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looking for WOOD and ASHWORTH people

Query by anna_gwyneth

I'm looking for WOOD and ASHWORTH people and where we are from as my father is a WOOD and my mother is an ASHWORTH. We were all born in nz. I've heard i am of celtic, german, british ethnicity but i don't really know....

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on 2011-04-07 21:46:46

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by Rachmaninov on 2013-01-23 20:47:23

My mother was an Ashworth.
I am researching our family tree and have some information which may/may not establish a link.
Unfortunately, at the moment, I have painters and paperhangers "controlling" the house, and the "tree" data is in a carton under their tarpaulins.
I should be able to access it in the next couple of days, and will then provide you with an outline of what I have, which MAY/may not contain some names that make some sense to you.
Meantime, here are a few names which are in the forefront of my mind:
Omerd Ashworth.
Richard and Emma (nee Cleaver) Ashworth, parents of Omerd.
Arnold Ashworth.
Mabel Ashworth ( married a Rudolph/f Sturm.
The earliest generations in NZ were centred around Christchurch, but my grandfather ( Omerd) and his parents and some of his siblings moved initially to the lower Wairarapa, and some subsequently to Hawkes Bay ( Napier/Wairoa), and my grandfather ultimately to Gisborne.

by Rachmaninov on 2013-01-23 23:17:34

Here is a brief outline:
]James (died Kaiapoi NZ 1906) and Sarah (nee Ormond, died Sockburn Chch, 1912) Ashworth came from Bacup in Lancashire, England. Their death certificates refer to their having two sons and two daughters at the times of their deaths, but I have no detail on any except:

]Richard Ashworth, (my great grandfather) born 1852, who married married Emma Cleaver, born 1855, of Kaiapoi,NZ, in 1876. Richard and Emma Ashworth had 9 children:

1]James Thomas Henry Ashworth, born at Papanui, Chch, in 1877.As far as I can ascertain he never married.
2]Mary Alice Ashworth, born Amberley NZ in 1879.I cnnot trace any record of a marriage or death for her.
3]Amelia Ethel Ashworth, born at Papanui, Chch, in 1882 and Married Thomas Henry Batchelor in 1907.They had at least 2 children, Ivy Lima Batchelor, born 1907, and Muriel Maud Batchelor, born 1909.
4]Omerd Ashworth ( my maternal grandfather), born at Little River, Banks Peninsula in 1885, and married Elsie Agnes Scott McLeod in 1906.
5]Arnold Ashworth, born at Whitimanuka, Wairarapa, in 1888. I have not traced a marriage or offspring for him, but note that access to records on the NZ Registry is limited as follows ( for privacy reasons):
a]Only births which occurred at least 100 years ago.
B] Only marriages which occurred at least 80 years ago.
C] Only deaths which occurred at least 50 years ago, provided the deceased was born at leat 100 years ago.
6]Mabel Ashworth, born Whitimanuka, Wairarapa, in 1890, and married Cyril Raffles Sturm in 1911.(Same restrictions on access....I know for certain that there were several children of this marriage, but do not have any details.
7] Maud Ashworth, born Whitimanuka, Wairarapa, in 1893.(Same access restrictions.)
8]Ivy Ashworth, born at Morrison's Bush, Wairarapa, in 1895. ( Same access restrictions.)
9]Eva Emma Ashworth, born in Napier in 1899.She married Henry Victor Chappell in 1917.He died in 1969, and she died in 1990.(Once again access to records of any children is not available.)

]All of those listed (1-9, except 4) are of course my great uncles/aunts.

Not sure if any of that helps, but "who knows"?

by Rachmaninov on 2013-01-27 19:37:40

In case it helps, James and Sarah Ashworth had two children in the UK, one of whom was my great grandfather Richard Ashworth. ( I don't know the name of the other.)
After migrating to NZ they had two further children:

]Mary Alice Ashworth in 1858
]James Henry Ashworth in 1860

James Henry Ashworth married a Mary Harper in 1890, and they had six children: 4 girls and 2 boys.

]Margaret Alice Ashworth born 1891, who married one William Stephen Woodroofe in 1915. ( She died in 1954, aged 63.)
]Jane Ormad Ashworth born 1893, who appears to have married a Charles Allington in 1924.(Note the "Ormad", which is close to "Ormond", which is the "received" maiden name of the "matriarch", Sarah. Note also, however, that there are frequent transcription errors in the Registry records, and my granfather's given name, which was definitely OMERD, appears variously as Omera, Ormed,and several other variants, so I am surmising that "Ormond" and "Ormad" may also be transcripton errors.
]James Cadman Ashworth born 1895, who married an Eva Pauline Hammond in 1920.
]Stephen Henry Ashworth born 1896, who married a May Cissie Hoff in 1921.
]Phoebe Gwendoline Ashworth born 1897.
]Pamela Mary Ashworth born 1904, married one Joseph Herbert Lionel McGarry in 1924.

