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Looking for Willliam Bey - Greytown New Zealand

Query by carogood

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on 2009-12-19 19:18:31

Looking for the past... Looking for the forgotten memories and remnants of the families who,collectively, have shaped the fabric of my life.

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by ngairedith on 2009-12-20 00:24:10

Hello carogood,

William Bey - M.B. & C.M., was a Physician and Surgeon in the Main Street of Greytown in the 1890s

*He was born in 1841 Tarland, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire

*He was educated at the Aberdeen Grammar School and Aberdeen University and took his degree in 1876.

*From 1876 to 1880 he practised in England.

*He arrivied in Wellington on 12th January 1881 on the ship Hurunui at the age of 40

*He commenced practise in Greytown in 1882.

*He was surgeon of the Greytown Hospital and was also honorary surgeon of the Masterton Hospital.

*He was examining officer for the Government and other insurance companies

*He was Public vaccinator for the district and surgeon to the New Zealand Militia.

*He was a trustee of the Greytown Workings Mens Club in 1896

*He was in the Loyal Greytown Lodge of Oddfellows, No. 361. in 1879

*He was an officer on the committee of the Greytown Football Club

*He was also a Justice of the Peace.

*He was Surgeon Lieutenant-Colonel V.D. of the 5th Battalion Wellington (Centre Or Ruahine) Rifle Volunteers

1876 - Bachelor of Medicine, Master Surgeon, University of Aberdeen
1881 - Registered as a Medical Practitioner
1882 - Resident at Greytown
1883 - Appointed Public Vaccinator at Greytown
1883 - Appointed Public Vaccinator at Carterton

*He married Eveline D'Ainslie Porrit 26th November 1882 in New Zealand

*2 of their children: (there may have been more)
1885 - Mary Isabella Bey
- Mary married Frances Charles Bunny 1908
- Frances died 1952 aged 70
- she died 1971 aged 85
1886 - William Farquharson Bey
- William was Private #38799
- he enlisted with the 1st Battalion Otago Regiment, and left with the 25th Reinforcements. Before his death he had attained the rank of Sergeant, and the same morning had taken part in a stunt to capture a certain objective close to Bapaume, when he was mortally wounded by a bursting shell on the 25th August 1918 in France. As he was brought in to R.A.P. he gradually but quietly sank, and was buried near the village of Biefvillers close to the scene of his last fight. He studied electrical engineering in Wellington after leaving school, but later relinquished it in order to farm the Springbank Estate, Gladstone.

Dr William Bey died of the influenza pandemic on the 14th November 1918 - he was 67
His wife Evelyn (Eveline) died 19 years later aged 74

- other "big" names of the Wairarapa of that time:
William Judd, James Baillie, Edwin William Udy, George William Nicol, Thomas Kempton, Edward Grigg, Richard Wakelin, James Boys, Nathan Kidd, Henry Stratton Izard, Coleman Phillips, Robert Ward Tate, Rev. Amos Knell R.D., Charles James Tully, Harry Octavius Tully, Frederick Henry Wood, Charles James Beard, Welch and many others were in Greytown at the time William Bey was there
- check the links ..

Photos and bios of some of the old identities of early Greytown

Photos of the old buildings of Greytown Wairarapa
Many of them built by Hart Udy (JP, twice mayor) for those mentioned above - early settlers of the district
- also a photo of the Greytown Hospital, built in 1875 that William Bey was surgeon at

by carogood on 2009-12-20 00:48:06

Have you seen the entry in St Matthews Church,Masterton records [27/3/1882] for the private baptismal record for a child Mary Begley Peagram born September 1881?

by ngairedith on 2009-12-20 02:30:47

No I haven't seen it - but I know she was born on 9th Sept 1881. However I can't find her marriage or death at this time
It may mean she was schooled in masterton too ..
Can't find a marriage for her mother Phoebe yet either ..

by ngairedith on 2009-12-20 02:33:15

Have just found that Phoebe Peagram (Mary Begley's mother) married in 1882 to John Stanford-Davis
Will do more research

by ngairedith on 2009-12-20 03:03:18

Phoebe Peagram was born about 1860 in Canterbury
- she was the daughter of Charles James Peagram and Mary Ann Sylvester
- she had Mary Begley on the 1st September 1881
- She married John Stanford-Davis on 13th December 1882

by carogood on 2009-12-20 09:44:55

Thank you very much. I had thought from looking back to Star -8/12/1879 - Papers Past that William Bey was the ship doctor on the Hurunui. This would make his arrival in NZ late 1879 not 1881.I also have not had any joy finding Mary Begley Peagram -school, marriage, death etc. But private baptismal records at St Matthews church Masterton indicate fathers name -W.Bey -physician.Oops!

