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missing , blinkhorne john kite the second one, info on john disapeared jan 1963

Journal by haddyn

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on 2013-10-16 22:41:53

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by hadynb on 2016-05-11 02:09:19

just a few years back i decided 2 post a journal about the disappearance of my father john blinkhorne , in 1963 , when i put the journal online , i was just hoping that maybe someone out there would see it , and i also didnt really have any faith in what i was doing , all the luck has been on my fathers side anyway thats the way i looked at it , he walked out on 7 children an our presious mother , she worked herself , never went on any pension , things have now changed 2 sisters and a brother have passed on , life has not been fair on my family , and my poor mum still holds on, that maybe john will turn up he will be 86 thats if he is still alive, ive only got my sister jan , and 2 brothers left , an of cause mum , an so im asking plz if there is anyone that see,s this post an know,s anything plz help , thanku

by ngairedith on 2016-05-11 04:57:11

you really need to add dates and regions hadynb because this is a world wide site and no one knows where he was prior to going missing
anyway, was it his father or grandfather that settled in Masterton, Wairarapa?

by ngairedith on 2016-05-11 05:05:43

I have found your other posting and will add it here in case others would like to refer to it
24 Oct 2013, it reads ... On or roundabout January John Kite Blinkhorne 1963 John kiss my mother goodby and left for work, that was the last time mum saw him. 6 weeks later, in Feb 1963, he was seen in Christchurch by local Kaponga residents, that must have scared him

by hadynb on 2016-05-12 23:43:59

yes been seen in christchurch really scared him he ph home an pretended to be a scottish freind , he was very good at putting on accents, he could do anything in those days the old telephone exchange, an the operater ph mum back told her it was jonny, he told mum he dad would be back within 2 months , an when mum told us kids we marked the days off , and when he didnt come home , mum had a breakdown an was sent to the old tokanui hospital an us kids were separated an spent time with relatives until mum got well , and from that day on we were not to speak of dad again and years later mum still held out hope that she mite hear from him , i just dont know how anyone could be so cruel , mum or any of us never deserved what he dished out to us

by hadynb on 2016-05-13 01:09:46

my father did have a lot of friends that covered 4 him , and some helped build our family home , in those days stateadvances use to help with finances depending on how many children you had, that was okay until house got taken off mum, because of debts he left behind, and to this day mum holds no ill will, against him, , the last known area he was in , was christchurch june of 1963, he loved to play lawn bowls he could take off an irishman a scotsman, an being the life of a party an his left hand he lost his small finger in ashooting accident so he had surgery to remove the stump, the area round where small finger was, just wasnt there so 4 fingers it did look odd

by hadynb on 2016-05-13 03:17:44

my greatgreat granddad william blinkhorne came out from england with 3 boys, john, thomas, alonzo, they settled in masterton, john blinkorne was my great grandad, and cecil james blinkhorne my grandad, ceceil settled in ohakune with my granma florence ashby, they raised 8 children, one of whom was my dad john, according to his brothers an sisters he was not right, just a bit odd , unusual thats what they say , it still didnt stop them coming to our home ,after he deserted us raiding an taking all his tools an even the washer an drier he had purchase 4 mum one of his brothers they were bloody mean hearted people, mum hand washed 4 a long time

by hadynb on 2016-05-13 20:22:26

i would like to thanku nairedith , 4 taking an interest , i have just buried my youngest sister, an so have been up and down just writting without a lota thort kind regards hadyn

by janilye on 2016-05-13 21:49:49

They sound like horrid people and he's a wanker. I think you and your mother have been a lot better off without him and his selfish family.
You can bet your life his family knew where he was. They wouldn't have taken his belongings or the washer unless they were certain he was not coming back.
You have to let go! He's not worth worrying about.

by hadynb on 2016-05-14 05:53:54

janilye yes thats one way of putting it , letting it go hasnt been that easy with my family ,im always reminded one way or another about father, 3 years ago i was standing on the breakwater in new plymouth a boat sailed pass very close, a man yelled at me , his words, so in all these years you have never heard from jonny , this is true u could have knock me over with a feather, im reminded each day through somthing its amazing i couldnt get over that man on the deck of that boat

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