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Journal by itellya

Hello ---, I'm the Joan who rang you about the re-union at Red Hill later this month. I hope I have your email correct.

As I am 83 and not keeping the best of health I thought I would send this to read if you wish, if I can't make the journey from Mansfield.

One thing I forgot to add was Millie won several awards for her cooking at the Red Hill show and I won four ribbons with my horse riding.

One horse I rode was owned by Judge Federico who owned property there and I helped his daughters with their riding.

Thanks for your efforts, regards Joan Peasnell

p.s. when I married Jim Bell in Mildura we were married for 22 years, then Jim was killed in a construction accident, then 10 years later I married Bill Peasnell and he has put up with me for 29 years.!!!!!

Red Hill Memories ------Joan Blatchford/Bell/Peasnell
My father William (Bill) Blatchford purchased 105 acres of timbered country
at Red Hill South in 1943. The land had a large road frontage, on the main
Red Hill to Merricks Nth road. It was next door to Edgar and Margaret
Clarke’s large orchard of apples and cherries. It was opposite an orchard
owned by Mr George Clarke father of Edgar. Another location was the CRB
area opposite where barrels of tar were stockpiled. This was known as Tar
Barrel Corner.
Adjoining this was a small cottage owned by Mr Harold Ratcliffe, commonly
known as Ratty, and he delivered the mail. He had a small Bedford van and
he was renowned for revving and clunking as he stopped and started at the
mail boxes. He amazed everyone by always wearing an old grey overcoat
and white silk scarf, he said whatever kept the cold out could keep the heat
out too!!!
Dad was not free to move from his employment until after the war had
ended, his job was controlled by “Man Power” a government agency.
We, my father, mother Millie, brother Lee and I moved to Red Hill Sth in 1945
and I finished my state school time at the Red Hill Sth State school about two
and a half miles from home. I rode my push-bike and it was a hilly ride.
Dad rented a house on an orchard owned by Jim Clarke and his wife Betty.
For a cash crop Dad and Lee started clearing trees and cutting firewood for
sale. Dad purchased two light draught horses, both Greys and we called
them Gracie and Fella. He purchased them from Hicks Stables in Mentone
and rode one and led the other all the way home, not a bad feat for
someone who did not have a lot of horse experience since boyhood days.
A goods train came to Red Hill every Friday and Dad would use Gracie to
pull a sleigh/sled the more than 2 miles to collect his barb-wire and posts etc.
She was wonderful to watch,
Mum settled in to life in a house with no electricity, no running water, just
tanks to the sink and bath. Cooking was on a wood fired stove, so different
to the lovely new gas cooker she left in Melb. It was my job to fill the lamps
with kero. Large containers of water were heated on the stove and Dad or
Lee had to carry them to the bath to get warm water.
In 1946 I started two years at Frankston High School. A Dyson semi-trailer
school bus left Flinders at 7am and travelled through Main Ridge, Red Hill,
Merricks North, Balnaring, Bittern, Hastings, Somerville, Tyab and Frankston.
Students were picked up from their drive-ways and I had to be ready at 7.45.
and got home close to 5.30, I left school the day I turned 14.
As soon as Dad had some cleared land he grew strawberries and carrier
Gordon Chambers would take them to Vic Market in Melb. and agents would
handle the sales.
It was fun (for me) when planting was on as Dad would dig the holes, I would
place a runner there, Mum would move up and plant and Lee came along
and watered each plant.
At different stages Dad developed his acres and sold off 3 pieces of
approximately 30 acres each and my grandfather built a small cottage at the
far end of the land on the rest.
Also part of the cash crop days saw 6 cows milked twice a day by hand and
milk sold, separated and cream made in to butter, which sold quickly to the
local cooks. Added to this, they had many hens to look after and I was kept
busy collecting eggs and helping when young cockerels were prepared for
A big change came when my parents bought George Clarke’s orchard and I
spent a couple of years packing for Dad and Blue Moon packing shed. If we
were having a good harvest of either apples or cherries Dad would load our
Bedford truck and leave about 10pm to go to Vic Market and sell direct then
come home and get some sleep. Lee and I worked with some local pickers
and have another load ready for him. Again, if we didn’t have enough he
would get Gordon to pick them up and deliver.
People may well recall Dad doing contract ploughing, discing and hay
pressing when automated pressing first arrived, He often followed Albert
Storer and his sons Wally and Cob who used 2 Caterpillar Bulldozers a D7
and a D5 who cleared the land then Lee and Dad ploughed etc. We had an
International TD6 and I loved a chance to drive this track vehicle.
When I was packing at Bluemoon the manager was Rueben Edwards and his
wife Mavis and son Ken packed as well. There was a time we had to pack
pears, trucked from Shepparton, not as good to pack as apples! Then they
decided to take us up there to Shep, and I stayed with Mavis & family for six
weeks, I was 16 at the time and worked at Geoffrey Thomson’s shed.
Some folk may well remember when Millie played piano at the local dances,
Bill Saunders played the sax and sometimes the violin and Ron Farrant
played the drums or the banjo.
They were very popular and played regularly at Red Hill Hall, Main Ridge,
Flinders, Dromana, Mornington.
It was great for me as I got to go to Saturday night dances at age 13!
Another great night for the teenagers in the area was when the Milburn
family would decide to go to Dromana for a meal at our favourite cafe and
then go to the pictures. They drove a large truck with a canvas canopy all
over the back and we sat on fruit cases and enjoyed every minute of the trip.
They would pick us up from our homes.
I was lucky to have Dad buy me my first pony and I loved riding anywhere
and everywhere, but always by myself! The only other horse rider in the
district was Keith McIlroy, we managed to get a few rides together, but Keith
was working hard supporting his widowed mother. He milked a large herd of
cows for the Shannon family who worked or owned “Kingston Park” at
Merricks North. I often helped for the fun of it and I managed to learn about
cows etc.
Working horses were used on many properties and I was often asked if I
could take one to Balnarring to the nearest Blacksmith. I would ride one of
my horses and lead the other and I got paid to have so much fun!!!
The boys who lived in the area graduated to motor bikes and us girls
seemed to pair off and become pillion passengers. Don Andrews and Lois
Dennis from Shands Road, Main Ridge rode a bike, where as Marie, Lois’s
sister rode with Ian Hoskin in his MG car. Kevin (known as Pud) Holmes and
another Joan got together and I think I’m correct in saying the 3 couples got
Other friends were Lea Ventura who married Ray Wooley, June Griffiths who
married Kevin Wooley. I was lucky to ride many safe, happy miles with
Gordon May on his BSA Twin 500..
I must mention that I was also fortunate to have Len Clarke living next door
to Mum and Dad’s. Len taught me to shoot and how to look after guns, he
was Captain of the Red Hill Fire Brigade and I was sorry to learn, only
recently, of his passing.
If you are lucky enough to live in the Red Hill area I hope you will gather
many wonderful memories as I have. I now live in Mansfield, another lovely
part of the world. Sincerely, Joan Blatchford

