, if any of this information is helpful to anyone, i would be more than happy to share. [email protected] 970-471-4765

by Stanley130 on 2012-12-22 22:06:29

Sorry for all of those typos!

by Stanley130 on 2012-12-22 22:06:41

Sorry for all of those typos!

by Stanley130 on 2012-12-22 23:28:53

Hello to everyone who is on this quest to find out more about their heritage. I see several inquiries and or statements related to Little Flower Mae V Wilson Sharp, Silverleaf Maybell McKarson and Ltille Palo Verde Williams. My Great GrandMother is Little Flower May V Sharp and My grandmother is Holy woman Rosemary( last name Edwards and still alive). My Father (still alive and well is Loyd James Anderson) is still in contact with Rosemary and lived with Little Flower when he was growing up. I am in possession of several documents to include A Certification of Indian heritage signed by Little Flower that states who her children were. The include Little Palo Verde William, Silver Leaf Maybelle, Brave Warrior Jack Jewel, Holy Woman Rosemary, Desert Flower Elnora, Lanora Four Winds and Little One Helen Lucile. The document states that all of these children are three-fourths Teeton Hunkpapa Sioux American Indian. She attests that she is 100%. It states the her husband (name not stated) is 1/2 Sioux Indian. The document states that her Ancestral Role #s are 3059,3060 and 3061. She was born on May 6th, 1897 in Garfiled NM. Her maiden name was Little Flower Mae V. Wilson. I also have a Delayed Certificate of Birth showing Little Flower May Wilson and her father was Charles David Wilson. Her Mother was Silver Leaf Running Horse. There is other information on this document as well that mentions May Wilson and Edward Wood. I have a Death Certificate For Little Flower May V. Sharp. I have a picture of one of her husbands, Clarence Wilson and two newspaper articles that covered her death. Lastly, I have video of Little Flower Mae V. Sharp talking about her teaching kids of her heritage and elements of her life. The video is on a CD and includes numerous news accounts of her death and interviews with my Grand Mother , Rosemary. &#8232;I am finding discrepancies in her claim to be a granddaughter of Sitting Bull and I too am looking for some information. Specifically, Does anyone know who Silver leaf Running Horse was? She is reported to be Little Flowers mother and a daughter of Sitting Bull. From what I can tell , Sitting Bull did not have a daughter with this name.
I too am putting pieces together but feel fortunate to have some documentation.
SO, if any of this information is helpful to anyone, I would be more than happy to share. [email protected] 970-471-4765

by jbedwell2010 on 2013-04-20 03:48:35

Hello all. My name is Jimmy Bedwell. I live in alaska now. moved here when i was 5. however my biological father has ties to sitting bull. i am trying to find out how i am related to him for a few reasons. how ever i am also asking for assistance on finding my family. i dont know any of my biological fathers siblings. so i would like to ask anybody with any information or knowledge of my family name please message me on facebook. if you find something to send me my facebook photo is of my wedding day in a creek. all help is welcomed and appreciated.

by titi96792 on 2013-04-24 23:00:51

Aloha from Hawaii. I am researching my family and have always been told that we are related to Sitting Bull through my maternal great grandmother. Most of my relatives have passed on so just through what I've always been told and what I was able to find through documentation, I know that my maternal great grandmother was born in North Dakota. Her father was born in Ireland and her mother in Canada. This is pretty much all I know. My grandfather always insisted that the family is Lakota, and he spent much of his time doing beading work. I have one picture of my great grandmother that I came across on the North Dakota Historical Society Website. It is of her and my great grandfather and listed their names, as well as the names of my grandfather and great aunt. But, I can't even find her maiden name (my great grandmother), just married name, Gunning. First name is Margaret, although I believe everyone called her Mae. Also, just as a sidenote on WHY I'm doing this. First of all, I am of mixed ethnic background and many of my family reside in Japan. I am only able to try and research the "american" family (right now at least). But, I am very sensitive when it comes to culture and tradition. I am also attempting to research my son's father side of his family, which is mainly Native Hawaiian. Trying to document this has been a challenge as well as there are many indescrepancies with names or spellings or just no records at all. I am NOT trying to gain anything from knowing who my relatives are, even distant. I'm just trying to understand all my ethnicities (and I have quite a few which is making things more difficult really) and I'd like to keep culture and tradition alive with my family as well as for my son and his future family. There is absolutely no disrespect in my intent and I hope that someone will possibly be able to give me any information to go on. If not, then I suppose it was not meant to be and I truly hope that I haven't offended anyone by even mentioning it. Aloha E, T.

by lialynn on 2013-05-08 21:53:32

Wow, who knew so many people wanted to be related to Sitting Bull,or thought they were! I too am supposedly a descendant, though not a grandchild. My great-grandfather was Chief Yellow Robe, Chauncey Yellow Robe's father. I think the Sitting Bull relationship is through my great-grandmother side though... I think she was his niece?

by Redfeather54 on 2013-09-13 16:45:26

I am the descendant of Chief Sitting Bull. My connection is a descendant of his Marlene Little. I know very little of her, the Chief and have never done any geneology either.

by Redfeather54 on 2013-09-13 17:33:50

To everyone out there doing geneology. Get with your parents, grandparents, great grandparents and get info before they die. I did not. All I know is that my father told me my given name was Marlene named after my Sitting Bull Descendant. Her name was Marlene Little. My given name was Marlene but I legally changed it. I never liked the name. I know very little of Chief Sitting Bull and it is to late for me to start. But It may not be for many of you. My mother is the descendant granddaughter to Chief Tecumseh. I don't find the gentleman above amusing at all. To me a relative and a descendant is the same thing.

