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MANAWATU Country Districts Directory - 1872 & 1873

Journal by ngairedith

the WAIRARAPA Districts Directory - 1872 & 1873
the WELLINGTON Districts Directory - 1872 & 1873

a list of people living in the Manawatu, Country Districts as recorded in WISES DIRECTORY:

Edwards J Flax Mill Motoa
Elkins H Publican Motoa
Lucas W Shoemaker Piaki
McKenzie J Flax Mill Motoa

Bartlett N Storekeeper Foxton
Brown H Baker Foxton
Brooks F H Painter Foxton
Carkeek M Surveyor Foxton
Cameron J Carpenter Foxton
Collins M Flax Mill Foxton
Davis R Wire Worker Foxton
Feek E Brickmaker Foxton
Gray A Storekeeper Foxton
Howe C Storekeeper Foxton
Hillary H Ferryman Foxton
Hughey David Storekeeper Foxton
Jonson A Storekeeper Foxton
Liddell J Ironmonger Foxton
Louden J & F Storekeepers Foxton
Kewley J Rope Maker Foxton
Kirk R Blacksmith Foxton
Martin B N Telegraphist & Postmaster Foxton
Miller R Ships Carpenter Foxton
Mitchell J Surveyor Foxton
Morgan J Publican Foxton
Norcross G Carpenter Foxton
Nye G Carpenter Foxton
Ockenden W Carpenter Foxton
Smith J B Coroner & Surgeon Foxton
Stewart J T Engineer Foxton
Symons J Butcher Foxton
Tricklebank C Brickmaker Foxton
Trask G Baker & Poundkeeper Foxton
Thynne E S M P C & Auctioneer Foxton
Whyte A J Manawatu Hotel Foxton

Alzdorf W Surveyor Palmerston
Cole E Publican Palmerston
Linton J Accomodation House Palmerston
Manson P Saw Mill Palmerston
Manson B Butcher Palmerston
Menzies R Contractor Palmerston
O'Mara J Surveyor Palmerston
Stewart A Contractor Palmerston
Spratt H Surgeon Palmerston
Scissener A Brewer Palmerston
Snelson G Storekeeper & Postmaster Palmerston
Waldegrave J Publican Palmerston

Cockburn A Shoemaker Rangitikai
Graham & Cook Flax Mill Rangitikai
Hall - Blacksmith Rangitikai
McFarland & Co Flax Mill Rangitikai
McGuire John Carpenter Rangitikai
Moore H A Storekeeper & Postmaster Rangitikai
Richardson T Bricklayer Rangitikai
Rowe C N Flax Mill Rangitikai
Scott T Ferry Hotel Rangitikai
Smith T Wheelwright Rangitikai
Stevens R Butcher Rangitikai
Watkin J Handley Arms Rangitikai

Bell M Carpenter Rangitikai
Bennett H Storekeeper Rangitikai
Bull James Saw Mills Rangitikai
Bull C Carpenter Rangitikai
Chappell H Saddler Rangitikai
Curl Dr Settler Rangitikai
Fagan - Shoemaker Rangitikai
Green F Carpenter Rangitikai
Heaton J A Baker Rangitikai
Hammond H Boiling Down Establishment Rangitikai
Hall T Wheelwright Rangitikai
Hogan - Shoemaker Rangitikai
Howe G Rangitikei Hotel Rangitikai
Lewers D R Storekeeper Rangitikai
Marshal - Schoolmaster Rangitikai
McAnulty F District Constable Rangitikai
Poad J Blacksmith Rangitikai
Price J K Coach and Horse Hotel Rangitikai
Rees & Richardson Flax Dressers Rangitikai
Schultze J F Rangitikei Bakery & Store Rangitikai
Scott John Butcher Rangitikai
Smith F Carpenter Rangitikai
Smith F Carpenter Rangitikai
Ward W Telegraphist Rangitikai
Walker M Blacksmith Rangitikai
Woods - Shoemaker Rangitikai

