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McKinnon Relation to President Dwight David Eisenhower

Journal by Harney

President Dwight David EISENHOWER our 34th president and one of my favorite presidents. Following is a portrait of President EISENHOWER from

Eisenhower was born on October 14, 1890 in Denison, Texas. However, he moved as an infant to Abilene, Kansas. He grew up in a very poor family and worked throughout his youth to earn money. He attended local public schools and graduated from high school in 1909. He joined the military in order to gain a free college education. He went to the West Point from 1911-1915. He was commissioned a second lieutenant but continued his education in the military eventually attending the Army War College.

Upon graduation, Eisenhower was assigned to be a second lieutenant in the infantry. During World War I, he was a training instructor and commander of a training center. He attended the Army War College and then joined General MacArthur's staff. In 1935 he went to the Philippines. He served in various executive positions before the start of World War II. After the war, he resigned and became the president of Columbia University. He was appointed by Truman to be the Supreme Commnader of NATO.
World War II:
At the start of World War II, Eisenhower was chief of staff to Commander General Walter Krueger. He was then promoted to brigadier general in 1941. In March 1942 he became a major general. In June, he was appointed commander of all U.S. forces in Europe. He was the commander of allied forces during the invasion of North Africa, Sicily, and Italy. He was then named Supreme Allied Commander in charge of the D-Day invasion. In December 1944 he was made a five-star general.
Becoming the President:

Eisenhower was chosen to run on the Republican ticket with Richard Nixon as his Vice President against Adlai Stevenson. Both candidates campaigned vigorously. The campaign dealt with Communism and governmental waste. However, more people voted for "Ike" leading to his victory with 55% of the popular vote and 442 electoral votes. He ran again in 1956 against Stevenson. One of the main issues was Eisenhower's health due to a recent heart attack. In the end he won with 57% of the vote.
Post-Presidential Period:

Eisenhower retired after his second term on January 20, 1961. He moved to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and wrote his autobiography and memoirs. He died on March 28, 1969 of congestive heart failure.
Historical Significance:

Eisenhower was president during the 50's, a time of relative peace (despite the Korean Conflict) and prosperity. Eisenhower's willingness to sent federal troops into Little Rock, Arkansas to ensure that local schools were desegretated was an important step in the Civil Rights movement.
Events and Accomplishments of Dwight D. Eisenhowers Presidency:

Eisenhower travelled to Korea before he took office to help conclude the peace talks. by July 1953, an Armistice was signed that separated Korea into two with a demilitarized zone at the 38th parallel.
Eisenhower Doctrine The Cold War was raging while Eisenhower was in office. Eisenhower began building up on nuclear weapons to protect America and to warn the Soviet Union that the U.S. would retaliate if fired upon. When Fidel Castro took power in Cuba and then began relations with the Soviet Union, Eisenhower placed an embargo on the country. He was concerned about the Soviet involvement in Vietnam. Eisenhower came up with the Domino Theory where he said that if the Soviet Union could topple one regime (like Vietnam), it would find it easier and easier to topple further regimes. Therefore, Eisenhower was the first to send advisors to the region. Eisenhower also created the Eisenhower Doctrine where he asserted that America had the right to aid any country threatened by Communist aggression.

In 1954, Senator Joseph McCarthy who had been trying to reveal Communists in government fell from power when the Army-McCarthy hearings were televised.

In 1954, the Supreme Court decided in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka in 1954 that schools should be desegretated. In 1957, Eisenhower had to send federal troops to Little Rock, Arkansas to safeguard black students enrolling for the first time in a previously all-white school. In 1960, a Civil Rights Act was passed to included sanctions against any local officials who blocked blacks from voting.

The U-2 Spy Plane Incident occurred in 1960. On May 1, 1960, a U-2 spy plane piloted by Francis Gary Powers was brought down near Svedlovsk, Soviet Union. This event had a lasting negative impact on U.S. - U.S.S.R. relations. The details surrounding this event are to this day still shrouded in mystery. Eisenhower, however, defended the need for reconnaissance flights as necessary for national security.

There will be two presentations, (1) connecting George BOONE III to the president and (2) connecting George BOONE III to the MCKINNON family.