This could only be crown allotment 15A or 15B, parish of Kangerong, each of 104 acres 3 roods 34 perches (104.9625 acres.)I will get Joan to confirm which from the Kangerong parish map*. The former was bounded by Red Hill Rd on the south east and east as far north as the bend in the road in Melway 191 at the border of F3 and G3, and c/a 15B went north from there to adjoin the Kangerong Nature Conservation Reserve. The western boundary of 15AB is a line joining the south west corner of the nature reserve and the end of Station Rd. See the south west corner of the parish of Kangerong. If I recall correctly, Harold Ratcliffe and the Clarkes were on crown allotment 78A Balnarring across the Red Hill (to Bittern North)road on the north corner of Stanleys Rd with the said bend being at the middle of its road frontage.


Hello Ray, have just had a serious look at Melways Map 191 and can see exactly where we lived.
From H30 travel down to McIlroys Rd and keep going towards Red Hill Sth. Looking right

I believe that the boundary of Darling Park Wines would be the end of one boundary. You need to continue on that road till you get to Vines of Red Hill. That would have been the other boundary of the 105 acres. Tar Barrel Corner was there, opposite.

Hillside, also on the opposite side of the road was the property owned by George Clarke and purchased by William & Millicent Blatchford a few years after they arrived there. I know of at least one house along from there, up to Tar BC and Ratcliffe's.

George Clarke had 3 sons who all owned adjoining land planted to apples and cherries. They were Edgar/Margaret, James/Betty and Heini, father of Len Clarke who kept operating the orchard after serving in the Aust.Army and was Red Hill Fire brigade Captain, who I was told passed away recently, he was married to Tess. Len has a sister, Aileen.

I haven't located any parish maps. regards, Joan

ME.The road frontage (very long as you stated earlier) from DARLING to VINES (BOTH INCLUSIVE) confirms that your first property was c/a 15A Kangerong, known in 1902 as "Hillside Orchard"*. George Clarke seems to have used the same name for his property on c/a 78A Balnarring across the road.