by carogood on 2009-12-20 09:48:01

Also if William Bey was 67 in 1918 he was only 28 -29 years old when arriving in N.Z.

by magg1e1 on 2011-01-25 16:02:54

Matilda Phoebe Peagram was born in Hackney London on the 4th October 1863 lived at 39 Ann's Place Hackney Road died 1926in New Zealand daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth peagram married John Davis.
There is another family of Peagram's in Canterbury which could well be connected.

by carogood on 2011-01-26 03:16:26

Hi magg1e1
Many thanks for the contact. I do have this info already. Are you related to the Peagram's or Bey's? or just a lovely helpful person?

by jean3449 on 2012-01-14 18:33:06


My husband's gg grandmother was Margaret Bey(1803-1860)She was the sister of Alexander Bey born 1801, who was William's grandfather.

by carogood on 2012-01-14 23:47:15

Hi jean3449
Many thanks for this contact.
This thread is quite old now and it is a nice surprise to hear from you.
Can you explain the actual family link up - I get confused very easily!!- during my research period I found out a lot about Dr William Bey, his first wife and her family, their baby and his life in New Zealand after the death of his wife and child. Most of the info I passed onto his grandson as it was his direct family line.
Are you in Scotland? or somewhere else?

by jean3449 on 2012-01-15 12:35:53

Hi Carogood

The common ancestors are James Bey and Ann Anderson who married 25/5/1788 in Tarland and had 8 children. Your ancestor Alexander (1801 - ?) and my husband's ancestor Margaret (1803 - 1860) were 2 of the children.

Alexander marries Ann Lowrie 9/9/1821 in Tarland and has 9 children. One of whom is William (1823 - ?) William marries Mary Morgan and they have William born 1851. This William is the one who went to NZ.

My husband's line is as follows:-

Margaret Bey (1803 - 1860) marries John Smith (1798 - 1876) They married 3/6/1824 in Tarland and have 11 children. One is Helen Smith (1826 - 1900) She marries James Fowler (1828 - 1910)They married 22/8/1847 in Logie Coldstone. They have 11 children. One is Duncan Fowler (1866 - 1927) who marries Mary Cooper(1872 - 1945) They married 22/1/1892. They had 8 children. One was Mary Fowler (1901 - 1983) She married Lewis Fraser (1890 - 1977) They married 3/9/1932 in Torphins and had one son, my husband, Duncan Fraser.

My husband and I were both born in Scotland, however we now live in England.

During our research we visited Tarland and Logie Coldtone. They are lovely little villages. Nothing much remains of the original dwelling houses.

Your William (1823) and our Helen Smith (1826 - 1900) were cousins. Helen Smith was my husband's great grandmother.


by carogood on 2012-01-16 03:19:09

Hi Jean
That is amazing - I know a small amount about William Bey, son of William Bey snr and Mary Morgan Bey. My interest was started when I found out he and my great grandmother had a secret child [who was adopted out] and I felt the need to investigate his background.
He - a handsome educated doctor from Scotland - and my greatgrandmother - a simple back country barely educated maid - it had all the elements of a tv soap series.Real life has a bite, doesn't it?

by jean3449 on 2012-01-19 14:03:26


Your Wiliam and his father, William, who was a vet were the only "well educated" members of the Bey fsmily.

Their ancestors and the other immediate family were blacksmiths and farmers and lead a very simple country life. As you say it's like a soap series.

There were an abundance of illegitmate children born to both the male and female lines of the Bey family, so the educated doctor carried on the family tradition as far as that was concerned!

The Smith family who Margaret Bey married into were even worse! Two of them were involved in serious court cases. One (female) who was the victim of an assault and rape and the other (male) was was convicted of rape and assault.Two different cases.

Actually the female victim of the rape and assault was Ann Anderson. She was the great grandmother of William the doctor! I have a copy of the trial papers. These were obtained from the National Archives in Edinburgh.


by carogood on 2012-01-19 15:06:36

Jean - you blow me away! Perhaps this is the basis for a family trilogy in the style of Catherine Cookson!
Dr William Beys' son - another William and very handsome - also had issue without marriage prior to dying in WW1 - according to family whispers.
Shall we continue this communication out of the public arena?

by jean3449 on 2012-01-20 17:57:42

See private message..................I hope

by WayneB on 2013-09-28 23:19:11

I may be able to assist if you are still interested.
I am contactable on [email protected] I am Wayne.
I live in New Zealand and I an the Great G Grandson of William Bey

by carogood on 2013-09-29 22:51:37

Hi Wayne
We have already communicated in the past - refer to private emails to catken.....
Have you settled in your new home ok?

by carogood on 2013-09-29 22:52:06

Hi Wayne
We have already communicated in the past - refer to private emails to catken.....
Have you settled in your new home ok?

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