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MENTIPLAY, Scotland to New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

The ... MENTIPLAY ... people in New Zealand
their ancestors - their families - their descendants

AGNES ADAMSON Mentiplay (1858-1905)
daughter of Peter Mentiplay & Janet Moodie
Agnes married George COULING (1850-1942) in 1879
* born Oxfordshire, son of William Couling & Mary Ann Bryant
their known children
* 1880 - 1900 Arthur George Couling (cricket injury)
* 1882 - 1906 Charles Moodie Couling
+ Agnes Jessie McNabb Dunlop
* 1891 - 1980 Agnes Louisa Couling
+ Thomas Edward Capil
Agnes died 26 Oct 1905 in Invercargill.
She is buried Block/Plot: General-18/1 at Saint Johns cemetery
The HEADSTONE reads ..
In loving memory of
Arthur Geo Couling
Who died from
The blow of a cricket ball
1st Nov 1900
Aged 20 years
Also his mother
Agnes A Couling
Who died 26th Octr 1905
Aged 47 years
Also his father
George Couling
Who died 22nd April 1942
In his 92nd year
Also their niece
Moira Alice Couling
Who died 28th August 2005
In her 85th year
Dearly loved by her family and friends

CEDRIC RAYMOND Mentiplay (1914-1986 )
son of Sydney Mentiplay & Sarah Ireland
Cedric served in WWII as Sergeant 47130, 2 Divisional Signals, 2nd NZEF and was the war correspondent/journalist/photographer
Press, 24 Oct 1938 LIFE SAVING, Australian Rules Adopted
Wellington, October 23. A decision to adopt the Australian surf life-saving rules was made at the annual meeting of the New Zealand Surf Life-Saving Association in Wellington on Saturday night. The following officers were elected: .. and Mr C. R. Mentiplay, delegate to the Dominion Council of the Royal Life-Saving Society ..
Evening Post, 1 May 1941 VICTORIA COLLEGE Capping Ceremony, degrees conferred by the Vice-chancellor of the University of NZ, Sir Thomas Hunter in the Wellington Town Hall... Master of Arts in History, Cedric Raymond Mentiplay
Evening Post, 23 Aug 1941 ENGAGEMENT
MENTIPLAY-STARK Mr and Mrs A. E. Stark, Rongotai, announce the engagement of their only daughter Nola Mae, to Cedric Raymond, only son of Mr and Mrs S. Mentiplay, Lyall Bay
Evening Post, 9 Dec 1942 DESERT GRAVE
.. by C. R. Mentiplay, Egypt, August 16 1942
..A battered cross, a hasty cairn of stone,
..A twisted rifle dulled with recent rust,
..A helmet there, half-hidden in the dust
..To which returneth flesh and shattered bone;
..And shall this then in Freedom's eyes atone
..For vague misgivings and a youthful lust
..And strong young heart uncertain what to trust?
..He fought for peace - and found it here alone.

..Ah! would that from this far transplanted earth
..Could grow another Eden undefiled;
..That from this soul by suffering made pure
..Could rise a world where wisdom would endure,
..Whence wrong and greed would ever be exiled
..And Youth in Faith's bright armour conquer dearth.
Evening Post, 3 June 1944
Former "Post' Reporter
The official correspondents serving with the Second N.Z.E.F. in Italy include Mr C. R. Mentiplay, who before entering the Army was on the reporting staff of the "Evening Post." He is a son of Mr Sydney and the late Mrs Sadie Mentiplay, of Onepu Road, Lyall Bay and prior to his appointment as a war correspondent, had seen considerable service.
Mr Mentiplay was educated at the Lyall Bay School, Rongotai College (where he was one of the foundation pupils) and Victoria University College. At university he gained the Diploma of Journalism and M.A. degree. After leaving Rongotai College he joined the staff of the "Evening Post." He left New Zealand in September 1941 with the Headquarters Division of Signallers and was attached to the artillery. He served in the Levant, at El Quatain, El Alamein and in the fighting that followed which drove the Axis forces out of North Africa.
Mr Mentiplay is well known in swimming and life-saving circles as an active and administrative member of the Maranui Surf and life-saving Club.
Evening Post, 6 Sep 1945
War correspondents C. R. Mentiplay and G. Keay, members of the staff of the "Evening Post" were amongst those in the draft which returned today from service overseas
On 21 Nov 1946 Cedric married Nola Mae Stark in Wellington
Sydney Morning Herald, 17 Sep 1949
BIRTH of a son
MENTIPLAY - September 13, at Mater Misericordiae Hospital, to Nola, wife of Cedric Mentiplay - a son
In the 1950s & early 1960s Cedric ran the Returned Services session on National Radio (became NZBC)
Cedric died 24 Feb 1986 aged 71. He was cremated at Karori, Wellington

DAVID MOODIE Mentiplay (1869-1896)
son of Peter Mentiplay & Janet Moodie
(for some reason he was sometimes referred to as Richard)
Southland Times, 27 April 1896
DEATH of David
- MENTIPLAY - At Melbourne, on 23rd April, David Moodie, in his twenty-eighth year, second son of Janet and the late Peter Mentiplay. Deeply regretted.
- News has been received of the death in Melbourne of Mr D. M. Mentiplay, who recently went there in the hope that his health would benefit. Mr Mentiplay, who was in his twenty-eighth year, had done good service in the Southland football field. He was one of the founders of the Pirates Football Club and besides having been one of the best forwards in the district, had represented Southland on several occasion in interprovincial matches.
Southland Times, 2 May 1896 The funeral of Mrs Mentiplay's late son David, moves from Tweed street tomorrow. Prior to his death he had expressed a wish to be buried in Invercargill alongside the grave of his brother? who died some years previously. In accordance with his wishes his remains were conveyed here by the s.s. Mararao, which arrived at the Bluff on Friday. A large number of friends of the deceased and his family journeyed to the cemetery, where the funeral service was conducted by the Rev. J. Gibson Smith. The members of the Pirates Football Club took part in the procession and presented a handsome wreath as a mark of respect to their old comrade. Messrs J. Manson (captain), Jules Tapper (deputy captain), N. McRobie, J. Taylor, H. Anthony and A. Porter acting as pallbearers. It will be some slight consolation to the many friends of deceased to hear that his last hours were comparatively painless. Towards the end he appeared to be dreaming of home and his Invercargill friends and then quietly passed away.
* David is buried in Plot 54, Block 16 at Eastern Cemetery with father Peter (1834-1892), brother Peter Christopher Mentiplay (1874-1893), brother John Augustus Mentiplay (1865-1933) and sister Lily Gilchrist (1875-1913)
Peter Christopher Mentiplay died 3 months before his sister Mary Grace (Lithgow)