This orchard, which belongs to the
Misses Huntley, is somewhere about
12 acres in extent, and is noted for its
large yields of fruit, especially of
cherries and plums. It is situated in
a well-sheltered valley and is perhaps
the most thoroughly-drained garden
in the locality. Of cherries, Black
Margaret do exceptionally well; and
of plums, the most successful seem to
be the Pond's Seedling. Apples and
pears grow to perfection, and the same
may be said of the strawberries and
raspberries, for which the Red Hill
soil and climate seem eminently
adapted. (P.2, Mornington Standard, 30-8-1902.)


--- ---- 9:43am Oct 3
Mary Nemarich, WELCOME TO THE GROUP.. The Back to Red Hill (District) reunion you were hoping for will take place in nineteen days. It will be at the cricket club pavilion at the Red Hill showgrounds from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. on SUNDAY 22 OCTOBER.

Thankyou --- ..... oh yes, we go way back. I was an Iapozzuto. We were on Flinders Road just before Shands. My dad (John) and Uncle Sam had two adjoining apple orchards. Uncle Sams's is now T'Gallant winery. Along with the Delgrosso's, Tedesco's, Pilla's, Valente's, the Gallace's (Strawberry Farm) and many more, they all moved across from Italy, when there was a move to get the area developed into farming. They were all given incentives to come out post war to start up very prosperous farms. Of course it was bloody hard work. Everything was cleared by hand as you can imagine. Sadly, most moved away from the area. Hard work took its toll unfortunately. We moved back to Tucks Road many years ago. The pull of Main Ridge was strong and still is. We relocated to Tasmania 15 years ago and do love it, even though my heart will always have a place on the Peninsula. In some ways the Huon Valley reminded John and I so much of what it was like growing up on the Peninsula. I think that was the attraction. I do visit often as all our family are buried in the Flinders Cemetery. Thankyou again for adding me. I don't know if I will make this coming reunion. Such a pity I hadn't realised this group was around and joined earlier, but I will keep active and hopefully re-connect with families that we know. Mary

--- ---- 8:56am Oct 4
Mary Nemarich. Here's a sad tale about the early settlers on c/a 65B Balnarring of nearly 97 acres on which T'Gallant is now situated and on which your uncle, and possibly your father, had their orchards.

*BULLOCK Thomas.
F.Bullock was the grantee of 96 acres at Melway 190 E-F12, the north west corner being the bend in the Mornington-Flinders Rd and Tucks Rd the eastern boundary.

Mr. Candler, the district coroner, on Tuesday held an inquest at Dromana on the body of Thomas Bullock, aged 51 years. Deceased had been burning logs for clearing purposes in a paddock near his house at Balnarring,and on the 10th instant, at about a quarter-past 1 o'clock in the morning, his son, when out shooting, smelt flesh burning, and searching amongst the fired logs, found the deceased lying on some hot ashes on his back in the paddock about 100 yards from the house. He was last seen alive at about 10 o'clock the previous evening, when he was poking up a fire in the paddock, and said he would be in shortly. His daughter, to whom he said this, then went in to bed, as did also her brother; and the other brother, who found the deceased, on going into the house found them in bed. Deceased was not subject to fits, but he dragged one foot, scraping the ground with it, and when he got on his back he could not get up or change his position. Deceased was dead, and a post-mortem examination by Dr. Rodd showed that the body was charred throughout externally, some portions being completely baked even in the internal organs. The back was especially burnt. The cause of death appeared to have been burning. The jury found that deceased was found dead, having been accidentally burnt to death.
(P.7, Argus, 14-7-1870.)

Mary Nemarich 9:07am Oct 4
Oh my goodness, that is sad :(

Dear Mr ----

I wish you well for your back to Red Hill

I'd like to be there if I can, although its a bit far to come on my own

My family on both sides came from Red Hill and I was born there.

My father was Geoff Skidmore, son of Henry and Esther who lived up past the school at "Fairview"

My mother was Sheila Sheehan, daughter of Annie Douglas Sheehan of Sheehan's Rd.

It is still a beautiful place and will always remain so in my memory

Thank you for sharing the past and the future of Red Hill


Libby Skidmore

It's a pity that Libby can't attend because her terrific mother contributed so much to my knowledge of Red Hill's history with her THE RED HILL, which apart from a short Holmes family history was the only source available. How things have changed since then, with histories being written recently by Stephen Lynch, Helen Blakeley, Barry Wright and Ray Holmes.