There will be many gaps between that information and the oresent generation and further info on offspring , deaths etc is embargoed by the privacy time blocks mentioned in an earlier post above. but there may be names among that lot which might ring some bells and allow you to make some connections..

by anna_gwyneth on 2013-01-28 20:08:41

Thanyou for taking the time to help me find more about my heritage. Maybe we are related somwhere along the line. My grandmother is anna hely who married calvin ashworth. I think hes english.

by Rachmaninov on 2013-02-09 03:28:05

I have checked the registry of births, deaths and marriages for Calvin Ashworth and Anna Ashworth ( within the privacy time limitations listed in my note above) and could not find any trace of them in NZ records. I checked for your grandmother under both Hely and Healy, but again there is no record. Hence I could not find any link to my own branch of the Ashworths, but that does not necessarily mean that one does not exist.In most such cases the absence of info stems from a return of the people concerned to their home country/ies, but, in the cases of females, the trail can also be blurred if that person later remarried and ended up with a different surname..
There are two other avenues which I could explore for you:

1] If either of your grandparents DID die here, but the dates of their deaths were later than current day/Feb/1973, AND if you are aware of their places or even districts of burial, I MAY be able to locate some detail from cemetery records.

2] If your own parents were:
a} born in NZ prior to current day/Feb/1913;
b} married in NZ prior to curent/day/Feb/1933;
c} died in NZ prior to current day/Feb 1973 AND were born (wherever) prior to current day/Feb/1913,
I may be able to trace SOME detail about their forebears for you. You would need to provide me with their full names and, as far as possible, approximate dates/years of birth, approximate date/year of marriage, and same for death if that applies.

(Current day is just "todays day of the present month...the time-block moves forward on a day-by-day basis.)

I am unable to visit this site on a daily basis, but will look out for your response over the next week or so.

by anna_gwyneth on 2013-02-21 23:05:06

my mum was born september 18th 1963. her name is jody. my grandma was born in the 40s and she is still alive. her name is now anna ashworth. calvin is her ex husband.

by Rachmaninov on 2013-02-24 03:43:47

Unfortunately all of those dates remain under the privacy restrictions outlined in the middle of my second post above. However, I was born in 1942 and cannot recognise any of the names you have mentioned as being in my own family "chain". I am sorry that I seem unable to assist you further in your quest. It can be quite difficult to get started if you have only limited information to go on, and, again unfortunately, the closer you come to dates within our own times, the more the privacy restrictions get in the way. You then become heavily dependent upon relatives you do know as sources of family information. Ihope that you will find such an avenue to enable you to find more information on your family.
Best of luck, Rachmaninov.

by paype on 2014-02-18 15:54:27

To Rachmaninov,& anna gwyneth
all the names mentioned in Rachmaninovs post are related to me from G grandfather James Ashworth & Sarah Ormond or what ever it is, to Pamela Mc Garry nee Ashworth my mother,Grandparents James Henry & Mary nee Harper & all their children, my Auntys & Uncles.there are a few minor details missing or incorrect that I can correct for you.
Bert Mc Garry

by paype on 2014-06-10 23:37:56

anna gwyneth
all the names mentioned inRachmaninovs post ar related to me from G grandfather James Ashworth & Sarah to Pamela Ashworth my mother,Grandparents james Henry & Mary Harper & all their children
Bert Mc Garry

by paype on 2014-06-10 23:43:21

re your submision of 27/1/2013 My grand parents were James Ashworth & Mary Harper, my mother was Pamela Ashworth who married Joseph Herbert Lionel Mc Garry

by evetau on 2016-10-29 00:52:32

Very interested in your initial post regarding James and Sarah Ashworth.
Lots of info there I can pass on to my exhusband who is related through the Omerd/ Elsie Agnes Scott branch.

by strawbs_123 on 2017-07-06 02:48:27

Hi Racmaninov
Am so pleased to have found your site and to have access to the family tree.
I am a descendant of James Henry Ashworth ...he was my great grandfather.My dear precious grandfather was James Cadman,who married my wonderful, dear grandmother Eva Pauline Ashworth.
My mother was one of two daughters of James.I love my Ashworth family heritage,as my lovely does.They are treasured part of our lives.
Can you pleaase post a contact address either via facebook or whatever please.
Looking forward to hearing from you asap.
Thanks for your precious time

by strawbs_123 on 2017-07-06 02:53:32

Furthwer to the above post...
My mother,one of two daughters of James Cadman Ashworth, treasures her family heritage as well.She is very connected to the family culture.
Hoping to hear from you asap.
Thank you for your time and effort to locate other family members.

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