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LUNT marriages 1855-1942 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

LUNT marriages 1855-1942 Victoria Australia.

LUNT (males)

Married: Anne WILKINSON 1860.
Four Issues located.
1. Alfred George, born 1861 Prahran, Victoria.
2. Gertrude Annie, born 1863, Kyneton, Victoria.
3. Ada Mary, born 1865, Sandhurst, Victoria.
4. John Albert, born 1868 Prahran, Victoria.

Married: Elizabeth Constance EVANS 1860.
No Issues located.

George Wellington
Married: Mary GIBSON 1871.
One Issue located.
1. George William, born 1861 Redbank, Victoria.

William Thomas Simonds
Married: Mary DOOLEY 1886.
Four Issues located.
1. John Thomas, born 1886, Carlton, Victoria.
2. Ethel Frances, born 1888, Carlton, Victoria.
3. Florence Edith, born 1890, Carlton, Victoria.
4. George William, born 1892, Carlton, Victoria.

Harold Whitehead
Married: Nellie BROWN 1888.
One Issue located.
1. Harold George, born 1895, Mildura, Victoria.

Married: Bessie FITZGERALD 1889.
One Issue located.
1. Bessie May, born 1892, St Kilda, Victoria.

Alfred George
Married: Ada Elizabeth SPRING 1889.
Three Issues located.
1. Doris Annie, born 1891, St Kilda, Victoria.
2. Ada Thornhill, born 1892, St Kilda, Victoria.
3. Marjorie Gertrude, born 1896, St Kilda, Victoria.

Married: Mary Ann PALMER 1891.
Two Issues located.
1. Albert Valentine, born 1892, Maryborough, Victoria.
2. Cyril, born 1902, Maryborough, Victoria.

John Henry Albert
Married: Lily POBJOY 1892.
One Issue located.
1. John Nigel, born 1895, St Kilda, Victoria.

Sydney Thomas
Married: Alice Mary BUTTON 1897.
Twelve Issues located.
1. Alice Constance, born 1897, Corryong, Victoria.
2. Thomas Arthur, born 1899, Corryong, Victoria.
3. William John, born 1901, Corryong, Victoria.
4. Vera May, born 1903, Corryong, Victoria.
5. Mary Constance Alice, born 1905, Corryong, Victoria.
6. Sydney, born 1907, Corryong, Victoria.
7. Annie Evelyn, born 1909, Corryong, Victoria.
8. Ernest Charles, born 1911, Corryong, Victoria.
9. Nellie Florence, born 1914, Corryong, Victoria.
10. Dory Elizabeth, born 1917, Corryong, Victoria.
11. Eileen Alannah, born 1918, Corryong, Victoria.
12. Percy Harold, born 1920, Corryong, Victoria.

Married: Alice Julia THOMPSON 1906.
Two Issues located.
1. Harold Peter, born 1909, South Yarra, Victoria.
2. Eva Alice, born 1910, Brighton, Victoria.

Married: Florence GANE 1909.
Three Issues located.
1. Florence Eileen, born 1909, Carlton, Victoria.
2. Ivy Maud, born 1910, Carlton, Victoria.
3. George Frederick, born 1912, Carlton, Victoria.

Alfred John
Married: Letitia Florence HARRIS 1910.
No Issues located.

Percival George
Married: Sarah May CLARK 1910.
One Issue located.
1. Percival George, born 1918, South Melbourne, Victoria.

Joseph Thomas
Married: Catherine BRACKEN 1911.
Three Issues located.
1. Loretta Catherine, born 1912, Port Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Joseph Simon, born 1914, Carlton, Victoria.
3. Maurice Alexander, born 1920, South Melbourne, Victoria.

George William
Married: Ellen Mary TANIAN 1912.
Four Issues located.
1. Mary Iris, born 1913, Carlton, Victoria.
2. George Willis, born 1914, Carlton, Victoria.
3. Jessie Annie, born 1916, Carlton, Victoria.
4. Florence Shirley, born 1918, Carlton, Victoria.

Alfred John
Married: Irene Ellen HENRY 1913.
Three Issues located.
1. Alfred John, born 1915, Carlton, Victoria.
2. Honorata Irene, born 1917, Port Melbourne, Victoria.
3. Philip Royal, born 1919, Port Melbourne, Victoria.

Henry Charles
Married: Esther MURDOCH 1915.
Two Issues located.
1. Esther, born 1915, Carlton, Victoria.
2. Ivy May, born 1917, Carlton, Victoria.