A very pretty wedding took place at the Presbyterian Church, Gardenvale, when Miss Sheila Sheehan was married to Mr. Geoffrey Skidmore(late A.I.F.), both of Red Hill.
The bride was dressed in cream satin with-a lovely old lace wedding veil; she carried a bouquet of frangipanni and water lilies. Her attendants were her sisters, Nancy (in dusty pink) and Patricia (in mistyblue). Both carried bouquets of pink and blue hydrangeas and delphiniums. The best man was Mr.Ken Skidmore (A.I.F.,
Queensland) and the groomsman was Mr. F. McGregor.
The church was beautifully decorated in shades of pink and blue, and Rev. R. T. White, B.A., of Red Hill,
After the ceremony the guests were received at the residence of the bride's aunt (Mrs. Lewis).The young couple are spending a short time at Sorrento before taking up residence at Red Hill. (P.2, Standard, 11-1-1945.)

The recent histories, although they are family histories, add details not found in Sheila's history. Sheila, on the other hand, wrote about other families and gave very little detail about her own family, apart from the Sheehan arrival in South Australia and the move to Victoria. This is probably why Libby described her mother as being the daughter of Annie Douglas Sheehan. It is rare for a local history not to contain more extensive information about the author's own family; rather too self sacrificing by Sheila, so I will try to provide some detail.

Here is Annie's marriage record.
EventMarriage Event registration number9550 Registration year1920
Personal information
Family nameSHAW Given namesAnnie Douglas SexUnknown Spouse's family nameSHEEHAN Spouse's given namesRegd Arth

Annie's maiden name seemed familiar. Aha, MEMOIRS OF A LARRIKIN, Hec Hanson's biography, written by Petronella Wilson.
P.11. "I (Hec) spent my early school years at the Red Hill State School that was at the lower end of Arkwell's Lane on the corner of Wiseman's property. Miss Shaw, who married a local gentleman by the name of Reg Sheehan, was my teacher when I started. (Hec was born on 14-2-1913 so he probably started school in 1918 or 1919.)

P.25. During World War 2, my cousin Peter Purves was away with a few of the boys from Red Hill, including Stan White and Reg Sheehan They were in the 6th Division.

Now that we have Sheila's father's name, we might find which member of the Sheehan family was her grandfather Sheehan. Sheila's grandfather Sheehan was JOHN SHEEHAN*.


EventDeath Event registration number19644 Registration year1975
Personal information
Family nameSHEEHAN Given namesReginald Arthur SexMale Father's nameSHEEHAN John Mother's nameEsther (Rees) Place of birthDandenong Place of deathGlen Iris Age79

Reg. had been prominent in the Red Hill R.S.L. Had his love of poetry been inspired by his teacher wife, Annie? (By the way, Annie was probably the Mrs R.Sheehan who taught temporarily at Red Hill circa 1944.)

DIED APRIL 29, 1929.
(Late 29th Battery A.I.F.)
Silently marching up Flinders Hill
Escorting a comrade to rest;
Diggers observing the last sad rites
For one of their own, gone west.

Thoughts winging back to other days
Memories that never grow dim—-
That night when death in the shape
of a shell
Took his brother—- but crippled him.

Dugouts and gunpits in far-off
When he shared all he had with a
And his whimsical smile when things
looked black
In those days of slaughter and

The ranks open out and inward turn
As the cortege passes through
The beautiful masses of wreaths are
With Artillery's red and blue.

A Dinkum Digger—- a real good sport
Too soon he has gone to his rest,
May he sleep in peace, for he truly
This epitaph—"One of the Best"
Red Hill. (P.8, Frankston and Somerville Standard, 10-5-1929.)

Annie Douglas Sheehan, daughter of Frederick Davenport Shaw and Elizabeth, nee Neale,died aged 84 in 1978, her death certificate giving her place of birth as Terang. She was born in 1894 with the birth record giving her place of birth as BLLANGEICH. The correct spelling is BALLANGEICH. From Ballangeich to Terang in the Western District is as follows:
36 min (40.4 km) via Terang-Framlingham Rd
37 min (39.1 km) via Ellerslie-Sisters Rd
41 min (48.5 km) via Princes Hwy/A1

Having established that Sheila's grandfather was John Sheehan and with the knowledge that the original end of White Hill Rd (before Wiseman's Deviation was constructed), Sheehans Rd, was so-named because of John and ROBERT Sheehan, I wondered if Robert was John's son or brother. My curiosity was increased when I found a par about Mrs G.Scholefield of Geelong visiting her mother, Mrs R.Sheehan of Red Hill with her baby daughter, Susan, in the mid 1940's. Even (as I thought) correcting the surname to Scholfield, I could not find a marriage record or marriage notice to find Mrs Scholfield's given name(s). Was she the daughter of Reg Sheehan or Robert Sheehan?