Connecting George BOONE to President Dwight David EISENHOWER

Generation 1
Birth 1666 in Canon, Devon, England
Death Jul 26 1728 in Exeter Twp..Berks County Pennsylvania
Married to:Mary Milton MAUGRIDGE
Birth 23 Dec 1669 in Bradninch, Devon, England
Death 2 Feb 1740 in Exeter, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA
Issue of George and Mary:
George Boone IV
1690 1753
Sarah Boone
1691 1743
Mary Boone
1694 1774
Squire Boone
1696 1765
John Boone
1701 1785
Joseph Boone
1704 1776
Benjamin Boone
1706 1762
James Boone Sr.
1709 1785
Samuel Boone
1711 1745

Generation 2
Birth 18 Feb 1691 in Exeter, Devonshire, England
Death 20 Nov 1743 in Winchester, Frederick, Virginia, United States
Married to:Jacob Stover
Birth 1 Jun 1688 in Berne, Bern, Switzerland
Death 24 Jun 1741 in Augusta City, Orange, Virginia, USA
Issue of Sarah and Jacob:
Abraham Stover
1726 1787

Generation 3
Abraham STOVER
Birth 1726 in Oley, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States
Death 1787 in Carter, Tennessee, United States
Married to:Sarah
Birth ??
Death ??
Issue of Abraham and Sarah:
Henry Stover
1741 1798
Jeremiah Stover
1745 1807
Daniel Stover
1750 1822

Generation 4
Birth 1750 in Augusta, Virginia, United States
Death 1822 in Augusta, Virginia, United States
Married to:Barbara BENEDICT
Birth 1750 in Quincy, Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 1829 in Waynesboro, Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA
Issue of Daniel and Barbara:
Christopher Stover
1772 1838
Simon Stover
1773 1864
David Stover
1773 1845
Paul Stover
Jacob Stover
1777 1851
Daniel Stover
1780 1862
Mary Stover
Catherine Stover
1792 1851
William Stover
1795 1864
Isaac Stover
1797 1875
Elizabeth Stover
1798 1864

Generation 5
Birth 23 May 1780 in Augusta, Virginia, USA
Death 25 Jan 1865 in Mount Sidney, Augusta, Virginia, USA
Married to:Mary Ann HANNAH
Birth 3 Jan 1781 in Augusta, Virginia, USA
Death 23 Mar 1853 in Mount Sidney, Augusta, Virginia, USA
Issue of Daniel and Mary:
Daniel Stover
1813 1902
Jacob H Stover
1815 1877
Margaret B Stover
1818 1871
Joshua Hash Stover
1820 1898
Simon P Stover
1822 1873
Ida Elizabeth Stover
1862 1946

Generation 6
Ida Elizabeth STOVER
Birth 1 May 1862 in Mount Sidney, Augusta, Virginia, USA
Death 11 Sep 1946 in Abilene, Dickinson, Kansas, USA
Married to:David Jacob EISENHOWER
Birth September 2, 1863 in Elizabethville, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, USA
Death March 15, 1942 in Abilene, Dickinson, Kansas, USA
Issue of Ida and David:
Bert Franklin Eisenhower
1883 1985
Arthur Benjamin Eisenhower
1886 1986
Edgar Newton Eisenhower
1889 1971
Dwight David Eisenhower President
1890 1969
Roy J. Eisenhower
1892 1992
Earl D. Eisenhower
1898 1998
Milton Stover Eisenhower
1899 2000

Generation 7
Dwight David EISENHOWER President
Birth October 14, 1890 in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA
Death March 28, 1969 in Walter Reed Army Hospital, Washington, DC
Married to:Mamie Geneva Doud
Birth 14 Nov 1896 in Boone, Boone, Iowa, United States
Death 1 Nov 1979 in Washington City, District Of Columbia, District of Columbia, United States
Issue of Dwight and Mamie:
Doud Dwight Eisenhower
1917 1921
John Sheldon Doud Eisenhower
1922 1967

Connecting George BOONE to Clarence Roy MCKINNON

Generation 1
Birth 1666 in Canon, Devon, England
Death Jul 26 1728 in Exeter Twp..Berks County Pennsylvania
Married to:Mary Milton MAUGRIDGE
Birth 23 Dec 1669 in Bradninch, Devon, England
Death 2 Feb 1740 in Exeter, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA
Issue of George and Mary:
George Boone IV
1690 1753
Sarah Boone
1691 1743
Mary Boone
1694 1774
Squire Boone
1696 1765
John Boone
1701 1785
Joseph Boone
1704 1776
Benjamin Boone
1706 1762
James Boone Sr.
1709 1785
Samuel Boone
1711 1745

Generation 2
Squire BOONE
Birth 25 Nov 1696 in Exeter, Devon, England
Death 2 Jan 1765 in Salisbury, Rowan, North Carolina, United States
Married to:Sarah Morgan
Birth 23 Sep 1700 in Exeter, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States
Death 1 Jan 1777 in Mocksville, Rowan, North Carolina, United States
Issue of Squire and Sarah:
Sarah Cassandra Boone
1724 1815
Israel Boone
1726 1756
Samuel Boone
1728 1816
Jonathon Boone
1730 1808
Elizabeth Boone
1731 1825
Daniel Boone Colonel
1734 1820
Mary Boone
1736 1819
George Boone
1739 1820
Edward Boone
1740 1780
Squire Boone Jr.
1744 1815
Hannah Boone
1746 1828