Amphlet H Cabinet Maker Turakina
Baldwin F Carter Turakina
Brabson R Dairyman Turakina
Cree A Carpenter & Builder Turakina
Davis W Bootmaker Turakina
Fletcher J F Surgeon Turakina
Flyger W H R Surveyor Turakina
Fox G Bootmaker Turakina
Franklin G Postmaster Turakina
Franklyn G Storekeeper Turakina
Freeth J & Heaton Storekeepers Turakina
Freeth J Plumber Turakina
Freeth Mrs Milliner Turakina
Gardiner J Cooper Turakina
Gleeson Thomas Ben Nevis Hotel Turakina
Gower G Lemonade and Soda Water Maker Turakina
Hales E Carpenter & Builder Turakina
Hales E Undertaker & Wheelwright Turakina
Harris R Commission Agent Turakina
Hurley & Co Flax and Flour Mills Turakina
Lethbridge G Y Butcher Turakina
Maclean M District Constable Turakina
Martin F Carter Turakina
McCarthy F Bootmaker Turakina
McDonald J Bridge Hotel Wangaehu
McLellan J Carpenter & Builder Turakina
Milne A Carpenter Turakina
Morton Daniel Family Hotel Turakina
O'Riley F Shamrock Hotel Turakina
Perry G Dairyman Turakina
Ross Reverend J Turakina
Steadman J Blacksmith Turakina
Thompson A Schoolmaster Turakina
Woods W E Saddler Turakina

Bevan T Storekeeper Otaki
Bevan W Rope Maker Otaki
Dawson G Rope Maker Otaki
Dodds T Miller Otaki
Gray Mrs Ferry Inn Otaki
Hewson C G Coroner & Surgeon Otaki
Innis G Telegraphist & Postmaster Otaki
Knocks John Native Inspector and Clerk Resident Magistrate's Court
Martin Frederick Telegraph Hotel Otaki
Seymour W Carpenter Otaki
Small W Blacksmith Otaki
Webber - Rope Maker Otaki

Batchelor J O Tutaenui Hotel Marton
Beaven George Storekeeper Marton
Bell M Carpenter Marton
Bett D C Bootmaker Marton
Bett R Blacksmith Marton
Birch R C Carpenter Marton
Cash T R Solicitor Marton
Coleman S Auctioneer Marton
Coleman T Sawyer Marton
Copeland G Carpenter Marton
Davidson D Cooper Marton
Davies J R Carpenter Marton
Dixon John Brewer Marton
Follett C Dairyman Marton
Galpin C Miller Marton
Hammond R Butcher Marton
Hammond R Miller Marton
Harper W S Weslyan Marton
Henderson Bros Millers Marton
Healey J Shoemaker Marton
Howe - Marton Hotel Marton
Hooper C Surgeon Marton
Ingram A Blacksmith Marton
Johnston R Butcher Marton
Kendrick & Ellis Bootmakers Marton
Klass J Cooper Marton
Knowles John Surveyor Marton
Lanko J Sawyer Marton
Lambert T S Carpenter Marton
Lambert T S Wheelwright Marton
Lambert T S Undertaker Marton
Little J Postmaster & Telegraphist Marton
Lyon H Druggist Marton
Lyon H Photographer Marton
Master J Livery Stable Keeper Marton
McAdam W Sawyer Marton
McBeth John Brickmaker Marton
McDonald James Tailor Marton
Meyer J Storekeeper Marton
Midford J Carpenter Marton
Morris C P Cooper Marton
Morris T Wheelwright Marton
Nicol C Baker Marton
Powell R Presbyterian Minister Marton
Powell S Saddler Marton
Purnell J Wheelwright Marton
Richardson J Bricklayer Marton
Ross A Coroner Marton
Seldon M Painter Marton
Signal Robert Carrier Marton
Signal R Dairyman Marton
Snellgrove E Undertaker Marton
Stewart G V Bootmaker Marton
Thomas R Bricklayer Marton
Thomson J Surveyor Marton
Towgood A Episcopalian Minister Marton
Trott T C Bootmaker Marton
Tyerman D F Surgeon Marton
Ward R Registrar & Clerk of Courts Marton
Waters T Storekeeper Marton
Watt W G Storekeeper Marton

Benge J Saw Mills Mungaroa
Collins Mrs Mungaroa Inn Mungaroa
Harris W Coach Proprietor Mungaroa

Harris C Saw Mills Pakuratahi
Mason W Blacksmith Pakuratahi
Wagg T Golden Fleece Hotel Pakuratahi

Lawrence W Saw Mill Mangaroa Valley

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