A "Mrs R.Sheehan, Red Hill" search explained why the marriage notice had not been found.It is very probable that Aileen was the daughter of REGINALD ARTHUR SHEEHAN and Annie Douglas (nee Shaw)and thus Sheila Skidmore's eldest sister.

At the John Knox Presbyterian Church, Gardenvale, the marriage was celebrated on Saturday by Rev.J. McLean, of Lieut Aileen Dorothy Sheehan, AANS, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs R. A. Sheehan, Red Hill, and Lieut. George Schofield, AIF,eldest son of Mr and Mrs A. Schofield, Geelong. The bride wore uniform, and both bride and bridegroom were unattended. Rev J. Alexander officiated.(P.6, Argus, 22-5-1944.)

In 1900-1, Robert Sheehan's assessment on 48 acres and house was crossed out.In 1910-11, Mrs Robert Sheehan was assessed on 28 acres, 6 of 10B, Kangerong. Crown allotment 10B was on the west side of Sheehans Rd and c/a's 11AB east of Sheehans Rd to Arkwells Lane were granted to James Wiseman, hence the name of the deviation.

By 1900, Robert Sheehan was about 69 years old and there will be no death record on Victorian BDM. You will see shortly why I am certain that Mr. R. Sheehan is Robert, not Reg.

Mr R. Sheehan, of Red Hill, has gone for a trip to W.A., accompanying his daughter Mrs C. Lapman who has been in (Red Hill?) on a visit. (P.2, Mornington Standard, 19-2-1902.)

SHEEHAN.— On the 4th May, in private hospital,Adelaide, of pneumonia. Robert Sheehan, of Red Hill, son of the late William Sheehan, of Youhall,Ireland*, in his 72nd year.(P.48, Leader, 24-5-1902.)

Sheila Skidmore stated that her GREAT grandfather came from County Cork. Was YOUHALL in that county?
Youghal - Wikipedia
Youghal is a seaside resort town in County Cork, Ireland.

p.12-13. "The McKeowns had sold the property (73AB Balnarring)to Sheila's great grandfather.He had come from County Cork to Adelaide where he worked as a brickmaker. He married Mr Ewer's daughter, Eliza, and they set off looking for land in their bullock cart, a wedding present, selecting land at Lake Marma (Murtoa) and staying 15 years before coming to Red Hill in 1885."

Fancy not checking this before I looked at Reginald Arthur Sheehan's death record. Sheila's grandparents were John Sheehan and Esther (nee Rees)but it was Sheila's GREAT GRANDFATHER who had married Eliza Ewers. Her G.G.F. was ROBERT SHEEHAN.

EventBirth Event registration number15929 Registration year1861
Personal information
Family nameSHEEHAN Given namesOlive Emily SexUnknown Father's nameRobert Mother's nameEliza (Ewers) Place of birthAMHE (Amherst?Amherst, Victoria - Wikipedia,_Victoria)

EventBirth Event registration number11749 Registration year1863
Personal information
Family nameSHEEHAN Given namesEliza Priscilla SexUnknown Father's nameRobert Mother's nameEliza (Ewers) Place of birthMAJO (Majorca? Majorca, Victoria - Wikipedia,_Victoria)

EventBirth Event registration number17192 Registration year1873
Personal information
Family nameSHEEHAN Given namesEdith Sarah Ann SexUnknown Father's nameRobt Mother's nameEliza (Ewers) Place of birthHORSHAM

If Sheila was correct about Eliza being her great grandmother, her grandfather John must have been born in South Australia before they left as only a trio of daughters seem to have been born in Victoria.

EventDeath Event registration number1213 Registration year1917
Personal information
Family nameSHEEHAN Given namesEliza SexUnknown Father's nameEwers Wm Mother's nameSarah (Boltwood) Place of birth Place of deathDromana Age82

Eliza was born in about 1835 and if her husband, Robert, was the one who died in Adelaide in 1902, he was born in about 1830. Did one of these daughters marry Mr Lapman?

There was no marriage of a Sheehan girl to a Mr Lapman but result 122 of 130 for Sheehan marriages (1880-1900) wiped the snarl from my lips.