ELLEN HENDERSON Mentiplay (1858-1886)
daughter of Peter Mentiplay & Janet Moodie
Ellen married Edward Kapteyn GOBBITT (1857-1899) in 1883
* born Iken, Suffolk, son of John Welton Gobbitt & Anna Kapteyn Ling
Southland Times, 27 Oct 1883
GOBBIT-MENTIPLAY - At the residence of the bride's father, Tyne street, Ellen, third daughter of Mr Peter Mentiplay, to Mr Edwd. Kapteyn Gobbitt, of Campbeltown, Bluff Harbor.
their known children
* 1883 - 1884 James Gobbitt (4 months)
* 1885 - 1973 Anna Gobbitt
* 1886 - 1886 Ellen Gobbitt (10 days)
Ellen died 7 Nov 1888
Edward remarried in 1894 to Alice Jane GREEN (1866-1935)
their known children
* 1894 - 1973 Ellen Alice Ivy Gobbitt
* 1897 - 1954 Ruby Sophia Gobbitt
* 1898 - 1973 Elizabeth Jane Gobbitt
DEATH of Edward - Edward hanged himself 18 Nov 1899 at Springbrook farm, near Timaru
* Alice had a son 25 Aug 1901, she named him ..
* 1901 - 1982 Frederick George Gobbitt (his name became Morgan)
Alice Jane remarried in 1905 to Arthur Edward Morgan (1868-1955)
their known children
* 1905 - 1950 Primrose Gertrude Morgan
+ Edward Robert Waller in 1938
* 1905 - 1984 Arthur Edward Trafalger Morgan
Press, 8 Feb 1935
DEATH of Alice
- MORGAN - On February 7th 1935, at Christchurch Hospital, Alice Jane, dearly loved wife of Arthur Edward Morgan, 9 Grahams road, Papanui; aged 69 years
* Alice is buried Plot 34, Block AN14 at Waimairi cemetery

EMMA EVA Mentiplay (nee Pike, 1858-1899)
first wife of James Hay Mentiplay
daughter of William Pike & Emma Davies
Emma married James in 1882
their known children
* 1884 - 1957 Reginald James Mentiplay
* 1885 - 1966 Margaret Evelyn Mentiplay (at Webb St., Wellington)
NZ Times, 30 Nov 1899
DEATH if Emma
MENTIPLAY - At her residence, Pirie street, on the 29th inst., after a long and painful illness, Emma Eva, the beloved wife of J. H. Mentiplay; aged 41
* Burial not found
Marlborough Express, 18 July 1907
OBITUARY Mrs William Pike
, Emma's mother
Shortly before seven o'clock last evening there passed away, at the residence of her son-in-law. Mr William Jordan, a worthy old settler in the person of Mrs William Pike, after an illness of nearly two years. Deceased, who was born in Staffordshire, England, on 16th January 1829, and was thus in her 79th year, had been intimately associated with the good work carried on amongst the Methodists of this district since 1864, in which year she, along with her husband (who predeceased her by 5 years) and four eldest children, arrived in Blenheim from the Old Country. The late Mrs Pike was of a retiring disposition, her forte being rather in good works. In connection with the Wesley Church sewing meetings she was ever one of the best supporters. The two brothers of the deceased settler, Messrs Thomas and Caleb Davies, had come out to New Zealand before her and it was probably the desire to join them in the new land that persuaded the deceased and her husband to leave England.
From the time of their arrival in Marlborough, the family lived at the farm known as "The Laurels" at Riverlands, where Mr W. Pike, the eldest son, now resides. In all there were eight children, four sons and four daughters and those surviving are Messrs Willie, Philip (Eketahuna), Thomas and Caleb (Wellington) and Mrs W. Jordan (Ella 1860-1938). Another daughter, Mrs Mentiplay, died eight years ago; in 1876 Miss Ada Pike died at the age of 15 years and an infant girl, the youngest child, died in 1892 (Sarah aged 3 weeks). Messrs Philip and Caleb Pike are in Blenheim for the purpose of attending the funeral, which takes place tomorrow.

ISABELLA THOMASON Mentiplay (1862-1944)
daughter of Peter Mentiplay & Janet Moodie
Evening Post, 13 Oct 1944
DEATH of Isabella
- MENTIPLAY - On October 12, 1944, at the Otaki Hospital, Isabella Thomson, beloved daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Peter Mentiplay and sister of Sydney Mentiplay, 84 Onepu Rd., Lyall Bay (after a long illness). The Friends of the late Isabella Thomson Mentiplay are invited to attend her Funeral, which will leave our Chapel on Monday, October 16 1944, at the conclusion of a service commencing at 2p.m. for the Karori Cemetery.
* Isabella is buried Plot 1 S, Public, at Karori cemetery with sister Janet Mentiplay (spinster, 1862-1942) and their mother Janet (1834-1917)

