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My family appears to begin with William WARNER: born 14 Aug 1773, in...

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My family appears to begin with William WARNER: born 14 Aug 1773, in Accomack, or Accomac Cty, VA. died Oct 1806, married Elizabeth WEST in Accomack, VA.

Next is his son, also William WARNER, born 1775 in Rowan Cty, NC (this may have been a part of VA as I understand it) died 1840, married Anna ?

Next is his son John WARNER, born 1797 in Rowan Cty, NC, died 1873 in Lee Cty, KY, married Nancy HORN

Next is his son, Anderson Dillard WARNER, born 1825 in Estill Cty, KY, died abt. 1874, married Mariah ASHCRAFT

Next is his son, Charles B. WARNER, born 22 Apr 1872 in Estill Cty, KY, died 6 May 1938 in Jessamine Cty, KY, married to Mary E. HORN

Next is his son, Sherman Ray WARNER, born 25 Jun 1904 in Jessamine Cty, KY, died 21 Feb 1960, married Virginia CROWE

Lastly, my father, Harold Kennth WARNER, born 3 Mar 1925 in Jessamine Cty, KY, died 10 May 1985 in Lexington, KY, married to Maybelle WOLFE .

Information I need is on the original William Warner of Accomac, VA. All of the family trees on have his parents incorrect. William Warner's parents were not the Portsmouth, NH WARNERs as there is no information they ever left NH and they had other children born before and after William WARNER, all born in Portsmouth, NH.

Any connective information would be appreciated.

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on 2011-04-20 23:10:23

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by WWarner on 2011-04-30 20:11:56

Hey Cousin,

I am also a Warner. I have been seeking information on my ancestor, this same William Warner of Accomac, for more than 15 years. There are several opinions and statements out there about William of Accomac's father. But I have not been able to find any documented proof of his parentage.

My lineage from William of Accomac Va is:
William's son John
John's son Britton (sometimes spelled Brittain or Britten)
Britton's son Hubbard (sometimes spelled Herbert or Hubert)
Hubbard's son Robert Vance
Robert Vance's son Walter Vance
Walter V's son Walter A(me)

From what has been told to me by my family, I think I still live in the area where William settled in NC. It used to be in Rowan County. This area became Davidson County in 1822. Prior to Rowan county, this area was Anson County, NC, and prior to that is was Bladen County.

William of Accomac Va left a will that is on file (the original document) in the Archives of NC in Raleigh. I have been told you can go see it and touch it. There are also several Warner related public records on file at the Rowan County Library in Salisbury, NC and at the Davidson County Library in Lexington, NC.

I have been unable to find the graves of William or his son John, but I am still looking. I am almost positive their graves are near where I live. Britton, Hubbard, and Robert V. are buried along with several of their family members at Fairgrove United Methodist Church in Thomasville, NC. My Dad, just before he passed 2 years ago, told me he remembers visiting a family graveyard where his great uncle lived when he was a young child in the 1920's. This is a few miles from Fairgrove UMC. These are the coordinates of the general area (35.820597,-80.075612) I visited my Dad's great uncle, Malvin Warner, at this location when he lived there, when I was a child in the 1950's. The old house where he lived no longer exists. My dad told me the family graveyard is near this location, but he could not show me where. He told me the he remembers the family being quite upset in the 1920's or 1930's when Kennedy Road was straightened and some of the graves were almost covered as earth grading filled in a low spot in the road right of way. Apparently since then, the graves have been plowed under in someone's field or have been built over. I have looked several times and asked people that live in the area, but have not found grave markers. I have not given up. I went down there last week, still am searching when I have time!

Feel free to contact me with questions or if you wish to share information. I would appreciate a note from you if you ever find proof of William's father.


by mdwarner on 2011-05-11 20:42:09

Alan, thanks for the information. It's unfortunate that we can't seem to find any concrete information on William Warner - at some point in time I'm sure we'll discover how he ended up in Accomack Cty, VA. My ancestor, John Warner, b. 1797 d. 1873 came into Kentucky (perhaps with his father William Warner) in the early 1800s. They were at least acquainted with Daniel Boone's family as they all lived in the same area (Yadkin Valley, NC) and came into the same area that Daniel Boone first traveled into (the Estill County area near the Kentucky River). Daniel Boone ended up going northward where Boonesboro was established, along with the other side of my family, the Horns. John Warner married into the Horn family by marrying Nancy Horn. Later, my great grandfather, Charles B. Warner also married a Horn (Mary E.). Mary E. was a direct cousin of his but he may not have known this at the time (?). This may have been the cause of some birth defects in the family (deafness) as a number of people in the family were affected. My father learned sign language at a very early age out of necessity. My great grandfather owned a grocery store in Highbridge (just outside of Wilmore, Jessamine, KY) that I remember visiting as a young child and this was when I first discovered there were a number of people in the family who could not hear or speak.

Anything I can help with, let me know.

Mark Warner

by WWarner on 2011-05-21 21:21:07


Have you seen this document? It spells out in some detail the Warner family lineage in Kentucky. I have not tried to document any of this beyond my family line, so I am not sure of the accuracy of your portion. I do know the author of this document incorrectly assumed and published the incorrect parentage of William Warner of Accomac, therefore, from William and beyond it is incorrect.

I have not heard of any connection between the Warner family and the Boone family in NC. I do know that the Boone family had a tract of land that is about 2 or 3 miles west of Mocksville, NC on US highway 64. Squire Boone and his wife, Daniel's parents are burried in Joppa Cemetery in Mocksville. Both have a prominemt historic marker place by the state historic society.

Same here, If I can help or you need some local leg work done let me know.

Good to hear from you!

by mdwarner on 2011-05-21 23:11:34

Yes, I've seen the document previously which you quoted. I have no idea where this originated but has appeared only within the past few years I believe. It originally took a very long time to determine that John Warner's father was William Warner and that William Warner's father was the William Warner of Accomack, VA. I have not been able to find any Warner's that originated in the Jamestown or Accomack areas (with the exception of Augustine Warner of which we could not possibly have any connection since Augustine Warner II's sons all died unmarried). Suddenly in the mid 1690 - 1750s there were Warners all over VA, NC and MD areas (not counting the English Warner's who were already settling in the MA and PA areas) and it's from one of these Warner's that our William Warner of Accomack, VA originated. We will keep looking - good to hear from you again also.

Mark Warner

by WWarner on 2011-09-24 17:30:45

In response to the original post I have two questions:

1. Is there any document available, other than recently created family charts, that proves where William Warner and his wife Elizabeth lived prior to Rowan County, NC?
2. Is there any document available, other than recently created family charts, that proves the maiden surname of Elizabeth, William's wife.

I have been searching a long time making the assumption that people who had published charts would not have done this without some proof!!!
I have disproved two William's published in other people's charts. So what else is not true. I am beginning to believe William and Elizabeth did not come from Accomack County, VA.

Mark, I recently found a headstone of Daniel Warner and his wife Precilla. I think this is the grandson of William of Rowan, the Daniel mentioned in his will. It is near the Yadkin River in Davidson County. PM me if you would like additional info.

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