Generation 3
Daniel BOONE Colonel (The famous frontiersman)
Birth Oct 22 1734 in Homestead, Oley Valley, Berks, Pa.
Death 26 Sep 1820 in Femme Osage, St Charles, Missouri, United States
Married to:Rebecca BRYAN
Birth 9 Jan 1739 in Winchester, Frederick, Virginia, United States
Death 18 Mar 1813 in Hunting Creek, Rowan, North Carolina, United States
Issue of Daniel and Rebecca:
James Boone
1757 1773
Susannah Boone
1760 1800
Jemima Boone
1762 1829
Levina Boone
1766 1802
Rebecca Boone
1768 1805
Daniel Morgan Boone
1769 1839
Israel Boone
1769 1839
Jesse Bryan Boone
1773 1820
William Boone
1775 1775
Nathan Boone Major
1781 1856

Generation 4
Nathan BOONE Major
Birth 3 Feb 1781 in Bear Creek, Chatham, North Carolina, United States
Death 16 Oct 1856 in Ashgrove, Greene, Missouri, United States
Married to:Olive VAN BIBBER
Birth Jan 13, 1783 in Greenbriar Co, Kentucky, USA
Death Nov 12, 1858 in Green City, Hickory Co, Missouri, USA
Issue of Nathan and Olive
James Boone
Delinda Boone
1802 1877
Jemima Boone
1804 1877
Susannah Boone
1806 1841
Nancy Boone
1808 1835
Emilia Boone
1810 1814
Olive Boone
1812 1836
Benjamin Howard Boone
1814 1866
John Coburn Boone
1816 1902
Levica Boone
1818 1854
Melcina Boone
1820 1900
Mary O Boone
1822 1915
Sarah Boone
1824 1859
Mahala S Boone
1826 1849

Generation 5
Jemima BOONE
Birth 17 Mar 1804 in Green City, Hickory, Missouri, United States
Death 22 Jul 1877 in Near Sherman, Grayson, Texas, USA
Married to:Henry ZUMWALT
Birth 1802 in Harrison, Charles, Virginia, United States
Death 1846 in Callaway, Missouri, United States
Issue of Jemima and Henry:
Hulda Zumwalt
1825 1880
Elizabeth Zumwalt
Vaun Zumwalt
1826 1862
Nancy T Zumwalt
1827 1899
Mary E Zumwalt
1828 1880
Malcena Zumwalt
1831 1892
Benjamin Franklin Zumwalt
1834 1902
Francis Marion Zumwalt
Vernetta Zumwalt
1839 1913
Sarah Jane Zumwalt
1841 1916
Nathan Boone Zumwalt
1844 1907
Manerva Ann Zumwalt
1845 1929

Generation 4.1 (John Daniel ZUMWALT is father of Henry ZUMWALT)
John Daniel ZUMWALT
Birth 1756
Death Feb 21 1820 in Fort Zumwalt, St Charles Cty., Va., USA
Married to:Elizabeth CONRAD
Birth 1762 in Winchester, Frederick, West Virginia, USA
Death 21 Feb 1820 in Femme Osage, St Charles, Missouri, USA
Issue of John and Elizabeth:
George Zumwalt
1781 1832
John Daniel Zumwalt
1782 1875
Anna Marie/Mary Zumwalt
1786 1844
Barbara Ellen Zumwalt
1787 1870
Adam "Red Adam" Zumwalt
1790 1853
Andrew Zumwalt
1790 1827
Ellizabeth Zumwalt
1794 1866
Jacob Zumwalt
1800 1876
Henry Zumwalt
1802 1846
William Zumwalt
1803 1878

Generation 4.11
Johann George ZUMWALT (Brother of John Daniel ZUMWALT)
Birth 10 Oct 1741 in York, York, Pennsylvania, United States
Death 4 Sep 1815 in Harrison, Kentucky, United States
Married to:Mary KALE
Birth 1748 in Pendleton, Louisa, Virginia, USA
Death 1803 in Harrison, Kentucky, USA
Issue of Johann and Mary:
Mary Zumwalt
1764 1830
Paralee Zumwalt
1770 1826
Henry Zumwalt
1771 1814
Jacob Zumwalt
1772 1833
Philip Zumwalt
1772 1833
Margaret Zumwalt
1776 1871
Elizabeth Zumwalt
1780 1830
Philip Zumwalt
1781 1839
Christina Zumwalt
1783 1850
John Zumwalt
1787 1832

Generation 5.11
Birth 1772 in Harrison, Kentucky, United States
Death 4 Nov 1833 in Hancock, Indiana, United States
Married to:Nancy Ann SPURGEON
Birth Mar 4 1776 Pennsylvania
Death Sep 11 1844 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA
Issue of Jacob and Nancy
Mary Ann (Polly) Zumwalt
1799 1826
Joseph Zumwalt
1800 1892
Daniel Zumwalt
1803 1852
Jacob Zumwalt
1807 1878
Elizabeth Zumwalt
George Zumwalt
John Zumwalt
Eleanor Zumwalt
1815 1873
Sarah Zumwalt
1831 1904