by Snowbird on 2013-11-17 11:32:03

My name is Conney Massey I am 67 years old. I will tell you about another line that many of you may be connected to. This line comes from my father. My father said the this was my history. He gave me a paper that he took from records when he was trying to find his brothers. My father said that he was 1 of 12 boys and 2 sisters. His father was from the Massey trading family and his mother was Lakota.
There were 3 Massey boys that came from England to trade with the Indians. One went to Canada one went to Alabama and one went to Texas. His father was from Alabama and he was beaten by his father. He ran away to his uncle in Taranto Canada. Where he was sent with one of his uncles to trade with the Lakota. To have trading rights with the Lakota, he was married to Sitting Bull's youngest daughter in 1868. Her mother was Cheyenne had died in child birth on the way to Canada and she was raised by the sisters wives of Sitting Bull. He said that he was born in the shadow of standing rock and he was 6 years old when Sitting Bull was murdered. He and his sister were out on the trading wagon with his father when they found out about the murder. His mother had fled with her two twin boys and many of he people to the Cheyenne camp at Wounded Knee. The twin boys murdered in her arms, and that if it had not snowed she would have bleed out, because she was riddled with bullets. They found her blood trail where she crawled off under a bush. They were forced to leave because her husband was white. They went Alabama where she was not welcomed. When her husband died in a sawmill accident that my father was almost killed, when he was in the hospital. His 9 younger brothers were taken from his mother, because Indians weren't fit to raise children. These are her words when she was trying to keep her children. She was told that she was not Indian any more and that they banished her from her home lands, and she would not be considered an Indian any more. They would destroy all records and deny all knowledge of her ever being born. The government took her 9 boys were placed in different Eastern Indian schools. I have found that some were adopted. Another thing I found out from 2 Mormon geologist is that many of the young were forced to be baptized and they gave them a new birthday and name all the same.

by littlejohn673 on 2014-02-01 23:54:17

hello my is john i am trying to find out about my grandmouther she was full boold sus and she was part of the rev. of cal.her name was mary m kisner at this time she had to chaing her name.and she was from the sitting bull family. she was born oct 3 1920 and what i am fineing is she lived there all her life.i am trying to fine her indina name

by Njpoitra on 2015-09-27 12:08:51

My children are grandkids to Fred worst (Grey Eagle). Does anyone here know where I could get them a copy of a family tree?

by Njpoitra on 2015-09-27 12:21:04

Neesh I meant Wiest.

user HamDusbymbomy deactivated
by Whispersinthewind on 2018-06-07 18:25:13

Hello I am whispers in the winds, my wife is Ernie lapointe niece..... Ernie had brothers and sisters his sisters names were Isabel a year younger than him then there was Kathy then twins Mary Bell and lulabelle and the younger brother named Kim who died in Vietnam and two other younger brothers that he did not mention in his interview with the Smithsonian because they were incarcerated and did not want to bring shame to his family name. they are the daughter daughters and sons of Maybelle Lapointe...... my wife is a Half-Blood Ojibwa Indian from Suttons Bay Michigan from the Grand Traverse band of Ottawa and Chippewa. The lapuente family left the reservation in 1958 or 59 it came to Arkansas and change their name to Paul which is the first three letters backwards p a l and they added the letter u. Ernie died last year and is buried in the National Cemetery Memorial Cemetery my wife's mother Mary Bell is the last of all the brothers and sisters and I just thought that I would comment on this.

by smitty911 on 2018-06-11 23:25:48

Thank you very much for the history. I have been searching for 30 years or so and more if you add the time my father spent trying to research what happened to his mother and grandmother. I talked several years ago to Ernie myself to see if he would share any information about the Sitting Bull family. My dad's mother is said to be a daughter of sitting bull. She was 4 when her parents were killed on the reservation. She was born in Pierre in 1900. She talked very little about her life as it was very traumatic. Through DNA we found we do indeed have native American blood. Do you know of any of your wife's family that has done any DNA research? Like you said Ernie didn't want to talk about anything that could shame his family. He told me all of the family is accounted for. I wonder perhaps if my grandmothers birth was one of those shames not to be mentioned? I personally went to the Pierre historical society and researched for the whole day. They were very helpful but nothing turned up. So all I have to go on is DNA. Do you think your wife would be interested in doing DNA for me?

by jtaylorcalvert on 2018-07-03 14:54:35

wow, I can not believe all I have just read here. I was actually googling for an email address to contact Ernie once again, for I had contacted him 10 years ago, and I clicked on this link and read everyone's post. My search for my Native roots started a little over 10 years ago. My life has been turned upside down ever since. I have had 3 different DNA tests performed by 3 different companies at which I had them performed within years apart, because the DNA tech and testing was changing and evolving. I waited until 2016 to perform my Native DNA testing, of which showed a total of 14.7 percent Comanche/Apache of which the very same percentage in a Heritage test is identified as
Iberian. I was searching for my Cherokee at which at the time my mother was on her death bed I asked her if she was sure we were Cherokee, and she then asked why was I asking, I told her I was asking because all the signs I was getting were coming from Lakota's,she replied "I don't know why that is, but We are Cherokee'...when I contacted Ernie I told him I was getting signs from Sitting Bull, as well as Spider Woman, Skeleton Woman and Buffalo Woman. his response to me was that his G Grandfather
would not come to a white woman. Long story short, I don't think I ever spoke to him again. I did go to The Lakota Ranch in Greenville TX when the white buffalo was born, whom is also a descendant of Sitting Bull, born from a French woman. there seemed to be a dispute between those two, over full blood and half, having the same G Grandfather but different G Grandmother's. I don't want to write too much in one setting so I will end it here.

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