JAMES Mentiplay (1819-1893), Scottish engineer who established Invercargill’s first flour mill with future Invercargill Mayor, Thomas Pratt.
James married Mary Ann HAY in 1856
they had one child
* 1857 - 1936 James Hay Mentiplay (born Valparaiso, Chile)
Southland Times, 30 July 1866
Esk-street. Wheat and Oats purchased or Exchanged for Flour and Oatmeal. Maize, Oats, Beans and Malt crushed. Fanners, Threshers and Horse-powers Made to Order and Repaired. Hay and Chaff pressed. HAY BROS. & MENTIPLAY, Tay Street
NOTE the Hay Brothers were Mary Ann's nephews- read James's obituary
Southland Times, 29 April 1870
The suitability of the soil and climate of Southland for the growth of barley have often been commented upon and our farmers urged to devote their attention to that cereal ... To encourage this export, as well as to increase their own business, Messrs Hay and Mentiplay have recently added to their steam mills, a barley mill of the most perfect construction ... more
Southland Times, 2 July 1872
John McPherson, as trustee of Hay and Mentiplay's estate, made application for taxation of Mr Harvey's bill of costs and to have question of retainer referred to Registrar. Mr Wade appeared for applicant. Mr Harvey appeared and applied of consent, to have whole question decided by His Honor, who agreed, of consent.
HAY and MENTIPLAY's estate - Application by Mr Hay to have Mr Hay's costs paid out of the estate. Mr Harvey appeared for the applicant. Application granted.
HAY and MENTIPLAY's estate - Application to have John McPherson discharged from trusteeship and meeting fixed to appoint new trustee. Application granted.
Southland Times, 16 Nov 1876
In the matter of the "Debtor and Creditors Act 1875" and in the matter of the liquidation of the Estate of Thomas Pratt and James Mentiplay, carrying on business in Invercargill as Flour Millers, under the style or firm of Thomas Pratt & Co., and in the matter of the liquidation of the Estate of the said Thomas Pratt and James Mentiplay individually, debtors.
NOTE Thomas Pratt (1835-1910), Councillor 1871-1874 & Mayor 1874-1875, came to Southland by way of Victoria, Australia. He arrived in Invercargill in 1863 and with James Mentiplay established the first flourmill in the town. He was a member of the firm Hare, Pratt and Co, general merchants and chairman of the Bluff Harbour Board.
Southland Times, 19 Sep 1887
For several months past Mr James Mentiplay and Mr W. Ross have been experimenting with the object of adopting Mr David Strang's well known patent hot-air process for roasting coffee to an apparatus for drying oats or grain. The have succeeded in evolving a machine which seems to realise the end they had in view and it has been provisionally protected as the Eclipse Patent Grain Dryer ...
Southland Times, 22 July 1893
DEATH of James
- MENTIPLAY - At his residence, Ythan street, on the 21st July 1893, James Mentiplay, aged 73 years (of a heart attack). Friends are respectfully invited to attend his funeral leaving his house Ythan street at 2.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 26th inst, for the Eastern Cemetery
OBITUARY of JAMES Mr James Mentiplay, a well-known and greatly respected resident of Invercargill for the past 28 years or so, passed to his rest in his residence, Ythan street, yesterday afternoon. Deceased was an engineer by trade and in his earlier years, after leaving his native land Scotland, was in the service of the P. and O.S.N. Co., trading chiefly in the China and Indian Seas. At a later period he took employment under the Chilian Government and for about 15 years held the position of first engineer of the warship Esmeralda. Getting tired of life on the ocean he left the navy and, after a visit to the Old Country, came out to New Zealand, or rather to Southland, for he came here direct, attracted thitherwards no doubt by the fact of his having relations in Invercargill, his wife being the aunt of Messrs William, Jabez and Alexander Hay and their sisters, Mrs John Wishart and the late Mrs Calvert.
Shortly after his arrival he joined Mr Jabez Hay in the flour mill and engineering shop which the latter was then running in Esk street and remained in the establishment for some years after it had passed into the hands of Messrs Hare and Pratt. At the same time he had an interest in a sawmill or two then at work in Stewart Island. After leaving the flour mill he had no business place of his own, nor did he pursue any regular occupation, not being under the necessity of doing so, but he had a steady liking for his old profession and was at the same time of an inventive turn of mind and an extremely deft workman. By instinct, as it were, he took an almost paternal interest in the development of Mr David Strang's coffee and spice works and, with the exception of the engine and boiler, made with his own hands almost the entire plant of that establishment. To him also belonged the distinction of erecting among the first, if not the very first, flax-dressing machinery in Southland, For several years past deceased was subject to violent fits of palpitation of the heart and it was to disease of that organ that he finally succumbed, as above mentioned, at the goodly age of 73 years. Deceased and his family belonged to the First Church (in which he held the office of deacon) during the whole of their residence in Invercargill; Mrs Mentiplay, especially, being a prominent and highly valued worker in connection with the various schemes of philanthropy carried on by the congregation.
Their only son, Mr James Hay Mentiplay, now of the Bank of New Zealand, Wellington, had been down to see his father, whose symptoms for some weeks back had been causing anxiety and only left on his return north on Wednesday; but he will probably be intercepted at Lyttelton by the news of the death. Deceased took a very keen interest in all public matters and held strong opinions on most questions. He conversation he was never backward in expressing his sentiments - which were decidedly conservative - but his natural disposition prevented him from ever assuming a prominent position in the public discussion of any question.
In religious matters he was almost equally reserved, shrinking from anything that might have even the appearance of self assertion, but his intimate friends knew well that he held firmly to the faith he professed and consistently walked by the light it gave him. He had long anticipated the approach of the "last enemy" and was fully prepared for his coming, his last hours being blessed with perfect peace. The sympathy of a large circle of friends will be heartily accorded to the aged widow and her son.
Southland Times, 20 April 1906
DEATH of Mary Ann
- MENTIPLAY - At the residence of her son, James Mentiplay, Wellington, on the 18th April 1906, Mary Ann, relict of the late James Mentiplay, formerly of Ythan street, Invercargill, aged 87. Mary Ann was highly regarded and well known in the community on account of her charity work.
* James and Mary Ann are buried Block/Plot: General-21/50 in Eastern cemetery, Invercargill
To the memory of
James Mentiplay
Who died 22nd July 1893
Aged 73 years
Also his wife
Mary A Mentiplay
Who died 18th April 1906
Aged 87 years