Generation 6
Elizabeth ZUMWALT
Birth SEP 1809 in Adams Co., Ohio
Death After 1870
Married to:Daniel LONG
Birth 1809 in Ohio USA
Death After 1880
Issue of Elizabeth and Daniel:
Josephus Long
Allen Long
Nancy Ann Long
1834 1919
Sarah Jane Long
Jasper Long
1839 1904
Emily Harriet Long
1843 1911
Anson Long
1845 1915

Generation 7
Emily Harriet LONG
Birth 24 Mar 1843 in Indiana, United States
Death 18 Jul 1911 in Burns Harney Oregon USA
Married to:
Robert Jackson, SR. MCKINNON
Birth Jan 22 1837 in Indiana, United States
Death 13 Apr 1920 in Harney, Harney, Oregon, United States
Issue of Emily and Robert:
John E McKinnon
Ida May McKinnon
1861 1950
Robert Jackson Jr, McKinnon
1863 1932
Andrew Johnson McKinnon
1866 1903
Lucy Jane McKinnon
1868 1957
Belle Dora McKinnon
Harriet E McKinnon
1871 1871
Thomas Daniel McKinnon
1872 1948
Emma Alice McKinnon
Elsie Ollie McKinnon
William E McKinnon
1883 1898
Essie Geneva McKinnon

Generation 8
Robert Jackson Jr, MCKINNON
Birth 12 Sep 1863 in Iowa
Death 3 Nov 1932 in Burns, Harney, Oregon, United States
Married to:Laura Ann GALLOWAY
Birth Mar 15 1868 in Elk City Benton Oregon USA
Death Jun 21 1915 in Burns Harney Oregon USA
Issue of Robert and Laura:
Clarence Roy McKinnon
1889 1959
Eula Lea McKinnon
1891 1973
Ralph Earl McKinnon
1898 1961
Gladys Delta McKinnon
Otho Walter McKinnon
1903 1975
Cleo Addison McKinnon
Leo Addis McKinnon

Generation 9
Clarence Roy MCKINNON
Birth Jul 30 1889 in Coffee Pot, Oregon, USA
Death Nov 25 1959 in Carlton Yamhill Oregon USA
Married twice
First Marriage:Eulalia P SMITH
Birth Sep 1895 in California
Death 11 Mar 1917 in Burns Harney Oregon USA
Issue of Clarence and Eulalia:
Lavelle McKinnon
Dillon McKinnon
1915 1932
Denver McKinnon
1917 1964
Second Marriage:Mamie Veda PRILL
Birth Jan 26 1901 in Belle Plaine, Iowa, USA
Death Jun 12 1998 in Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Issue of Clarence and Mamie:
Mava Lurhea McKinnon
Felice Grace McKinnon
1923 2002
Robert Prill McKinnon
1928 1999
Dale Lynn McKinnon


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by Harney on 2011-07-17 13:29:00

The McKinnon's are related to President Dwight David EISENHOWER (one of my personal favorites). You are related through the Daniel BOONE family. I am starting this journey with George BOONE III, the grandfather of Daniel BOONE. As such you will not find George BOONE III in my presentation of "The MCKINNON Relationship to Daniel BOONE". But it is an easy jump in generations to George BOONE III. George BOONE III, his wife Mary Milton MAUGRIDGE, his daughter Sarah BOONE and his son in law Jacob STOVER were all immigrants to the New World. The Boone's are English and Jacob STOVER was Swiss.

Generation 1.
George BOONE III (1646-1728)
Mary Milton MAUGRIDGE (1669-1740)

Generation 2.
Sarah BOONE (1691-1743)
Jacob STOVER (1688-1741

Generation 3.
Abraham STOVER (1720-1780)
Sarah ? (1720-1753)

Generation 4.
Daniel STOVER (1750-1822)
Barbara BENEDICT (1750-1829)

Generation 5.
Daniel STOVER (1780-1862)
Mary Ann HANNAH (1781-1853)

Generation 6.
Simon P STOVER (1822-1873)
Elizabeth LINK (1822-1867)

Generation 7.
Ida Elizabeth Stover (1862-1946)
David Jacob EISENHOWER (1863-1942)

Generation 8.
Dwight David EISENHOWER (1890-1969) 34th President of the USA
Mamie Geneva DOUD (1896-1979)

by OliveEstelle on 2013-01-30 18:48:52

It is my understanding that Mamie Geneva (Doud) Eisenhower is relation on the Doud side of my family tree. This is something I have been looking into.

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