Married: Harriet MCROBERTS 1916.
Two Issues located.
1. Dory Annie, born 1917, Armadale, Victoria.
2. Alan George, born 1919, Malvern East, Victoria.

Albert Valentine
Married: Shirley McLean CUMPER 1918.
Two Issues located.
1. Mary Gladys, born 1919, Prahran, Victoria.
2. Douglas Albert, born 1920, Malvern, Victoria.

Cyril Newman
Married: Annie Agatha SERTORI 1923.

Arthur Edward
Married: Florence LYON 1923.

Joseph Harry
Married: Ivy May ALLEN 1924.

Alfred Douglas
Married: Edna FISHER 1929.

Married: Muriel Ethel KING 1931.

Joseph Henry
Married: Violet Daphne Winifred NIPPRESS 1931.

John Thomas
Married: Thelma Florence Ellen EDNEY 1932.

Joseph Simon
Married: Patricia ALRIM 1934.

Frederick George
Married: Irene Daphne HAMPSON 1936.

George Peter Willis
Married: Thelma Catherine Verdun JOHNSTON 1938.

Victor Oliver
Married: Bertha WOOD 1940.

Percival George
Married: Gladys STEPHENSON 1940.

Jack Frederick
Married: Karin KAVLIE 1941.

Alfred John
Married: Mavis Ina GILLESPIE 1941.

LUNT (females)

Sophia nee FORD
Married: James BRASSLIN 1855.
Eight Issues located.
1. John, born 1856, Melbourne, Victoria.
2. James, born 1859, Melbourne, Victoria.
3. William, born 1862, Melbourne, Victoria.
4. Francis, born 1864, Hotham, Victoria.
5. Sophia, born 1866, Beechworth, Victoria.
6. Mary, born 1868, Beechworth, Victoria.
7. Annie, born 1871, Beechworth, Victoria.
8. Isabella Kate, born 1874, Beechworth, Victoria.

.. BRASSLIN also recorded as BRASLIN.

Ada Mary
Married: Frederick Joseph PRICE 1892.
One Issue located.
1. Walter John, born 1893, Hotham, Victoria.

Married: Thomas GRANT 1896.
No Issues located.[/color

Annie Rose
Married: Donald James JUNOR 1897.
[color=green]Two Issues located.
1. Annie Rose, born 1898, Footscray, Victoria.
2. Christina Phyllis, born 1904, Footscray, Victoria.

Edith Emily
Married: John Duncan FRASER 1906.
No Issues located.

Mary Anne
Married: Mark COULSTON 1909.
One Issue located.
1. Elizabeth Amy, born 1910, Corryong, Victoria.

Susan Jane
Married: John Kay MURRAY 1910.
One Issue located.
1. Edith Agnes, born 1914, Carlton, Victoria.

Bertha Myrtle
Married: William Henry PARKER 1911.
One Issue located.
1. Royce Raymond, born 1912, Hotham West, Victoria.

Florence Edith
Married: David Alfred YOUL 1915.
Two Issues located.
1. John Ronald, born 1917, Essendon, Victoria.
2. David William, born 1918, Brunswick East, Victoria.

Susan Jane
Married: Michael LENEHAN 1917.
No Issues located.

Bessie May
Married: James Lawrence PEASLEY 1919.
No Issues located.

Lily Bell
Married: Frank SMITH 1919.
One Issue located.
1. Vivienne Mary, born 1920, Lilydale, Victoria.

Irene Victoria Agnes
Married: Harold Joseph MURPHY 1923.

Sarah May
Married: Christian CHRISTENSEN 1925.

Evelyn Florence
Married: Erle Falconer MUNRO 1929.

Loretta Catherine
Married: Leslie MOSS 1930.

Vera May
Married: Frank Amos STEVENS 1933.

Nellie Florence
Married: Russell William James ELLIS 1933.

Kathleen Edith
Married: Melby Bromley DODWELL 1934.

Honorata Irene
Married: Frank William STONE 1936.

Anne Evelyn
Married: Ashley Day SMITH 1937.

Ivy May
Married: George Edward MEE 1939.

Florence Shirley
Married: Raymond James QUINN 1939.

Dory Elizabeth
Married: Herbert Arthur FARAM 1939.

Married: Reginald Edward GEORGE 1940.

Mary Ann
Married: Vivian Theodore LLOYD 1940.

Florence Eileen
Married: Frederick FORTH 1941.

Eva Alice
Married: James Vincent WILSON 1941.

Dorothy Annie
Married: Robert Cecil FISHER 1942.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the LUNT lines.

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