JAMES HAY Mentiplay (1857-1936)
born 18 Oct 1857 in Valparaiso, Chile
only child of James Mentiplay & Mary Ann Hay
In 1877 James was the ledger-keeper at the National Bank in Invercargill
James 1st married Emma Eva PIKE (1858-1899) in 1882
their known children
* 1884 - 1957 Reginald James Mentiplay
* 1885 - 1966 Margaret Evelyn Mentiplay (at Webb St., Wellington)
NZ Times, 30 Nov 1899
DEATH of Emma
- MENTIPLAY - At her residence, Pirie street, on the 29th inst., after a long and painful illness, Emma Eva, the beloved wife of J. H. Mentiplay; aged 41
James married 2nd, Mary Sarah FERRIS (1872-1924) in 1901
Poverty Bay Herald, 18 June 1901 MENTIPLAY-FERRIS - GISBORNE, This Day, At Holy Trinity Church, on June 5th, by the Rev Canon Webb, James Hay Mentiplay, of the Bank of New Zealand to Mary, daughter of the late James Robert Ferris, of the Lands Department, Sydney and grand-daughter of the late John Neville Abbott, of Wallarobba, New South Wales. (Sydney papers please copy).
Mr Mentiplay, secretary of the Northern Bowling Association, who was married this afternoon to Miss Ferris, of Gisborne, was presented at the bowling green this forenoon with a handsome marble clock and purse of sovereigns, subscribed by the members of the Association throughout the North island. The presentation was made by Mr Matthewson, vice-president of the Association.
their known children
* 1902 - 1974 Ronald Robert Mentiplay
* 1907 - 1979 Jean Mentiplay
Evening Post, 6 May 1910 WANTED, a General Servant. Apply forenoon or after 6p.m. to Mrs Mentiplay, 62 Pirie-street.
Evening Post, 10 Sep 1910
The Northern Bowling Association entertained its secretary, Mr J. H. Mentiplay, at the Wellington Bowling Club's pavilion last night, the occasion being to present him with a cheque wherewith to purchase a memento of his sixteen years service to the association. There was a representative gathering of members, over which Mr R. J. Collins presided. Mr Mentiplay's resignation of his office had been entailed by his promotion in the service of the Bank of New Zealand, which necessitated his removal from Wellington. In handling him the cheque, Mr Collins said that the present prosperous condition of the association was largely due to Mr Mentiplay's efforts. His never-failing courtesy and tact had endeared him to all bowlers and it was not surprising that so many of the clubs affiliated to the association had contributed to the testimonial.
Other members, also in eulogistic terms, spoke of Mr Mentiplay's services. In reply, Mr Mentiplay said he highly appreciated the gift and with it would purchase a souvenir that he would value most highly. Speaking of the proposed changes in the constitution of the association, Mr Mentiplay said he hoped they would prove successful; but he was, perhaps, conservative and a little but old fashioned, in thinking the old ways were best. The tournament last year was the biggest yet held and he hoped that the one to be held at Auckland next year would be even more successful. On behalf of Mrs Mentiplay and himself he thanked them for the pleasant things they had said. A card tournament was then held and a pleasant evening spent. It is Mr Mentiplay's intention to purchase a gold watch with the cheque.
NZ Times, 6 March 1913 Mrs J. H. Mentiplay and the Misses Mentiplay, who have for some time made their home in Australia, arrived from Sydney by the Moeraki
Greymouth Evening Star, 15 April 1920 Mr Mentiplay, manager of the Bank of New Zealand's Westport branch, is retiring on superannuation at the end of June, after service extending over 36 years. Prior to joining the Bank of New Zealand. Mr Mentiplay was for nine years in the service of the National Bank.
Mary Sarah died 16 Sep 1924 in Wellington aged 52
Press, 25 Sep 1924
DEATH of Mary
- Mrs Mentiplay, wife of a former manager of the Bank of New Zealand at Westport, died recently at Wellington.
* She is buried Plot 400 K, PUBLIC2 at Karori, with James
James married 3rd Amelia McGREGOR (1871-1944) in 1931
Evening Post, 17 Oct 1936
DEATH of James
WELLINGTON, This Day. The death occurred suddenly yesterday of Mr James Hay Mentiplay, of 62 Pirie Street, Wellington, at the age of 78. The late Mr Mentiplay was a retired banker and was particularly well known by the banking world and Wellington bowlers, being the oldest member of the Wellington Bowling Club. He was born at Valparaiso, Chile, 79 years ago tomorrow and came to New Zealand at the age of seven with his parents, who settled at Invercargill. He came to Wellington when 19 years of age and joined the bank of Australasia. He joined the Bank of New Zealand in 1883 and went to Blenheim as accountant in 1889. He returned to Wellington in 1893 as assistant accountant and became a member of the Wellington Bowling Club in that year. In 1895 he was promoted to auditor's accountant at the head office and served for a time at Sydney. in 1904 he became accountant in the Wellington branch, a position he held until 1910. He was then on the relieving staff for a time and was appointed manager of the Westport branch in 1913. He retired from there in 1920 and spent the rest of his life in Wellington.
Mr Mentiplay was a keen oarsman in his youth, but was best known in Wellington as a bowler. He was secretary of the Wellington Bowling Club from 1896 to 1902, vice-president in 1908-9 and president in 1909-10. He was present at the opening of the club last Saturday and rolled the first bowl as the oldest member.Mr A. Hamilton, who joined a year after him, rolling the second bowl. He was a good player and a popular club member and he will be remembered for the keen interest he took in his club and the game. One of the most valued possessions of the club, the original petition asking for its formation, was framed and handed over to the club by him.
Mr Mentiplay is survived by his widow, two daughters and two sons.
Evening Post, 19 Oct 1936
The funeral of the late Mr James Hay Mentiplay took place yesterday afternoon and was largely attended by bowlers, representatives of the banks in Wellington and representatives from St John's Presbyterian Church. The president of the Wellington Bowling Club, Mr H. G. Mayer, the secretary, Mr C. R. Ingram, several past presidents and a large number of members paid their last tribute to their former club member. The service at the graveside was conducted by the Rev Brian Kilroy.
* James Hay Mentiplay is buried Plot 400K, PUBLIC2 at Karori
Press, 18 Nov 1944
DEATH of Amelia
- MENTIPLAY - On November 17 1944, at Geraldine, Amelia, widow of the late James Hay Mentiplay, of Wellington; aged 73 years. Private interment.
* Amelia is buried Plot 259, Row 453 at Geraldine Cemetery

JANET Mentiplay (1855-1942)
eldest daughter of Peter Mentiplay & Janet Moodie
Southland Times, 18 June 1896
Miss MENTIPLAY, (late of Mrs Eeles, Collins Street, Melbourne) recently returned from Melbourne, is prepared to advise ladies regarding the latest style in Tailor-made Costumes and Evening Dresses. A perfect fit, combined with moderate charges, guaranteed. At her home, Tweed Street.
Evening Post, 8 April 1903 Wanted Known, that Miss Mentiplay, Dressmaker, late of Melbourne, has commenced business at Elizabeth-street Extension, off Kent-terrace. Evening Dresses a specialty.
Evening Post, 23 Nov 1903 Miss Mentiplay, Dressmaker, begs to notify to her customers and the public generally that she has removed to her private residence, No.5 Kent-terrace.
* Janet never married. She died 16 days after her brother Sydney's wife, Sadie Norton Mentiplay
Evening Post, 30 Oct 1942 MENTIPLAY - On October 30 1842, at the Otaki Hospital, Janet, eldest sister of Sydney Mentiplay, 84 Onepu Rd., Lyall Bay. After a long illness.
* Janet is buried Plot 1 S, PUBLIC2 at Karori cemetery with sister Isabella and their mother Janet