EventMarriage Event registration number3447 Registration year1898
Personal information
Family nameSHEEHAN Given namesEdith Sarah Ann SexUnknown Spouse's family nameCHAPMAN Spouse's given namesJno

See pages 75-78 of Colin McLear's A DREAMTIME OF DROMANA.
John Chapman (1866-1901)was the first child of George Chapman (who established Seawinds near the summit of Arthurs Seat) and Elizabeth, nee Bain. John and his brother Thomas (see Helen Blakeley's book for details of his occupancy of "Ecclesall")went to Western Australia during the gold rush in the 1890's. (Thomas returned to become a much respected central riding councillor.) John Chapman remained in Western Australia and died in Bunbury during a typhoid fever epidemic. His wife, Edith, (nee Sheehan) returned with her little daughter to her family at Red Hill.

EventMarriage Event registration number1831 Registration year1891
Personal information
Family nameSHEEHAN Given namesJno SexMale Spouse's family nameREES Spouse's given namesEsther Maria

EventDeath Event registration number18351 Registration year1945
Personal information
Family nameSHEEHAN Given namesEsther Maria SexFemale Father's nameREES Henry Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birthAVOCA Place of deathDROMANA Age76

Sheehans Road was originally part of White Hill Road until the deviation was built, which was more direct to the Arthurs Seat Road. The intersection to the west became Sheehans Corner.
The Sheehan family moved to Red Hill in 1885. The first services of the Church of Christ were held at‘Gunbower’, the home of Robert and Eliza Sheehan. There is scope for an article on the Sheehans as the children married into other respected Red Hill families. Annie Sheehan was much loved. Daughter of Annie Sheehan, Sheila Skidmore, wrote ‘The RED HILL’*.
The preface to her book reads:
‘The story of a farming community is lovingly dedicated to my mother Annie Douglas Sheehan at whose insistence and for whose enjoyment it has been compiled’.

McGREGOR (nee Lorraine Skidmore).-On February 7, at Mornington, to Bdr. F. A. McGregor (A.I.F. Darwin) and Mrs.
McGregor, Red Hill-a son (Ian Francis).P.2, ARGUS, 10-2-1942.

EventBirth Event registration number4797 Registration year1916
Personal information
Family nameSKIDMORE Given namesDorothy Lorraine SexUnknown Father's nameHy Jack Jas Mother's nameEsther (Baldwin) Place of birthKYNETON

Although Libby Skidmore's contribution was short, her grandmother Sheehan's given names and the following information about her father's parents have proven to be very valuable.
"My father was Geoff Skidmore, son of Henry and Esther who lived up past the school at "Fairview."

Mrs F.A.McGregor and Sheila's husband, Geoff, had the same parents so they were siblings.
My attempt to find Geoffrey Skidmore's birth record to confirm Libby's information met with no success, but luckily his death record was found and confirms his parents' names.

EventDeath Event registration number14662 Registration year1984
Personal information
Family nameSKIDMORE Given namesGeoffrey Baldwin SexMale Father's nameSKIDMORE Henry Jack James Mother's nameEsther (Baldwin) Place of birthKyneton Place of deathDandenong Age65

Henry and Esther must have moved to Red Hill after Geoffrey's birth. The first mention of the SKIDMORE name in connection with Red Hill was in 1934, in a report of the Red Hill and District Show written by the Mornington correspondent: "Gladioli: J. Skidmore." Kenneth John Skidmore was definitely living at Red Hill by 1935, a decade before his marriage, and was playing footy for Red Hill by 1938.*.

My word, the Sheehan and Skidmore families can be proud of their war service! It looks as if such service was a key element in almost every marriage.

EWINGTON - SKIDMORE, - Shirley Eva, eldest daughter of Captain and Mrs.James Ewington, Lorn, West Maitland,
N.S.W., to Sgt. Kenneth John (A.I.F.),younger son of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Skidmore, Fairview. Red Hill, Victoria.(P.14, Argus, 28-7-1945.)

BALDWIN.-On January 15, at Mornington, Arthur Begg, son of late Mr.and Mrs. E. Baldwin. Kyneton, loved brother of Menzies (Stanhope),Jeanie (Mrs. A. M. Perkin), Margaret, Esther (Mrs. H. J. Skidmore,Red Hill).
(P.2, Argus, 19-1-1948.)

When I received Libby's contribution, I tried to find her birth record,but I didn't know that her given names were ELIZABETH ANNE, which I just discovered in her birth notice.She was born about one and a half months after the Ewington-Skidmore marriage.

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