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Louis George LABATTE 1786-1872

Journal by janilye

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on 2011-07-22 21:33:07

janilye - 7th generation, Convict stock. Born in New South Wales now living in Victoria, carrying, with pride 'The Birthstain'.

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by Boru on 2011-07-22 22:10:10

This is exactly the information I had been looking for ... Excellent work as always ... Thank You janilye ...

by janilye on 2011-07-22 22:19:07

It was a hard slog. I found other 'supposed' children of Louis George but gee I couldn't find the proof. A lot of the sites that I saw were pure fanciful. I was a bit of a fish out of water in Canada. The indian ancestry was terribly conflicting. I believe what I have there is correct.

by 1bobbylee on 2011-07-22 23:58:47


by lostrelative on 2011-09-05 00:30:26

Wow, I'm blown away by the information you've compiled. Thank you so much. You may feel that you were "a bit of a fish out of water in Canada" but I'm Canadian and I haven't done this well. I've been researching the Labattes peripherally as I'm a descendant of Julia Francoise Gruett/Grouette/Goroite's brother James (my ggg grandfather). My gggg grandparents Julia and James Gruett Sr. traveled from Drummond Island to Penetanguishene with Louis Labatte,then to Tiny Township where I used to live. I had no idea at that time that I was probably surrounded by long lost distant relatives!

by Boru on 2011-09-05 03:46:46

we should talk lostrelative ...we are distant cousins ... check your private messages ...

by janilye on 2011-09-05 10:05:03

Thank you lostrelative, I'd never heard of the Labattes until I saw Boru's post seeking them. I have to say it was a tremendous pleasure searching them out. I really enjoyed the history which was all foreign to me and their stories. I have to say before the Labatte's and a couple of other families I searched, I thought I knew all about Canada but really I only knew the geography, the maple leaf and a few historical facts. Which is nothing until you know the people.

by lostrelative on 2011-09-06 00:02:37

You must enjoy the challenge of solving complex genealogical puzzles. Delving into Metis and voyageur history can be frustrating but it's highly entertaining! Louis George Labatte must have been fun to research. He certainly fathered enough children; perhaps he was trying to populate the wilds of Upper Canada. I have spent the past year trying to track down my elusive gg-grandmother, Harriet Gruett, who would have been Julia Francoise Gruett Labatte's niece. I strongly suspect she was born on Drummond Island in 1826, hence my interest in Louis Labatte and the passengers in his bateau. Historical accounts state that four members of the Gruett(Goroite) family traveled with him but I can only account for three. One of these days I may have to drive to Penetanguishene to delve through the voyageur archives. And to think that I used to live just down the road from there!

by janilye on 2011-09-06 03:14:58

I added a bit more to Julia Francois Grouette for you.
So, is Harriet Grouette the daughter of one of Julia Francois' brothers William Grouette/Gruet born at Green Bay in 1789 and died in 1881 at Medonte Twp, Simcoe Co. Ontario, or another brother maybe James 1787 and maybe there was a Peter.
It's not easy with all the spelling changes. With Julia's father being born and christened in London you would think he was English and just plain, rhymes with suet, BUT! I did see a couple of trees that declared he was christened at the Orange Street Congregational Church in London, now, that church was built around 1685 or 6 on the site where a french chapel once stood and that whole area in London which is around Leincester Square (right next door to Isaac Newton's house) was settled by french fleeing religious persecution in France and when they built the church on the chapel site the congregation were Huguenots.
You could probably email them about their records. The Congregationalists were known to keep very good records. Perhaps James was not the only child baptised there.
Here's the address. [email protected]

by janilye on 2011-09-06 08:51:19

I mean not the only Grouette/ Gruett child christened there.
Tell them all the spelling variations and I'm pretty sure they should be able to help you. It's possible they could give you the correct spelling of the original family name.

by lostrelative on 2011-09-08 04:06:09

Whoa, are you good! Fast too! Thank you so much, Janilye.

I believe Harriet's father was James 1787, who was Julia Francoise Gruet's brother. There are far too many James Gruetts in my family tree, at least one per generation. James '87 had two sons named James and Peter, who are often misrepresented as his parents' sons (James 1730 and Julia Gruet), which would make them his brothers. Confusing! I believe they were grandsons brought up by grandparents while their Drummond Island-born, Canadian father fought for Michigan (and was captured by the British) in the War of 1812, then bounced around Mackinac and Drummond Island trading, interpreting and possibly bootlegging -- and begetting Harriet in 1826. I have no idea when or where he married or died. His wife is always recorded as "unknown" but Harriet's marriage record states her mother's name as Margaret Gruett. I can find no further records of Margaret. I suspect she was a Drummond Island Chippewa or Metis and doubt she was also the mother of James' sons James and Peter who were born rather earlier than Harriet.

As for the spelling -- or misspelling -- of Gruet, my current favourites are "Gwett", "Grooat" and "Pruit". The spelling problem was somewhat exacerbated by my ancestors' penchant for changing it. My ggg grandfather preferred "Gruett" to the original Gruet; his brother William changed it to "Grouette"; his son Peter used "Grewette" and occasionally "Grewitt".

As for my gggg grandfather James Gruet 1730 (aka Jacques), he was known, pre-emigration, as the "English Frenchman" of Orange Street and did indeed have sibs christened at the same church. His parents were Jean David Gruet (1707) and Jeanne Raut. I'm unclear if they were French or Swiss but Jean was a descendent of the James Gruet who was horribly tortured, then beheaded, in Geneva for daring to refer to Calvin as a hypocrite. I have records dating back to Switzerland in the 1550s littering my computer but have yet to put them into any semblance of order as I've been too busy chasing my gg grandmother through history. I have to admit I haven't done any original research on the European Gruets; rather I've picked up snippets here and there on the net. I thank you greatly for the details about the Orange St Congregational Church and (wow) the contact address! It's time for me to get it together and follow through on more of my wildly entertaining Gruet past. Never in a million years did I expect my family research to lead me into Metis and Hugenot history.

by janilye on 2015-01-20 18:11:29

Tracing the very interesting LABATT family from Dublin to Australia via TROVE

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