JEAN Mentiplay (1907-1979)
daughter of James Hay Mentiplay & Sarah Ferris
In Aug 1913 Jean went dressed as a Fairy to the fancy dress ball in Westport and brother Ronald went as a Highlander. About 40 children attended at the Federal Hall, put on by Mrs A. A. Wilson's little girls, Phyllis and Mollie
Evening Post, 19 Jan 1921
The following candidates in the Wellington Education District qualified for Junior Free Places in secondary schools at the Junior National Scholarship examinations:- .. Jean Mentiplay
Evening Post, 23 May 1931 Jean is one of three bridesmaids at the wedding in Pahiatua of Dorothy Joyce Richardson when she married Douglas James Dalgleish. The other two bridesmaids were Ivy Fox of Pahiatua and Edna Tankersely of Masterton.
Jean married Eric Perry Simester (1906-1975) in 1933. A son of Archibald Perry Simester (1881-1951) of the firm Messrs Simester, Hooson and Co., Wellington
their known children
1936 - 1987 Ian Perry Simester
Jean died 13 May 1979 in Wellington. Her service was at Karori

JOHN AUGUSTUS Mentiplay (1865-1933)
son of Peter Mentilplay & Janet Moodie
Evening Post, 6 Jan 1926
John Augustus Mentiplay, who was charged with being idle and disorderly, was remanded for one week for sentence
John died 3 April 1933 and is buried Block/Plot: General-16/54 at Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill with father Peter (1834-1892), brother Peter Christopher Mentiplay (1874-1893), brother David Moodie Mentiplay (1869-1896) and sister Lily Gilchrist (1875-1913)

LILLIE BYLO 'Lily' Mentiplay (1875-1913)
daughter of Peter Mentiplay & Janet Moodie
In March 1894 Lily (aged 19), won a 1st & a 3rd prize at the Southland Horticultural Society's Autumn Show with her cut flowers
Lily married Alexander Ross GILCHRIST in 1903
their known children
* 1904 - 1985 Ferdinand Moodie Gilchrist
* 1906 - Janet Iabella Gilchrist
* 1908 - Alexander Gilchrist
Evening Post, 10 May 1913 DEATH GILCHRIST - On the 2nd May 1913, at Invercargill, Lillie, beloved wife of Alexander Gilchrist and daughter of Mrs Mentiplay, Wellington; deeply regretted.
Evening Post, 11 Feb 1935 GILCHRIST-DAVIDSON. The wedding took place recently at the Methodist Church, Molesworth Street, of Ivy Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr and Mrs W. Davidson, Featherston, to Ferdinand Moodie, only son of the late Mr and Mrs A. R. Gilchrist, Invercargill. The Rev H. J. Odell officiate. Mr S. Mentiplay escorted the bride who wore ivory angelskin lace and georgette cut on classical lines. Her veil of silk embroidered tulle formed a train and was caught to the head with a band of orange blossom. Rainbow-tinted gladioli were used for her lovely sheaf. The bridesmaid, Miss Mavis McLean, Island Bay wore ice-blue French silk crepe, cut on Empire lines, with cowl neck and sleeves. A lovely crystal bandeau formed her head-dress. She carried a sheaf of rainbow-tinted gladioli. Mr Cedric Mentiplay was best man. The reception was held at Scott's tearooms, Manners Street, only relatives and intimate friends of the bride and bridegroom being present. The young couple left for Nelson.
Lily died 5 May 1913 aged 38 and is buried Block/Plot: General-16/54 at Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill with her father Peter and brothers, Peter Christopher Mentiplay (1874-1893), David Moodie Mentiplay (1869-1896) & John Augustus Mentiplay (1865-1933)

MARGARET 'ANNIE' Mentiplay (1876-1905)
daughter of Peter Mentiplay & Janet Moodie
Margaret married William Henry Keall UREN (1871-1931) in 1897
their known children
* 1900 - 1985 Irene Janet Uren
* 1902 - 1966 Rupert William Uren
In January 1913 Irene & Rupert were living in Masterton and spent the holidays with their grandmother, Janet Mentiplay in Kent-terrace, Wellington along with their cousin Miss Agnes Couling from Invercargill
Margaret 'Annie' died 13 May 1905 aged 29 in Christchurch
Lyttelton Times, 16 May 1905 The Friends of Mr W. Uren, of Motueka, are respectfully informed that the Funeral of his late beloved wife, Annie, Leaves the residence of Mr H. Langford, 16 London Street, Richmond, for the Linwood Cemetery. This Day, 16th inst., at 3.30 p.m.
She is buried Plot 239, Block 18 at Linwood Cemetery, Christchurch
* William remarried to Elizabeth Annie Nicholls (1874-1966) in 1908. William died in Woolwich, London, England, 2 May 1931 aged 60

MARGARET EVELYN Mentiplay (1885-1966)
daughter of James Hay Mentiplay & Emma Pike
Margaret married William HOBBS (1885-1947) in 1922
Evening Post, 23 Jan 1922 The marriage took place at St John's Church, Wellington on Tuesday evening, 17th January, of Miss Margaret Evelyn Mentiplay, eldest daughter of Mr J. H. Mentiplay, Pirie-street, Wellington and Mr William Hobbs, of Westport. The ceremony was performed by the Rev Dr Kennedy Elliott. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a handsome fawn costume and picture hat, trimmed with pink and blue, tinted leaves and berries and carried a bouquet of pink dahlias, heath and maidenhair fern. She was attended by her sister, Miss Jean Mentiplay, who wore a pretty frock of white net and leghorn hat, trimmed with pale pink and blue and carried a bouquet of sweet peas and maiden-hair fern. The best man was Mr J. Hobbs, brother of the bridegroom. A reception was afterwards held at the residence of the bride's parents. Later Mr and Mrs Hobbs left on their honeymoon.
Press, 7 Jan 1932 Obituary of William Hobbs A well-known Westport business man, Mr William Hobbs, died at Mr William Jordan's residence at Blenheim this week. Mr Hobbs, who was 47 years of age, arrived in Blenheim towards the end of last week on a holiday and, with his wife, was the guest of Mr and Mrs Jordan. He had not enjoyed good health for some time, but his passing was nevertheless a painful shock to his relatives and friends. He married Miss Mentiplay of Blenheim. Two brothers who visited Blenheim in connection with his death are Mr Fred Hobbs, Town Clerk of Lyttelton and Mr Albert Hobbs of Westport.
Margaret died 18 Aug 1966 aged 80

MARY ANN Mentiplay (nee Hay 1819-1906)
Mary Ann was born 30 March 1819 in Inverkeithing, Fife, Scotland to William Hay (1769-1841) & Janet Nimmo (1777-1850).
Her siblings were:
1802 - 1862 William Hay (died Scotland)
1803 - 1830 Catherine Hay (died Scotland)
1806 - 1846 Alexander Hay (died Scotland)
1807 - 1868 Andrew Hay (died Scotland)
1809 - 1889 Margaret Hay (died Scotland)
1812 - 1890 John Hay (died Scotland)
1815 - 1882 Janet Nimmo Hay (Buchanan, died Dunedin)
1819 - 1906 Mary Ann Hay
Mary married James Mentiplay in 1856 in Fife, Scotland. They had 1 son born in Valparaiso, Chile in 1858 and arrived in New Zealand when their son was 7 years old (1865).
Mary Ann's brother. John Hay, who died 1890, apparently left James Mentiplay, engineer of Invercargill, his gold watch and gold chains (see Notes at end)
* Husband James died in 1893. Mary Ann died 13 years later ..
Southland Times, 20 April 1906 MENTIPLAY - At the residence of her son, James Mentiplay, Wellington, on the 18th April 1906, Mary Ann, relict of the late James Mentiplay, formerly of Ythan street, Invercargill, aged 87. Mary Ann was highly regarded and well known in the community on account of her charity work.
* James and Mary Ann are buried Block/Plot: General-21/50 in Eastern cemetery, Invercargill

MARY GRACE Mentiplay (1869-1893)
born 6 Jan 1869, daughter of Peter Mentiplay & Janet Moodie
Mary married Thomas LITHGOW in 1888
their known children
1888 - 1891 Edith Agnes Lithgow
(buried with her aunty & uncle Gobbitt & family)
1891 - Thomas Reginald Lithgow
Mary died 5 Aug 1893 aged 24
Southland Times, 7 Aug 1893 LITHGOW - At the residence of her mother, Tweed street, Invercargill, on Saturday, 5th August 1893, Mary Grace Mentiplay, beloved wife of Thomas Lithgow, of Invercargill, aged 24 years. (3 months after brother Peter Christopher Mentiplay)
Mary is buried in the LITHGOW Family Plot at Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill.
The HEADSTONE reads ..
Mary Grace 6.1.1869 - 5.8.1893
Samuel 28.7.1835 - 10.4.1906
Thomas Reginald 4.10.1891 - 30.9.1906
Agnes Allison 31.8.1837 - 14.10.1921
Thomas 3.9.1868 - 17.11.1925
Lelia Beatrice 13.9.1879 - 22.11.1966
Doris Evelyn 31.1.1912 - 22.11.1988
Thomas Alexander 8.3.1910 - 27.3.1989
In loving memory of
Reginald Samuel
8.10.1913 - 27.7.2002
and his beloved wife
Jean Elizabeth
7.11.1915 - 22.7.2010

MARY SARAH Mentiplay (nee Ferris 1872-1924)
2nd wife of James Hay Mentiplay
Mary's father was James Robert Ferris, of the Lands Department, Sydney, who died of Bright's disease at 27 Ben Boyd road, Neutral Bay, 2 Jan 1891 aged 46. Her mother was Elizabeth F Abbott (1841-1917) who remarried to Captain Charles William Ferris (1841-1914) in 1892 (as his 3rd wife) and resided in Gisborne for 20 years before returning to NSW
Evening Post, 8 June 1901 The wedding of Mr James H. Mentiplay, of the head office of the Bank of New Zealand and Hon. Sec. of the Northern Bowling Association, to Miss Mary Ferris, eldest daughter of the late Mr James R. Ferris of Sydney and step-daughter of Captain Ferris, of Gisborne, was celebrated at Holy Trinity Church, Gisborne, on Wednesday afternoon. The bride, who was given away by her step-father, was handsomely attired in a gown of ivory satin, beautifully trimmed with cream lace. She also wore a beautiful diamond and ruby ring, the present of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids were Misses Ada and Ethel Ferris, sisters of the bride, who wore dresses of white Japanese silk and white felt hats trimmed with white silk and feathers. Canon Webb performed the ceremony. The presents included a pair of duplicated silver entree dishes from twelve members of the Gisborne Bowling Club, a gift to the bride.
After the ceremony the guests were hospitably entertained by Captain and Mrs Ferris at their residence, Wallinga, North Gisborne
* The Gisborne Bowling Club, on behalf of the Northern Bowling Association, made a presentation to James just prior to his wedding, saying .. "when it came to be generally known amongst the members of the Association that Mr Mentiplay was going to take unto himself one of the fair daughters of Gisborne, it was suggested that some recognition show be made" ...
There were a large number of ladies present at the opening of the Wellington Bowling Green on Saturday, though very few took advantage of the fine day to wear their spring frocks. There was, however, a brave show of advanced spring millinery. The lawns and paths presented a very gay sight, being thronged with players and crowds of well-dressed women and girls. The pavilion was gaily decorated with flags and both inside and on the balcony was crowded. Afternoon tea was dispensed inside the pavilion by a number of daintily-frocked girls. The long table was beautifully decorated in scarlet and white flowers - scarlet and white being the colours of the club.
Mrs Mentiplay, wife of the president, was gowned in black and white voile, with a charming black toque to match; Miss Mentiplay (possibly her step-daughter, Margaret) had a pretty pale blue frock and large white hat; Mrs Hamilton's purple chiffon taffetas gown was worn with a hat en suite.
Among the many visitors present were Mrs Bush, Mrs Hill, Mrs Knox Gilmer, Mrs Schloss, Mrs Willie Smith, Mrs Nixon, Misses Daphne and Rata Nixon, Mrs Schloss, Mrs Pirie, Mrs Plimmer, Mrs Reading, Mrs Grundy, Miss Grundy, Mrs Laurenson, Mrs Jefferies, Mrs Dickenson, Mrs Gale, Mrs Remington, Miss Randell, Mrs Crawford, Mrs J. P. Luke, Mrs McGirr, Mrs Spencer, Mrs McVilly, Mrs Gooder, Miss Olive Smith, Miss Doris Hill, Miss Reading, Mrs Houston, Mrs Mayer, Mrs Churchward, Mrs Wood, Mrs Hislop, Miss Martin and others
Blue Mountain Echo, 14 Aug 1914 DEATH of Mary's step-father, Lawsonians will learn with sorrow of the demise of Captain C. W. Ferris, who died at his home at Yowie Bay during last week. Born in New South Wales 72 years ago, the late Captain Ferris went over to New Zealand in 1863 and settled in the Poverty Bay district. He saw service during the Maori war and acquitted himself very creditably. After the resumption of peace, the deceased resumed business till three years ago when he came over to Sydney and after a temporary residence at Manly, purchased a lease of the Grand Hotel at Lawson, which he carried on for some months. During his stay in Lawson he took a keen interest in all that stood for the welfare of the town and his many bequests to local as well as charitable institutions made him deservedly popular. After disposing of the Grand Hotel, the deceased with his family, went to Yowie Bay at which place he kept the hotel of the name. We extend deepest sympathy to the bereaved family.
Poverty Bay Herald, 25 April 1917 DEATH of Mary's mother, Mr C. H. Ferris has received a cable conveying the sad news of the death of his mother, Mrs C. W. Ferris (relict of the late Captain Ferris). The death took place at Sutherland, New South Wales. Mrs Ferris, who was 76 years of age, spent 20 years of her life at Gisborne, where she was held in the highest esteem by all who knew her. She had been in failing health since leaving Gisborne, but the news of her death was unexpected and came as a great shock to the relatives. Deceased leaves three sons, Messrs C. H. Ferris, sanitary inspector; H. J. Ferris and J. Ferris, both of Sydney and three daughters. Mrs Mentiplay of Westport; Mrs MacDonald of Hawera and Miss Ada Ferris, who resided with her mother

PETER Mentiplay (1834-1892)
was born in Inverkeithing, Fife, Scotland, a son of John Mentiplay & Agnes Henderson
Peter married JANET Moodie (1838-1917) 13 Oct 1856 in Inverkeithing
* born 21 June 1838 in Inverkeithing, a daughter of Peter Moodie & Agnes Adamson
their known children
* 1855 - 1942 Janet Mentiplay
* Janet never married. She died 16 days after her brother Sydney's wife, Sadie Norton Mentiplay
* 1857 - 1905 Agnes Adamson Mentiplay
* 1860 - 1888 Ellen Henderson Mentiplay (3rd daughter)
* 1862 - 1944 Isabella Thomson Mentiplay
* Peter & Janet arrived in NZ about 1864/65
* 1865 - 1933 John Augustus Mentiplay (born NZ)
* 1867 - 1896 David Moodie Mentiplay (died Melbourne)
* 1869 - 1893 Mary Grace Mentiply
* 1873 - 1893 Peter Christopher Mentiplay
* 1875 - 1913 Lilly Bylo Mentiplay
* 1876 - 1905 Margaret Annie Mentiplay
* 1883 - 1954 Sydney Rabbidge Mentiplay
Southland Times, 11 Nov 1873 Peter Mentiplay appeared in the Resident magistrate's Court and fined 5s and costs of 6s 6d, for allowing a horse and dray to remain in the street unattended.
Southland Times, 10 Feb 1886 Peter is in the Police Court and fined 10s, costs 7s, for not taking proper sanitary precautions about his premises.
Southland Times, 29 June 1887 Peter & Janet are witnesses in court when Thomas and Mary West were charged with unlawfully assaulting William Preston by twisting his neck and striking him on the face with their clenched fists ..
Peter died at Invercargill on the 29th April 1892, suddenly, in the Southland Hospital on Friday, aged 58 years. He was admitted the previous day when he stated that he felt very ill from the effects of a cold from which he had been suffering for the last week or two.
In January 1913 three of Janet's grandchildren spent some of their holidays at her place in Kent-terrace. Rupert & Irene Uren from Masterton and Agnes Couling from Invercargill
Southland Times, 6 July 1917
DEATH of Janet
- MENTIPLAY - At 16 Kent Terrace, Wellington, on Thursday, July 5, Mrs Janet Mentiplay, late of Tweed street, Invercargill; aged 80 years
* Janet is buried Plot 1 S, Block PUBLIC 2 with two of her daughters, Isabella & Janet

REGINALD JAMES 'Reg' Mentiplay (1884-1957)
son of James Hay Mentiplay & Emma Pike
Dominion, 27 Jan 1909 Mr Reginald J. Mentiplay, son of Mr Mentiplay, of the Bank of New Zealand, Wellington, is in London to gain experience in engineering. He recently resigned his post as a junior engineer in the Atlantic Transport Line to become foreman of one of the leading engineering works in London. Mr Mentiplay served his apprenticeship with Messrs Cable and Co., Wellington
In Feb 1910 Reginald, of the steamer 'Haupiri' was appointed by the Gisborne Board to the position of third engineer on the dredge 'Maui'
Poverty Bay Herald, 31 July 1911
Mr R. J. Mentiplay, one of the engineers on the 'Maui', wrote explaining that the reason he wanted six weeks leave of absence was to enable him to proceed to Sydney for a second engineer's certificate, the Marine Department having informed him that he could not sit for it in New Zealand. In a subsequent letter, Mr Mentiplay tendered his resignation as third engineer, owing to ill-health
Evening Post, 8 Feb 1912 Mr R. J. Mentiplay, late of 'Aorangi', has signed on the 'Tarawera' as third engineer, taking the place of Mr Binnie.
Star, 12 Jan 1916 Mr R. J. Mentiplay will sign on the 'Manuka' to-day as third engineer. (In Feb 1918 he signed off and his place was filled by Mr N. M. Wishart)
Reg married Winifred Fanny Dakers (1887-1943) in 1908 in West Hampshire, England.
they had a son
* 1908 - 1985 Roy Reginald Hay Mentiplay
- Roy was born in West Hampshire, Essex. He married Marcea Bell Barnard in Woollahra in 1941. He died in NSW
Winifred died 23 July 1943 in Woollahra, NSW aged 56
Sydney Morning Herald MENTIPLAY - July 23 1943 at a private hospital, Rose Bay, Winifred F. Mentiplay of 6 Owen Street, North Bondi, dearly loved wife of R. J. Mentiplay (at present in New Zealand) and dearly loved mother of Roy, aged 56 years.
Reg next married Alma Hazel 'Dorreen' Jeffcoat (1900-1973) from Dunedin, in 1951. They are buried together at Papakura Cemetery

RONALD ROBERT Mentiplay (1902-1974)
son of James Hay Mentiplay & Mary Sarah Ferris
* In Dec 1909 Robert was in Class I at Brougham Hill School when he received a prize for his arithmetic
Ronald married Eileen Norah PARK (1898-1946) in 1930
Eileen was a daughter of William Park (1856-1938), Mayor of Palmerston North and his second wife, Jane Scott. She had 13 siblings
On 17 Feb 1937 Eileen attended the Auckland Trotting Club's meeting at Epsom on a sunny afternoon, tempered by a cool breeze, wearing a honey-toned linen suit with a brown stitched har
Bay of Plenty Times, 24 April 1946
DEATH of Eileen
- MENTIPLAY - On April 21, at the Tauranga Hospital, Eileen Norah, beloved wife of R. R. Mentiplay, interred at Tauranga Monday. (Plot 46, Row 20, Section 13, Anglican)
Robert died 24 April 1974 aged 72 in Wellington, He was cremated at Karori. (His ashes may be in Tauranga with Eileen)

SARAH NORTON'Sadie' Mentiplay (nee Ireland 1886-1942)
wife of Sydney Rabbidge Mentiplay
Otago Daily Times, 11 March 1939
DEATH of Sarah's father
. The death occurred this week of Mr William Sutherland Ireland at his residence, 95 Russell street, Dunedin, after a short illness. He was born at Helensburgh, Scotland, in 1858 and in 1883 arrived in New Zealand and took up residence in this city. In following mining pursuits he visited Tasmania and other parts of Australia and New Zealand, returning again to Dunedin in 1895, when he joined the staff of Messrs Nimmo and Blair Ltd., and later the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company ltd., until his retirement in 1925. In his younger days in Scotland he was deeply interested in rowing and represented Greenock on many occasions. He was a keen follower of football and was a regular attender at Carisbrook. His high character and many likeable qualities, allied to innate courtesy and a hospitable disposition, won him the esteem of many friends, by whom his memory will be held in grateful recollection. Mrs Ireland predeceased her husband in 1916. The members of the family who survive him are Mrs M. Macdonald, Mr W. S. Ireland and Mr J. Campbell Ireland (Dunedin), Mrs S. Mentiplay and Mr D. Eric Ireland (Wellington) as well as four grandchildren
* Sadie died 5 Oct 1942 aged 56. She is buried Plot 435 F, PUBLIC3 at Karori with Sydney

SYDNEY RABBIDGE Mentiplay (1883-1954)
son of Peter Mentiplay & Janet Moodie
In 1911 Syd was sawmilling in Taihape
Sydney married Sarah Norton 'Sadie' IRELAND (1886-1942) in Dunedin 17 Dec 1913
their known children
* 1914 - 1986 Cedric Raymond Mentiplay
Sydney served in WWI as Rifleman 24/1115 with D Company, NZ Rifle Brigade, 2nd Battalion. His wife Sadie was next of kin, at 7 Owen-street, Newtown, Wellington. He suffered gas poisoning and wounds to his hand, losing his ring finger. He returned (into Dunedin) in June 1918
Evening Post, 21 Aug 1931 Sydney Mentiplay was fined 10s for having a dangerous dog. Sub-Inspector Lopdell said a boy was riding past on a bicycle and the dog ran out and bit his lege-. The dog had not been known to bite anyone before but it had been known to chase boys on bicycles.
Evening Post, 4 Oct 1944 MENTIPLAY - In memory of my dear wife, Sadie, passed to God's keeping, October 4 1942. Remembrance - that golden link that binds us till we meet again - Syd.
In memory of my dear loving mother, God's greatest gift - Remembrance - Cedric (Italy)
* Sydney died 8 Sep 1954 aged 71. He is buried Plot 435 F, PUBLIC3 at Karori with Sadie

linleyjean messaged 31 July 2018 .. Mentiplay is an unusual name and it is in my Hay family tree. James married Mary Ann Hay in 1856 in Fife, Scotland then came to NZ. My query is:- In the Will of John Hay, Tanner, of Inverkeithing, (Mary Ann's brother who died 1890), he left James Mentiplay, engineer of Invercargill NZ his gold watch and gold chains. I would be interested to know if a descendant of James Mentiplay and Mary Ann (nee Hay) knows anything about this gold watch.
James Mentiplay & Mary Ann Hay had one child
James Hay Mentiplay (1858-1936). He married three times
At his death his direct living relatives were his four children..
* 1884 - 1957 Reginald James Mentiplay
* 1885 - 1966 Margaret Evelyn Mentiplay
* 1902 - 1974 Ronald Robert Mentiplay
* 1907 - 1979 Jean Mentiplay (spinster)
(His 3rd wife Amelia died 7 years after him)
OF NOTE In 1910 this son of James & Mary Ann, James Hay Mentiplay, received a cheque as a memento of his sixteen years service to the Bowling Association. He said that he intended to buy a gold watch with it (read his story above). This suggests he (as the only child) did not inherit the gold watch in 1890 which linleyjean is looking for ..

Grave of James Mentiplay (1820-1893)
& Mary Ann Hay (1819-1906)

Block/Plot: General-21/50 at Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill

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Lithgon is right. Not many of them around, I don't think there is one in Australia. It's about as rare as Mentiplay.

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Subject: James Mentiplay 1820 Inverkeithing to 1893 Invercargill NZ
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Mentiplay is an unusual name and it is in my Hay family tree. James married Mary Ann Hay in 1856 in Fife, Scotland, then came to NZ. My query is:- In the Will of John Hay, (Mary Ann's brother who died 1890) Tanner of Inverkeithing, he left James Mentiplay, engineer of Invercargill NZ his gold watch and gold chains. I would be interested to know if a descendant of James Mentiplay and Mary Ann (new Hay) knows anything about this gold watch. I am just putting 'meat on the bones' if you like.
Many thanks

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